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Marisa. Reviewed on 07.07.18
Super Casino, as I am very happy with this company and with the bonus that gets every week. ++++, applauded for you, and how it sometimes happens once in the car once under the car how lucky it is :-). Greetings from Poland
I received 40 free spins on divine fortune. Which amounted to just over £6 in winnings. I then accumulated and got the balance to £44. Meanwhile every ten to twenty seconds the game just stopped working. Telling me my internet connection was slow. My internet connection was perfectly fine, the game I played was Jingle Bells, was having fun then out of no where my the £44 just vanished, like someone manually went in a deleted my balance. I asked chat many times and told them the situation. They told me to wait one moment, 20 minutes later I'm still waiting... then they have the audacity to cut me off. I go back thinking nothing of it and thought maybe they where having problems.

Then I tried to speak with two other reps and they don't respond, I become baffled, and can't believe what's going on, then I try once more and they turn the chat off for me. I swear this casino is evil and someone on there has it out for me. It was the most aggravating experience I've ever had.

They by no means won't to sort the situation out so they block you from communicating and hope you will no come back. That's the honest truth, I probably will never trust a casino again, they literally pushed me to the side, the first guy I talked to seemed to understand and saw he could see what I won and the wagering requirements what was left which was £16.

Really disappointed with the lack of support this casino offers and will really urge anyone to not expect anything better. Please be careful where and who you chose too trust. Casino needs to realize that this fathing about exhausts people, especially me I feel terrible, like it was part my fault, all I did was play my free spins which was given to me, maybe the issue was I wasn't supposed to win, the gambling commission needs to look into how these casino's treat there customers.
Jenna. Reviewed on 27.09.18
The Casino has a nice interface and a very nice welcome bonus. Took me a while to understand the terms and conditions, but after I spoke to support I worked fine. About the 48 hour wait for the bonus amount was very strange but I'm patient so it worked good for me.
Now what I didn't have patience for was the slow slot spins, I didn't enjoy it all, play the money fast as I could which was impossible just so I could have the account closed since I didn't see the point of having it if I don't enjoy it. To bad, this casino has potential but I do understand if people close the accounts based on this poor gaming experience.

I give it a 3 of 10, since my main gaming is slots and they failed to satisfy it. I hope they can fix this if they want to keep their customers.
Temika. Reviewed on 03.10.18
Good layout. Also a much different bonus offer from most Casinos.

I bet €200 in my first spin. Won€300! and they still credited me with another bonus of €200 the following day - where else would you ever bet 200 on a slot in your first bet... risk free !
Really strange bonus rules. I make almost 10 deposit and ask this 100% welcome bonus but never get it. When I ask about it, support say I don\t get it, my first wager is too low!! What that even mean?

Technically very poor, my account stop working for couple days. After someone fix it, support give me 10€ bonus (lol). Next day I log in and think play it awaa, its not there anymore. Someone take it from me.

Support answer every time after 2 days if you ask something. What a poor place.
Velia Villanova. Reviewed on 05.10.18
Nice collection of slots, I like Netent games. Deposit work quickly and money disappears from you account really fast.
Some log in problem all the time. Very slow sometimes. I am sure they have some technical problem. Look more like betting website and not really professional casino service.

Most strange is that bonus rules what you can read other review. Read carefully this casinos explain how is it work... What a stupid ever bonus. Basically mean at you deposit 50€ and put ALL in one first spin to some slot, probably dont win anything. So you play session is over 5 seconds! Then you wait 2 days to get 50€ bonus and start wager your bonus.

Prefer some real casino not this kind of side service amateur casino.
Suk. Reviewed on 06.10.18
I joined here to try our the sports betting and the slots, now as for sports betting I am used to betfair, I did put a few bets but maybe it was just me but I couldn't work out how to do an accumulator, I then had a dabble on the slots which paid quite well and I made a decent profit, easy verification process (drivers licence or password must be emailed over).

Received my withdrawal really fast which is a big plus for me however I did have to wait 48 hours after my first deposit before I could make the withdrawal. Support was also on hand and fast connection to an operator to answer queries.
Winnie. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Nothing there to like, very limited games with no fun as you cannot stop the spin midway and all u can do is put it to auto play and watch ur money deplete. Stay away I mean it.
Everything is to dislike here, didn't try sports though, but yeah do deposit and find out that I was right, and come back here and agree to my review.
Tennille. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Easy website layout, helpfull staff, verified and withdrawal processed exceptionally fast. Very happy with matchbook overall and would reccommend. Thanks
The only downside for me personally was the limited game choice, it's mostly netent slots and it would be great to see some other providers such as microgaming added.
Sherise. Reviewed on 11.10.18
I played a little while before casino, deposit £ 80, losses.

24/7 online support, I wanted to connect to the live chat announced live chat is not available, I left an email exclude self out of this casino 5 years

A small selection of games.

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