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Dana. Reviewed on 08.07.18
Las Vegas USA casino is another member of the group of RTG powered casinos, which are desperately trying to keep the bad reputation, connected with such casinos previously, alive at any cost! When I joined them back in the end of 2010 I was really hoping of a good service, since their casino was promoted around the internet as a top pick! It turned out to be a pure lie! Although the welcome offer was a little strange – 125% match to the amount of the deposit till 100 and 25% to the sum above 100, it was cashable(at least the support told me so), but the wagering requirements were impossible for achieving! Since I was from the customers, based outside USA and Canada, I was expected to turn my bonus and deposit 100 (one hundred) times in order to cash out?! It is easy to guess that I never used any bonus there, but that didn’t spared me the troubles at all! I made a small deposit of 65$ and tried one of my favourite RTG slots, called Happy Golden Ox of Happiness. This game is set to 1.00 bet per spin and got pretty decent jackpot, which is still a dream for me after 4 years of chasing! Anyway, I was pretty lucky and soon I got 3 free spin features in a row and my balance jumped quickly to almost 430$. I tried some more slots and after a day the sum became 650! So, I decided to withdraw and went to the cashier. Be advised that if you don’t have a Skrill or Neteller account, you are supposed to be in a trouble, since their timeframe for withdrawing using another method is a complete disaster! So, based on the fact that I already had a Moneybookers (they were still with the old name then) account I was quite confident and withdrew all the money, considering that the process will not take very long to accomplish! Be warned, that it does not matter what is written in the website – the actual times for cash outs are several times longer! On the fifth day my payout was still in a pending period, although my documents were verified successfully! The live support was constantly deceiving me that my money will be processed today, tomorrow, than the day after tomorrow and so on. On the second week I lost my good temper and got pretty harsh live chat session, which brought me nothing but more nerves and I reversed some of the cash. Than on the next day a little more and at the end of the week I lost everything! And even when I reversed the last 150$, they were still in a pending status – after more than 11 days!!! So, to summarize I will use some simple rating scores:Support: 0/10Software: 9/10Security: 5/10Finance: 0/10Bonuses: 0/10Terms&Conditions: 0/10Overall: Avoid this casino! Far away from the minimal standards!Well that is it from me now:). Thanks to for giving me the opportunity to share my story! And always remember: “You can not break the casino bank, but it is worth trying!
Cori Caison. Reviewed on 25.09.18
I tried out Las Vegas Casino because it seemed to be one of the more reputable casinos from the Real Time Gaming stable. It has been around a long time, and does not seem to be one of the more scam RTG casinos that are out there. As a warning, there have been several RTG casinos that have completely collapsed taking peoples deposits with them. I am not attributing this to Las Vegas, after all its been around since 2002.

The deposit and bonuses at these casinos is not usually something I am interested in because the play through amount is a bit silly. It is a deposit plus bonus amount so you need to be stuck in the casino to consider it.

Onto the games- they certainly have a lot of them, and they do offer to a fair amount of table and card games. I played on their blackjack game- decent odds, and I did get a fair deal. If you want to try out their 21 type varieties then you can give them a go. Try out Surrender, classic and many more. I only gave classic a go, as I am a creature of habit as opposed to change. I did end up scraping a winning amount although I did have to up the stake to get anywhere.
So certainly people who claim its rigged are just facing some bad luck. I did take a glimpse at the slot games. The Reel Time slots are the more interesting ones- the graphics were a bit on the poor side I have to say, but then I have probably been spoiled. The video poker is much to be avoided in my opinion- it is basically a poor mans slot game, and I think there are far better games to try out then playing against the house- I wasted some money there, so its probably me just being a bit bitter.

The customer service is fine- they responded to me fairly quickly through live chat and I have no complaints.

Overall I would rate the casino at a 6 out of 10. There are limitations as for any US casino, so my expectations were never going to be particularly high- as long as you don't expect a miracle when you join then I think that you should be fairly satisfied.
Agueda Drennon. Reviewed on 02.10.18
Las Vegas USA casino. I was looking for a casino with a no deposit bonus and on some page I saw that this casino gives 20$ free to new players, and knowing they have Real Time Gaming software I was excited, that's why I downloaded their software and signed up.

Unfortunately, when I tried to claim it, I got info that it had already expired. I decided to contact the support to ask maybe they have something else to offer. I was connected to a nice live chat person. I asked about ND but he said that they do not give free offers to players outside Canada or USA. I was a bit upset, but decided to make a minimum deposit of 25$ to try them.

This time I went to see my dear friend Warlock. I placed 0.40$ bets per spin and pressed 50 autospins. I managed to win 25 free spins, which is nice because it is almost impossible to get the 100 free spins and 25 is the next amount. The spins gave me a 18$ win, besides, the other autospins were pretty generous too, wilds appeared often and overall after the autospins, my balance had increased to 60$. With that I went to play Aladdins Wishes. I placed 0.20$ bets and another 100 autospins rounds. Unfortunately I couldn't get any descent win or bonus and lost about 12$ there.

This casino also has live dealer games so of course I tried them too. I saw that they have casino holdem and I was super happy about it, so I went to play it. The minimum bets were 5$. I have to say that I didn't have any lucky hands, mostly I got one pair or nothing at all, so the only time I won was when dealer didn't qualify, so my balance was gone within 20 minutes. But I was impressed with the live dealers, they were nice, supportive and inviting.

I liked Las Vegas USA casino. Although I think the name of casino isn't the best, I was happy with the overall appearance. The support was very nice and easy to contact, I like the games they have and what's really important for me- they have really nice live games and my favorite table game ever- Casino Holdem (not many casinos that aren't from Playtech or Netent have that).
Wanita. Reviewed on 04.10.18
I am always happy to install RTG casino platforms on my laptop :)I installed Las Vegas USA last night when I came across a no deposit coupon.The playthrough wasn't ridiculous but my joy didn't last long.I see Las Vegas USA offers some really nice deposit coupons which I will be utilizing in the future. I was also happy to see that they offer LOTS of tournaments at a reasonable buy-in. So, I will definitely be depositing in this one.I played my favorite slots “It’s a Mystery”. It doesn't matter which RTG casino platform I install I always make a point of playing “It’s a Mystery” first. I enjoy this slot mostly because of the Feature Guarantee and the WIN-WIN feature. “Mice Dice” also offer the feature guarantee but I really do prefer the puzzle piece bonus feature with “It’s a Mystery” which gives me another chance to make a comeback. But sometimes it just doesn't work in my favor. Sometimes I find when I become too confident with the slot game. I tend to increase my bet and most of the time or should I say 85% of the time it does bite me in my backside.BUT – The BIG BUT is I tend to fall in that same trap time and time again. Even though I have a little voice in the back of my head telling me to stick to my same bet as its giving me good spins. But NO, I’ll much rather change my bet and spin and spin and spin. Until I hardly have any credits yet before I drop my bet. So, I guess that is how it goes. I can’t say how fast the withdrawal process is yet, as I just discovered this new Real Time Gaming platform addition. But when I do I will definitely be back here to let you know everything about it!
Oliva. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Las Vegas USA casino powered by Real Time Gaming software and I think it is not secret for anyone that most players in this casino is from United States of America, of course, because this guys did not have a lot of choices where to play, this is we European gamblers can change casinos even daily and still will have a lot of choices.

I played at Las Vegas USA casino only once in my life, I just take their SUB (sign up bonus) and after losing never come back in this casino. But I will describe you how I lost my single deposit in this casino.

I made 30$ deposit and with SUB that was 150% I had 75$ to play with, this is nice bank to start, but you know, how variance for me it is everything, so I started from T-rex video slot. I really did not know why I still sometimes play this slot, because in almost all occasions itjust eat my money. I started playing with 0.5$ bets, yes I can bet 0.75$, but since variance is high here and slot is always cold for me, I thought it is better to have lesser betsize. I triggered freespins feature around 4 times, all the time with only 3 scatters, and after another feature that payed me bad, I left this terrible luck for me slot with something like 20$ left. I thought I have some chances to recover my bank, and I did this on Alladin wishes video slot, this one apart from T-rex is much more better for me, but I rarely play it, because variance is low and it is hard to win something big on this game.

After this I went to Triple twister, and quickly lost my money without even hitting features, yeah, be careful with Real Time Gaming high variance games.
I rate Las Vegas USA with 6 stars.
Brady. Reviewed on 06.10.18
If you can survive the significant playthrough requirements, this casino does offer a good bonus program. However, just know that if you win big you will be waiting a long time to receive your money.
I made a significant amount from the site by playing through a large bonus. Only then did I learn about the rediculously long payout estimates. Long story short, I am looking at an estimate of 5 months before I receive my winnings.

There are numerous numerous issues with their financial policies and department. First, the chat personnel are full of "canned" answers and do nothing to make you feel like a valued customer. Secondly, I tried to email the main support address as a second option, and their email account rejected my emails as spam! And this was from two legitimate email accounts. Thus, I suspect emailing them is not even a legitimate option. Third, as corroborates by complaints on this site, they seem to always have a "problem with their dispensing system" that apparently has been around forever. Therefore, they advised me that a check would be my only option.

Here's the next round of madness. The maximum you can request at one time is $2,500, then they estimate two weeks approval time. Then, they will only pay you $1,000 per week. Then, they will not approve your second withdrawal request until the first one is paid. So, out of my $9,000 withdrawal request (I deposited/lost a ton so don't congratulate me), it was parceled out into 11 payouts, some of which will not be looked at for more than 2 months. Avoid avoid avoid
Benita. Reviewed on 07.10.18
I want to make sure I'm fair with my review. I don't believe posting negative without positive is right. So, I like last Vegas USA's games and the fact you can win with this online casino. Customer service was very helpful in the beginning. This definitely would be my choice for my favorite online casino if....
Payout is ridiculous... I can't understand how it could take so far right at a month to payout $120. If you're able to take customers money you should be able to payout winnings at least in two weeks. I requested my $120 payout July 5, 2017. As of today the status is pending. Keep in mind it wasn't easy to take $25 playthrough $2500 to still be able to withdraw$120. I'm completely disappointed with this and afraid to put money in any online casino after the wait I'm experiencing with Las Vegas USA. I'm in hopes it will not be much longer of a wait.
Dwain. Reviewed on 10.10.18
The bonus amounts are really good. They do have Real Time Gaming platform so that is nice. Very easy to setup and the machines seem to fairly loose.
The play through on the bonus is worse than I have ever seen online. You will die of old age before you get past it. I hit four separate hits of over $1500 on the site and played through that and was still $30k away from the play through requirement! They make it very difficult as well because they cap wagers at $2 on some of the games that typically do well at $5 and $10 wagers. Then they lock some of the games where you do not have the option of playing them. Scam site in my eyes as they have placed the odds so far to the casino's advantage that there is no way to win. Much better going to Silver Oak or Club World.

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