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Cleo Chaisson. Reviewed on 11.07.18
I came across Metro Play casino not that long ago actually,so I was chuffed to bits when I seen it is being featured on Ask Gamblers. My first impressions were instantly steered towards the newspaper 'The Metro' and wondered whether or not there was a link between the two.I had a good look at the site and liked the selection of slots they had,although it isn't the biggest selection I have seen I was happy that I would enjoy playing them.

They also have a mobile site I could play on my iPad,again there was a limited amount of games on there but I was looking to play on the desktop not the mobile.I registered straight away but didn't make a deposit till about three or four days later.The promotion of 100% was not showing in my account so I contacted live help to make sure I would get the bonus before depositing,they assured me I would.So I went ahead and made the deposit,entered the code during the deposit and sure enough I received the bonus,I only deposited a tenner so I had a starting bankroll of £20. I loaded up 'Pixies in the Forest' but for some reason I had been logged out.

I attempted to log back in but it said my account had been locked, I tried again but it said the same thing.I was not a happy bunny.I went to live help only to be told my account had been locked.I was furious!They had took my deposit then decided to block my account.I asked them why and they said it was because I had not provided my identification,I hadn't even been asked for it,although of course they said they had asked me for it.They hadn't but nevertheless I wanted what was owed to me so I sent mydocuments off. I was told that I could have a refund of my deposit if I wanted to,I decided to wait a day to see if my documents were approved and if they weren't I would have opted for the refund, but fair play they were approved a few hours later and my account was unlocked.It got off to a bad start but I was willing to forget.I actually started to enjoy it here,the slots played well and I was winning,I mean I didn't get very far but I only deposited a tenner so I wasn't expecting miracles.

I actually recommended this casino to my partner after I finished playing here.I think the mistake I made was I decided to give the mobile site a go, but it played terrible then when I returned to the desktop version it just didn't play the same and my balance soon shot down to zero. Neither me or my partner have been successful in making a withdrawal here and I have yet to return here to redeem their reload bonus of 50%.I am just binding my time,I m waiting for them to introduce a few more slots but will definitely return in the future at some point.I believe with a little bit of time and patience this casino could grow into a very good one.
Marion. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Nothing at all shocking bunch if cowboys!
Deposited £100 lost £30. Then got an email saying I had breached their terms for adopting a risk free betting strategy. I don't see how playing slots @ £1 a spin & losing £30 is risk free???

No deposit returned so I had to contact my bank to charge it back. Avoid this outfit like the plague, my opinion is your money is not safe.
Avoid like the plague!Deposited £100 with them yesterday and was awarded a further £150 bonus for joining.Played Grand Monarch slots and won a few times, then dropped down to only £40 left to play with, when I triggered the bonus round and won over £400.I tried withdrawing £300, but was denied, so tried £200 and again denied, so went for £50 - nope!

Contacted customer services live chat to be informed as it was bonus money I was playing with I couldn't withdraw.My response?How do you know it was your bonus money I was wagering and not mine?He told me that the bonus award from Metro was wagered first...................which means, that as I was down to less than £40, the bonus money had been wagered and lost and it was my own deposit that triggered the slot bonus round, meaning it's my winnings!!Simple.Er, no.You have to wager 25x times your deposit and their bonus award BEFORE you canwithdraw.

Complained via email and have at least been informed that my initial £100 will be refunded.AVOID AVOID AVOID.Betfred award you random bonuses into your account and you can withdraw at any time.Best slot site by a mile.Metro Play should be done for fraud - reneging on a bet - by a gaming site is just down-right thievery.Typical casino, happy to take your money but hate it when you win.
Vannessa. Reviewed on 03.10.18
Very poor won 468 but metro play void my deposit closed my account and voided my withdraw I have called them email put a complaint in but Ben from complaints ask me why I am moaning when they returned my deposit honestly do not bother they are a bunch of cowboys who just don't pay up

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