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Denise. Reviewed on 11.07.18
As Promised I will use this beginning to every review of a Grand Prive Casino, since they share the same Support.I’m allowed to re-use it because I wrote it.It pertains to the support of the whole system of casinos as a whole.Now before I go further there are some solid people on the support team for Grand Prive, actually only 3, Donovan, Jasmine, and Paul is iffy, the rest lie and manipulate with their power, take it for its worth, but here’s my VH1 the real story of Ian VS Support.My first ever Betonsoft Deposit was Big Dollar Casino, I liked the software, it was a good change to RTG, new games I had never seen.My first deposit was on November 2nd or 3rd because it was around midnight.At the time they had a promo you got 3 welcome bonuses (Match Bonuses) and then you get $20, the other reason I remember this day is because it was the last time I was at my Grandparents house, my grandmother had just broken her hip, and hurt her knee, and back, she was bed stricken on a hospital bed in the family room, and she sometimes needs help getting up to get to her walker to get to the Bathroom and eat, on this day my grandfather who usually helps had to go to the hospital to see if his cancer flared back up and if it was Malignant or not.I ended up depositing 3 times that day, got my matches, and then my bonus money and lost it all within a day or so but had fun.

My Birthday is November 7th, so I ask support on my birthday if they have a birthday promotion for depositors, I was told no.I keep playing there and on December 1st around 8-9am I get email, you are eligible for a free $20 chip during your birthday month.I go to support, and they say there is nothing they can do, its December, after a back and forth to put it lightly I got 10 free spins on Bucksy Malone for 1cent 1 coin per line, so 4.00 in free spins, no $20 chip.Now I have said this before, if a casino pisses me off, lies to me or screws me over I move on, and take action.I stopped depositing at Big Dollar for months until they teamed up with Villa Fortuna for that medals promo, Coincidently I found out on chat that if I verified my phone number I’d get free spins on villa and BS Dollar casino, I ended up getting them.That weekend I deposit at Villa Fortuna for the 1st medals promo they ran, around 1-3 days after my phone conformation and the guy who I spoke to was one of the few legit support guys over there.I hit a blue on Bucksy Malone got my 10 spins at 5 coins a spin, so 20$ in spins, then long story short I deposit the next day, blow 40$ to hit a blue on a 50 line game the fruit themed game, and the moron in support couldn’t find my medal, I ended up going through pages of playback and find him the game number.He goes ok here you go 10 free spins at tomahawk (at 1 cent a line), I was like guy do you even know what promo is going on, I want my 10 free spins 5 coins a piece at the game I got the medal, he had me on hold for about 15 minutes and goes you can keep the free spins at Tomohawk, and Ive credited an additional 52 at Horns of Plenty (the fruit game lol), I was that’s fantastic thanks!! So I play my 10 spins at tomahawk and win like 1.47, and go to Horns of Plenty and saw that it was for 1 line 1 cent a piece, so Instead of getting 10 spins 50 lines 5 coins = $25 in spins I got 2.50+.52 so $3.02 in spins ( I asked him I just want what the offer is SUPPOSED TO BE!! This moron goes it’s too late you already did the 10 spins on tomahawk.

The next day I allegedly speak to the supervisor on duty for support, and he gave me a measly 10 spins 1 coin per line another 5$ in spins.So in summary I get$4 worth of free spins, instead of my $20 chip, and instead of $25 in spins from the medals promos I get $8.02 and I go to facebook and Kindly ask Simon King ( the promo [email protected]%?!* from Big Dollar, the one who ends every email with “Nuff Said” and says sup playas like he has listened to old 80’s rap songs and used their lyrics in his promos, stuff no one actually says, not even the people with a serious case of denial that their white say dumb phrases like that).Anyways he said he would look into it.He sends me back a message on facebook saying I got my birthday bonus on November 3rd when I first deposited, and he said support also confirmed that you verified your phone # that day.I was like “O yea what, number was that because I wasn’t home from the 2nd of nov till the 6th, I was still at my grandparents.So the “Original Offer” the first support told me, the 20$ after the 3rd deposit, was a lie to get me to deposit a 3rd time or a flat out lie period.I posted what happened to me on Facebook and it kept getting deleted off their FB site, till they banned from posting on their Facebook page , I had an old Screen name I used back when you needed to be in college and us your college email to sign up for FB,which now for probably only the 2nd time in my life makes me feel old (im 24 lol), but I wanted the truth to be known to protect other from falling into that scam trap Big BS Casino has going on, that email gets banned from posting and things settle for roughly 2 weeks,than all of a sudden I get a strange email from both Big Dollar and Villa Fortuna, asking me too sign and fax in a receipt for every deposit, even ones that were over 2 months old, and taken out of my account.So I go to chat and who else but Mark Assholestair is the one picks up.He demands that I send my Documentation on top of the receipts, (I had sent in my docs a month earlier), we go back and forth about it, meanwhile I was looking and found the conformation email, saying they had received all my docs, and the chat I had with the guy who was the only one to ever verify me over the phone, (Always keep chats especially if something seems off, or they offer you something, and lie about it) or just keep a copy of all relevant chats with support, but the best part was after him calling me a liar I showed him the email, and the chat, and he wouldn’t reply at all after that, I left the chat box up, and he didn’t have the balls to admit he was in the wrong, 2 hours later I kid you not I get an email and it says every dollar you have deposited through us will be returned but you will be banned from our casinos.This was great, except that they put you on a list, that almost all the Betonsoft Casinos see, and it blocks you from accessing your account with that same email.Thanks to friends and family I can still play on the sites that had no part in this, and just saw me classified on some list.I will put this on every single review that uses that support group.

That’s the review on all of Grand Prive Support, if you hadn’t read it already I suggest reading it, but if you have read any of my Grand Prive reviews you would have read that part already.I’ve reviewed every Grand Prive casino so far except Lake Palace.I said in my last review which was Jupiter Club, that it was the last Grand Prive casino I downloaded, well Lake Palace was the last Grand Prive casino I played at (Not the last I ever played, but the last one I found a no deposit bonus for , so I could try it out).I downloaded Lake Palace as I did with Jupiter Club at my friend’s house, due to what happened (if you don’t know what happened, and why I have to play at most Betonsoft Casinos read the top half of this review and you will know why.So I downloaded Lake Palace about 2 weeks prior, through an affiliate of theirs, just to find out that it was expired.I found another one, it was for 20 free spins, so I used the account I made under my friends moms information, if you didn’t read my Jupiter Club review, I will give you a brief summary of how this account came into existence: I had made an account under my friends name for Grand Prive that I used at his house, and I tried using an affiliates code for 10 free spins at Jupiter Club, and the Support wouldn’t give it to me, because according to her it was “expired” yet I kept reading it working for people, so I made an account under his mother’s name (she’s was the cool mom growing up), and I went to support and made up a story (the account’s name is Sue and she is in her fifties) and that she found her husband cheating on her, on and all she wanted to do was blow off steam but the code said not eligible, and I had her type in first I’m not eligible for that a-hole after 25 years of marriage and now I’m not eligible for a casino, and it worked on Jupiter Club, but it was only 10 spins and I made less than 1$ and lost it in 2 minutes.

So I found this code for Lake Palace and it was for $20 in free spins, again it didn’t work, so I uninstalled and re-downloaded it from the affiliates link (It still won’t work if you enter the code,but they are able to manually credit it, don’t ask me how or why but it does) so I go back on chat that same night and go I didn’t win 1 spin on that last set of free spins, I’m having the worst luck of my life this week, nothing is going right these spins won’t work either, I’m a failure, and I can’t even find a casino I have luck at, so when I get half his money, I probably will play at a different set of casinos, and then all of a sudden she goes the spins have been credited go play and it could be worse at least you have your health, and I go well that’s going as well, you have been very helpful god bless you.It’s funny how these support staff decide who gets to receive a bonus and who doesn’t.Anyways I won $18 and change on the spins.I decided to play one of the 9 line games, the Roll Up, Roll Up game, and I ran it up to $120, then I played Road Trip Max ways, and finished the play through, with about $40, $22 of which I could keep.I ended up losing almost all the games I played after that, poker, slots, even BJ.I notice this with a lot of casinos, yet I do it anyways, once I meet the play through on a chip, I lose badly if I keep playing.I remember one time; I kept playing after I made a play through on an RTG chip, and registered in 4 tournaments, one with 100 people, one with 65, two with just 3 people. The tournament with 100 people I came in 98th, the tournament with 65, I came in 65th, and the first one with 3 people I came in 3rd, the second one with 3 people I hit the random jackpot (of course in a 1$ tournament) and I came in second and lost by 70 chips, It was 5,000 starting chips, and I ended up with 4980 chips, and the random jackpot was 3750, just to give you an idea of how bad I ran.Anyways Out of the 5 Grand Prive casinos I think it’s the 4th/5, just better than Jupiter Club, there is very few affiliates out there.The two good parts about Lake Palace is 1. Its green, the color of money 2.

My Rating is exactly the same as it is on AG 6.5/10
Leona Liao. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Lake Palace Casino is a beton soft casino basically and I didn’t like their slots too but I wanted to try a beton soft casino who is not gives a lot no deposit bonus, because when I deposited to a promoted casino I didn’t had a much success. I checked them on the askgamblers and they had an amazing match bonus up to 250 euro and the next two deposit you can get another bonuses. The first match is 100 percentages up to 250 euro with 40 times wagering requirements.

When I searched them I found they offers an 110 percentages bonus too with the same wagering requirements, I downloaded the software and logged in, after it I started a conversation with the live support to ask about the promotion. He told me the same like they page but he was very helpful and wasn’t rude. I went to the cashier and after I entered my bonus code and I deposited 20 euro via by neteller. I get the whole money and I started to play with unusual slots, the first was the peek physique with 1 euro bets. (I had 50 euro with 2000 play through).

That slot wasn’t the best but after a lot wild I collected 35 euro from it. After that I went to the code 211 with 1.2 euro stakes. In the second spin I get the free spins and get 31 euro from it but I except a bigger amount on 1.2 €. I was on 75 euro, and I had about 1000 turn over left. I started to the roll up roll up slot because this circus slot in the past gives me a lot of free spins in the row at other beton casinos.

I began my play with 0.9 euro, within a short time I get the free spins, and again and again, I get 5 times in the row than I collected 117 euro from it, a little bit later I get the free spins again but this time I get 20 € from it. After I played with that slot about an hour I wagered my money. I asked to support what I need to do to cash out and he said me I need to send my docs then I can get my money. I sent everything to them e-mail address, a few hours later they approved my user, than two days later I get my 140 euro to my neteller account.
Lance. Reviewed on 02.10.18
The askgambler offers an exclusive bonus to their players via Lake Palace a total of $750 for the first to third deposit but i will tell you my experienced here when i first deposited and got the 100% bonus. Okay back when i deposited $50 bucks to Bet Lake Palace Casino i tried something that i like the most their promotion. Their promotion is a three times promotion meaning you will got the another promotion when your first deposit is successfully registered to their casino but wait before you deposit make sure that you use the code bonus AGLPM 1 and if you will get the another bonus just change the number from 1 to 2 and to 3. T

he bonus are not equal take note of that the first is 100% the second is 50% and third is 75% match bonus but all of that is your advantage as a player. My total money is $100 bucks because of 100 match bonus i am very glad and play theirBetoOSoft slots my big winnings is from 'Tails of NewYork" and "Small Soldier" they're five reels slot, i bet $0.05 per linemaximum of 40 paylines the total per spin is worth $2.

The 2 games is packed of multiple bonus round specially the Small soldier slot thats the amusing feature of this casino when i was spinning i hit the 2 wild officer and 3 pilot i rewarded 6 free spin with 4 times multiplier because of two bonus! I won around $137.85 from that lucky spin Whoooa! The gaming experience here is very unique i assume that everybody will be amuse and happy to this casino just add some luck! The processing of withdrawal is nice the support is okay i hope they improve a little bit more on entertaining the customer.

I rated this casino according to there work categories here it is.

Gaming experience : 8.5/10
Support: 8/10
Finance: 8.5/10
Software: 8/10
Terms and condition 7/10

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