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Wilmer. Reviewed on 08.07.18
Nedplay is an online casino that is part of the 32Red Plc and is licensed by the government of Gibraltar. Nedplay has offered excellence in their line of work from Live Chat/support to the bonuses and games they offer! They reached out for people just like me to give quality assurance in everything they do! So let me tell you about Nedplay and why it is an excellent casino to have with you! Nedplay is part of the award winning "Casino of the Decade" called 32Red. It supplies all players with 500 + games to reel in your pot of gold! As I was with 32Red casino and is my first choice I cannot claim their bonus offer due to the reason that I have claimed the offer found on 32Red which is for every deposit in multiples of $20 you will get $32 for up to $160. To take advantage of the full bonus I would have to deposit $100 to claim $160 which would give me $260. Now as I mentioned I could not take any welcome bonuses with the 32Red Plc partnership I went to claim nothing! Everything was with no perks and the deposit was all natural.

As I wanted to try Nedplay thinking it was just as great as 32Red I went on to make a $100 deposit! Although it's too bad I couldn't play using the extra $100 that would give me reassurance to make looser bets. As I didn't have a safety net or insurance to back up my deposits I adjusted my bets to a sideo mall $0.75 per spin on 25 Payline videoslots to see where it goes from there. Since it started nicely towards my favor I decided to change my bets to a slightly higher range of $1.25. The reason for that is so I can have longer playtimes while not trying to lose my balance in faster rhythms. Now that my balance increased to $130 I went on to seek a Video Poker Doctor (lol) as I needed some balance increasing help. When I called "Dr Bonus Poker 50 Hands MD," for an appointment, she decided to come see me today and so I did! What I wanted to do is to try to convince her to give me a big winning prescription! As I was filling out the form and paying $12.50 per bet document for 5 forms total I saw that she gave me good news on my Cashitin syndrome when she prescribed "4 of a kind Kings tablets 30mg" the minute I pressed the Doctors "Deal" bell. As the "4 of a kind Kings tablets 30mg" worked it's magic it healed my Cashitin syndrome to a total of $553.50.

I went ecstatic when I heard the great news! I decided to visit the "withdrawal pharmacy" to speed up and support complete healing with "Moneybookers heaven". I now no longer feared the worst for my "Cashitin syndrome" as everything worked out for the best. And as for "Dr Bonus Poker 50 Hands MD" I will come back for a follow up appointment in her Nedplay Casino Office 2nd location!

Support: 10/10
Deposits: 10/10
Bonuses: 9/10
Terms and Conditons: 9/10
Withdrawals: 9.5/10
Suanne. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Nedplay is not that bad of a Microgaming casino but to be part of the 32red group it needs a total change in appearance! What I'm trying to get at is why doesn't Nedplay look anything like 32red casino? 32red looks awesome by comparison and with Nedplay it looks nothing like it. I only came by to see if Nedplay is anything like the experience I had with 32red. They offered a very interesting bonus of 100% clap clap. Now I won't be a jerk about Nedplay's bonus for a few reasons, it's partner casino 32red showed me a grand time and Nedplay had an Ace up it's sleeves.

Nedplay happened to have this 100% bonus every month for new and old players so with that being said my thoughts turned from "I don't want this bonus but I think I will "TRY" it, seeing is how Nedplay is from one of the best" to "Okay, cool I'm up for these bonuses, I think I will win a lot from them!". I could tell you all that when using the 100% with my $50 deposit for $100 Cashanova paid me a lot for my 4 coin bets. It was the barn bonus when getting 3 left to right keys that got my wagering down. I collected a lot of these bonuses but only some free spins showed up in normal winnings of around $25.

Thinking about max betting to hope for a bonus I decided not to go with it. If I chose to do it my balance will go down before my playthrough so it's not a good idea. The best way to beat down playthrough is to make cost effective bets. A tip I should share is when playing slots on Microgaming is to use the 10x or 5x auto spin buttons on expert mode to try to change the outcome of the first reel. I can tell a difference for when the reel stops. The spin is longer when using the regular spin button but it is shorter when using the auto spin feature. I would play with the two buttons depending on the way the symbols would land. Now I am not sure myself if this changes every slot result that came by but it did help me out. It is something worth trying for yourselves, there are no guarantees that it will win you a boat made out of gold lol.

When my playthrough has been completely finished from 3 days of action I have come up to just $217.20 in winnings. Nedplay is not as great as 32red but it still gave me an above the normal cashout. Withdrawals here were just as fast!!! This casino is a 8.2 out of 10 for me!
Kathleen. Reviewed on 02.10.18
You can’t knock the speed and attentiveness of the customer service personnel – they do their best to help you, and I can only imagine they have had to deal with a whole lot of abuse as a result of the changes that management have imposed over the past twelve months. I really feel sorry for these guys, because it’s clear to me that they want to be helpful and they know their job well, which is more than can be said for some other on-line casino customer support staff. However…
Nedplay is another casino operated by the 32red group, and though I’ve already written what I would call a pretty damning review of one of their other casinos – Dash – earlier today, I feel the need to also write something about this other part of their stable as well to warn potential players of what I believe is a casino group that has lost its with regards the way it treats its customers. Whilst these guys used to be major players, I now think that they have lost respect for their client base and the reviews on-line need to start reflecting that, as at present, its hard to find anything but glowing praise and respect for 32red and its other labels.

The group as a whole has imposed a number of changes over the past twelve months, if you ask me its really been quite sneaky as they have staggered each of these negative changes to their payments and withdrawals regime, I guess in order to make it seem less drastic and serious when the changes are made.

In short, first of all they stopped paying out on a weekend, so e-wallet customers no longer receive payments until the following Monday morning. Secondly they introduce a 24 hour pending period for all withdrawals, when previously there was none. Finally, they decide to remove the ability to request that your withdrawal be flushed/removed from the reversible state, so during that 24 hour pending period – which could in fact be as much as 72 hours or more if your playing on a Thursday evening/Friday – your withdrawal remains reversible. The combined effect of all these changes, I won’t play at this group of casinos anymore, which is a real shame as I used to play with the a lot. I’ve got no doubt there will be further negatives on the way too – there may even have been more already, I’ve just lost interest in following the news regarding them now. Big shame Nedplay / 32red group!
Janean. Reviewed on 04.10.18
In one way, there is little that stands out about Nedplay casino - they offer only the MIcrogaming range of slots and table games, including both flash/browser and installable/download based versions - but on the other hand, as they are owned by the 32red group, you can be certain of receiving first class support, fast cashouts, and regular generous promotions.

Nedplay do not currently offer a no deposit bonus, but there is a 100 percent match offer available for new players. I would not advise taking this if you have not already played at 32red casino, who currently offer a 320percent bonus u pto £160 for new players - technically, you are not allowed to accept a bonus at more than one casino in the entire group, however, if you contact live chat after the bonus is credited, you might well find they allow you to keep the bonus - or some part of it - despite having already had a welcome offer at 32red.

I cannot say with any certainty of course, but in my case, I had accepted the maximum bonus over at 32red several months earlier, and then made a smaller £40 deposit at Nedplay, therefore receiving £40 in bonus funds - as opposed to the maximum of £100. When I contacted live chat they told my I was welcome to keep the additional £40 if I wished, provided I was happy with the standard 30x bonus wagering requirements.

I have been much luckier at Nedplay than at 32red, though I do not think that is anything you should take note of really - I just have to mention it because it seems I am not the only one who just cannot seem to ever be lucky at the main 32red casino, yet at their partner skins, I regularly achieve a decent cashout! As a regular player, you will receive at least one 100 percent deposit bonus each month, plus the comp points scheme and other one off promotions they send out via e-mail.

I recommend you choose the download casino if you don't mind having the software installed on your computer, as well as enjoying superior graphics and animation within all games, and better performance in table games and in particular video poker you will also be able to take part in their daily £250 slots freeroll. I play this every day and even using just my free entry have achieved a decent position many times. First prize is $75, roughly £45 right now - not bad for a daily freebie!
Kraig. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Whilst there really is not much to recommend Nedplay Casino over its parent company – 32red – I like the fact that this company operates multiple brands because as a gambler, I can’t help but feel my luck is just running bad at some places at times – we are a superstitious bunch afterall! And when I do feel that way after taking a bit of a pummelling at 32red, I do indeed often find myself being far more lucky at one of these sister casinos such as this one, Nedplay, Dash Casino, or Golden Lounge.

The same amazing customer support staff serve all of these casinos, so you can be assured of an excellent service on that front, and they remain one of the fastest paying casinos for players using cards/bank accounts to deposit and withdraw, albeit, you now need to request a flush via live chat if you want to bypass the newly implemented 24 hour pending period. Personally I like to use Skrill for most of my casino activity, so I was a little disappointed when they abandoned weekend payouts, as money is received instantly using such a method – 32red do insist though that the vast majority of their players prefer to use cards to deposit and withdraw, so I have to accept it was a sensible business decision on their part, as frustrating as it is!

Like the other 32red brands, Nedplay offer a full downloadable casino package, which I do prefer to use if possible because the games tend to run a little faster, a little smoother, and just generally a better experience. I can definitely foresee the end of this type of casino though as browser technology is developed to the point where there is little or no difference between a downloadable version and that which runs in a browser, but for the time being, this is a definite advantage for the few remaining casinos to offer such a facility.
The only downside to casinos such as this is that they are stuck with offering only one providers games – there are a hell of a lot of good quality casino games around today from providers other than Microgaming, and 32red and its sister casinos have no way of offering these games to their customers at present… but if all you want is to play some Immortal Romance, Thunderstruck2, and/or a little fair Blackjack and Video Poker, you really cannot go wrong at Nedplay.
Armando. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Needplay Casino is a member of the 32 Red group of casinos. Before I joined this casino I already had deposits in every other casino from this group. They have I would say a standard welcome bonus of 100 % for new players. The wagering requirements are a satisfactory 30 x bonus, but the minimum deposit needed to take a bonus here is 50 euros. I usually don’t make such big deposits but this time I decided to do so. Like I said I already have accounts in all the other casinos from this group and I also used their welcome bonuses. I know that in some casino groups you can use their welcome bonus only in one of their casinos. That is why I decided to contact live chat support. They have a very good live chat support and I have seen that already playing in the rest of the casinos from this group. After their operator assured me that it is OK I made a minimum deposit of 50 euros and the casino automatically added 50 euros on my balance.

So I had 100 euros to start with and I needed 1500 to meet the wager. After about half an hour which I spent on a game called Flayin circus my balance didn't change much I had 98 euros, the next game I choose was Elemental. It is a slot game with 20 paylines. I stayed here for a shorter time playing on a bet of 0.20 euros per spin and when I moved on to the next game I was 30 euros in plus. But I was still far away from meeting the WR and in th end I didn't manage to meet them. I lost all of my money playing two more slot games Bearly Fishing and Cashanova. I lost most of my money on Bearly Fishing.


Nedplay casino is a safe casino and a casino you can trust. I recommend this casino.
Nevertheless, you cannot deny the model these casinos are using is becoming somewhat stale in the current market, and their recent decision to stop weekend cashouts and enforce a 24 hour pending period on withdrawals (you can request your cashout is flushed via live chat if you wish) is a little disappointing for a company who once prided themselves on being the market leader in customer service. Still a great casino though!
Reanna. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Ned play casino is from the MG portal and has more than 500 games . I chose their instant play mode and registered on this casino and got a sign up bonus of 100% match up for the first time users. Their software is very fast and no unnecessary delays . But I always come across the general error page on any MG casino I have played on. I sent 30$ from my e wallet and got 100% welcome package from the casino. They are owned by the same company that owns 32 red casino and dash casino and the site tells it because they have a lot of similar thing on site. After all the formalities were over I started for the real action.

The first game that I opened was magic boxes. I was on the lowest bet because I play slow and low in the beginning and that too with real money. The first one I got was K with 10 and A and this one got me 0.20$. Here the payouts were small but they were frequent so it was good all in all. Then after this one did no get anything for a long time and that accounted for a lot of loss in my account. Then got a couple of small features and one of them was k with three 9 in cross combination and this one got me 0.60$. Apart from this no real action here. So I left this game with quite a loss.

Then opened this advance slot named shoot. MG ha so many games that almost all of them are new for me. Here got the yellow vest player with the football written shoot over it and this one got me 0.30$. Then got the best with Keegan and this one got me 0.45$. The bad thing about all the games here was that most of the spins were going for 0 so overall it was loss only. After trying out a lot of other slots I went to try my hand in table games. I was now left with only 44$ including the bonus money so I guess I was nowhere close to meeting the wager. Lost the money in BJ and roulette and these are the main 2 table games i play no matter what. This one is not as good as the other casinos from the 32 plc group.
Yasuko. Reviewed on 10.10.18
I've been on a recent high-end casino spree, and NedPlay Casino was next on the list.
I have to say I was attracted by the fact that it was Microgaming software empowered, and in my recent practice I've decided to add a Pros and Cons list of the casino, for a neat description of the casino in just a few lines, so here we go!


-Microgaming empowered (You don't have to be a fan to enjoy their wide selection of games)
- Decent amount of payment and withdrawal methods
-Highly ranked among 600 other casinos to choose from
-Instant and downloadable play
-Fast withdrawing (According to player reviews, and site rating)

-Relatively new casino for such a high rating ( 2010 start date)
-Not supporting mobile play
-English language only

My personal experience :

Registration didn't take long, for testing sake, I downloaded it as well to give you a bit of insight about possible problems. On your behalf, I downloaded it and had no problems.
Wide selection of (your favorite) Microgaming games, a quite large amount of slots and other games.
Bonuses were quick to get, no problems with that whatsoever.

I had a problem with playing tho (I wasted all my money! hehe)
I have to say, with minimum wagers it took some time and overall there were some free spins, wins and loses with a general nice impression of the site.
For a casino that ranks #9 above 600 other casinos, it's a very good casino.
Did I mention it's in a family with 32Red casino? I think this should speak for itself, and if it doesn't, feel free to read my review about 32Red casino as well.

I didn't withdraw any money, but since the casino ranks 9# among 600 other casinos, I don't think you should have any problems withdrawing money.

Bearing in mind my experience from this collection of casinos ( the family, if you will), it's a 8.5/10.
Sticking in a close grade to all my other reviews from this group of casino.

Give it a try, you wont regret it!

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