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Catrina. Reviewed on 11.07.18
Casino Bellini is a part of Europe group of Playtech casinos, I play them at 2011 year or so, but since that I stop playing it at all. Because their promotions is something really awful and misleading. Once they told me that I can get 1000 freespins for deposit, sounds really super, and I was happy to make deposit and contact support asking where is my freespins. They credit my account with 10$ and told here is it, I ask is this a joke or something like this, but customer support agent describe me this fantastic promotion - 1000 freespins at 1 line at 1 penny per spin = 10$. After this I close account at all their casinos.

But at casino Bellini I had one withdrawal, I made in this casino 4-5 deposits with total value about 150$, and had withdrawal of 250$, which make me far ahead on this casino, and this is really good that I am even won some money from this bad guys. Withdrawal was received after fantastic feature on Fantastic Four video slot, in feature I get stone sticky wilds 3 spins, and there landed a lot of these sticky wilds, and I was able to clear my bonus and request withdrawal. Verification took 3 days, which is really long in my opinion, even for Playtech casino, and total withdrawal time was 6 days, which is also long competed to winner group of casinos or William Hill group of casinos.

I rate this casino with a 5 stars, and it is even gift for them. Such misleading promo which they give to me, really long time for verification account and withdrawal time is also long. I prefer to play at good and reputable casinos, which will not fool me with something like we give you 1000 freespins, oh sorry it is just 10$ bonus. Also I suggest staying away from this casino, as I am really not sure if this guys safe these days.
Casino Bellini is a girls casino and a very below average casino room according to me. Playtech software was the reason I decided to join this casino room and another reason was I thought I would beautiful girls here lolls. They have a very nice site design they have a typical 100% match up bonus on the first deposit you make with them and the games are not at all good so do not even think of trying to met the wagering requirements because it will be a waste of time and money both. Poker rooms on this casino room are very nice which I did not expect because first I played slots which then and this is what I do with every casino I play with I first try the slots but the slots were so bad that I never could really imagine that they would have a nice poker room.

You can hardly win any money by playing slots with this casino room and I kept losing all the time which has never happened before I even told the support team about this and all they had to say was that I may be having a hard luck and I think that they were controlling my luck and it happened on purpose because I did not win a single game. Casino now a day’s do this a lot they control the games so they do this on purpose so that we lose all our money for no reason I hope they get shut down as soon as possible because they are not fair at all according to me at least. I want to warn everyone that do not join this casino room no matter what because it is not worth your time and money and rather find some other casino.
Ashly Sclafani. Reviewed on 24.09.18
Hi everyone! Casino Bellini is a relatively new comer to Playtech stables, teaming up with Europa, Titan, Tropez and Vegas Red casinos. I was introduced to Casino Bellini by Europa Casino, which was introduced to me by Tropez, which was introduced to me by...never mind, you get the picture! Hehehe. This is what teamwork can do. From being a member at just one casino, you'd end up being a member at all of them! But that's not a bad thing at all, because by signing up at Casino Bellini, the introducer, that's Europa Casino for me, offered a much better package than what I would have gotten through the normal channels. :)

"We would like to introduce to you our newest casino, Casino Bellini. This is our 'Boutique' sister casino...." the introduction email stated. Boutique casino? Whatever was that? Well, if you can buy a clothing for $25 at any street shop, a boutique would cost you $50! Got the picture? Not at first I didn't. Only after signing up did the friendly chat host elaborated a little bit more on the advantages of playing at a boutique casino. Priority customer support, faster withdrawals, better VIP benefits, and so forth. What else? The minimum deposit is $50 each time, except only for the first deposit, a minimum of $25, as an introductory offer. Wow! Minimum $50? I am only used to $20s and $25s. Heck, in time of trouble, only $10s. But at Bellini, I'd have to sacrifice playing at one other casino every time.

Ah well, worth a try at least, especially with the special 200% deposit bonus introductory offer. So my $25 went down into Bellini's vault, I got $50 extra to play with, with an acceptable wagering requirement of 30 times the deposit+bonus amount, and a super opportunity to play in a prestigious boutique casino known as Bellini. If that makes any sense to you at all! :D As prestigious as it may have sounded, I started playing my usual 3 favorite slot games, sitting on my trusty old swivel armchair, in my 'squeakingly' prestigious home environment! 'King' for the day!!! Hahahaha.

To cut a long story short, my $25 went to Bellini's favour, along with that free $50. "Next deposit $50? Oh-oh! I'll have to come back later...". Yep, it was weeks later before I upped my status, made a $50 deposit, took a $50 bonus, and watched it went down to Bellini again. Months later, a special offer came. A 200% special delivery for me! How to refuse a 200% offer? So I closed one eye, made that deposit, got $100 free, and played like a king for the third time. This time around, the queen was around, brought me luck, and 'we' went home with $200. Heeey...not bad at all! A win on the third attempt, breaking Bellini's bank with a clean $75 profit! Hehehe. Now, months later, I am still waiting for that special delivery...if it's gonna come again at all, hehehe.

Grady. Reviewed on 02.10.18
It seems Vegas Red casino found their account in contacting me and promote other casino as I got again such e-mail from them. This time they instigated me to join Casino Bellini and grab the opportunity to test out some of their games at no cost. According to the mail this welcome package contained a free welcome gift that could be either €20 to play slot or €10 for table games, then after I made my first deposit I was going to get €100 free instantly and all of this would have been on top of my 100% deposit bonus. I was a little lost among these bonuses and wanted it to be clear so I called for help the chat service. I suppose the representative even didn’t hear about it before as she asked me some time to look after it. Later, she could answer my question and to summarize, I could have gotten total of €200 with x30 WR if I had deposit €100. It sounded good so I did it but before paying in I used up the free €20 for slots applying the given bonus code. This whole procedure was harder to understand than done.

First, my lovely game Panther Moon was the target but that little session there led nowhere. Following the transaction I played with a lot of games at different lines, different bets but nothing was I hoped for. The most success arrived while I was playing with Archer. This multi-way game has a Red and Black gamble feature and not the Double-Half Double (unfortunately Panther Moon has this latter) that I don’t like so I used this gambling option to gain some more coins. I was able to double and quadruple some smaller winnings and once I succeed to double a €50 prize of a 5 of a kind line, while my bet was set at €1.25. Next day I continued on Azteca where after about 10-15 mins., 4 Pyramid wild symbol appeared on a line paying x2000 of the €0.10 line bet. I was happy about it but being a human, I promptly started to thinking of if the 5th icon had appeared it would have been a pure €1000 winning. That’s quite something. Hereupon, nothing serious happened, my luck was so-so and after I completed the playthrough requirements I had barely more money (€132) that I originally deposited. From the financial standpoint it wasn’t really worth to withdraw this amount but I was in need some more cash for some promising sport events in the next week. At the withdrawal I had nothing problem and my money arrived just in time for the planned football matches.

It can’t be said they went into bankruptcy because of me but undoubted I spent an enjoyable and funny weekend here. They seem to be a correct, good place and there was nothing I missed here, except...a 5th symbol.
Wallace. Reviewed on 04.10.18
Casino Bellini is one casino I had great success in. What I liked about their casino before downloading it to my desktop is this cool feature they have on the promotions page of their website. At first I was trying to figure out what was going on when I tried to click on one of the promotions and when I hovered over another promo with my cursor it reveals everything I needed to know without making a click on the link unless however I needed to see the bonus terms for one promotion. If they included the bonus terms without making a click this would make everything top notch! Shortly I became convinced to bag the bonus for 100% at 20 times using my Skrill account for $50 to have $100 to play with right after I contacted support about my deposit. They also have bonuses for highrollers that speaks the same wagering requirements for a super huge deposit! That's something I can't do unless if I had the president's, the queen/king's or a celebrities wallet or financial status then I can break that barrier and make it happen! To have the chance of making a $3000 deposit WOW!! That's any depositors dream if applying that the deposit did not come out of their own pocket of course.

I would start playing Beach Life with that type of cash just to rid me of a lot of curiosity! With $100 playing Alien Hunter, love that alien egg bonus...complex to land but very worth it for 2 - 4 coins, Gladiator for 5 coins taking down a lot of free spins with tripled winnings almost every time without the special extra scatter symbols...kind of hate it though, Plenty O fortune for 3 coins, followed by an avalanche of Table games and live dealers. Live Blackjack is mostly gold for me because my choices on where to sit and whether or not to hit or stand will give me a conclusion, to double my money or to see it taken away! I rinse and repeated this process for 3 days not using the same slots but other slots to help maximize the results.

I earned $369.42 while during a sweet deal of winnings & luck. Awesome support, wild winnings, their website can get a medal and overall this casino can safely get a 9 out of 10! What makes Casino Bellini get 5.6 on this forum that I would like to know.
Cruz. Reviewed on 06.10.18
While playing on a Playtech casino called "Casino Bellini" in 2008 I came across no difficulty in playing on their casino, the same goes for their live chat feature. Most of the time I was given emails regarding their promotions on bonuses and other offers. At first I did not take any bonuses but rather read up on them before going into an investment. There wagering requirements sound okay based on what I am reading. It says here that the First 100% deposit bonus has to be wagered 20x the deposit + bonus before any golden rewards can be collected (winnings). Almost the same applies to the other bonus. The unlimited Monthly Bonus has a much higher wagering to achieve. It is 30x the deposit and bonus. For every common rule in the casino some do not let you cash out prior to meeting the bonus requirements. Casino Bellini is one of them. Bonus and winnings will be void if you try to cash out. As the terms and conditions were okay-sounding I decided to use it along with my $50 deposit.

I claimed the 100% first deposit offer via live chat and they immediately credited my account with the bonus while leaving great customer support as the live operator left the conversation. In the mood to push buttons, click on cards and all the sort I make a clear decision to start off with Video Slots at $2 per spin. While I noticed during gameplay that most high bets you make result in fewer and infrequent big wins. If betting small the wins would pour out much more! As I was meeting half my requirements of $1000 after 2 hours of video slots I took a 30 minute break then went back to fulfill the rest of the bonus for another 2 hours. Since the bonus was 20x my experience wagering the bonus was alot easier because I had to wager $1000 less compared to the standard 30x. With $2 bet I did not have a problem losing my balance!

I hit a couple of good bonuses and features while coming up with a total of $230 to withdraw in the end! Support is awesome, the bonuses were okay, alittle better than the standard 30x and withdrawals were above average! A casino worth going through, Casino Bellini!

Support: 10/10
Terms and Conditions: 9.5/10
Payouts: 8/10
Deposits: 10/10
Withdrawals: 8/10
Marshall Morrow. Reviewed on 06.10.18
I always enjoy playing in Playtech casino and I enjoy playing even more when it’s some no deposit bonus from the casino. A friend of mine recommended Casino Bellini and told me that they had a 10 euros free promotion for new players. I have to admit that I haven’t heard of this casino before so I was really happy to get to play a little with some free money. I went to their site and can't say that I liked it very much. Nothing quite interesting to catch my eye. Too simple for my taste.

Anyway I downloaded their software and made an account here. Like in all Playtech casino the second I logged in a window popped out with the promotion. I was surprised because it wasn’t 10 euros free, it was 10 free spins on some slot games. When I took the bonus live chat window opened and the operator instantly offered me some first deposit bonus. We chatted for a while and after explaining how I can use the free spins I went on and started playing Blade. The free spins were allowed for some games only and I’m happy that Blade was one of them. I played the free spins and had a really small win of 6 euros. Anyway I continued to play on a minimum bet and soon got free spins. I was excited in the beginning and disappointed at the end because I won only 4 euros from the free spins. I soon lost all of my balance and logged of. When I checked my mail later I was surprised to see a message from them offering me another 10 euros free no deposit. I logged back in and redeemed the coupon at the cashier. But again the same games were only allowed. Off course I played Blade again but this time I didn't have any descent wins and lost my money again.

I’m still in doubt about making a deposit here because of the few complaints I saw here at AG but maybe I will try my luck at this casino. Who knows it just might turn out to be lucky for me after all.
Janean. Reviewed on 07.10.18
I have an account at Casino Tropez but I have to say I never deposited there, so it came in my email that they have new casino, Casino Bellini so if I joined them I will get 10euros free chip.

Hmm although I don’t like Playtech platform, but why not use a free chip, when they are giving it! But before I start I contact the support first to tell me is this a real money chip or is it fun chip, because as far as I know there are plenty casinos with this kinds of offers and when you ask them about chip they tell you it’s a fun chip so you can try their games!!!

I never could understand why some casinos are doing that??? Fun chip??? If I want to play their games for fun I will use the fun play mode!! Right! I think you will all agree with me.So that’s why I always ask the support to answer me on that question, why losing my time for fun play.

So I get the free chip and it was real money chip that you can withdraw from them, but this casinos after you made the wagering, they ask a deposit to be made, so they can verified your account or something... In this Playtech platform, if I have chance to play for free I always play Captains Treasure slot and Chinese Kitchen slot.

I was playing very short time because I played with 0.90 euros per bet so my free chip ended very fast. Although I played this game in other casino, made the wagering and cashed out 50 euros from them. Casino Bellini I guess it’s a good one, because they are sister casino with Europa Casino which I think it’s a solid casino so you can trust them. Their chat support was ok, nice and friendly, but as I said I am not fan of these groups of casinos so I won’t make any deposits here. Good Luck you Playtech lovers!
Reagan. Reviewed on 10.10.18
I have an experience report, which one I will publish over the casino Bellini here now. After my account creation I had send the casino on a directly way all my documents via email to duo an account verification, cause I know from experience before that this takes much time in this casinos.

I planned the following now: I like to play Blackjack and Baccarat but these games aren't permitted to the wagering requirements when I used a deposit bonus to my deposit of 20 euro. Therefore I have asked in the live chat support if there’s a way to get cancel deposit bonus but this was not possible.

As far as so good. I have taken care of the problem with the "not permissible" games now and just only played the slots where I had only low winnings and looses but it was on a long ranged time. I played over 4 hours and my bankroll stands on 28 euro. Not really much winnings, the highest amount was 46 euro. My money went up and down but this was full okay for the long playing time.

I had a problem with the verification documents and they said I should take a better camera cause the quality of the pictures which I had send before was not really the best. What else the payment of my account has taken a time period of five days. After three days the pending time was gone and after next 2 days it had arrived on my e-wallet. Very slap-up but this is too much time for a withdrawal.

Here in the casino Bellini I had a 5 scatter symbol in True Love but I don't made a picture of it because it was too fast gone. The Bellini casino is very slap-up in one and everything. Not many people are talking about this Bellini casino, and there is no much hype about it, but I find it is a qualitative serious online casino, where I really play much more than in other Playtech.
Best Regards Chris

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