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Lita. Reviewed on 11.07.18
Hi! :) My next review - Magic Box Casino. I do not know if it is just my bad luck or what, but my gaming experience at Magic Box has not been fruitful at all, not even once! In fact, I have had similar no-win experiences with the other Global Gaming Net (GGN) casinos like King, Las Vegas and 50 Stars (have not played at GGN's Noble & Swiss casinos though). So, it makes me wonder seeing here at AskGamblers that Magic Box casino is actually in a top 50 casino listing! Perhaps it is just me and my no-luck at Magic Box. Anyway, I will put down my comments here, for all to read. It may strike a similarity with some, or it may not, but here goes...

WAGERING REQUIREMENT. What comes to me as a good feature for Magic Box casino is its variable wagering requirement for each bonus offered. It can vary from 12 times for deposit bonuses of up to 50%, to 25 times for deposit bonuses of 75% - 100%, and 30 times or more for higher percentage bonuses. If low wagering requirement is important to you, as it is to me, then accept only the smaller bonuses, needing to wager them for only 12 times deposit+bonus amount. Not that I don't accept, or have not accepted, any of their other higher offerings, I do and have, but I always do it with discretion and comparison. For example, if Magic Box casino is offering me a 100% bonus for a $25 deposit, l will get $50 to play with, with 25 times WR (wagering requirement, $50 x 25 times = $1250). On the other hand, if Joyland casino, for example, is also offering me a 100% bonus, I will definitely go for the Joyland offer as I need to wager that $50 only 10 times! (WR, $50 x 10 times = $500). See the big difference? But like I said before, there can be no guarantee of making a win at any time, but if you suddenly strike a big win whilst playing, chances are you may be MORE ABLE to make a win at Joyland than at Magic Box! Hence my preference for low wagering requirement, always.

Other than that, I really cannot comment much more on the other aspects. Nonetheless, there is one thing which keeps annoying me every time I play at Magic Box casino (at King and Las Vegas too) - the game play always tend to be dragging-like, the reels not scrolling smoothly, like something is controlling the scrolling! I find it very unnerving...and it makes me want to end my game quickly! I am not making any accusations here, just my gaming experience, because this odd scrolling effect is not present in any other casino that I regularly play at, except at these 3 GGN casinos and also at 2 more other casinos not mentioned here. If you need to know, I use only downloaded version of every casino and play it on 1 same computer using 1 same internet connection cable - so it has nothing to do with bad connection, ISP or computer hardware. Makes you wonder huh?
Bea Shane. Reviewed on 02.10.18
Magic Box Casino is powered by Playtech, which offers one of the very best roulette game clients that are available, namely the small window version. This client allows repeating your bets, and then using the right click button to remove chips. An excellent version for roulette who like to place more complex bets, without clicking their fingers to bleed. It is because of this roulette client and the availability of 10ct live roulette that I registered at Magic Box. The casino mails new bonus offers on a daily basis, some of them are actually very good, I am talking about 100% to 150% deposit bonuses.

Unfortunately these bonus offers are not valid for roulette games, so they are a kind of useless to me. Since my registration I’ve deposited an amount of over 200 euros, never accepted a bonus, and never could make a withdrawal. Despite this fact I never received a freebee from Magic Box, not even after I have mailed a friendly hint about this. My customer support agent told me she would check on my account regular to see if I am eligible for a free bonus. That was a 100 euro worth depositing ago, not a single reaction from her side since then. And that makes me a kind of angry; a casino that never gives but only can take. I must admit it is fair to say the casino is no way obligated to give me a freebee, but in terms of customer binding I don’t think their policy is smart in comparison to other casinos who give a small freebee if you lose it all.

This is my beef I wanted to share with you this casino. Not taken my frustration in consideration, Magic Box is a typical Playtech casino, with all the well known Marvel slots likes Iron Man, Gladiator, Hulk etc., and an excellent live casino section where you can really chat with dealers and other players. Playtech is still state of the art when it comes to live casino, and if you don’t mind playing without bonuses I surely advise you to check out this place.

Elyse. Reviewed on 04.10.18
This will be my review for another one of Playtech powered casinos - Magic Box casino. I decided to join them recently, because of two reasons - it has my favorite software games and I really liked the name it has, and I saw their page when I was playing at other Playtech casino, Magic Box home page opened as an add.

I made a 30eur deposit and spent a lot of quality time at casino holdem table. It is my absolute favorite in table games and I can spend hours and hours playing it. I placed 1eur bets and after a rough start, when I lost most of my hands and got my balance quickly to 5euros, some kind of luck appeared with me, and I got straight combination 2 times within 7 hands, and 2 pair combinations, so after that I was back on track with 20 eur balance.

Then I decided to play Dr. Love More. I really like this slot, it has girly vibe and the color scheme is great. I placed 0.20eur bets per spin and guess what... I got 40 absolutely dead spins. I mean, not even few cent wins, nothing. I kept giving this game my money, but when it finally started to pay, it paid only my bets value. So I had a little balance left when I went to Gladiator. I placed 0.25eur bets and pressed 25 autospins, because that's how much balance I had. The first spin gave me 2.50 win, maybe beginners luck. After the autospins ended, I played it a bit more, but in the end lost all. But I liked this game and I will play it at other Playtech casino soon because I think this game has potential to bring me some wins.

Overall I won't be a making another deposit there, because I wasn't really impressed with Magic Box casino. I wasn't a big fan of the look of the lobby and there are other Playtech casinos I would prefer rather than this, for me something was missing. But instant play worked good.
Daria. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Magic Box casino using games from Playtech, and I like this software, there is some games with similar mechanic like popular Novomatics, and therefore it is always a pleasure to give such slots a shot.

I played at Magic Box casino few times, but please did not wait from this casino a lot of great bonus offers, because max bonus that I was able to get it is just 100%, welcome bonus also 100%, so generally you did not get from this casino high boost of your deposit like some other Playtech casinos did. I describe you my most interesting session in this casino, but unfortunately it did not finished with payout. That day I deposit 30$ from Moneybookers, and get 100% bonus for my deposit, because get email with such offer from casino, no any lie here from their side, because you know sometimes you get email with a bonus, deposit, and nothing, and you forced to contact live chat or email support in order get your bonus, I really hate when such things happen. With 60$ I start playing Archer, I like this slot, there is no need to trigger feature to see big payout, but this day it was not very nice, and when I go down to 40$ I decide that it is enough, and go to Thai Paradise, really great game which help me to get nice withdrawal many times. But looks like it was not my day, since even taking fact that I trigger freespins feature 3 times, I was not able to get any nice win, at least 100 x total bet to leave this slot and switch to other, and I am just finish with zero on my account after about 200 spins without feature.

I rate this casino with 6 stars, since I did not check out their payout speed and customer support.

Larraine. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Hello my next review from Magic Box casino:
I saw they didn’t have any review so I would like to share my experience from them. I registered here because they send me an e-mail with some special deposit bonus offers. First time when I get them e-mail I delete it but next time I was on gaming mood and gave a shot to them.

So I downloaded the software and register via it. The registration was easy and fast. I logged in and contacted with the support to claim a match bonus to my deposit. I asked her to credit me with the 100% match bonus. I made a deposit from 30 euro then I successfully get the match bonus but I forgot to ask the wagering requirements. I thought if I won I ask the requirements.

I started to play with 60 euro on the Incredible Hulk slot. I played with minimum bet, within in 20 spin I get 3 wild in the center reels and I won 32 euro so I was on 76 euro when I’m decided to try the Ironman slot with 1 euro per bet. When I’m played with it I except some server failure because sometimes the reels was spinning then my software crashes. Maybe my pc was in bad condition but I was need to go to their instant play version. It was much better because finally I was able to continue the playing with the Ironman.

Sadly I didn’t won any valuable, so when I reached the 20 euro I went to the Artic Fortune with 0.4 cent per spin but I lost my whole balance. After this I never deposited again but few days ago they sent me an e-mail and offered some special deposit bonus. Maybe I will made a deposit again.
Thank you!
Brain. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Magic box casino is powered by Playtech software, and I love to play this software. I am found this casino, check out terms and conditions, find there nothing bad, and also were happy to see that hey giving out bonuses on first three deposits. Bonuses unfortunately was sticky, I hate sticky bonuses, if you did not know what does it mean, let me explain you: sticky bonus is a bonus which cannot be withdrawn, this bonus gives to player only for playing, but you still need to clear wagering requirement for amount of bonus received, before you will be allowed to withdraw. So, in short, amount of bonus received, will be deducted from you withdrawal amount. This is suck of course I know, but nothing to do with it, because almost all Playtech casinos use same bonuses. Also I have short speak with live chat about did I am eligible for bonuses, did players from my country can play in this casino, and they was nice and helpful.

So I made in this casino probably 5 deposits in total, but believe me or not, I have zero withdrawals from it, just absolute unluck at all, did not managed even to doubled my starting balance after trying 5 times. Of course I did not blame casino, as this is gambling and such things happens usually, just I was unlucky. I am not sure if I can recommend this casino to you, but did not encounted any problems playing there. Yes, bonuses is sticky, yes, they had pending period of 4 days, but honestly almost all Playtech casinos from which I withdraw have the same 4 days pending, but at least they pay, and this is the most important thing. If you searching for new Playtech casino to try, I think Magic Box casino will be nice choice.
Sheree. Reviewed on 10.10.18
I played at so many different online casino, to name a few's, Bet360, Magic-casino, casino King, Tropez, S-casino, Carnival, Gowild, Spinpalace, Red Bet, IW casino, Titan,...................................., actually, all the casinos on the top list.

After played for couple years, I finally want to have few words here. Online casino is fun to play to the extend that you can bear the losses. My experiences (all games), one you signed up a new accounts and made deposits, if you loss, leave, if you win, never go back again because at all the online casino, the games you played will remember you (you are playing against yourself each time, unlike land based casino, there are so many people play the same machine before go back again). If you win, let's say 900 euro, you will pay it back in you next couple visit to that same casino---believe it or not.

Also, whoever rank these casinos? Do not believe it, all the online casino are the same (with a little differences), payout almost the same, and sometimes, top casinos listed here have a low payout rate than these not on the top list or, at least, the same (my opinion). And last, play online casino with your real money only if you have to. Good luck.

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