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Maricruz. Reviewed on 11.07.18
Loco Jungle is pretty new to me in the casino market. This is like a new casino that has no history of any kind, if it is reputable, rogued, or if players had made deposits and got their cashouts. To me Loco Jungle is like a freshman in school or a rookie police officer. The word "New stands out around Loco Jungle. I was digging up some information about Loco Jungle before I started to play because a safe and reputable is far more better than a non-responsive rogued casino that doesn't pay up accordingly. While searching I found little to nothing about Loco Jungle being rogued so I tried them out.

I first went to a link an affiliate website provided to ensure my account got the best of care with a perk of $25 no deposit bonus before parting with my money. While downloading the casino took less than a minute to complete. Once the lobby is up I registered my account, called support to my right and asked to claim the $25 no deposit bonus. I mentioned to support that I signed up through an affiliate website and the operator suggested I fill up my profile first before I can be credited with the bonus. After I was done with my profile he advised me to wait for a moment and there it was in my account, the $25 bonus! What I did not realize is the bonus was subjected to 99x wagering before money could rain in my E-wallet.

Holding on to this disappointing fact I took my bonus to Bingo Slots, a 25 Paylines bingo themed progressive that serves both a bonus and free spins! The higher the scatters the higher the Free Spins. For 3 scatters it awards 7 Free Spins, 20 Free Spins for 4 scatters and finally 50 Free Spins for all 5 scatters. To me that was not interesting at all because through my experience most Free Spins have multipliers to make wins grow big but in this case it's just normal payouts with using my actual bonus. In Bingo Slot the symbols stop on their own instead of Reels stopping in order. I must admit I find this interesting. For a $0.50 bet for about 20 spins all I keep getting are bets lower than my wager and on some occasions a little higher ($1.20). Then in about 10 spins I landed 3 bronze looking scatters that gave me 7 Free Spins which earned me only $1.60. It pays up so small. What I find invaluable is when I landed 3 Gold bonus balls that gave me an instant win of $2 for my $0.50 bet. I cannot stress this enough it is not worth it! Then came the 20 Free Spins after the 7th spin after the first free spins feature. What I got from the 20 Free Spins well I will tell you! I got $3.72! Isn't that the best amount for 20 free spins? I was astound by this amount but seriously no I was not! This was all sarcasm! I'd expected better but you probably know how it is with Top Game casinos. The other thing I would like to say that fascinates me it it shows a list of paylines that won along with the value for each. Though a a massive wagering I was left with $2 after long periods of bets. My last $2 came to an end after using it on Fandango.

I should avoid playing on Top Game casinos because it doesn't pay lot and at the same time is doesn't pay enough! All I found in Loco Jungle was pure entertainment. This casino was alright! A 5 out of 10 for Loco Jungle!
Yoshie. Reviewed on 25.09.18
I installed Locojungle when I came across a promotion via ASKG. Although, I am not too familiar with the software platform. Prior to installing LocoJungle. Other casino running the same casino platform software would have this window popping up saying “server busy retry” and that notification would never go away. This would result in me uninstalling and not really wanting to install the software again.

But after playing a bit in LocoJungle, I did enjoy some of their slots. After receiving a special Thanksgiving code in my email inbox. I loaded it via the support. I like the fact that the support chat box sits on the right hand side of the casino. I had such a nice experience with the support representative. Much to my surprise it was a depositing code as well as a no deposit code. YAY! Chat support informed me that with the depositing bonus you get 400% on a min deposit of $25. But the actual bonus itself only runs 30 mins after you load the code. He also informed me that if I deposit now I can get 500% instead of 400%. So keep that in mind when claiming a code. A representative can make you bonus extra special if you inquire.

So, I played a few slots dropped down to a mere $8 and decided to try Diablo which has 13 lines and I played it a 5c a line which is a 65c bet. It gave me some really nice spins. While I was in my free spins I noticed that it has a massive jackpot of $2,253,951,00 probably more now. But I most definitely want to deposit into this casino.

I managed to reach $94.77 from my $20 no deposit which was at a withering $8. In my free spins I ended up with 39 FREE spins in total. Pretty awesome! I tried another slot called Fandango it’s 15 liner and it has a cowboys and Indian theme. Finally I managed to get multiple spins within free spins again in Fandagos totaling a nice 50 FREE spins in total – my balance was sitting at $124. I played a little more managed to land a bonus round in more free spins and my total was sitting at $170.

I will definitely be back on this space to let you know how the withdrawal procedure turns out…. But so far I am definite LOCOJUNGLE fan !
Dane. Reviewed on 02.10.18
US players are always given slightly worse deals, but occasionally there is a decent offer that comes along.One of the better ones is Loco Jungle – it is a Top Game casino which comes from the same stable as games from Rome casino. The casino is nice enough looking with some huge jackpots on offer. They also give out constant streams of promotions along with friendly and prompt service – something you do not always get. The casino I tried out was on instant play which was easy to access. The really big bonuses come with your deposit bonuses – you can take $1000s with 25 x wager only. I started to play the slot games and began to play the slots. I started off with Treasure of the Pharaohs –but I found that I was not really winning. In terms of the graphics – they are lower quality that what you might expect at other casinos. However, if you don't care, and just care about the money then you might not mind. In my experience, slot games have to have an interesting theme and graphics to hold my interest because when nothing is going on, it gets boring.

I moved onto the roulette wheel – they have a game called roulette crystal and electronic roulette – they are just the same with slight different graphics. I bet a few times on the red in a row, and it proved to be a lucky streak.I then moved into the blackjack – I know you shouldn't care about graphics, but it just seemed cheaper than the rest. However, I came out playing the casino and coming out on top so I did not complain.

Overall, I would say that this casino is not that pretty, but it does the job. The bonuses are good for the slots, but I would say that the slot games I tried were not as entertaining as the others I have found. One of the better US accepted casinos, but if they were to excel then they really have to start getting prettier games with more variation as it seems to be a slog through the same game whatever slot you play.
Benita. Reviewed on 04.10.18
Loco Jungle is a Top game software running casino that speaks little of it's meaning. "Loco" is defined as crazy so for that I don't see much craziness happening here at Loco Jungle.

I will well admit having something nice like $30 in no deposit bonus and 300% plus 10% cashback for my first deposit is close to crazy. The $30 chip I got it off of AskGamblers which I should thank for giving me a drink on the house!

Playing on Shia Safavids Treasure made me get plenty of fun seeing wilds on the slots, more so when they chain together. The payout for wilds don't double or triple so it doesn't bring big wins to the table but it does often make wilds appear a lot so I think this can make things easy. I had good results with 2 coins on this slot. I just don't appreciate 5 free spins for 3 scatters it just isn't enough for the average player like myself. Now here's a great thought! 5 Free spins with 10 times the winning values for example can make a normal player into a lucky player! Just think what potential winnings this can create!!! The bonus was just decent. For 3 scatters I get 3 picks from the pots to gain values from my triggering bet. It was surprising and again it is decent for a bonus. After I left Shia Safavids treasure I went on to Daytona Gold for 2 coins also. My $30 soon turned into $0. The wrong move I made after I lost the $30 bonus is making a minimum deposit for the 300%. It was gone within two hours trying to get rid of the requirements.

Honestly having fun is great but getting rewarded is much greater! Unlucky as I was being rewarded was no where within my grasp! Being unlucky just feels more of being laughed at by a crowd for something embarassing I did. A loser after my losses!

For the whole actuality of my visit I will give Loco Jungle a 6.6 out of 10! I will make sure I will try Treasures of Pharaoh next time!
Nick. Reviewed on 06.10.18
I decided to try them because they offers 25 euro to me via by e-mail. After I read the letter I visited them home page because I wanted to know more about the no deposit promotion. I found out when I take a look them page they are a top game casino. They aren’t the best I can tell you because I tried a few of them and I didn’t won any money from them, but when they offers free money I always give a chance to it. I wanted to contact with the live support to ask some details from the bonus but they wasn’t have this function on them home page, the live chat only available on the casino software after you are registered. So I registered to them blindly, when I registered and filled out the personal details form I started the conversation with the support.

I asked she to credit to me the bonus what they are offers but she really wanted to gives me a 400 percentages match bonus, even when I told to her I only want to try the casino with the promotional money. Finally she credits my account with the 25 euro bonus what is non-cashable so I didn’t asked the wager because I knew I will lost it soon.

I played the lost Inca slot, on 1.25 per spin. I didn’t won anything on it what are higher than my bets so I decided to leave it and played my left money on it. After a 15 minutes game play I lost my money so I left them immediately.

When I close my lobby I went to browse the net, when I hear the support writes me, but I didn’t know who can she write me after I exited the casino. Finally I saw they casino is runs even I close it. I exited from it and uninstall.
Thank you!
Anh. Reviewed on 06.10.18
I would like to share my experience here at Loco Jungle casino top game slots. When i deposit money here i don't like their slots because i didn't won there its okay not everyday you win :) My experienced here at Loco Jungle is not so exciting and not good i don't know if its because that is my first deposit or something and i misjudged loco jungle casino but this casino had a good reputation when i am researching about loco jungle.

I deposit 50$ at Loco Jungle and I didn't take any bonus codes even the no deposit or free spins then before i play i made a fun play so that i can handle and experienced their casino at first everything is okay and works perfectly sometimes win and lose, so i take that advantage and decided to play the real money okay i played the game called black diamond slot and bet 3.00 max 25 lines and spin when i am spinning i noticed that the money loses is more than my winnings example if i bet 3.00 and i win 1.00, 0.80 below and that repetition continue until my money deplete the only big winning that i won is 10.30 and that's it until nothing left i know that it is the part of casino life to lose and it's okay for me when i have a extra money again I will back to the loco jungle casino and give them another chance to prove that it is worth to play at their video slot and also if i given a low wagering deposit bonus...

I rated this casino 7/10 over all and their caring representative I appreciated all of your efforts guys thank you for your patience and answering bothering questions :) i hope i will chat all of you again, good luck to all players from AskGamblers try this casino this is only my personal experience who knows that you become their next jackpot winner :)
Kristie. Reviewed on 07.10.18
I am really not sure about this Casino. The Loco Jungle is another Casino from a lot of Top game Casinos.

I downloaded the software and my antivirus hits a security message "an attack from the software". I had seen and heard a few story's about some Casinos like the Pink Purple casino where are some malware or pishing software integrated in the installer of this online casinos. In my case it was a in the software integrated malware (with a number 270). I am not sure but take always care and big attention when u open any .exe files. I can give you some security rules on the way to don't get into kinda situations. First the search the file with a security program, and then look in the file
info's if it has a License. When not take really care about it. So i installed the casino and there came the window with a security problem from my anti malware bytes. I went into the nervy Live chat which is integrated in the software directly, the supporter spammed me with deposit offers which where went big on my nerves.

This is one reason i don't like to play in here. So back to my story i explained them my problem and they washed all away from them that this could not be. They told me some lies and arguments that there are no viruses. I don't care what they say. I tried a little bit the 25 Free chips. The slots and winnings are crazy bad and makes no fun. They are uncreative designed and not animated. To get free spins was for me
a world wonder and unbelievable and the winning of this lucky spins was under 5 euro, my feedback i never play in this casinos.

I cleaned my system checked my registry deleted all files from this casino and said Good bye to it!
Tiffiny. Reviewed on 10.10.18
I had a rep on the phone for ages telling me all about the great customer service and the great deals as bonuses go, so I made a deposit and they gave me 500% which was good. After playing for a while and not winning I get a message my account blocked. No reason, no notice, nothing. I emailed them and they have not got back to me and I sent an inquiry form. So what happened to their good customer service if they are going to take your money and then block the account???

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