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Karin. Reviewed on 11.07.18

I was looking for some nodeposit bonus, because i always use nodeposit bonuses ,specially when it comes from new casinos and top games, so i found this new Monarch Casino with a 20 free nodeposit bonus. I have to say i never liked Top games Casinos ,but free chip is free, so why not try,right?.

I tried to search about them,but since they were new didnt find anything about them,only on one forum that they were sister casino to Atlantis Gold Casino/About Atlantis gold casino i just can say they were great casino,but before and now as I know they are full of complaints ,which they dont pay,so I didnt expected that this guys can pay.So i did sign up ,get the 20 free chip played for a while,but since i was not that interested ,because of that information i got about them ,so i did waste my free chip really fast.

What was very funny or awkward about this casino,from the minute i sign up they were sending me a tons of emails,so believe it or not ,every day they were sending nodeposit bonuses and really big ones,50$ up to 150$ free chips.Well i think that something is not right here,I mean what casino is giving that much free chip ,almost every day??

Because of the every day emails from them they started to annoying me so i did delete their casino and unsubscribe from their email listing ,hopefully they dont send me anything ,anymore.As i can see here at Askgamblers and some other forum ,they are full of not paying out,so I guess they are not so good casino.I didnt have any experience about cashing out from the and maybe better so,but like i said complaints and the are new casino.Well i will let you think ,should you deposit there or not! Good Luck!
I never liked the top game software providers but i always like the free chips so when i saw they have a new casino i decided to try it because they have some new video slots what i like.

The monarch casino started in this year and when i registered i didnt heard bad things from them so i decided to download and register. They have the typically top game software, it means when you open your account you have to enter your first name and your e mail address to qualify for the no deposit bonuses. I logged in and the 20 euro no deposit bonus was on my balance instantly even i filled only my personal details like birth of date, name etc. I never will understand why they are gives to those bonuses anybody without age verification.

Never mind, i started to play at the dice and fire ( or something like that:D ). This is a new video slot and i can tell you it is fully enjoyable even the top game made it. With my 20 euro i started to play at 2 euro stakes because i always think the playing at the top game casinos is time wasting so i wanted to finish soon as possible. This video slot has a stop feature too so i stopped some spins and i get the free games. I started it but it not pays well and bum the software crashed. I had to open the windows task manager to able to close it. I started it again i log back to my game play two spins later bam crashed again. I was getting top angry so when the free spins are gone i changed the game to the carnival slot. In the end i lost my free chip.
Catrina. Reviewed on 24.09.18
My next review will be about Monarchs Online casino. A few days ago I took few of no deposit bonuses for askgamblers, for casinos powered by Top game software. I am not a fan of this software, but I decided to take the free chip and who knows,maybe a miracle will happen and I will wager it?

So I signed up but I couldn't find where I could claim the bonus, but after I re-logged into my profile, 110eur had been credited me. Since it was Top Game powered, I decided not to be a low roller and play my favorite game from them -Beauty Salon with 1 eur bets. A bit risky, but I had nothing to lose. For some time it actually worked fine and I managed to boost my balance up to 250 eur. And at least playing this game with higher bets is more interesting, and the 5 free spins with 3x multiplier finally gave me more than 5 eur win. And then I increased my bet to 2 eur. Many times 2 hairstylist symbols came up, which works as wild symbols and they increase your winnings, so many times my 2 eur turned into a 4.60 win.

I played this game for about an hour and eventually even increased my bet to 5 eur per spin, something I would never do win my own money. The wins were really nice, sometimes with the wilds even 60 eur to 80 eur. Than my greediness took over me and I increased my bet to 10 eur per spin. My balance went down to 40 eur and I contacted the chat to ask about the wagering, since I didn't even know about the requirements. I was told that I had to wager 14.000 eur and that I had managed to wager so far 900 euros. Maybe if I was luckier, I would have met them, but few minutes later I got busted.

Overall I had a great time at Monarchs casino, mostly because I played the only game I really like from Top Game, and because I made decisions I wouldn't normally make, so it was a really interesting session.
The cashier and bonus section is hard to manage, at least for me. And I really don't like the fact that I can't see how much I've wagered and that I have to always ask chat assistance for that. Because when I can see the wagering amounts, it definitely encourages me to try to complete it. And I had to wait to get an answer from the live chat for about 15 minutes.
Robbi. Reviewed on 02.10.18
I was looking around to kill some spare time and started using the search engine Google. When I searched for a casino, being as a bonus hunter that I am, I found an opportunity to kill time with it's no deposit bonus. I like finding these chances....even if some of them strung along a minimum deposit or a credit card registration to get the free chip or make a cashout.

So I downloaded the online casino Monarch's, made an account and started to contact support on the right side of the page as to how to get the $20 no deposit. I'm not so surprised that Monarch's casino turned out to be a Top Game platform. A minute later from when I contacted chat he welcomed me to the casino and asked how I can be helped. I asked to claim the $20 free chip and he positively replied to wait one moment to check my account. He credited the bonus moments later, gave me the wagering requirements of the bonus being 75x the $20 for $1500 in total stakes and has provided a link on the terms to confirm these details. Section 8 of there terms page.

Then after he told me to enjoy the free chip and so I did....for a moment. Diablo and Black Diamond were my slots for 2 - 3 coin bets on each. When I did not hit any features I was terribly disappointed! Only small wins were achievable during my moments. For Features....NADA. The next day I received an email from Monarch's casino telling me that they added a comp bonus. For weeks they sent these exact same emails regarding free chips and added a variety of different amounts. I gotten $100, $60, sometimes $40 then $30 in no deposit chips. 3 weeks it took me to question their motives and I contacted live chat again regarding these multiple comps. They said that only the first comp bonus counts for a withdrawal as the rest requires a deposit. Once I've heard this from chat I completely unsubscribed from there casino and begun uninstalling the software. It was a choice on my part that it is better to leave. I didn't deposit since the experience wasn't great at all!

Support: 9 out of 10
Terms and Conditions: 6 out of 10
Withdrawals: N/A
Payouts: 4 out of 10
Spamming: 0 out of 10!
Clarinda. Reviewed on 04.10.18
They give tons of bonuses....even without any payment to one point I I had about $900 in UNASKED-FOR bonuses.Why?They do this so that, if you touch it, their x75 play goes into effect and you will NEVER get to any amount to get a payout,I did have a payout about Dec. 30 or so for $1000.did send their petty request for documents (e.g. wanted a pencil 'scratch-over' of credit you did with a penny!!....along with COLOR pics of same, etc.etc.),,,,,they have since said they "see no such request"HUMBUG,,,,STAY AWAY FROM THESE WONDERFULLY POLITE CRIMINAL ACTION PEOPLE IN COSTA RICA.

On top of that, the chat is horrid....taking several minutes to answer...there is NO INDICATION OF PAST WINNERS,,,(of course, they would fabricate them anyway), no telephone, no use of fax,,,only email.What a disgusting experience from this old and experienced player.Because they asked for credit cards over email, I had one used fraudulently ....but thanks to the card company, they paid for it.I had covered the nos.on another card, save first and last four.Forgot to on other one.Anyway, email is not the way to go!! Expect fax from good sites.
Alisia. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Only one slot was fun...

Support agents are very sympathetic (that's the reason I gave 2 stars instead of one).
Boring games.
Unable to verify account since they don't accept passports or id and keep on insisting on a copy of your driving license...

Deposited once a small amount - wont play there again...

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