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Sirena. Reviewed on 11.07.18
I have played at for quite some time now. I live in the U.S.A.
I wanted to write a fair and honest review for those that are trying to find a reliable place to play.
have always been paid any of my winnings I have requested.
I hit a straight flush jackpot on let em ride-$23,000.00 as my highest payout-summer 2015, but have won and lost many other games.
I was called by the CDS (Central Dispute System) when I won my straight flush to verify my info and to do an audit of the game to make sure it hadn't malfunctioned, which is standard practice according to them. I have read in discussion boards that they aren't real. Well, they called me and emailed me to submit my identity documents to verify and acknowledge my jackpot win immediately after I hit it, so on my end they are very real.
At one point, I had $44000.00 in my account from winnings playing multi-hand video poker. How much I actually cashed out isn't that amount, but, you get the idea.

I have played everywhere online, and this place usually pays like clockwork. The only complaints I have with payouts, is the fact that you are limited to $2500.00 per week, and sometimes they take a little longer between each payment than a week. Sometimes holidays play a factor, other times it's just a matter of me having to email them to ask what's up, and they get it processed. They have always responded, and I understand though due to it being a bank wire transfer, you have to be careful due to the fact that banks can get weird about international wire transfers. I personally haven't had any problems.

That being said, overall my experience compared to any other casino I've played at is hands down the best.
They don't have a phone contact, but email has always been reliable for any questions I have had.
I play mostly video poker, and I have never felt like there was any kind of pattern or system they might have in place to win or loose on any of their games. Sometimes I willwager up to $1000.00 and win nothing, and other times, I'll wager $25 and start hitting 4 of a kinds. Usually I play $1.00 denomination ($5.00 a game) and occasionally I'll up it to $5.00($25.00 a game) if I'm doing good. This happened a few nights ago, and I hit a royal flush and won $20000.00. I have hit at least a dozen royal flushes in the past year. I'm sharing all of this because I know how frustrating it can be trying to find a reputable place to gamble that you have a fair chance at winning.

My #1 piece of advice gambling here or wherever you choose online, is never use any bonus money. Buy-in using only your money. When you use only your money, you don't have to ever worry about cashing out when you win. With bonus money, you set yourself up for loosing because you have to wager an enormous amount just to fulfill the play-through wager requirements, which seems to be a lot of the problems with payout complaints. I have learned all this the hard way.: (
It's nothing dishonest or wrong with the casino, just a way for them to have more of an edge. It's your job to read about policies with bonus money. It's not hard to find, nor unfair. It's just like anything in this world, you have to pay attention to what you're buying like stuff you see on T.V. How many times have you heard that someone is being billed monthly for something they didn't authorize? Well duh, you didn't pay attention to what you were buying and ask about what you would be charged. You just gave the operator you credit card number and said thanks! Companies are creative to make money off of people who don't think about what they're actually buying.

Pay attention, read, review policies on any online casino so you know ahead of time what you can expect. They spell it out somewhere, take time to read it.
Also with bonus money, you are only allowed to win 10x the amount of bonus money you are given, and if you were to hit a jackpot, sorry, that will probably exceed your payout limit.
I hope I have helped paint a picture of how this casino runs, and how things will go.

I will update this review at any point that any of this information changes as of 11/23/15

GOOD LUCK!!! : )
Payout limits $2500 per/week but I understand the reasoning due to banks and international wire transfer flags, however once you've been receiving regular wire transfers, you should be able to up the limit.
Either way it's just worth noting, not the end of the world,just annoying when you've won a nice chunk of change and you don't want the temptation of giving it back while you're waiting for you winnings.
Robbi. Reviewed on 24.09.18
iNetBet casino has been on the web for about a decade now and have still continued their online business to provide players whether they are new or old entertainment that gives untold wins and jackpots through games of chance!

On at 2009 in the summer I basically turned to google for a Real Time Gaming casino that would take me to new heights with my medium sized deposit of $60 after the $10 no deposit bonus. At the time their was this $10 no deposit bonus to give new players off to a good start! It was about 3 and a half years ago so the wagering was either 25 x or the common 30 x wagering before firing a full blast of funds into my Moneybookers!

Despite the wagering requirements I took a spin of my $10 and chose a slot suitable to stay in good standing until the wagering requirements banished from my balance and my bonus became cheddar (money) to eat (withdraw). So long as the video slot kept paying frequently I would not have a problem trying to lose my entire bonus stack. I took a stroll on Paydirt! The bonus was short lived however but I kept my spirits up by depositing $60! This 25 Paylines video slot is like a digging expedition! I kept digging and digging for a great find on this video slot gold mine and found interesting gems, diamonds, and even artifacts (wins, bonuses, free spins).
During the influence of $2 per spin which I know is high for only $60 but I wanted to catch bigger finds using bigger tools (Bigger bets = bigger wins). As I kept on breaking rocks and digging through dirt (spinning the reels and catching wins) in a continuous cycle I managed to find an artifact (I hit a bonus feature) after 15 minutes of searching (spinning with $2 bets). Finally my search is over as I immediately feasted my eyes on this magnificent relic!

Before making any bonuses happen I had to pick a triggering scatter from the 3 scattered signs to reveal what type of bonus will be played out. I chose the sign on the 1st Reel (Centre) and it gave me the Strike it Lucky Feature! While on the bonus screen I was presented a series of Mine shafts to choose from during the Strike It Lucky Feature! Every pick got me an extra wild during free spins. In order of my picks are the dog, the bandit and the mine symbol from 3 different mine shafts. These are the symbols that will turn wild when they occur inside free spins! I was lucky enough to get 3 symbols before everything collapsed and ended my feature. Most of the time I only get 1 extra wild but in this rare case I had 3 this time! This golden beauty gave me explosive wins for a grand total of $578! The feature retriggered 5 times while providing gold nuggets that tripled each winning combination before it stopped my rain of good luck in this feature! It's amazing what can be achieved with a daringly high bet at just the right video slot! Tripled stacked gold nuggets, 3 Extra wild symbols inside my free spins, five retriggers! Wow!

I was blown away by this performance! Can you imagine if the bet became $125 with this exact outcome? The wins would be bigger than Mount Everest! Lol but I think that would be too much of an exaggeration! iNetBet, another RTG casino to deliver cool payouts!!

A 10 out of 10!
Rebbeca. Reviewed on 28.09.18
I found this casino while I was looking for a good no deposit bonus. There was an offer on some affiliate site for a bonus of 30 $ no deposit with a 60 x bonus wager and a maximum cash out of 150 $. Not bad and not too good. Still a 1800$ wager is pretty big. For some reason, probably the name, I thought this was a Net Entertainment casino and was very surprised to see that it was run by Real Time Gaming.

Their website looks very good. Good quality animations, clear bonus promotions and a short resume of the casino history and offers. Established in 1999, 200% sign up bonus ( tempting ), available in download, instant play and mobile version. Pretty much everything a good casino should have.

Anyway I made an account, downloaded their software and started playing. I had some pretty big wins on Aladdin's Wishesand Count spectacular on a 1 $ bet but lost all of the money eventually trying different slots.I can't say why but I had a good feeling about this casino and wanted to make a deposit. I wanted to contact live chat support about the minimum deposit but couldn’t find the live chat icon anywhere. Another ghost casino like Winner Club I thought. I found it on AskGamblers and read the reviews and decided to make a deposit because it seems like a safe casino like some members said in their reviews. Ok a 20 $ deposit no bonus ( I hate wagers ) and off to the games. I started on Aladdin's wishes and got free spins on a 0.40 $ bet. I got about 20$ and decided to change the game.
I moved on to Coyote cash because of the wild multiplier and got 5 of a king with a wild equal to x 60 bet on a 1$ bet. Not bad, not bad. About 20 spins more and I got free spins with a 30 $ cash out. As soon as the free spins were over another set of free spins with about 20$ win. I had about 130 $ on my account. And off course being the greedy little creature that I am I managed to loose it all on Count Spectacular. I was hoping to see that 200x bet win I once had and only saw the zero on my balance.

I will come back here again when I recover from stress I had and make another deposit ( Not playing on Count Spectacular any more).
I took a bonus from this casino and played true wagering requirements, my winnings were low like 6-7 $. When I wanted to make the withdrawal I was asked for bunch of my documents including credit card details, and the moment I sent them in few minutes my balance was gone.

In support they said that they did that cos I was not eligible for the bonus cos it was for players who deposited in the last 2 months. So that is after I was allowed to register (and I`m a new player) I received the bonus, made the wagering, sent them my credit card and other details. And also other bonuses that I was not eligible to use was not accepted an the cashier. I just want to say too that on the bonus on the site that I found was said that it is for new players.
Lesa. Reviewed on 03.10.18
Just a little short of casino cash the provided $10 no deposit bonus for iNetBet Casino by AskGamblers (it’s always worth to pop in here especially in harsh times) couldn’t come at better time. Register and typing bonus code didn’t take for 3 minutes and I was ready the challenge (everyone can easily register at almost every casino but the cashout is a totally different story).

Started playing and jumping from slot to slot finally I stucked with the Sea Captain game and with small stakes I succeed to build a solid balance and some time later the winnings from this free chips became withdrawable. A big minus for the casino that they don’t operate live chat function so the players who turn for them with asks or problems have to use e-mail or phone methods. After contacting them via e-mail they informed me though the bonus terms were finished it’s still not allowed to play restricted games like Roulette, no deposit required in regards to cash out and a fax back form must be filled out at the very first withdrawal even if the desired payment processor would be Skrill.

On the next day I sent over the copies and kindly asked them to verify if they got all the docs they need and whether they meet their criteria. Nothing I hate more than the factor of uncertainty. It happened to me a couple of times after sending personal data I just waited for the money and a week later became evident that they didn’t get them. Unfortunately I got no response from them so I had to e-mail them again with the same result. One week later finally answered telling they didn’t get anything from me and everything started again.

The next two weeks I sent the everything again and again without any word from them. I sent them from different e-mail adresses, in JPEG and RAR format, directly to their Casino Manager when someday they told me they need a fully completed fax-back form and also noted that there appear to be several accounts matching my details used to claim free chips and asked me to explain why this would be the case. It was the last straw. Next day I sent all of the 4 docs (including the unchanged fax-back form) and told them I don’t intend to use other method for payments than Skrill and the fax-back form was filled in a proper way and I opened only one account and I reject any accusation of cheating or other illegal behavior and I am ready for any investigation. Marvel of marvels, next day they let me know they checked and approved my docs and updated my account status accordingly and 2 day later I got the money on my Skrill account.

It could have been much easier if the support would have made their jobs properly. I don’t think I will ever make there a deposit and maybe it was a one-time story but I’m done with them.
Rozella. Reviewed on 05.10.18
I enjoyed the slot games at this casino, and the new player slot bonus was very nice. I only really play slots and there are a few particular games that I stick to, so it worked for me :-)
I was doing very well and kept hitting the bonus rounds on my favorite slots and was up to about $1,800 so I decided to check with a rep through live chat to confirm how much of the playthrough I had remaining and was told I had already completed the playthrough requirement. I then proceeded to the withdraw tab in the cashier and was met with an error message stating that I am unauthorized to request withdrawals. When I went back and asked the live chat I was told I needed to send a completed copy of their verification form along with the other required forms of identification. This happened on Friday the 13th. I sent the email and all required documents in the early morning hours of Sunday the 15th. Later, in the afternoon I was told (by live chat adviser) that the review dept. probably wouldn't get back to me until today because it was a Sunday. So this morning at 6:24am EST, I received an email from a "CSR Lynn" stating that my paperwork had been received and verified.

This afternoon I login to the casino and still have the same error message. But now live chat is offline and only email is available for contact. So I go back to my email and REPLY to the email I received asking the restriction to be removed since my documents had already been verified. I got an email back stating that there weren't any notes in the system stating my documents had been received or verified and they are now gone for the day but if I would like I could resend my documents so everything would already be there when business resumes tomorrow. I kindly point out that the email I am referring to is on the email chain we were using and added a screen shot of the email. I was still given basically the same response again. "Someone will contact me first thing in the morning".

I am extremely ANNOYED that I am being given the run-around about something so simple. This is my first time really winning at online casinos and I was really excited about making this my new fav, but the hassle I'm receiving just to be able to make a withdrawal, makes me feel like it wasn't worth the money I spent and not sure I would deposit 1 more dollar at this casino if this isn't resolved. I will give an update if anything changes... #fingerscrossed!
Jami Zhao. Reviewed on 06.10.18
I decided I would make a deposit into this RTG casino, as I have read in a lot of places over the web, that they have a very fast withdrawal process.

So, without wanting to make the same mistakes I have made before with some RTG casinos. I decided to check out their site to read further info on the casino's and to find out more about the bonuses that they had to offer.

I found this which I thought suited me perfectly. New Player? Low-Roller? Not sure? Try the excitement with double your money. As I felt exactly that “Not sure?”. This bonus was only available as a new player bonus – which is fine as I never have deposited before in this casino. The bonus requirements/ playthrough requirement were as follows: Deposit and Bonus must be wagered 20 x before cashing out. Wagering requirements are increased to 25xdeposit and bonus. Full wagering requirements must be met prior to cash out. I thought that sounded perfect.

Although it was a very short play as I did not win.

I had a look at the tournaments they had on offer and made another deposit to have a spin at those. For those who love tournaments.

This casino has quite a variety to play and the buy-in, does not dent your pocket:)

The tournament offer 5 mins or 10 mins playtime depending on the type of tournament that you have bought into. Players are usually limited to 500 per tournament and depending on how many players are participating will depend on how the prize pool is split between the top players.

For example: Based on 15 players, the first four players will be paid from the prize pool. The more players that participate will determine the split of the prize pool.

The type of games they usually run with the tournaments are games like : Loose Caboose, Enchanted Garden, Texan Tycoon, Naughty or Nice, Triple Twister. So it’s a nice variety of the RTG games.

According to their site they do offer the Refer-A-Friend program which most of the RTG casino don’t usually offer.

Either way, I will be depositing and playing in this RTG casino a lot more often.

Will let you know what happen ;)
Janie. Reviewed on 07.10.18
iNetBet is somewhat of a rarity in the online casino world in that it is a credible and reputable establishment operating only on RTG software, the provider of choice for many other sites of a more dubious nature. Nevertheless, my personal misgivings over the platform made me hesitate for a long time before finally signing up here last December, despite the decent $10 no deposit bonus on offer carrying only a 15 x playthrough. Unfortunately (from my point of view) there were no instant play games available, which necessitated a software download. Personally I am not keen on installing any casino on my computer unless I am fairly certain I will be playing there quite frequently in future.

To be fair, though, the RTG client is not too bulky andunlike some other popular casino software brands does not automatically download games regardless of whether an individual user wants them or not. Once the installation was done and I had completed the registration process, I was able to claim the free welcome offer without any hassles by inputting the given bonus code in the appropriate cashier section. Considering my previous experiences playing with bigger bonuses at other RTG sites, I felt that the usual slots I was accustomed to playing were too high variance for a $10 bankroll and I would be better off trying something else for a change that would hopefully extend my playing time and give a better chance of meeting the wagering requirements.

One feature I do happen to particularly like in this software is the detailed game preview screen. For slots, this allows players to see information like minimum and maximum bet sizes, number of paylines, design theme and variance level of a particular title before actually downloading and opening it. After quickly going through the whole list, I was therefore able to identify a game that fit my needs and decided to launch the low variance Incan Goddess. While I did manage to play it for a while, my balance was eventually whittled down to nothing.

Since then I have returned to iNetbet and played with a couple of small free chips/spins offers purely for the fun of it since, like most RTG sites, players cannot claim winnings from back-to-back freebies and I have yet to make a single deposit.
Georgie. Reviewed on 10.10.18
This is one of the best casinos' around, I have always been paid and my concerns are always addressed with respect.
No live chat
First I would like to bring to your attention that I noticed here at AskGamblers ' some ' incorrect information's related to iNet Bet Casino. So let's start .

1- Players from Bosnia & Herzegowina are not accepted. This information is not correct because I am from Bosnia & Herzegowina and I have an account at this casino for the past two or three months .

2- Currency : only U.S. dollars accepted. This would make a second incorrect info according to the fact that there is an inet bet EU casino where you can play for euros .

3- Licence : Costa Rica
There is a sign at their official website saying : "We are incorporated under the laws of Curacao and are fully licensed and regulated by the laws of that country for the purpose of operating online casino gambling."

I signed up with iNetBet casino per friend recommendation who had really good cashout at this casino. Few days later I received an e-mail from them with special bonus offer 200 % allowed games /Slots, Video Slots, Scratch Cards and Keno Games. Besides this offer there was 100 % for table games. As a big fan of slot , I decided to take advance in their first bonus offer. After I made 20 euros deposit they added additional 40 euros which is 60 euros altogether.

My very first game was Cleopatras gold, great game, but I had no luck. I started with 0.4 bet per spin, and after ten minutes I switched to Basketball game with 0.5 bet per spin soon I got free spins and cash out 10 euros. Then I decided to increase the bet on 1 euro. After 30 mins I lost all of my money .

Overall I would recommend this casino, the only thing that is bothering me, there is no ' live chat ' support provided, because I think the communication with casino via e-mail makes it more difficult. It means that if you have some problem, questions related to casino you will wait for answer for ' some time '.

I give 8 / 10 and I think that this is casino that you can trust .

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