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Armanda. Reviewed on 11.07.18
My worst nightmare came true while playing at this casino. Powered by Playtech, offering low limit live roulette and attracted by its 10 euro no deposit bonus this had to be an excellent casino for me. Before I signed up I read the conditions carefully. The 10 euro free money had to be played through, and roulette did count.After playing a while of course I lost all the money and I decided to take advantage of Del Rios first deposit bonus.

With an very extreme aggressive progression play I had my balance soon at 430 euro. I wanted to check if I already had fulfilled the playthrough, but could not find anything on my account information. I asked customer support how about it, and their answer struck me of my feet. Still a 1000 euros playthrough open. What?? I could not believe it. They told me roulette bets did not count towards fulfilling the playthrough requirements.I immediately checked Del Rios regulations and terms. Customer support was right. In case of the 10 euro free play roulette did count, but not in case when receiving the first deposit bonus. I felt sick, the casino sticked at its policy. It was my own fault, I should have read the terms and conditions better. Not taking anything for granted, but always checking things first before depositing was the lesson I have learned the hard way. Notice how I say the hard way!I felt that my roulette luck was over, and had no other choice than to play these slots.I played several slots, like Gladiator, Hulkand some bee slot. Nothing, nada, zero. I went down to a 100 euro balance, leaving 400 euro open for playthrough. With blood ,sweat and brain consuming gameplay my balance went up to 200. I gave the slots another try. Again no big wins for me.... the remaining playthrough was brought back to 200, my balance was 100 again. Again I hit the roulette tables, I was desperate to win, especially after what I've went through. This time the aggressive game approach failed big time. I lost my remaining 100 euro's. The 430 euro I once had were completely vaporised. No way that I can describe how I felt, the disappointment was huge. I hope this disappointing story helps other players to be careful. Always read terms & conditions carefully, all of them.

Well, back to evaluation. DelRio is a typical Playtech casino, offering all common known (live) games and slots. Nothing wrong with that. But I do have a problem with DelRios terms & conditions. It is like for every deposit a new chapter of Terms & Conditions apply. Not so player friendly in my opinion. We players want to play, and not ask our lawyers for advise. I hope DelRio can straight these confusing terms&condition out and replace them with a clear outlined policy.My overall rating for this casino is for now 6 out of 10,due to above mentioned unclarity. And that is a pity, because a higher rating would be very likely if it wasn't for these T&C.
Charlene Bloom. Reviewed on 24.09.18
Im Registered in Casino Del Rio long time ago - Theyhaveplaytech software-When im registered im get some 10 free and lose in5 minutno long story with my first contact with Del Rio . Im know theysome time agowas bad brands butnow theyare part fammily OfWinnersPlaytechgroups thenthey shoud work a little better- They should- but they dont alwaysdo this - not all things is excelent in this place.

Ok last timeim recived in my emial invitationsfor 500% deposit bonusfor deposit only 20€ and x 12 wagering- So looks great-Im decided try -Reinstal softwarelogin -go to cashier and try do deposit with my credit card - But some problems - rejected -Andsuddenly2 live agentsfind me and try help me suggesthow make deposit with succes .-Greatim do depositall ok recived bonus 500%and starts play .
Im was have very good sesionrealy a lot win - In gladiatorwith bet 1.5win close to 170next inDeplhins Cashbet 2win over200anda lot small winings -So after play mayby30 minutim have in my accont over 500€- Sookits time to check my wagering requements progress.- Is not avalible to checkfor player in player accontany informations abaoutleftwagering to finish ...Okso only options isask support.

Now will be funnystory -Nobody at home- nobody answerim wait and waitand nothing-After waiting mayby 30 minuts .....imback to slotsand play more and win moreok ... Againback to suuport trying connectedand still nobody at home ---Then im- go to cashierandsuggested that I make a deposit -enter some numbers ( of corse Im not do deposit)-transactions denied - and Suprise -Live personsuddenlyconect with mehaha - ok so now im canask abaout my wagerign requeiments-how much im must still play to finish....Answerwas 2444$- Sorry menyou are cheting mewhen im was start im do deposit20 recived -100 bonus thats mens im was have 120to play x 12 wagering then1440 $so is not possiblenow after long sesion stil 2444.Im ask to give me correct numbers and dont cheting me .

And im tellhim im can calucalte this manualif im checkmy comp points - Okman from live chat give mesome better numbers something like630€ to finish wagering .. Ok im get informations back to play.Now im calucaltinga little manual .....Im finish wageringandmakecashauts.When im try againcontact with support-and ask abaoutdocuments veryfications - SupportAgain not answers -(Nobody at home)...

Ok thenim send documents -of corse they not aproved it in first timeim make thenthe best photoall documentswith show everything very close and finnalydocuments aproved succes.

Im recivedwithdrawal toe -wallets after 4-5 days.

What im can say -

Games - 10/10 - Im like play in playtech software and they have all new games realsedfrom playtech
Support -1/10They lying - dont answer-help you only when you wonna do deposit if you need ask about wagering progress - they dont have time for you.

Im Win500€ from 20€ deposit this wasVery Good resultsbutim must win 2 battle one with slots secund with live support
Chandra. Reviewed on 02.10.18
Casino Del Rio is one of those Playtech casinos that are neutral in my opinion. I would like to say that because I only came as far as to play the $15 no deposit bonus but never came close to depositing as my experience there become short lived! This was only 2 years ago back in 2011. I decided to go for the $15 no deposit bonus even though they have a 50x wagering requirement (so basically $750 to wager). That is high for just a $15 no deposit. Most people would have to get really lucky in order to win from this bonus but I was one of many that failed to triumph in my quest to gain funds from this casino.

What I did not like about this casino is their support! I rung up live chat because I needed more information on their welcome bonus and after waiting 20 minutes for a chat representative to answer my questions, no one appeared! On the second attempt I rung live chat once more then suddenly I got disconnected from chat. lol what great support they had. The reason why I have said earlier that Casino Del Rio is neutral because I have had a run of good and bad luck with the no deposit bonus and because live chat seem unresponsive. With this being said I could be wrong. Maybe it was me being at the wrong place at the wrong time but if anyone had a better experience regarding this casino I would like to hear it!

Their deposit methods are basically standard so there isn't much to say about them. The usual deposits they take are major credit cards like Visa, and Mastercard. For their bonuses, alternatively new players can receive a 200% match up to $200 only if you use an Alternative Payment Method. What this is is every type of deposit method except credit cards so Moneybookers, Neteller, Ecocard, those are Alternative Payment Methods. All you new players out there be sure to quote of live chat:
"APM welcome" after making a deposit as it states this will be one of the ways to receive this bonus. Good news for players that claim this offer will only have to wager 20x, that's 10x lower than most casinos.

My final words: I can't tell for certain if this casino is reputable or rogued. But regardless of what happened, the recommendation for me towards others is very low. Good luck to all who has made a fortunate here!
Lisandra. Reviewed on 04.10.18
Hi! :) Okay, lets get straight to my review on Casino Del Rio. Now, here is an equally good casino, from my point of view, from the Winner Group of casinos, that is currently ranked 47 out of 50 by AskGamblers. Honestly speaking, I would rank Del Rio much higher up the ladder, perhaps somewhere in the middle.Why? Simply because from my years of gaming experience (I have been playing at Playtech casinos for over twelve years now), I am in fact doing much much better at Del Rio than at most other Playtech casinos! My account at Del Rio currently stands at a profit (oh yes, I keep track of all my deposits and withdrawals at each and every casino I play at!) after playing there all these years, an achievement only bettered at a handful of other casinos. I have not had any reasons for complaint thus far - every aspect of the casino, game play and its management seems to be in order. Not perfect, but more than satisfactory.WAGERING REQUIREMENT (WR). Interestingly enough, each and every bonus being offered at Del Rio comes with a variable WR, varying from 12 times deposit+bonus amount for bonuses of up to 50%, to 25 times for 100% bonuses. So, if you are accepting 50% bonuses, for example, you do not have to wager the full20 or 25 times as required at most other casinos. This is a plus point for all depositors because it means a better and more fair chance of making a win! Just imagine, if all bonuses are offered wager-free, there wouldn't be any casino left operating - they would all have closed down! Hehehe.BONUSES. Not the best, I must admit, but like most others, bonuses offered tend to be of the lesser kind - but where others start at 10% - 30%, Del Rio usually start much higher up with 50%! And there's the big difference. Players are usually offered tiered bonus programs, increasing with each deposit made, culminating at a later date with a 100% - 150% bonus offer. If that doesn't sound good enough to you, you better stick with your burgers, sandwiches and whatnots, LOL. Before I forget, or missed out, take note that Del Rio is now periodically offering wager-free cash back refunds of 10% to 40%!!! 40%??? Wager-free??? YES, you heard me right! :) If this still doesn't sound good to you...heck...what does???!!!One final yes, please - YES, Del Rio is in my top 10 favorites list! :)
Anette. Reviewed on 06.10.18
I signed up with Casino Del Rio around 2 years ago as they had a good no deposit offer, and I got lucky. I remember that the bonus came with a pretty hefty wagering requirement, but after a good session at Irish Luck I completed that one.

So what does this casino has to offer their customers? For one, they have all the great Playtech games. In my opinion Playtech are one of the gaming suppliers with the best range of unique slots, with unique features. It can also be very fun playing one of their slots that are Sopranos or The Mummy themed.

Another positive thing with Casino Del Rio, is that they are owned and backed by Hard way investments, which seem to be a pretty big company, who owns a lot of different online gaming sites. So in other words, your money should be safe. But on the other hand, you never knows, no matter who owns the casinos..

The promotions at Del Rio are pretty good, as one can see here at Askgamblers, they do offer a huge variety of promotions, to fit all kinds of players. Wagering requirements in the range of 40x-50x is a bit steep in my taste though. Especially as I don’t think playtech casinos have the habit of offering free spins or so on a regular basis.

When it comes to their cashier system, I’m pretty satisfied with Del Rio. After clearing my wagering requirements, I asked the helpful support on what I had to do, and made a required verification deposit, and sent in my docs. My withdrawal was in my hands in about a week. Not a very quick withdrawal, but I guess all Playtech casinos have min 1-2 days pending.

**A reservation I have to make about Del Rio, is that they have a term of not paying big winners their winning in a whole lump. This can be understandable and ok for regular big winnings, but when it comes to progressive jackpots which also may be affected by this clause, it’s a no-no. The funds won one a progressive is usually pooled by Playtech, and sent to the casino where it is won at. Therefore such a win shouldn’t affect the casinos liquidity like a regular big win can do, and should be paid at once.
Carlena Corlett. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Well I will tell you my experience with the specific without to mention the bonuses offered and the payments. When I did my subscription about a year ago in delrio casino felt happy that I saw on my screen a familiar environment with dealers we play together again in the past. Roulette little disappointed because I have found that the dealers wait until the expiration of that time to spin the wheel and was thought to be due to the screen that you see in the players' bets keeps control the ball if you read the signs of the dealer and the speed of coin flips the ball.

Sometimes I noticed that when I bet on three numbers thirty through a system that plays the ball ended up in the four numbers which were not betting on with effectively losing my funds most fores.Gia blackjack I have to say that starts from four euros or dollars and when consecutive defeats and play with the system of doubling There are great chances of loosing money and get out without gaining from Cassino. sure will tell me how this happens in all casino. Maybe is because the more likely and advantage who have Casino outweigh what he has not however the player must eventually be changed slightly and this point; the whole conclusion is that several casinos while giving bonuses to players to entice the Terms of Use set forth is almost impossible to meet. And that it uses some tricks and i refer to the games with live dealers who is not aware if the player is very likely to lose his money .And that it uses some tricks and refers to games with live dealer if the player does not know is very likely to lose money because of the bonuses (they themselves are the defeats looses players bonuses).

What I would like to mention is that SOME Casinos changes the ball in the roulette. Some days are more smallest with less weight and some days are biggest for greater weight of the ball. though small in weight ball is lighter, resulting in the following numbers bounce inside of the wheel, the greater BALL sitting idle at the expense easier numbers.Perhaps you knowall these points but there are readers who do not know them.For your succes.Astarte
Naomi. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Casino Del Rio, sounds like a casino from Brazil or maybe they got it from the 2nd biggest city of Brazil, Rio De Janeiro. Who knows? It could be a just a bunch of ideas they thought of lathered into one spectacular Playtech casino. Now I can't say Casino Del Rio is spectacular however I can give you a lot of great things beginning with this awesome hell of a start!

I stumbled across this offer for a $50 no deposit onso there really was no need for me to make a deposit of my own. The bonus substituted that for me! A really great part of my beginning but not worth commenting about it's end. With every free signup bonus there is often a catch. This bonus dragged something repugnant behind it...a 50 times requirement for the $50. Understandably, casinos need to do this in order to prevent losing their monies over to players from free chances such as this. If odds were against them then they need to surrender the cash to the winning player. Unluckily the advantages were their side not mine for this free bonus. $2500 in wagers was too complex for the double digit winnings I collected on normal spins and features. How should I put this? It is hard to stop a moving train..the locomotive as an example of the $2500 requirement. Halloween Fortune, Irish Luck, Lotto Madness, Gladiator, King kong and even The Mummy did all they can to help me out in fulfilling the bonus.

I did however liked support for explaining all the details I needed and how they made my stay welcoming, sometimes greeting me after I entered the casino lobby. It is this reason that gives them points on this review. Once I admit defeat for my bonus I went on ahead to make a deposit of my own after two weeks from my bonus loss to replace the lost time put in with the acquired bonus. Long story short I turned my $65 deposit into $110 within the hour after my deposit. I then got my cashout after days of waiting for it. 4 days total to reach me! The common support for it's awesome attitude, the bonus that I had fun over and, the delay in cashing out my winnings from my deposit. Casino Del Rio, you get a 6.6 out of 10!
Marilynn. Reviewed on 10.10.18
I reached a stage in my online gaming experience a few months ago where I had played so much on Playtech Casinos I just started get really bored with them and thinking they were just a waste of time. When I first started playing at Playtech casinos I won so much, it’s only natural to think you’re going to keep winning, then I went on a massive downhill walk and just kept loosing and loosing and loosing. Like I said I reached a point where I just thought right that’s it I have had it with Playtech and was going to give it all up. Casino Del Rio restored my faith! Thank God. I didn’t make a real deposit money straight away because as I said I’d had it but thought well I may as well take advantage of their free no deposit offer which was £15 to all new customers. The casino has both a flash player and a download version so I chose to play flash; the free £15 was instantly credited to my account. It came with a wagering requirement of 40 times so it had a total play through of £600. There is a maximum cash out of £100 but a minimum deposit of £20 would need to be made prior to making the deposit.There is nothing majorly different from this casino to the other Playtech casinos, the games were all pretty much the same, although this one did have a few different ones, what was different for me and the reason why they regained my trust in Playtech was my money actually went somewhere. I never deposit on a site expecting a win, but what I do expect is a bit of play time, not just take take take. Even though I didn’t meet my play through requirements here and didn’t make a withdrawal that did not matter to me, the money I had and the games I played lasted, Del Rio gave me a challenge to meet their wagering requirement, they didn’t just give it to me and take it straight back.This is definitely one on Playtech’s better casinos; it offers great games, and a safe environment. I wouldn’t have a problem making a deposit here at all.

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