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Winfred. Reviewed on 11.07.18

Joyland Casino (brought to us gamblers by Playtech) stumbled into my view when I was looking around the casino lists that had bonuses that required no initial deposit bonus.

I was a bit surprised when I saw how high the wager was ! I am not used to anything that is above 50x, but since I got a nice deposit bonus, I didn't mind all that much. I like it that the site has downloadable content , as well as instant play for us that are a bit worried about possible malware. You can never be too certain!
It offers your standard games such as Video Poker, Cards, Slots , Table games. The full package!

I didn't have any problems with the registration either! The site was absolutely easy to get around with, and since download wasn't mandatory, I was ready to play in minutes!

As per usual slots were my target and first slot that caught my eye was the Marvel game chain. If you're a Marvel fan like me, you'd think that it's almost logical for me to play Marvel slots. I didn't notice Lord of The Rings though, that would be fun!
Unfortunately to my missfocus, I managed to blow my money away on those slots alone, so I didn't have a chance to test the other software types. Playtech never dissappointed me, and I can guarantee without checking the software is good as it gets!

I didn't make any withdraws from this site, so it would be irresponsible of me to give an withdraw an 100% clear, as I did not withdraw anything myself, , but what I can tell you in my experience, Playtech has some really nice and secure software, and I definitely think you should give this Casino a shot!

Rating from 1/10 keeping in mind instant play, free bonus, nice software, a bit of a high wager, and my instant-favorite Marvel slots, I'd rate this casino a strong 6/10.
Joyland Casino is another Playtech casino that I came across looking for a no deposit bonus. They offer a 25 euros no deposit bonus with a 99 x wager and a maximum 200 euros cashout. You have to admit that the wager is a bit big but what I like is that all games are allowed. This way you can choose and maybe do well in some of your favorite games.

I like playtech software and I like what they have to offer. This casino like any other Playtech casino has Video Poker, Card and Table games, Scratch Cards and my favorite Slot games. They offer download and instant play mode. This casino is verified as safe by Verisign so it’s a safe casino to play in. The site itself is very simple and easy to navigate. I always prefer downloading than instant play so I had no problems downloading and installing the software. After verifying my email the sign up bonus was automatically added to my balance. I like this because I didn’t have to contact live chat support and ask for a no deposit bonus.

When I started the software and started playing it reminded me of another casino I liked a lot Club Gold Casino. Off course I went to check out their slot games offer and wasn’t disappointed. They have all the Marvel progressive slots that I play often like Fantastic Four, Captain America, Iron Man, Blade and many others. I always start playing Fantastic Four when Marvel slots are available hoping for some big win. This time my visit wasn’t very pleasant. I played for a while and lost about 10 euros. I didn’t get any free spins and in like most games any win without the free spins isn’t very big. My next choice was Captain America and here I lost all of my money.

I can’t say anything about withdrawal because I never had any from this casino but like all William Hill Group of casinos the withdrawal time is about 5 days. Overall I give this casino a 9 out of 10.
Amanda. Reviewed on 23.09.18
Regarding the Joyland casino, I utterly have new experience in its well known games, roulette which is one of the most popular games. I spent my 5 hours to play Roulette Pro yesterday,what I think is that roulette pro is advantageous for slow player like me. This is because I need to think whether red or black to bet when playing roulette. It may take me some time to bet correctly for winning haha.

Thus, definitely this is good as I am not restricted to time as this roulette pro is not a live roulette gameplay. So I can spend longer time on it. The unfortunate thing is that your rate to win the roulette is not about how long you spend to put a bet (on black or red) but it is all about your luck also. This is because what I have noticed so far from this roulette pro is that you can't really know which round the ball will appear on the same side consecutively. It is like guessing. I like this roulette pro because I can spend longer time to guess as i said. It depends on your luck also. You can't really know what will be coming next 100 percent. Since it is not a live gameplay so I recorded down the game trend one by one. The trend will not be identical from time to time as it will change so it is quite hard to get the same game trend repeated. Another thing that I found from this roulette pro is that when you bet 10 dollar per side you will hardly win the round while when you bet 1 dollar or 2 dollar you can win easily. I don't know whether it is manipulated or what or it is merely psychological effect when you bet big. Maybe yourself afraid to lose your money on the bet round haha, anyway, overall experience is good.

As I said just now that I spent 3 hours on the game with merely 30 dollar in hand and I managed to retain my initial capital with a small winning of 4 dollars. Maybe you will say my luck is not that good but what I think is that if you really wish to make money via gambling I hope you can think twice. Gambling can be useful for you to spend your leisure time if you know how to control yourself or if you have strong interest to spend your time in gambling while minimizing your chance to lose. I wish to recommend you to play Roulette series. Roulette can be easily a game to win small money. If you want to win big money it is also possible but you really need to know the trend and bet careful because the ball 0 is quite easy to come consecutively when your luck is bad. I experienced that yesterday. 2 consecutive ball 0 after a long track of red side. There was a consecutive 7 red side numbers before a 2 consecutive BALL 0. From here you can see that Ball 0 is unpredictable and it can just come anytime.

So, if you willing to spend time to record the trend. I believe you can outperform the game. I prefer Roulette Pro of Joyland because I also prefer to record down the colour trend of roulette and guess what will be coming next. Dont just bet blindly , you only have luck to refer if you just bet without thinking twice and your money will be flowing to casino account at the same time. Conclusion, roulette can make you to have higher chance to win and minimize your chance to lose if you just play red /black. For myself I prefer red/black game play as you no need to focus on too many probabilities as red/black only 50:50 chances. Either you win or lose with 50 percent possibilities.

Good luck,people. This is what I think after my 5 hours spent on Joyland Casino Roulette Pro game play. Although this experience might not be sufficient but it could be useful to some of you when you try this Roulette Pro.
Branda. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Hello, guys, if you are looking for reasonable casino for spending your leisure time or you wish to choose a right casino to earn some pocket money, Joyland Casino is quite a good option. You may not wish to spend too much initially to test the attractiveness of the casino and you may highly dependent on the no deposit bonus given by casino.

The no deposit bonus given by Joyland casino is quite acceptable. I am Malaysian but I have strong interest in playing online table games and poker game, this is my first time in choosing casino and Joyland casino is my first choice. The no deposit bonus offered by Joyland casino can be in currency of USD, EURO, and GBP. If you claim the bonus in currency of USD and EURO,25 will be given while 10 will be given in currency of GBP. The wagering requirement for this EURO 25 no deposit bonus is very high which is 99X, so far I haven't finished wagering( 25 X 99). I think if the wagering 99 X can be reduced to 50 x, then it is more acceptable. However, the good thing is that withdrawn up to 200 EURO can be made once you have fulfilled the wagering requirement of 25 X 99 and made your very first deposit of 50 EURO.

All games are allowable to do the bonus wagering but the percentage counted is different in terms of game category. I choose to claim 25 EURO and start enjoying my table games especially Blackjack.blackjack is also counted for bonus wagering. Blackjack can be an easy game to win pocket money if you really know when to HIT and when to stand.but sometime it is just unavoidable for you to win when the dealer have blackjack. Maybe I am not an experienced player in blackjack but I like it quite a lot. I have lost part of the given 25 EURO on this blackjack of Joyland Casino. You need to manage well the bonus given because if you bet big each hand, you will end up losing the 25 EURO bonus with just a few lousy hands. The Joyland Casino blackjack graphic design is quite satisfying, the flow of the game is still okay

.In terms of game fairness, I find out dealer can easily get an upper hand by having 10,J,Q,K initially. They can easily obtain 19 or 20 points without drawing extra cards, even by drawing extra card, they can have 21 points. I experienced once which the dealer of blackjack got 3 and 6 at first place, total up 9 points and then third and forth card were drawn which were DOUBLE 2 and the fifth card was 3 again and last card that made it 21 points was 5. I thought dealer side would get bust but eventually got 21. Maybe my luck is not that good from time to time. I seldom manage to get 21. When I make DOUBLE UP in blackjack game of Joyland casino, the good thing is I get 10 points most of the time. That is nice because whenever you have collected 10 points with initial card pairs, double up which make you have another 10 points will give you better chance to win the dealer.

Get a try in blackjack game of Joyland Casino.
Robbin. Reviewed on 03.10.18
I have been with the casino for a few months. On registration, they gave me $25. It was cool I thought. Then I learnt that it comes with a wager requirement which is 200x the bonus. I was pissed off to be honest. But silly me ha-ha, its free, I should’ve expected something like that. But thats just it, I moved on.

I liked the casino so I set that aside, i didn’t expect to win anything anyway. I deposited to continue playing and they automatically added the welcome bonus. I had to ask the support team because I dont want to be startled with another soaring high wager requirement. What I heard was a surprise! The wager requirement for the welcome bonus is 20x the bonus amount! Paid to be positive in everything! Ha-ha.

I give them an awesome review because they deserve one! Still playing here. 
Despite the fact Joyland was purchased by William Hill a couple of years back, they have retained many of their questionable terms and conditions and customer-unfriendly policies.

One of the greatest scandals ever to hit the online casino world occured at Joyland around five years ago when a (not so) lucky player won a progressive jackpot of around 4 million pounds. Joyland, which was owned by Playtech founder Teddy Sagi at the time, has a term that states even jackpots such as this will be paid out at a maximum of £10,000 per month - this term still exists today, despite the fact Playtech pay the casino such jackpots in full.

Obviously this is an outrageous term for a winner of 4 million, as they would be looking at several decades to be paid in full. We might not still be using the internet in its current form by then, never mind Joyland casino! Her's the real kicker - the casino offered the woman HALF of her win as an instant lump sum, as some kind of settlement.. she chose to accept, leaving Joyland a cool 2 million profit of players money - a pretty sweet reward for what is, quite frankly - nothing short of outright theft.

Be sure to read the terms and conditions VERY carefully before choosing to play here, and bear in mind that WIlliam Hill offer all of the same games, and have much more friendly terms and conditions despite owning both casinos, therefore, I see little reason to play at Joyland past the welcome bonus stage.

Be aware the "No Deposit Bonus", has small print that your winnings will be void if you do not register a payment method before commencing play (your card is the only option unless you want to deposit). There's a 99x wagering requirement, so its unlikely you'll reach a cash out stage - but if you do, you need to make a £50 deposit to withdraw your winnings as well.

Personally I think this is a seriously dodgy outfit and a disgrace to the William Hill name.
Peggy. Reviewed on 05.10.18
In my opinion about Joyland casino the layout looks very elementary. Maybe a little child created this website lol. Every casino website I have been to pages stretched far more details than Joyland casino because everything would fill the page, "simple" became "advanced", blank backgrounds had meaningful colors and not to mention bonuses that are exceedingly high from the common welcome bonuses we all find across all casinos, 100%.

What I wanted to do is accept the $25 no deposit to take it for a spin so I could get to know more about Joyland. As dreadful as this sounds the free chip held a gigantic 99 times my playthrough before I can cashout any winnings. That is a far road to walk on especially the total amount I would have to wager off. $2475!! Are you insane!? It would take a lot of good luck and days to get through this just like it would take extreme amounts of water to take down the inside of an infernal volcano!

After being credited by my $25 bonus I hoped for a miracle to get this done. Unfortunately the WR is too much to take down and I went back to $0 playing Great Blue and Irish Luck. Left in disappointment I started depositing $40 to collect the 100% which yielded only 10x! Now that is a low wagering requirement! All I had to do is spend $400 of my balance to get more cash. So I started with Gladiator with $0.75. Their extra scatter features were raking the crap out of this slot giving me more than what I bargained for. There is this one spin during the free spins on doubled wins where I almost got 5 princesses/queens/ladies but ended with only 4 instead of 5. Reel 5 displeased me. Personally one of my pet peeves were to see four high combinations in general leaving the 5th symbol wandering someplace else. I raised my bets to $1.50 after I won big. It took me 2 hours to get a little over half my wagering and seeing my bets on $1.50 made my balance stood still. It is still going well and when it eventually stopped giving the wealth I switched to another slot called Lotto Madness.

After a set amount of wagering I finally met through the 10 times wagering. When my balance became free from the requirements I turned greedy to get more out of my $200+ but it disappeared in a few quick snaps because I was betting $50 a piece on Blackjack. My mistake left me with a hole in my pocket. It was a great experience but I was foolish to get greedy.

Joyland is a 7.5 out of 10!
Sirena. Reviewed on 06.10.18
A WHG casino, like 21 Nova, EuroGrand and Prestige, but has subtle differences in certain aspects. Some better, some a little less, so read on..

Wagering requirement. I have talked about the distinct difference between WHG casinos over the rest (kindly refer to my review on 21 Nova casino if you had missed it), so I won't repeat it here. Instead, I will tell you about the subtle differences between Joyland and its sister casinos. Which is the eldest, which is the youngest, I wouldn't know. I don't intend to marry any of them anyway, LOL. But that sweet lady who greets you at Joyland casino is certainly worth knowing oh! pardon me, side tracking! ;)

Coming back, Joyland is offering bonuses with wagering requirement of only 10 times the deposit+bonus amount, as opposed to 12 times and 15 times its sister casinos. Not a lot of difference right? Right! Should be easier to win right? Wrong! I found that out for myself! Winning needs a complex combination of luck, skill and timing, always! Less wagering only makes it a little easier to win, theoretically - not a guarantee. Even a wager-free bonus does not provide you with a win every time. In fact, you would lose most of the time! A fact to ponder upon.

Wager free bonus. WHG casinos were amongst the earliest in offering wager-free bonuses to their loyal members. Now, almost every other casino is using this method to pull in the masses. I wouldn't be surprised at all if future cash back refunds and bonuses soon become this wager-free kind. So, what's the difference between Joyland and its other sisters you ask? Subtle. For example, for the same total deposited amount made in the previous month, Joyland usually gives back just a little bit more. If the sister casinos give out $20, you can expect to get about $24 from Joyland. Not always, but most of the time.

Withdrawals. All WHG casinos process and complete their withdrawal claims within 4 - 5 days, the latter over weekends usually. Not really fast but acceptably fast. For those who are not very familiar with other casinos, for comparison, some Real Time Gaming (RTG) casinos may take at least 14 days to make payments, whilst all Top Game casinos take no less than 1 month! I received mine no earlier than 3 months! So, 4 days is more than satisfactory!

Joyland casino is definitely in my top-10 favorites list and every month I look forward to receiving my loyalty wager-free bonus of at least $20. If I want more, I have to deposit more - simple as that, hehe.
Oscar. Reviewed on 07.10.18
While I have known about this casino for a long time, a couple of factors kept me from signing up at Joyland. Firstly, the site itself had a poor reputation (as did the entire casino group it originally belonged to) of not paying players their rightful winnings. Secondly, even if I considered overlooking the first point, the ridiculous 200x playthrough on the free chip offer (posted on the site itself and elsewhere) was not only unappealing but a huge turnoff as it suggested to me that other promotions, including deposit bonuses, would likewise be unattainable.

A few years back, Joyland was purchased (along with its sister sites) by the renowned William Hill organisation, taking care of my first concern. Even so, the new ownership did not result in a total overhaul and the freebie offer remained unchanged. But last weekend, as I was browsing AskGamblers, I noticed that the no deposit bonus was now being advertised at half the original playthrough rate. While a 99x WR is still awfully difficult to complete successfully, at least it lies within the furthest bounds of remote probability so I decided to take a shot at it.

After successfully claiming the bonus via a link in the signup email and registering a valid credit card in my account as required (the promo’s terms implied an alternate payment method would also do but I saw no way to add one without depositing), it was time to play with the free $25. I got off to a decent start on Desert Treasure playing $0.40 per spin but then found my balance dwindling due to insufficient combinations and bonuses. The first free spins I got were dismal, the second OK at best: Third time was the charm, though, as I increased my total to just above $40.

I then decided to switch to Dr. Lovemore, a slot that has usually been reliable for me in the past. Though it doesn’t tend towards monster wins, I can generally count on modest gains or, at worst, moderate losses; plus the free spins come at reasonable intervals. Unfortunately, this particular session proved to be the polar opposite of what I’d come to expect as my balance declined relentlessly and free spins failed to materialize over the course of at least 400-500 game rounds. One four-scatter hit helped delay the inevitable, briefly getting me back above the $10 mark, but eventually I was down to zero.
Rubin Ressler. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Casino games without end
Of course I didn't want to miss these. One finally has even twice if a lot of fun, if one gets money given. The highest jackpot is legendary 5 million euros. I was allowed this chance to miss on not the slightest case and hour by hour I fought. Well, I would have become a fivefold millionaire, I would have bought the casino presumably at once because hardly another online casino is more promising in the distances of the Internet.

Also all table games available–Casinospiele without end.
Of course I didn't want to miss these. Schl must an absolute in every top casino. What I had looked already so long for was the open and kind presentation exactly. Attractive jackpots and chances of winning were first the beginning. I won the one or other amount and didn't want to stop playing any more. What I was so interested at this casino was the question whether and how long the Joyland casino can one actually cause fun.

Very good payment quota.
As I already said: Here is the name program. I have enjoyed absolutely in this legendary online casino every minute. Not only because there was much to win here. The payment quota is namely considerable. It was the ambiance which dragged me into his spell for weeks much more.

Joyland –Fun factor guaranteed.
In the Joyland casino I met one, community which consisted of players of the whole world. There isn't envy but only goodwill. At the beginning of every game we wanted a lot of fun and good luck. I was lucky till now enough therefore it depended for me on the fun factor. And this cannot be surpassed definitely. Somebody won, was congratulated. There as well was sympathy if I invested and lost vast sums. It simply is only fun with playing, chatting and whiling away the time in the Joyland casino.

Result: Very excellent casino.
I have learned a thing in this online casino: It is not all about alone letting become playing to the addiction and hoping for the large money. It is rather the kind atmosphere which agrees on a top casino like the Joyland. She have I found here and I also wish exactly these to all other players, that himself furthermore if wohlfühlen, as I do it.

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