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Mila Hartzler. Reviewed on 11.07.18
If my memory serves me well, the Ladbrokes casino once was using Microgaming software. Today is using the Playtech software. For a long time I have not enjoyed in the Playtech games and that is why I decided to join this casino.

The welcome bonus with the percentage of 200% on the first deposit was another reason why I joined the casino. But soon, after I filled out the fields and made the account, I found that the link here on the AG leads to Ladbrokes mobile casino. As I use PC, I could not play here. So I searched for a downloadable casino and I have installed the casino software.

I decided to make a deposit of 22 euros because that was all that I had on my Neteller account. But instead of a bonus of 200% I got only 100% or in other words 22 euros on my deposit. I did not want to contact the support for this. The first game with which I started was Blade. But after a while, I lost half of the money here. Then I moved on the Fantastic Four. This is a great slot game with 20 pay-lines. Here I had a Decent Wins of almost 100 x bet. After this wins my balance was at 27 euros and I decided to try with Sherlock Mystery. This is one of the newer Playtech slot games that often is my choice recently. But for half an hour of playing here, my balance fell from 27 euro to below 10 euros. The game which was my next choice is called Easter Surprise. Here I played for more than an hour. Even I succeeded to meet the wagering requirement but I did not have a sufficient amount in the account to request a withdrawal.

It is interesting that, immediately after my deposit I got mail from the casino in which they requested from me to send them a document for verification. Which I did, and my documents were accepted the next day. For Ladbrokes casino I give a solid 8 stars.
Ladbrokes was one of the very first on-line casinos I would frequent, they were a Microgaming based casino at that time and had some really great promotions available, a fantastic welcome bonus, a great comp points scheme, I can’t even really remember all the good points… but I know I regarded them as being one of the very best on-line casinos out there.

Theres no doubt in my mind that Ladbrokes have gone way downhill since they ditched the Microgaming software. I first joined their casino at that stage and I got a 200% bonus on a £100 deposit with 30 times bonus wagering requirement, as well as 50 free spins on Immortal Romance – they were at £0.60p per spin as well, unlike almost every other on-line casino out there which only ever gives away free spins at the minimum possible bet.

When the switch to playtech was announced, I could not help but groan – pretty much every other major UK bookmaker already bases their on-line presence on Playtech software including Betfred, Corals, Gala, and William Hill. I guess they must be offering some extremely attractive financials to these companies to get them to move away from the likes of Microgaming as Ladbrokes also ditched t heir Microgaming poker room which got them a whole tonne of negative press too.

I received a new 200% bonus when the transfer to Playtech was completed, and set abouttrying some om my favourite playtech games on the new Ladbrokes site. I did infact manage to blast my way through the massive wagering requirements, with a reasonable profit and a total balance of a little over £400, however when I went to request a withdrawal I found that there was a problem because the bonus I had been given was not even cashable – I cannot believe that such a large UK name like Ladbrokes is offering this kind of shady bonus where they try and take the bleeding bonus back after you have completed the entire wagering requirement. It just blows my mind, and there really is just nothing positive I can say about this on-line casino now. Be warned – Ladbrokes is not worth your time now, not whatsoever.
Arnetta. Reviewed on 24.09.18

Ladbroke Vegas Casino, well have to say I was not so familiar neither liked their Playtech games but when I try them I start liking them a lot. So about this casino I join it long time ago when they were giving 10 euros for free, so no deposit bonus just to sign up, opening an account there and try their games. So I did, but in that time I didn't know their games that much, so I spend those 10 euros really fast and won nothing.

Few months ago, because some of the members of our lovely forum, had so big winnings in Playtech I decided to deposit. For the first time then I deposited only 10 euros and took the 100% match bonus so I was playing with 20 euros. The first game I played was Fortune Hill I managed to raise my balance to 70 euros but I was so far from the wagering the bonus and then I changed the slot and start playing Pink Panther game, which at the end lost it all. I like about this casino, because they are sending very often to their depositors free spins no wagering, no nothing, almost every week.

So few weeks ago I got 10 freespins on the Fortune Hill slot and from those free spins I managed to win 200 euros, I was playing for a while but then I started to losing the money and came to 80 euros, which I decided to cash out, anyway from no investment and 80 euros win, that was really nice sum to be cashed out.
As I read about Ladbrokes casino,they were solid and very fast for cashing out, but in my case not. I was waiting for 8 days till they cashed me out. Although they really disappointed me I still like this casino, well lets hope that wont happened again when I cash out from them, well I guess I will !
I've read many good reviews about Playtech casinos, which gives them good quality in my eyes, and as Ladbrokes Vegas is one of them, I decided to give it a try.
I am not a big fan of casino apps, so I registered my profile and started to play online. As I've mentioned before, I've been trying out many casinos in the last time, so I deposit 20 Eur- just enough to understand if I like this place or not, and if not, then why.
The thing that I find very disturbing is their service. The live dealers are good looking, but it seems that their knowledge of the game rules are not so good. The other unflattering thing is the fact, that after GMT they close many Black Jack tables, so all the players end up at one table, which makes the game slower, takes more of your time and lowers your patience.
And there's another bad thing I experienced there- it takes a very little time to get you kicked out of the table in case if you're not betting at the moment, or if the card change procedure is long, or if the game as already begun. Of course I could join the table again and again, but it really frustrated me. And as I saw in the game chat, I wasn't the only one getting annoyed.
The only good thing about my experience there was the positive, good-looking, good-english-speaking dealers. I spent my time only on BJ table and Roulette table, I had a feeling that with Slots I'm gonna loose it all.
After the games I lost only 5 euros, but I was so frustrated with their service that I withdrew the money. At least that operation didn't disappoint me.
Lisandra. Reviewed on 28.09.18
I would say only deposit with Ladbrokes if you like being treated like you are nothing, they do not care over there customers the customer service staff are the most rude unhelpful and ignorant and managers refuse to come on the p[hone.
The bonuses are hard to get and when you do get them you have to wait 48 hours to be credited and the play through is a joke, all other casino companies I know have all the different deposit options there on the banking page to easily deposit with Ladbrokes you need to go on chat to change the deposit options ifyou are like me and use card or Ukash or Paypal its annoying to have to keep ringing in.
Ladbrokes have now got rid of the casino and made it all vegas as from the 25th of march forcingus to play vegas and getting rid of my favourite games. I was a member of Ladbrokes 4 years deposited thousands and I was not a vip or on any loyalty program and always refused when asked.

I once depoiyed 7k in a week and did not get a single penny bonus or a thank you or no points for just spinning . They do not reply to complaints privately or even on here so many none replies on here. They are to big of a company to care and will always win. They have problems with games loading them when i ring in rude staff blame my computer I tried on 3 computers and all the same they then admitted there was a problem.

There is no button for live chat like other casino's where is says live chat with Ladbrokes you need to go to banking and hope it pops up which is does not do often again staff blamed my 3 computers I deleted cookies and allowed pops ups still the same. I know the casino gone now but they don't give you points for just spinning like most other casino's do. I deposited by Ukash so could not make a withdrawel on card had to go to branch and pick up. You can deposit thousands a day but only allowed to withdraw 5k a day.
They maintenance work and not tell you like take your deposit then kick you off mid game no warning. If you are lucky enough to get a bonus use it quick I went in hospital for 3 days lost the bonus it was took away and when rang in was told tough to late.
Ladbrokes don't give you birthday or Christmas bonuses or refer a friend bonus like any other casino I am member off. When you deposit there no thank you message pops up or send you a deposit receipt again Ladbrokes do not think there customers are worthy of a thank you.

I opted in to be contactable since then I was getting messages offering me things I made the deposit did not get the bonuses Ladbrokes asked for screen shots of messages to prove this but this was every time they then told me they did not send out the messages even though this only happened since I opted in and to cut a long story short they took my deposit and did not get the bonus and was called a liar.
I could say a lot more bad things about Ladbrokes but they do not care or bothered so if you are happy to put up with all this then deposit with them. Please review the complaints unanswered on here and read reviews all over the internet.
Terra. Reviewed on 03.10.18
I start playing at Ladbrokes casino long time ago, ok, not long, but that was the time when they had Microgaming games on board, and everything was really nice with that casino, support, payouts within 24 hours, and bonuses. Not so long ago they changed to Playtech, and I decide to try, also they offer 100% for playtech games, so I just make deposit.

First problem that I had, it was really laggy games, games loading in browser few minutes, spins was slow. I contact live chat, and they told me that I should update flashplayer, etc. But nothing works, but there is no problem. Somehow with such slow spins I managed to clear bonus and request withdrawal of 150$. And then come second problem, I get it only after 5 days of waiting, because as they told me they had some problems with Skrill...
Such things of course make me sad about nice casino in past, and after waiting 5 days for my cash out I just close my account with them, really, there is many good Playtech casinos around, and I will not want to wait my money so long, even if they really had problems.
This is really shame how good casino in past become so bad, and I am not only one who complaining about it, I did not know why they decide to change software, but it is just make the things worse. Also they close poker account for Belarussian players, and this was only sad thing for me, because i play there tournaments sometimes.

Ladbrokes is very decent and reputable brand. But looks like things come bad for them, and they start do something strange and not good. As I told, I close my account with them, and I am happy with that decision.
I rate Ladbrokes with 5 stars only, I thought about 3, but in past this was really good and decent casino.
Couldn't register at the casino, got error 26?. Strangely enough I could register at the sports page. Then got the wrong bonus. Then got the wrong bonus again. Then got an an insanely incompetent live chat. Then gave up.
Gaye. Reviewed on 05.10.18
I started to play at Ladbrokes Vegas because I saw on askgamblers that they are offering a no deposit bonus of 25 pounds to all new/existing players of Ladbrokes brand! I created my account and didn’t received the bonus! I thought that this bonus has country restrictions and my country is not accepted and I decided to search the terms and conditions of this bonus! On their terms and conditions wasn’t about any country restrictions so I decided to contact the support team via live chat and request more info about this!They told me that there is no country restriction and they credited the bonus to my account!

I started to play and enjoy the nice slot games that they have and finally I managed to complete the wagering requirements of the bonus(50 times) and contacted again the support team to ask them if I have to make a deposit to withdraw!They told me that I have to deposit 10 pounds before I will be able to withdraw my winnings!I have made the deposit and request an withdrawal, and after 2-3 working days I received the money in my bank account!
I want to tell you that their games are very awesome, I played The Great Blue and The Sopranos and won almost 50 pounds! Also they have Fantastic Four, Iron man, Wolverine and many great games like table games, Blackjack, poker,etc.! Another thing that I was impressed was the great support team that they are having and most important thing a lot of payment methods!
I consider that I was very lucky to take this great no deposit bonus because now I see that they have put country restrictions to this bonus, only players from UK, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Russia and Ireland are able to take this bonus and enjoy!

I want to rate this casino,I will give just an 8 for the no deposit bonus because of the country restrictions, 10 for the support team, 9 for the games and another 9 for the payment methods!
Malia Mcadam. Reviewed on 06.10.18
In April I finally got the chance to play a little bit more then usual. It took some time before I found Ladbrokes Vegas Casino 200 percent welcome offer and I thought, it is so generous of them, all you need is to deposit 20 euro, punds or dollars in order to be eligable for this promo with wagering requirements of 20 x deposit plus bonus, I know many of us dont like when wagering includes our deposit money but hey, no so many reputable casinos offer 200 percent welcome bonus.

I was excited like I knew something wil lbe going on, I deposited 25 euros and had 75 to play with. Hm, I havent checked the games, all I knew is that its Playtech powered and well known casino and even I knew Panther Moon and safari Heat are not available in all Platech casinos, I was lazy to check out the games. Oh my God, what a surprise for me.There wasn't Playtech games at all, only Marvel Jackpots, and MGM games and games selection isn't something special but still, I enjoyed especially because I got very lucky. When I saw available games I was like .. what am I suppose to play, but Lady Luck decided to bring some light into my day and when I finally decided to play The Avengers!

Imagine what happened ? Win after win, bonus features and the biggest win of 350 euros, I cleared wager and I had 130 euros. 24 hrs.after I asked for witdrawal, my account was verified and money was on my neteller account. Respect for Ladbrokes Vegas Casino. Sometimes I am bothering live support but hey, it is better to ask and double check then get lost or mistake. Each time when you get on wit Live Support expect to be asked your personal detailed for security purposes before getting the answer on your question.

Cheers and if this casino is your next choice, good luck!
Sherise. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Ladbrokes casino in past has download Microgaming software, and not so long ago they change it to Playtech instant play. I did not know why they made such decision, before they change software I am often play at their Microgaming games, and I was like it!
Anyway, even now they change their software to playtech, I am already try out their new casino and services. First of all I am not a big fan of instant play, especially such instant play like Ladbrokes casino has. Slots download is slow as per my opinion, and of course it is annoying to wait till you can start playing.

Anyhow on old Ladbrokes site I withdraw probably 5k in total, but to be honest I made a lot of deposits there too, I count such statistic long time ago, and I think i had 1k in profit, but plus a lot of playtime and entertainment, so I am happy that I was able to win something and have fun with it.
Regarding Playtech software, so far I made only two real money deposits, both was for 50 $ and both with 100% bonuses, but unfortunately like this always happens to me I am just gives this gladiator a lot of my money. Great movie, but slot is always just taking my money.

I believe Ladbrokes Vegas casino is really great, this is an very old company, especially well known on UK markets, and they provide really great service. It is pity that no more Microgaming games, but at least right now we have one more excellent Playtech casino no?
I like this brand, and I will definitely continue to enjoy their service, I like such places where I am pretty sure that nothing bad can happen, and I like places where my money is safe.

Good luck to you if you decide to choose this casino to play!
Torri. Reviewed on 10.10.18
First the good: Wager-free free spin promotions....
... BUT, If there has ever been a casino that has spectacularly fallen from grace, Ladbrokes would be my number one choice without hesitation.

Previously a top quality Microgaming casino, with a number of other developers slots available under a seperate games tab, Ladbrokes chose to switch their main casino over to the Playtech platform a little over six months ago. Since then, the quality of their promotions has dropped dramatically, including a ridiculous requirement that all players must have £20 in their casino account before even being able to view the promotions page.

Their customer support staff appears to have been outsourced as well - god knows where to - worse still, these support personnel will begin messaging you the moment you log in to the website, pestering you to make a deposit or to sell you one of their rip off bonuses. Whilst other Playtech casinos such as Corals and Betfred offer the more standard type of bonus where, once you complete the wagering requirement, the bonus amount converts into cash and you are free to withdraw, Ladbrokes now give you the "sticky" type of bonus, whereby after wagering is completed, the entire amount of the bonus is deducted from any withdrawal you may finally be able to make. As far as I am concerned this makes taking a bonus completely pointless, as it locks in your deposited funds as a result of the wagering requirement, and even the odd time you get lucky and finish up in profit, you have to give the "bonus money" right back anyway! I would expect this from a rogue casino, not from Ladbrokes!

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