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Demetrice Desimone. Reviewed on 11.07.18
Casino 1920 is from the Top game software and this one also has a lot of casinos but this brand honestly is not as trusted in the market as MG, PT or Net Ent so most of the times I do not put my money in such casinos and specifically Rival and Top game software casinos because they always have had a lot of complaints about not giving the player his/her winnings or freezing the account for now reason and all that.

I saw that this casino has a no deposit bonus so thought of giving it a try because free money is loved by every one and specially small rollers like me are always in the search of no deposit bonus. I create an account on this casino and get their no deposit bonus. The play through was 90 times which I do not this is fair.

I could not find a way to get the bonus but then spoke to the live chat operator and they asked for a code and that is how I got it.
Enjoyed the three reel slots a lot and they are always more fun than the video slots. But what I liked the most of all of them was the blackjack game and that is where I survived for the longest in my whole experience here. Even though all the other video slots and three reel slots are very average their table games (blackjack) is just too
good and I had the most fun playing this one only and got busted only a couple of times.

You can call it luck or may be I am Bj king loll. Well I was never going to make the play through and I knew that from the beginning only but I really liked the casino more than I thought and the casino is above average. Really good and exciting promotions for new players and fast games and a little slow claiming the bonus process.

This casino is a 7.5 for me and good return to players on free money.
No idea about real money.
Vashti. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Casino 1920 is a typical casino run by Top Game software. All the casinos that use this software are very similar. I have never made a deposit in any of them. One of the biggest reasons is because I don’t trust them too much. Also most of them have a long pending period. With Casino 1920 the pending time is 5 - 12 days. I didn't check but I think that is for business days. If you add the 72 hours withdrawal process here it means 15 business days to wait for a withdrawal.I really don’t have so much patience and play in these casinos for fun and for some no deposit bonus.

If you visit this casino you will see on their home page that they offer a 50 no deposit bonus for new players. The wagering requirements are really too big 90 x bonus. The wager requirements are similar in other Top Game casinos as well. I have played in most of them and haven't met the wager even once.

Anyway I decided to take the bonus not hoping for much. In order to redeem the bonus you have to contact live chat support and give the operator the bonus code. I am used to Top Game having fastand good live chat support. But I can't say the same about this casino. I probably waited for over 20 minutes for an answer from their live chat operator. After 20 minutes of waiting he wrote done and the bonus was added to my account. I have to say I was very disappointed. Only done, no sorry to keep you waiting nothing.

From all the slot games that Top Game has to offer I like Cool of Stone Most. All of the 50 dollars I got I lost playing this game only. I usually choose euro as a valute but Casino 1920 offers only dollars.


I can't say that I am satisfied with Casino 1920 and that is why I can't recommend this casino.
Savanna. Reviewed on 03.10.18
I landed on a Casino 1920 website just a few months ago, and I already know this was one of the best destinations I could possibly find. I got attracted by one of their game-introducing emails with killer colors and one good hell of a bonus if you clicked the red button.

I started by creating an account and was immediately granted a $25 free money to play, without even making a deposit or having time to think about making one. Later on, as I began playing more regularly (every day, to be specific) each deposit I made, would always be exchanged for a surprise: a free cash voucher, a cashback guarantee, risk-free spins, insurance, etc.

Their promotional offer are wide, to be sure. I still didn't manage to get through all the games they have: slots? Poker? These folks have tons of them, in different configurations. No surprise here, they are supported by topgame technology, one of the casino gaming giants.

Best of all, you can contact the casino through their live chat service and there are no problems with payouts – they pay you real money, no delays. If only the 30x wager requirement would be lower.
Tobi. Reviewed on 05.10.18
Casino 1920 seemed a bit too plastic for me at the beginning, but I decided to give it a chance and, here I am, writing a review of it. I can't say I ever regretted getting there. I am a poker player at heart, but when I have the chance, I also chill out at blackjack or slots, sometimes scratchers. I found it all here in one place, not just the original games, but many of their subtypes too. And they're all kinda awesome.

Add to it a good welcome bonus amount (up to $3,000, mine was $500) and high cash vouchers for players who play regularly, but on small amounts. I play C1920 almost every day now, and still didn't get tired of it. And since you only have one shot at life, I give my best efforts to have fun and win big money at the same time.

So far, so good. What I'm saying is that if you're looking for fine cash and good ways for a TTR, try this one. If you're looking for something else, forget my advice. ;)

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