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Caitlin. Reviewed on 11.07.18

Lock casino using games from real time gaming software, but i had much more experience in lock poker, not in lock casino. By the way i played poker and casino at lock site about 4 years ago, and since i read almost all poker forum sometimes (just visit few times in a week to read some news), i can say that nowadays lock casino and poker in big trouble, and most players have trouble with receiving their money, so i suggest you to stay away from this casino, it is not very good anymore.

I played at lock casino like i said only once, and it was when i was super angry when losing tournament with 30$ buy-in, i had aces, and go all-in, it was already final table, and some idiot call my all-in with A2, of course he get straight from A to 5. Moron, nothing else. At casino i deposited 30$ and take 100% bonus, i was angry and really want only win some money, win it fast, to recover my potential winnings in poker tournament. Unfortunately i was a dumb and of course i was in tilt, so with 60$ balance i open first game that i think can pay good, it was paydirt, and i start playing with 1$ bets, which is of course big mistake and such ultra high variance game like paydirt. At least i have few features, but they pay bad, and just make me more angry about it. After about 20 minutes of playing i lost my deposit and bonus. So you should know that when you angry about anything, start gambling it is really not best idea, because gambling should give only fun, no angry thoughts.

I rate lock casino with 3 stars, because right now this guys sent withdrawals very rare, and in most cases you did not get any of your winnings, i say this based on many players posts, so be careful.
I got a promotion e-mail from a casino I’m member at, cross-promoting Lock Casino and offering a free no-deposit bonus. As a person who loves freebies, thought what would I lose if I joined them so followed the instructions and opened an account. If I remember correctly it was a $50 bonus with x40 wagering requirements and a possibly x5 cashout amounts of the given money.

I decided that time I was going to play with only games that I’ve never played with before and started to jump from slots to slots. Strange but true, at the beginning every single slots I played brought the free spin feature or gave a good paying 5 of a kind winnings no more than 15-20 spins. Of course it wasn’t always like that so I tended to play more with a game. Later, I was stuck with 25-payline Hidden Riches. This adventurer-treasures themed game is quite a simple one but looked decent. I had 2 solid spins under normal mode and got a 5 of a kind with Wild symbol and a 4 symbol line with the best paying pictograms. Both were a x1000 winnings of a $0.06. The free spins also rewarded me with good amounts so I almost played with this game the half of my time here.

I could play for about a week (I didn’t play more than an hour per day) and when my balance was transferred to the ’Withdrawable’ section it showed about $225. I wanted to know more about the next steps (document verification, deposit, withdrawal) but I couldn’t contact them via live chat. Next day I tried it again with the same result so sent my docs to the e-mail address I found on their web site. 5 or 6 days went by without any response from them when I was succeed to chat with a representative and said they’ve never got anything from me and provided the same e-mail address that I used the first time and said just send them again. I did what I was told and sent the papers again and 5 days later they informed me that my account was finally verified. On that day I made my initial deposit and without playing later requested my deposit plus my winnings. It seemed they weren’t in hurry mode as I had to wait for it 11 days, but true, I got paid.

I liked and enjoyed my time playing with slots but I didn’t like at all how I was treated by the customer service team. It really was an intricate affair and slow payment.
September. Reviewed on 23.09.18
I know Lock Casino because I once played on their Poker Room Lock Poker. I became attracted to this casino for one reason, okay maybe there are more reasons but one of them is because of their 400% match bonus. This 400% reminds me of the bonus found at Lucky Red only worse because Lucky Red has 25x (deposit + 400% bonus x 25) for the 400% and Lock Casino has a "slightly higher than the average" wagering requirements of 35x. I do "think" both RTG casinos still allow wagers on games that do not contribute to the wagering so this may give me an opportunity to increase my balance on Table games to keep my balance steady.

I became uncertain about placing bets on other games besides Slots so I contacted Live Chat to confirm. This individual was not answering my questions properly. For one thing I asked him a question if it's alright to make wagers on Table games since only Slots contribute to the playthrough and he gives me the rules for the bonus and links for the Poker Room & Casino. I asked him "Will placing bets on the non-slot games such as Blackjack or Roulette restrict me in any way? Will my funds be null and void if I do? He later replies that they can credit the bonus manually and if it were a poker bonus that by hitting certain amount of points, $5 increments will be credited to my account. I was not asking about poker bonuses or if I had problems getting my bonus, I was asking if other games were still allowed even if Slots were the only contributing games. This was the 2nd time I asked him about my question which left me asking myself "What is he talking about?". I don't want to be rude but I wanted to say "Did you hit your head with a blunt object just recently?" but what's the point, he couldn't answer my question so instead of persisting I just thanked him and said goodbye.

Since support was someplace else I got my bonus just fine by putting the code for the 400% and made a $50 deposit (Still had a lot of winnings left over from other casinos). While still doubting if playing on other games were fine I stuck to just Real Series Slots (Jackpot Slots included) just to be safe. With $50 plus my 400% or $250 total I needed some serious heapings of bets if I am able to withdraw some moolah. So I placed bets on Warlocks Spell, $2 for 1 hours then came to Paydirt! for $1.25 for 2 hours, then came the rest....Crystal Waters, Happy Golden Ox of happiness, Cleopatras Gold, Honey to the Bee, Achilles, Ronin, Green Light, Jackpot Pinatas ($5 per bet), Red Sands, Goldbeard and finally Sunken Treasure. Everything were on bets between $1 - $5all within 5 days of playing my balance. I couldn't take down my WR in just one day because it was too much to handle so I split up my sessions at different days. Within this process I even had to revisit these slots. I kept switching and switching games to see what bets and what games really worked well for me. Bunko Bonanza and Treasure Chamber were useless to me. Of course I had to play the role of the rich to achieve my playthrough so every spin I made had to be extravagant and they did not come cheap! When my playthrough became my cash balance (finally) I withdrew $600 after some serious "D*m* right I played by your rules and did not like it one bit, (lol storms out of the room)" playthrough. I probably should of added something more dramatic like "this is what I think of your precious rules (readies spit/tears rules on paper into pieces)" but I wasn't on that road so what I said firstly (the first one) is enough.

The bonuses were good, the wagering is slightly off a bit, support wasn't giving me answers, the wait when it comes to approving my documents and withdrawal request was pretty slow but the games that Real Time Gaming held are of no disappointment to me.

Support: 2/10
Terms and Conditions: 8/10
Deposits: 8/10/
Payouts: 8.5/10
Withdrawals: 4/10
Alejandro. Reviewed on 27.09.18
In the online casino world the types of wagering requirements are an important part of bonuses. In my earlier reviews I have brought up that wagering requirements of 30 times or less were ideal in bonuses. In Lock casino, the welcome bonus I received from them was higher than the average "times" value. It is 35 times deposit plus bonus for the 400% I used towards Lock casino. Now I figured if big bonuses like this had high playthrough standards imagine how much worse it can get if examples like 50 times or 60 times had "deposit plus bonus" written on them? That will make casino bonuses take serious advantage over your deposits literally! It's enough for the bonus by itself to be wagered, but adding my deposit into the wagering adds insult in between the lines.

I did not have much fun wagering off my enormous $10,500 from my $60 deposit including my $240 bonus just to come empty in the end. I understand they included the progressive slots which I had no problem with but how can they leave out table games? The large 400% did not allow me to make bets on Blackjack. It would make things a little easier if they allowed it. If I think about it my $300 balance had no advantage over the enormous five digit wagering requirements. Putting 6 coin bets or more on Aztec Treasure worked for only a while in the normal game and after a small win of less than $7 with the 5 free spins I got everything started sinking. Right after I discovered my bad luck on Aztec I moved towards my favourite slot Warlocks spell for $1.60 each, had 2 potion prize bonuses to get less than $50 for both of them then came Triple Toucan and Rain Dance for the same $1.60 bets on these 20 payline slots. Realm of riches was the worst slot I played in this casino. How many times did I get respins for the 2 left to right shields before I can get the definite feature!? About 17 times! Realm of Riches for me became the "Realm of losses".

I wasn't close to withdrawing so my advice to you fellow players is make sure Lock casino isn't one that isn't next on your list because if it is you will definitely WILL get stuck with hopeless wagering requirements.

And let me remind you that support at the time only appeared as a message form then about a few hours became live chat and thus, not making them available 24 hours. Lock casino, an RTG software deserving a 4 out of 10!
Anette. Reviewed on 03.10.18
Lock casino is a typical member of the new wave casinos powered by the famous Real Time Gaming software! What distinguishes them from the old timers is the desperate attempt to run away from the previous bad reputation and the modern, good looking websites! But it is not a simple job to be a reputable casino! I have seen and tasted hundreds of them and I know very well that you need a dedicated squad and a really modern thinking marketing team, along with super experienced casino managers just in order to swim out of the pool of mediocrity! And Lock casino has a long way to swim until the shore of success id reached! I didn’t managed to win anything there, so I am useless in the questions of withdrawing but noticed some other issues:

- although I really adore their website, some of the information is scattered to many places and that confuse customers like me. For example I have to look in the FAQ or to look for the live support just in order to get basic facts about the banking in Lost casino, wasn’t it easy to put some sentences in the main Banking tab instead?
- I don’t think that Lock casino will attract many new customers with such kind of bonus policy – all of them not cashable and with insane wagering requirements on top of that?!
- This casino is licensed and regulated by the government of Curacao, Netherland Antilles, and I have mentioned numerous times in my previous reviews already that this place - Curacao means only instability and unreliability!
- I wish that their support – both e-mail and live, are fast and professional just as much as they are polite! That would make definitely put some extra money there, but for now it is out of a question!

So, to summarize I will use some simple rating scores:
Support: 5/10
Software: 9/10
Security: 5/10
Finance: 5/10
Bonuses: 5/10
Terms&Conditions: 5/10

Overall: Good casino, but always keep your eyes wide opened!

Well that is it from me now:). Thanks to for giving me the opportunity to share my story! And always remember: “You can not break the casino bank, but it is worth trying!
Neoma. Reviewed on 05.10.18
On lock casino i also made deposit, it is powered by real time gaming software, and as i told i am a bit fear of casinos such type, because many of them using fraudulent activities, slow pay, or even do not pay. But i anyway decide to deposit this casino because sometimes i like to risk (when i drunk usually, yes, know Russian joke? All problems start when you drunk and saying ' this is not a problem, of course i can do this' or something like that, sorry, my English...).

I made deposit of 20$ and get 200% welcome offer to play with 60$. Now i checked askgamblers bonus, and see that from askgamblers you can get sweet 400% bonus with max. cashout of 5000$. Of course max cashout not good, but if you deposit 20$ and will play with 100$, 5000$ win looks really great and nice, so i just give link to this offer:

With my 60$ i start from goblin treasure, because i want to download enchanted garden, but something go wrong and i click to download this slot (repeating, i was drunk, not stupid). Anyway, i spin it a bit and with something like 50$ i go to enchanted garden where i was managed after couple of features to see my account balance of 200$. But then come awful thing for me, for some reason i think that i win jackpot this day, i mean this random jackpots, so i open paydirt and start playing at 6.25(!!!!!) bets. Should i continue how this end? Of course i lost all, what a stupid thought ' today i win jackpot'!

That's all, thank you for reading my review about Lock casino, now i will give them some marks:
Support: A
Bonuses: looks like A, AskGamblers welcome offer is nice
Withdrawals: not test
Games selection: B
Pei. Reviewed on 06.10.18
I get an e-mail from an other casino forum where they offers 10 $ to their new players and also offer 15 free spins on T-rex slot and the new player can claim both of it. So I gave a shot to them because I always like to play without risking my own money.
They had a downloadable and an instant play version. I downloaded their casino and went through the registration process, than I read the terms and conditions from the no deposit bonus.

The no deposit conditions was: I needed to enter my special code but before it I needed to register a payment option to I able to get the bonuses. So I went to the cashier and added a payment option then I redeemed my bonus code. I get 10 $ free with 80x wagering requirements, it means I needed to roll over 800 dollar before I was able to make a withdrawal and the max cash out was 50 $.

Also need to deposit 20 dollar or more to able to withdraw. They use rtg casino, they isn’t the best on the net but the free money always seduces me. I started to play with the Hockey Hero with 0.5 dollar per spin. After a few minutes I lost my money so I went to the cashier and entered my free spins code.

I get the 15 free spins on t-rex slot, I won 7 dollar from it. After it I went back to the hockey hero but this time I set back my bet to 0.25 dollar. This time I was able to play a little bit more because I won the free spins two times in a row. I wasn’t able to play through my bonus balance but I enjoyed the free play, maybe I will use some deposit codes at their casino.
Thank you!

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