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Sabrina. Reviewed on 11.07.18
Oh dear, here we go. Where do I start? The positive things about this casino is the good looking website, it has animated background or a short movie clip, it is very welcoming if you ask me. Proabably because a hot babe is in it hehe. The second positive thing is the 30 free spins no deposit required bonus for new players only and a huge 350% first deposit bonus plus another 200 free spins upon your first deposit. It is an offer most players simply cannot refuse. Hmmm..that's three things, well this might changed my opinion about this casino.
Babecasino, the name itself it's kinda suspicious in my opinion but you can't judge a book by its cover, right? New players will receive 30 free spins upon sign up and the interesting thing about the free spins is that they weren't regular spins, they were actually super spins. Each spin has a worth of at least €1 or equivalent. You might say, isn't it a good thing then? Well not really because it doesn't matter how big the free spins are, when they didn't give you squat, they are still bad. Yes, 30 free spins without 1 cent win. At first I thought it was just bad luck but more and more players got similar winnings from them.

After reading bad feedback and several confimations of awful free spins winning from other players, I have a suspicion that Babecasino deliberately giving the free spins on the games from an awful games provider with the name Betconstruct, I'm not saying this is a fact but that's what I think. Anyway, luckily it was from a freebie so no harm was done.

A few days have passed and I received an email from them reminding me of their massive welcome bonus of 350% plus another 200 free spins upon first deposit, the minimum deposit required for the bonus is €10 and out of my curiousity I claimed it. The outcome of the free spins was more than awful, dreadful, ugly and I came to concusion that Betconstruct is the worst games provider of all time, even worse than fake games providers. Other games worked just fine though, no issues at all but I lost all my money and withdrawal was not an option.

I think Babecasino could be a good casino but attracting player to sign up by giving them free spins on games that hardly give something is to me misleading and I don't like to be mislead. I'm an online gambler for more over a decade and every experienced gambler knows when something's fishy. Beware of Betconstruct games and if you decide to give Babecasino a chance, avoid Betconstruct games.
Sheree. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Actually nothing to like in this Casino. Just the support Victoria which helped me.
1. Deposit - I logged in via my Mobile phone. I wanted to take the 350% bonus so I gone to deposit. Everything was filled out, then I clicked the deposit and said ERROR. I tried 2nd time to make a deposit. Guess what - Error again. I closed the window. Checked my balance and I had 2 deposits. Thanks that one was returned to my Neteller Account, because they said that they cannot refund it to my Card. Guess why ? - Error in their system :)
2. Actually I could play like 20 % of the games there. I found a game Platinum Pyramids by Nextgen Gaming. Took a bonus, but the last spin just stucked. I could not join this game anymore. Every other game by nextgen, but this one - Nope. Said twice to the live support - nothing. The 1st one said that he send it to the right department. Still waiting...
3. The wager. This is actually the funny one. This was going up and down all the time. Like : 17:30 - 106 Euros Wagered , 17:32 - 96 euros wagered. :) Contacted support again... Sent them the Screenshots which I made. I can upload here aswell, but dont know is it legal.
4. Actually I am playing slots for fun, but this one was THE ONE and only ONE that made me so angry...

0 FUN, Full with errors, game stucks.
Dont waste your time here. I just got a headache after trying to play 2 hours.

Just gonna delete my account from there after this post. Have fun.
Bennie. Reviewed on 03.10.18
I don't particularly play at casinos aimed at men, but BabeCasino definitely caught my attention. I have to appreciate the theme based on the riches of Monte Carlo and the way the site is designed. Also having over 3000 games right from the start is a bold move from a new casino, however the site seems to pull it off quite nicely. I love a range of choices and options, so I spent a good few hours trolling the site and playing a few top developer games. It's also good to know that live support is on a 24/7 sched as most newcomers are limited to certain operational hours.

Bonuses! Boy, I wasn't expecting up to 2500 USD straight away. It shows that the site is doing their part to get more quality members on board (assuming these are for high rollers).

Something else that caught my eye was the VIP trips and events. Gotta love F1, so I was curious to find out how to get it. It turns out that VIP membership is by invite only, so playing to get their attention is the sort of deal here.
Hmmm, well I suppose live chat can be more speedy with answers, it may take a while to get hold of one of the reps.
Noble. Reviewed on 05.10.18
Brilliant Casino, it's really what I've been looking for all along.

I've been trying to find a casino with a big gaming interface for a few years now, the idea of having multiple casino account just to access all the developers wasn't something that appealed to me.

A friend actually recommended Babe Casino, and I've finally found what I'm looking for as they have thousands of games and include all the biggest developers. I also like their promotions, special rewards, and loyalty program that gives you real benefits.

I can go on about everything they provide for many pages, but would rather get back to gaming. Just thought I'll leave a post when I sported Babe Casino in the list.
Not much to dislike to be honest. Payments are fast, many great games, and huge winnings. Guess if there was one thing, it might be the theme as a female player, but it's done professionally and it's not all the casino is about. This Babe Casino should create another site and call it Hunk Casino or something better related for ladies.
Darell. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Game selection is fantastic compared too many sites
Deposit Bonuses right up there with any other casino,
Management is contactable with any issues, returns emails in a timely manner and resolves them very professionally.

Overall I'm very happy with Babe, there are some teething issues but a site with plenty of promise if they can sort through the below :)
"Live" Support lacks the knowledge to answer questions and requests you email management regarding things such as bonus terms and conditions (I'm yet to get a reply from one question i asked 3 days ago).
The 200 free spins on first deposit returned me less than 50c US, apparently the providers have programmed these and change will be made, but until then, dont think of200 "free spins" how you would at other site (most return somewhere between $25-$50).. These are nothing more than tilt juice.

Having said that the deposit bonuses more than make up forputrid spins.
Eura. Reviewed on 07.10.18
I like here huge special bonus which I use but I can't manage to wagering. We can't use this bonus with all providers, I prefer pragmatic but can't play with bonus. I play netent ,nextgen and isofbet slots. There a lot some providers which I first see, they got from this providers 200 free spins.
From 200 betconstruct spins I got about 3 €, I didn't see worst slots in my life. For sure I'll never play that slots for cash.

Support can't answer you on basic questions, I try 5 times and always same, so so slow, on time I waited one hour and still not getting answer. Last time support ask me for number passport, name, birthday, id number, address and some other information I forgotten all. I ask just ordinary question to someone ask for all that. Next time I'll ask email support, maybe they know better. So far I still don't have information what I had to know.
Lance. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Impressed by 200 free spin bonus and a 200% match bonus.

I'm always on the lookout for better gaming opportunities, and with Babe Casino I've finally found a site that has it all. I'm sure many other guys would agree that the casino theme with a touch of sexy is unique and exciting, and with over 3,000 games, you can't go wrong as a member.

Since I've played at multiple online casinos, I find the theme really impressive; all the options are easy to find, everything works well, and the support team makes me feel right at home.
While the promotions are one of the most impressive, I found the terms and conditions thereof are the "con" for the casino. They made it very easy for me to find wagering requirement information, but in terms of game contribution, limitations, and other promotional information, I couldn't find it as part of the promotion.
Dana. Reviewed on 11.10.18
Looks very good. Games (in fun mode) worked very well and the site looked almost stunning. Didn't try how the deposit worked just surfing around in the site. Chat worked fine and customer servant was nice. The stars I give comes from the layout, games (there is a lot) and quite fast chat response.
Their document verification is odd. In their T&C says that I (as a player) can upload documents on their site via upload link. Didn't find it and went to ask that thing from the chat. A nice lady told me, that I should send my documents via email and the address she gave me was GMAIL address. I don't trust internet casinos who are using gmail to handle documents. So if you are planning to play on this site, be aware that you might have to send your documents to gmail address.

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