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Arletha. Reviewed on 11.07.18
I decided to join Lincoln casino when I saw that they were giving a no deposit bonus. I've played in casinos that are provided by WGS software so I knew what to expect and since they claim to have unique design and special games, I took their 17$ no deposit bonus.

I signed up very quickly and my bonus was added within few minutes too. I have to say that my balance emptied super fast. I used it on Lucky 7s slot. It was really refreshing to see a 7 reel slot instead of 3 and 5 reels. I really liked the look of the casino and the games were refreshing as well so after that I decided to make a deposit of 30$. I did it and my deposit was there fastly but then my problems started. I wanted to start to play the table games and used instant play. I used instant play for the slots too and everything was fine till then.I really wanted to play casino holdem and then a flash version window came up. but when I clicked on holdem,I was asked to download it. I thought, okay, let's do this, but when I tried to do that, I got an error that something was wrong. Then I contacted their live staff to ask what was wrong with my account. Unfortunately, even after I describe my situation, they couldn't say what was wrong and what was the reason for that.

I was disappointed but decided to let it go and played black jack. I played with minimum bets which were 2$ if I remember correctly and overall, playing on multiple hands got me to 60$ winnings. With that I went to their slots again. This time I played Cleopatra's Pyramid. I played it with 0.40$ per bet and placed 50 auto spins. Within those spins I got 3 scarabs symbols which gave me extra 15 free spins. Although the winnings from free was super small, after that I got a bonus feature where I had to choose stones from the pyramid and the sum of them (about 20$) was added to my winning. When my 50 spins ended,I made a withdrawal.

I was a little disappointed that I wasn't able to play my favorite table game, but except that, I was pleased overall with everything. The live chat was easy to reach, the games are interesting and I specifically liked the graphics for the table games and the special bonuses the slots have. And what's one of the most important things-the withdrawal was safe and fast. I think I will try to deposit there again and hopefully then I will get the chance to try holdem.The only thing I wasn't that pleased was the slow loading of the games, it took at least 2 minutes each time.
Got a DVD from these folks in the mail today. Going to check them out and will post my review :) :)
Esmeralda. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Lincoln Casino is casino which is powered by WGS Technology (Vegas Technology) software provider. I played at this casino some time ago, when I claimed no deposit bonus.

While I was searching for some kind of bonuses, I found that here at Lincoln Casino I could claim no deposit bonus. I like to play sometimes with free bonus chips and I was interesting enough into this offer and later I created account. They offer instant mode or download mode for playing.

I choose download mode because there I create my registration faster than at instant mode. I tried a few casinos with instant mode, but I had some errors and from that time I almost always prefer to select download software.

The bonus was around 15$ or maybe even a little more than this. I do not really remember because it was some time ago and until now I claimed a lot of no deposit bonuses from different casinos. I was playing for some minutes and later I lost bonus chips.

Until today I never made any deposit here at this casino and I think I will not make it even in near future. The only reason is because I do not like their video slots. I prefer to play other video slots from different software providers. And also I do not trust them so much. I think there are many much better online casinos than this one.

They offer nice welcome package for new players. You can get 100 % match deposit bonus of first five deposit. I think this is cool promotion, but I will not take it. I do not like their video slots very much, I had no big winnings. Not even decent winnings and I lost the bonus money really fast. I will rate it with 6 stars.
Customer service is horrible, rude and irritable. Slots are over the top tight, but I just can't move past the customer service. There is no excuse for the rudeness! You would think they would WANT people to hand over their money and happily deal with the questions, because after all, they are "customer service", and their paycheck comes from-where? I'm done there!
Errol Eisenbarth. Reviewed on 02.10.18
Lincoln casino is the same as liberty slots casino and i played on this one just after i was done with the liberty slots first i thought i would not get the bonus because something like this happened to me on Cash o lot casino after i had played on their affiliate casinos i could not get the bonus there. But luckily nothing like this ever happened and their was absolutely no problem in claiming the no deposit bonus.

AS i had loved blackjack the most on this casino so i played this game first . I managed to win a lot of good hands and got black jack thrice and busted the dealer too as i love it when the dealer gets busted. After making a good real money balance which shows on left of bonus money balance i left the game and went to try my hand in american
roulette. I kept betting the red colour every single time and that is what i do every time i play this game because it is a lucky mascot for me as i always end up in profit at end of the day.

Then i went to play pay day 3 reel slot. Hit the bar combination a couple of times but the amount hat i got was 0.04 which was not enough to recover the loss from roulette then i knew that i was near to going broke here. I also would like to say that the support could not understand when i mean no deposit bonus i had to fight over this for
10 minutes then i told them that i want free money 17$ hahaha. Then they asked for the code. I think they were a little confused and one more thing that they ask for personal details every time i go to live chat support and this is weird because all my credentials are already with you so why ask again? i want them to bring in some really nice video and classic slots then this casino would be complete.
Camille. Reviewed on 04.10.18
I don't remember when I have made an account here and I don’t remember playing here also. I read some of the other reviews here and the reason was probably the same. I wasn't eligible for the no deposit bonus promotion. A few days ago I got an email from this casino for a 10 dollars no deposit bonus. I followed the link and was happy to find out that the money was on my account.

I have never played this software before but I am always open to new experiences. I can’t say that I liked the look of the webpage very much. A bit too dark for my taste. I saw that they offer daily free roll tournaments. That’s always a chance to earn some free money.

I looked around some of the terms and conditions of the casino and was surprised to see that the minimum amount to make a withdrawal is 150 dollars. They either promote high rollers or just don’t wanna pay out small wins. I don’t like this because for me 150 dollars is a lot of money. In general I don’t like casinos where you have to withdraw a lot more than you deposit. I believe its bad casino policy and another way no to pay out the small time players like me.

Anyway I played a few slots here and can't say that the games are in my taste. I didn't have some big wins. The top I won was 12 dollars on Cleopatra’s Pyramid on a minimum bet. After the bonus money was gone I had about 19 dollars to play with. I don’t know the games from this software and I have never played them before so I lost all of the remaining balance very fast. I didn't ask live chat support if I was eligible to any bonuses due to the country limitations but considering the high withdrawal limit I don’t think I will become a player here.
Creola. Reviewed on 06.10.18
I always like to try out some new casino and I always go through the no deposit bonus list here at AG. About a month ago I saw an offer for 17 dollars no deposit bonus for new players at Lincoln casino. I haven’t played in this casino before so I did a little background research. I saw that they use Wager Gaming Technology software. I can’t say that I have heard of this software before so I decided to take the bonus and try it out.

I went to their website and I really liked it. A very nice color giving it a dark and powerful look. Now I was even more interested in this casino. I downloaded their software because I rarely play in Instant play and made an account. This was a brand new experience for me so I contacted live chat to help me outwith the bonus. They were instant in their reply but unfortunately my country wasn't eligible for the bonus.

I was a little disappointed and almost forgot about them until I saw a mail from them the other day with a 10 dollars no deposit bonus. I logged in and contacted live chat support and the 10 dollars were credited to my account.

I didn't know any of the games here so I decided to try some 9 payline slot. It was Mermaids questand I actually liked it. The game had an older look but I had some fun here. I got free spins and the pick up bonus twice. All the wins from the free games were credited in a separate account so when the 10 dollars were gone I had another 13 to keep on playing. I decided to try Cleopatra's pyramid and after two pick up bonuses I just couldn't trigger the free spins. I lost my money but had a lot of fun here. I will definitely make a deposit and try these new found games.
Nakia. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Lincoln Casino has a WTG platform which I can say there are my first slots I have ever played, but not here, but in their sister casino Liberty Slots. When I saw this casino, which is relatively new one, I think they open last year, so I was searching for some no deposit bonus from them, which I didn’t find it.

Actually they have no deposit bonus, but it was like hiding promotion, as I read on 1 forum, when you sign up you should contact support and they will give you 25$ to start with. Although that didn’t happened, because I did cashed out from theirs sister casino Liberty Slots so they didn’t gave me the no deposit bonus. I didn’t search any information about them, because I trust Liberty Slots Casino, because they are really solid one, casino who pays. I have to say I never deposited here at Lincoln Casino ,but I can and I do play ,theirs every day free tournaments which they are having 7 times a week and it won’t cost you nothing, like a said you don’t have to be a depositor to play theirs tourneys.

What I like about this casinos WTG are about their free tournaments, that if you win something .those are real money, not bonus money, so no wagering no nothing. I like theirs games and I do play them every day. The reason I didn’t deposit here, because I didn’t get the no deposit bonus and that they excluded me from any bonuses so I won’t deposit there till they give me some bonus, although I think that this casino is solid one. I do trust this casino, like their games and specially the tournaments. I do recommend this casino, so I never cashed out from them, but I did cashed out from theirs sister casino Liberty Slots. Good Luck!

Nila Chichester. Reviewed on 07.10.18
I don’t know much about the WGS technology casinos so when I saw I can try this casino without depositing I was getting curious. The Lincoln casino is a really American provided software with lot of American players, the only restricted country what I saw was Canada but I think they exclude some other countries from their no deposit promotion.

They offered 17 dollar to try their video slots with forty times wagering requirements. The maximum cash out was 150 dollar so I wanted to try anyway. I visited their page via the AskGamblers to get the free money.

I started to download the casino software but it was very slow. I smoked a few cigarettes until it downloaded. When I successfully installed and registered I logged in but my bonus money wasn’t on my account. I wanted to contact with the support but I found the solution on another forum, I had to enter my special code at the instant coupon section at the cashier. I claimed my bonus but on the cashier I checked the withdrawal options too, they have a minimum limit of amount what they pay, it is 150 dollar, so I think it is in conjunction with the maximum cash out.

They video slots are unfamiliar for me so I choose randomly. I began to play with the Supermarket slot on 1 dollar bets. This game was really enjoyable for me, it has a bonus and a free spin feature too and I triggered it many times. Also has a stop feature and it is stops immediately so you can make your luck. I didn’t tried any other slot because I really liked this but at the end I lost my no deposit money before I had a chance to meet the wagering requirements.
Terra. Reviewed on 10.10.18
I started playing this casino about 6 months ago. I played Blackjack and made some decent size withdrawals (one for $2000 and another for $800) the first month I played there.
HOWEVER, after the 2nd withdrawal I felt as if they had flipped a switch for my account.I literally never win more than 8% of the blackjack hands I play at Lincoln Casino now. No matter which Blackjack game I play, the results are the same win 1 or 2 hands out of 10 if I'm lucky. I've probably deposited around $12,000 in this casino, so I know it's not just "unlucky", the statistical deviation is way outside the norm for an RNG.

Their customer service is weak at best, I've sent them multiple emails without a response.They won't even give me the total amount I've deposited in their casino, probably because they know I'll never play there again if I realize how much it is. I'm guessing around $12,000, but usually my guess is $5 or $6k under the real dollar amount. My advice, STAY AWAY.

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