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Oliva. Reviewed on 08.07.18
Lucky Emperor casino is the last casino from the Casino Rewards group that I joined.

This casino offers a 10 euros no deposit bonus with the same 30 x bonus wager and no max cashout like the rest of the casinos from this group. The only difference here is that you do not need to make a deposit here in order to claim the bonus. All you need to do is register a valid debit or credit card.

After I did this and redeemed the points the money was on my casino balance after a few minutes. I didn't know how to start my playtime here. I wanted to start playing Kathmandu or Centre Court and low roll all the way until I work my balance up, but I was a bit lazy and decided to risk it all on Supe It Up. Just like in Virtual City I was very lucky from the start and after two early bonus rounds my balance was up to 80 euros. I was very happy with this because I had much less to wager here.

After Supe it Up I tried Thunderstruck II and he kept me going all the way through the wager. When I checked my bonus balance I saw that it was gone and I had 150 available to withdraw. I decided to play some more because I was on a winning streak and decided to try Immortal Romance on a high 0.90 bet. I had some great success in the past chasing this game on higher bets but also some big disappointments. This time it turned out to be a disappointment. I played about 150 spins and didn’t get one bonus game or Wild Desire and my balance was down to 80 euros.

I decided to withdraw and didn't even need to deposit because I had deposits in the rest of the casinos from this group. I got a mail to send in my documents for verification purposes and after 3 days the money was on my Neteller account.
Lucky Emperor casino is one of the most famous casinos from the Casino Rewards company. I joined here around 6 months ago and lost the money I had deposited here and it was the return to the players and some of my fault too that I lost the money.

I deposited 40 here and took no SUB's and got straight to the action. I took no SUB because it is very time consuming and it is not that easy to turn 40 into 1500 or 1600 and if I could do that why would I not to that with my money only so that I can keep all of it and why make casino 1600 and then not be able to keep all of it when you earned all that money and this is the reason I hate all the SUB deals and specially the ones where the wager is sky rocketing and it is like 99 times.
1st I had got their no deposit bonus which I lost in like 15-20 minutes. And 15-20 minutes was also the time the casino app took to complete the download.
I lost it in a couple of slots only but I had this feeling that this casino would do wonders for me if a make a deposit here so I did. And I started with the Avalon game and my start was just amazing my first hit was the wild with three k's.
I left this game with a profit of 10 and then moved to the Break da bank slot and here I was around 75 when I left this game and every thing was going my way and I was very happy and then I opened the TS II game. Here I was betting a little high than the minimal because I had got over confident. And it turned on me and in like 5-10 minutes my balance was in 30's and I had tilted already and gone crazy and started betting around 1.5 - 2 per spin and then lost the remaining money in 5-10 minutes too. I think it was because of my crazy gambling that i lost the money.

I would give this casino a 7out of 10.
Jackie. Reviewed on 24.09.18
The one main reason I stopped by to go on Lucky Emperor is because they had this $10 no deposit bonus. The $10 no deposit seems to be something I took and just by reading the reviews of other players here on Askgamblers they seem to take them also. That's right, one with the crowd!

Anyways, I had to register a credit card to get this bonus and waited about 20 minutes to get it in my account. What I got with this bonus fell high at first and finally big to battle the wagering. I was just beginning my game selection on my first two slots, choosing Gypsy Queen and Chain Mail. The only reason Gypsy Queen is my first pick is because of the bonuses, probably the easiest bonuses to come out. All I needed is left to right scatters, minimum 2 from the left to trigger a random feature of 12 Free spins or the bonus feature. Just spinning the reels normally I would see small wins for my $0.40 bets, small and a bit larger around $1 or so while on auto spin.
Slowly and surely I reaped gradual win amounts and went to $17 in just a short time. The 14th spin nailed me 12 Free spins and I got a small win of $10.40. I continued to auto spin and again caught some more winnings for my $0.40 bets. When my balance became around $35 I caught a bonus round. Inside are choices of 6 cards to choose from. My first pick became my last to win only $2. That is a very good joke but not seriously what I had in mind. I closed this slot to change it to Chain Mail. Before hitting a bonus round I came across a nice win off of 5 horses to get $12 on my $0.40 bet. That's right ladies and gentlemen a 20 paylines slot gave me $12 in exchange for a $0.40 bet. It did cost me about $4 in bets before I could get this result. With the bonus round I chose doors while listening to the suspenseful music as it played faster when the rows moved up after each of my picks. I got $16.80 when I reached the top with a Princess symbol. When in the bonus the Princess is the WIN ALL symbol of that row. With a good $61.80 I can now go make medium bets to manage my wagering. It however took less than an hour for my balance to reach higher numbers.

Some slots were paying big enough while others tend to be very greedy. Specifically Cashville is the slot to be pointed out for my fortune but.... video pokers were greedy at my visit costing me $30! I liked Cashville for it's bonus and normal game winnings. 3 scatters were paying 8 times my $0.80 which is a lot and the bonus which needs to be mentioned got me $80 from the Bill Bullion feature, when I chose his feature apart from the other three characters. Just one choice of an oil rig got me $80, the rest were less interesting, valued at less than $80. I stayed well for this slot, keeping my balance still as I had $106.20. The bets were balancing out, giving & taking in the process and reducing the wagering as it went on. When I had a few more wagering requirements based on my estimate continuing towards Burning Desire to put my wagering requirements in "history" books, finally able to withdraw $140.33.
Simple, lucky, persistent, greedy and well earned were the words to describe my overall experience with Lucky Emperor! I'd give it an 8.5 out of 10!
Mica. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Well I could tell you Lucky Emperor is one of the Casino Rewards casino that doesn't make me allergic. In my experience on Lucky Emperor they offered me not only the $10 no deposit bonus but also if I chose to deposit $100 they will grant me a $100 bonus giving me $210 to play with. Basically this is just like any Microgaming's standard 100% match bonus. It's very common!

As I was not into a casino coming out of Casino Rewards I first chose to take advantage of their $10 before making a small $20 deposit. Once after downloading the casino and registering my personal information accordingly I was immediately placed in the lobby where I logged in. To be able to get Lucky Emperor's $10 no deposit bonus I have to register a card while waiting less than 2 hours but no more than 1 minutes the bonus appeared in my Casino rewards account. Instead of them just directy putting the $10 inside my casino account they put everything into my Casino Rewards account for 1000 points. Honestly, that was the way to activate the bonus through my Casino Rewards account. So I had to wait 10 minutes or more then I logged in and there it was 1000 points awaiting to be claimed and dumped into my Lucky Emperor account. After this annoying process I emptied the $10 on Video pokers where my bonus got destroyed by a wrecking ball of bad luck. With $0 and a bad experience on Video Pokers I quickly posted a $20 transfer to my account where I had a different outcome.
What I chose to do with the $20 is basically play it safe and low....betting $0.50 on a video slot called "Burning Desire". It's a video slot containing no pay lines but pays by left the right despite the order it comes out of. 243 ways can be achieved which means you pay a small bet to make winning combinations easier rather than have them limited to pay lines. As I hit the free spins by collecting the 3 coin coins after a few spins to a $1.20 bet it gave me 15 Free Spins on 3x multiplier. Once the reels spun I collected $13 after 10 spins then $5.90 on the last four. However, on the final spin I landed 3 more gold coins which reset the Last free Spin to 16 free spins while collecting the 3x multiplied scatter payout!
Another set of Free spins to reap the rewards! At the conclusion of the game my reward totaled to $23.60 for a final count of $42.50 over my existing $14.46. My balance stood to a tall yet moderate $56.96! Once the feature is complete it gave me the option to Gamble my wins or Collect. What I did was double my total wins. What I chose to do inside the double feature is pick the Spade as I was getting a good feeling about my choice. Do you know what happened? The card flipped and it was the Black Spade! That choice quadrupled my wins to $227.84. Winner Winner Chicken with a side of bacon, mashed potatoes and gravy dinner! I immediately turned to the cashier to process my documents to make a complete withdrawal! I doubted Casino Rewards before but I can't believe it gave me a positive result!

Support: 8/10
Terms and Conditions: 8.5/10
Deposits: 10/10
Payouts: 8/10
Withdrawals: 8.5/10
Latesha. Reviewed on 03.10.18
Lucky Emperor casino was the next stop on my grand journey of joining all the members of the famous and reputable Casino Rewards group. And it is the only one in the entire company which offers no deposit bonus – 10 credits forfree for joining and registering a credit card. Well, it appears that it is not a complete no deposit bonus because if manage to win something with them to be able to withdraw you must make a small deposit but anyway, those are the conditions these days! I always get angry in no time when I came on such misunderstandings!!! Why do you call something a no deposit when it is not such??? Just to attract players around, to seduce them, or to cheat them? And the other strange thing is how many people actually get involved into this with eyes widely closed?! I was just the next victim of that, joined there, registered one of my cards, get the 10 credits and I made them 150 in one minute when I hit 4 blue diamonds multiplied by 25 during the free spins feature while playing Break the bank again slot at 0.18 bet! So it appears that I have to make deposit and done it and took their 100 % match up to 100 credits meanwhile! With a balance greater than 350 credits I decided to try on of my favorite Avalon strategy. I start there at bet 0.20 and every time I get free spins I increase the bet after them immediately. While achieving 1.00 bet my monies were only 150 – terrible odds for me that day. I suddenly got scared and went to LOTR, hoping for one of its amazing spins when Gollum appears and the screen goes full of wilds, you know! But it didn’t work for me either, and all that was left were just a few credits, more than enough for 50-60 spins again on Break the bank again slot at 0.09 bet! It seems that this game was my lucky and was winning over and over again constantly increasing the bet and than I hit it! At 0.90 bet I got 4 wilds on line 2 and there were made 2 times five of a kind winnings. I cannot remember what they were exactly but the amount was above 1000 credits. It was such a joy but I didn’t stop and this is one of the few times that it appearedto be the right decision – I made 3 withdrawals, each for 1000 credits in 5 days! It seems that Lucky Emperor was really lucky for me, maybe it could be lucky for you too, who knows?So, to summarize I will use some simple rating scores:Support: 8/10Software: 10/10Security: 9/10Finance: 7/10Bonuses: 6/10Terms&Conditions: 8/10Overall: Good and safe online casino! Well that is it from me now:). Thanks to for giving me the opportunity to share my story! And always remember: “You can not break the casino bank, but it is worth trying!
Vannessa. Reviewed on 05.10.18
Micro-gaming Casinos go through stages of offering free money as part of a no deposit required option as far as I know Lucky Emperor Casino always have a promotion for a free £10 no deposit required.I downloaded the software; I did not need to put in a Bonus Code on the registrations page as the free bonus money is automatically credited for you. To be honest I prefer to have a ‘free bonus code’ to enter because if it doesn’t get credited then you can contact Live Help with the code and the majority of times they will manually credit it for you. This is only because I ended up downloading loads of casinos in the past that promise you will get free money and I don’t end up getting it, then you contact live help only to be told you are not entitled to it as you have already registered at one of their sister casinos. Very annoying!! So it was a pleasant surprise when this all run smoothly and I was awarded the free money.Well I say run smoothly….I thought it was £10 free what I failed to notice was that it was actually $10 so I ended up having £6.05 but its free so I am not going to complain.Now £6.05 is not very much to go on at all is it so you need to pick your games wisely! There are so many good games to choose from that’s the thing. Best thing is to save your favourites because I always end up forgetting the good ones and you have to flick through all 27 pages of slots to find that one you want!If you are new to this casino you can choose to play in practise mode. I have been playing Micro-gaming casinos for a while now but there are still a stack of games I have never played so I often go into practise mode if a new slot catches my eye then if I enjoy it I’ll switch back to real mode.My money went really quickly but I expected it to, haven’t yet made a deposit here but it is definitely another trusted casino from Micro-gaming.
Marinda Spahr. Reviewed on 06.10.18
I find very less casinos from the Microgaming portal with a no deposit bonus and this one is from them so I did not leave this opportunity to play on the world class software. They ha a 10 no deposit bonus and I download heir software to register n their casino.

They are a a part of the Casino Rewards group which has a lot ofcasinos. I got it the moment I saw their site because all their sites look a little like each other. After downloading the portal I click on install casino and the main download starts.
The good thing about downloading was that it kept showing preview of games and features about the casino and the bad thing was that the downloading took forever to get complete.

After the download the casino opened automatically and I entered all my personal details here. After it the casino opens and a message asks me to open the bank option and then click on add card to get my 10$ free sign up bonus.
But I could not understand anything their because all the options were of real money deposit and then I clicked on promotions. I could not find anything there as well so just went to the live chat. And spoke to Gianni about it and was shocked to see that casino rewards group has more than 12 million members. Then I added my debit card to the casino and within half an hour the bonus was credited to my account.

The first game I open is the 5 reel drive and here I bet he lowest because of only 10$ in my account. I get the burger thing in he beginning which got me 0.40$. This game was not that good for me and then I opened Avalon which is a very famous micro gaming game. I did not like that every game was being downloaded first. Here at first I hit the glass with A and 10 which got me 0.90$. I was on 1$ per spin and did not go for very long before my balance went 0. Could play only 4 or 5 slots . With the big collection of games either a deposit will help or a big bonus.
Branda. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Lucky Emperor Casino always send their promotional messages to my email when I didn't yet configure my email account for spams. I didn't expect that i will join to their casino soon but anyway the result is good and I enjoy playing their casino! The website and main casino software is nice. They're part of Casino Rewards Group and we all know that they love to promote their new casino bonuses right? It's okay to be informed and it's not a problem so after I saw this casino that they've given free credits I visit their casino and download their software. I also saw that they're verified by Ecogra and I know that it's a reliable affiliate that I can trusted and also they're powered by Microgaming platform! Isn't that nice? Take note in order to claim their free credit you must register your credit card for verification purpose.

Before I deposit I played first their no deposit bonus worth $10 and I doubt on what slot I must use? As I said they used Microgaming platform and I love the slots of Microgaming so I decided to play any familiar slot game. The result using their bonus money is good but I'm too unlucky to win lol. After that I deposited and got their match bonus $50 and I got another $50 so I got $100 and the roll over is 30 times. I observed their slots while playing and I proved that they're fair because of my winnings. Weeks passed and I finished the wagering requirements it's so slow but I managed to achieved the goal with the help of patience and luck. I submitted the needed documents and verified almost 28 hours Ialways contacted their support on my withdrawal status and they entertain my question very well.

Yes, at last I got my money on my e-wallet and after that I deposit again to get their new bonuses. Overall I'm happy that I joined to this casino although I judged it quickly. I rate their casino 8/10 overall !
Johnathon. Reviewed on 10.10.18
Yes, I had an amazing win one of 2300 euros in the Lucky emperor casino a couple of days
ago after you have won have, I was so free and have pulled the amount of 2000 of my
payment back. I usually don't undo any payment declining, what I also only can advise every player if he wins! But what does this have irritated and driven me at all to do it anyway. And this would like to show you here with success, like me

After I still have played rounds Slot at the Sun set show down-hearted and have actually
got a couple of Free spins once again couple of, I then am to another Slot with almost 2 k. “One I standing front of a couple of K9 Capers”The bonus round came for dog ladies.
After many spins by the three sweet one with this result: I was real of the socks and thought “this really cannot me be”Yesterday regain. First the 2 k won and, today, unite again so great it was 6000 Coins at Goldfactory. Fun made this to me so much, the directly to it closest Slot am. I looked from for the Avalon this and video Slot played with a full use, $100 per turn, like always. After almost 10 minutes I won free games again and sum of a very high one. "Yesterday only this one regain it at Gold factory won big great cash on Little Chief and, today, unite again so”Also there I had hardly to play around the bonus round, which is triggered by the three wolves. To
What I shall me say, it is true for unbelievably, however.
I had a final amount of on my account and was extremely freaky.
The Withdrawal went very fast and or this I could do nothing negative received the casino
retains the monies.
I find the Lucky emperor a slap-up online casino what one should have tested on.

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