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September. Reviewed on 11.07.18
Good support, quick payment ! I won 1200 euros on live casino and I have been paid in 1 day after my document verification. Very good support. Good bonuses
48h verification process (with other needs than usual) + several days of withdraw time. Withdrawal limits of 500EUR/week if you are not VIP. Hard to lock yourself out or make deposit limits. (They obviously abuse gambling addiction). Rude/careless support.

31 July I asked chat how to make a deposit limit of 50EUR a month or likewise. I was told I couldn't, but I could do a 100EU/week. That's was way more than I wanted to, so I asked for 10EUR/week. I was told to send a mail to [email protected] which I did at 21.29. (At this point I had already deposit way over 10EUR/week, so a activation should block me from deposit right away.

Then roughly 23hours later, I was caught in a gambling moment at tried to deposit (which I obviously shouldn't be able to) but my deposit was accepted. Thankfully I made myself write to live chat right away why this was possible since it was almost 24h since I sent the deposit limit mail. I was told that my account was preclosure and he asked me if I wanted to close my account???? Of frustration I said yes - but then he asked me to send a mail to support!!!! (Again).. This was the point where I lost it... I told him no, and I wanted a closure now. Adam (the support agent) then told me he couldn't and I could just log out and don't log in and gamble - that wasn't so hard. (A casino knows that a person with gaming addiction cant control this).

We the discussed this matter for some time, and only when I said that I was unhappy with it, and would make a review at this site, then he suddenly could close my account.....??????? At this point it was obvious he didn't want me to and was afraid of the chat, so I copied and screenshot the whole chat - thankfully - because 1 or 2 minutes later they blocked me from the chat and I couldn't open it again. (And I know the chat was working, since I tried on a VPN on another ip in another browser).

I have tried like 50 casinos here and there, live and online - but this experience was really bad.

I would never recommend this casino to anyone. Bad withdrawal conditions, rude live chat, extremely slow self-exclution/deposit limits.
Cleo Chaisson. Reviewed on 25.09.18
The promotional emails that I get from this Magical Spin Casino are always in a foreign language. Maybe they think I'm one of them, hahaha, Just kidding of course. Anyway, each and every time I get their promo, I had to get Google to translate it for me. Thank god Google is my friend, hahaha.

Well, there's nothing that special or great about their promotional offer though. It's just a no-deposit 7 EUR free chip to try out the casino and some games, or just one game, to be more precise. You'd be damn lucky if that 7 EUR could allow you to play on more than one game. With that little amount of bonus money, it wouldn't even last to warm up my butts, hahaha.

Okay, so one day, I finally decided to visit their website and do some finger walking and browsing. Not too bad, this casino. The layout was satisfactory, navigation around the various webpages was without too much lags or hangs, but the selection of games wasn't really to my liking. Why? Well, there are games from NetEnt, which I no longer like, there are games from Elk Studios, which I usually turn away from, and there are also games from NextGen, but only one or two of their games are to my liking. As for all the other games from Endorphina, GameArt, iSoftBet, and whatever, none of them have become one of my favourites as yet. So, personally for me, the games selection sucks!

Browsing through their promotions, Bonus Terms and T&Cs, well, I can say that they aren't as bad as some others, but aren't as good as some others either. What I dislike most, is when I reached the part that lists out numerous countries that are not allowed to make withdrawals from the no-deposit bonus, and my country is one of them. Argh! Why allow to take the no-deposit bonus if not allowed to make any withdrawals from its winnings? That would only disappoint those affected. Luckily, I saw this term right from the very beginning, so that's one disappointment avoided.

As for the other aspects of the casino, well, I had changed my mind there and then, so I wouldn't know how this casino would perform, especially where withdrawals are concerned, but indication shows a fairly good speed of just 12 hours for processing. If only they have Microgaming games...hahaha.
Cleotilde. Reviewed on 02.10.18
Lot of games and good website. Lot of payment methods
Very strange at all. Support says you dont have to wager the 1st deposit bonus. Its a wager free bonus. I dont like casinos which dont have a point named "bonus terms". You have to search the terms in the T&C. I tried use the 100% fist dep bonus with a deposit of 20 euro. Well after deposit there wasnt a bonus at all. So I asked in chat for the bonus. Seemed that its normal that you have to ask for it. But then the chat told me that I can "activate" it now in my profile. Well I didnt found anything there. I wasnt interested to discuss any longer so I played down my 20 euro then without the bonus. (Never had to activate my bonus anywhere on the website after asking the support for it).

As I read the T&C a saw another point which is just awesome. The weekly withdrawal limit is between 500-2500 Euro. It depends hows your way of playing. I´ve never read something like that before anywhere. They could do anything with you with this rule in the T&C. Imagine you win 5k or something with your first deposit with a lucky punch. Now they can decide if you can withdraw 2500 or just 500 per week to play down the rest for example.

I tried it once more then and lost again. After that and their strange T&C I decided to stop playin there and close the account. Fun fact: I chatted like 3 times with the support before. She answered quite fast everytime. As I wrote "Please close my account" I had to wait more than 5 minutes for a response. (After her "hy"!). Then she told me that you can close your account just with mail. Well now I knew that it was good to stop playin there. Casinos using this method to keep you on playin r not serious at all.
Monique. Reviewed on 04.10.18
Wide selection of slots and they accually have several of the good ones.
I would stay away from this site. The live chat staff seem slow, unhelpful and just careless. They dont know, they cant do anything about it or just give out wrong information.

They stall account verification and withdrawals. They have a max withdrawal of 500 euro a week. If you win 2000 euro, do you want it now or in 4 weeks? If the answer is now, play somewhere else.

After waiting 3 days for my withdrawal my account was out of nowhere suspended. I got I mail saying that my bets might have been breaking their bonus terms. I play a lot and I read the bonus rules and stick to them, so I was very suspicious and wanted to check this for myself. As I could not log into my account I had to ask for my history through email and chat, but they refused to give it to me until they where done looking at it.

If you ever are in a conflict, would you like the process to be transparent and that every part has every information or are you okay with with one part gets to work with the evidence for day before handing it over to you?

This casino is in my opinion not trustworthy and every player should avoid it like the plague. I dont even think its incompetence like a lot of other casino. I believe that they are greedy and not a site of high morale.

Stay away!
Lajuana. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Ok so, this casino is simply the best regarding the wide game selection (I read something like more than 2000 games but I didn't check). I have to say I'm really impressed. I like the environment, very intuitive and looks like it's all built in ONE web page, which makes things going faster. My internet connection is not that fast and I have to say, this helps a lot.

A lot of promotions, customer service helpful and quite fast to answer. I did a mistake I didn't claim bonus before my deposit (I thought it was automatic) then they granted me the bonus manually.

After my 3rd deposit (€150) I made €1050 winning on Neon Reels. After sending my documentation (2 days verification), I got the money directly through my Visa 48h later. So I don't know what people are talking about regarding the maximum cash out 500/ week ?? I got mine in one shot after 2 days.
Only thing is, living in Australia, I often got the customer service closed by the time I log in (they works in Europe) They should provide a 24h customer service for others) But since most of the bonus and promotion are managed by players I guess its ok.
Hilma. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Netent available to Portugal, contrary to the orders of the supplier, which prohibits their games in Portugal(maybe for this reason 300/400spins in one slotand never get the features)

Good welcome bonus package and after regular bonuses
One of the worst withdrawal systems I have ever seen:
-pending time an eternity (clear for players to do what I did, reverse their winnings)
-deposits can be made with neteller, withdrawals with neteller not available

Support not very good
Trying to close the account is an adventure because they will ignore your emails for several days

With such good options where you can play, maybe this casino is not the best option

good luck to all
Armanda. Reviewed on 07.10.18
most, a large number of different suppliers, so a large choice of machines. nice interface.
This casino does not respect the will of the players to close their account. It is a real journey of the fighter to close his account, you will have to be patient because they do everything for you press like a lemon. They do not know the responsible game and do not feel concerned by the problem. Casino to flee urgently. Go your way, do not waste your time in this casino. I paid the price.
Yetta. Reviewed on 10.10.18
Nothing to a like about this casino. Stay away from this casino!
- 48 hours before they close your account, they dont give a thing about responsible gaming
- Poor live chat
- you cannot make your first withdrawel before your account is verified, this takes minimal 48 hours. Then you have to wait another 48 hours before the withdrawel is processed. So the chances are big that you have gambled your money away in the mean time.
- stay away from this casino, their are enough other casino`s

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