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Shasta. Reviewed on 11.07.18
Hippozino, at first I didn't know, then I found out it's actually a casino, and giving out some free spins for those who don't know, so I finally got signed up for all I know. Hmm. Free spins are usually very tempting, a big yes and attraction for registering, but when it's for a game called Starburst, things can only get worse! For me that is. Just imagine, playing 40 free spins on that blardy game, and all it paid me was a blardy miserable $1.22! What the argh! The few bursts that I got didn't bring any luck. I played it all to zero, the game really sucks!

Next came another very tempting offer - deposit $30 and get $90, for first time depositors only. Hmm, I was one of those, even though I've already registered earlier, but I had only played the no-deposit free spins that were given and didn't make any deposit after that. Why? Simply because Starburst killed my enthusiasm on that day. Moreover, I had wanted to play Dead Or Alive, but the game was dead, or rather, it never came alive in Hippozino. Don't ask me why, I just don't know. Probably the casino doesn't want anyone playing it, for all I know. Ah, what the heck, for a 300% deposit bonus, I took it up, deposited $30, got my $90, and have a nice $120 starting bankroll to play any game that I want. What I wanted the casino didn't have, so I finally played the game Gonzo's Quest.

So how was the Spaniard explorer on that day? Hmm, a good start to the day, but soon got cheated along the way. The first Free Falls game paid a decent 40x my total bet, then it was all just blardy empty blank spins that I could get. From $120 it went down straight to $1.31 cents! What a blardy cruel game, it just didn't make any sense. The second Free Falls game only came when I was almost all spent! And the best part was, it paid me a blardy $1.89 cents!!! Eating $120 and paying back only $1.89, does that make any sense? Like hhell it does! Probably my worst ever game on Gonzo, leaving me biting the dust!

Ah...but that is not all! All along the way, the internet connection kept going astray. The game would hang, like from night to day. Oh boy, you should see my angry face on that day! Losing all my money, yet the game I cannot play. Spinning and spinning, but not in the right way. Thank god I don't have a gun, or I would have blasted Gonzo till my laptop was done! Oh Gees...the games and the casino gave me the squeeze, so no more tempting offers coming my way, please!
Hmm, to ask me now what I really don't like, would be like asking me would I like a thunderbolt strike?! I was already down and out, torn into tiny pieces. My favourite games DOA and the Creature could only be misses. What more can I say, what more can I play, on such a blardy awful day?! Sorry Hippozino Casino, I couldn't get the chance to be fair to you. Your customer support, your withdrawal performance, I don't know if they can do, but I guess I won't be coming back, after what I've went through!
Deena Demaria. Reviewed on 25.09.18
I have to say that lately I have a real problem in gambling. I went over almost all of the no deposit bonus offers here at AskGamblers, I have no money on my e-wallet so I had to move on to the only thing left for me. The free spins no deposit bonus list. Now after registering at some casinos and not getting the bonus because Macedonia is on the list of restricted countries I finally came across a descent bonus. 10 free spins on Gold Factory at Hippozino Casino.

I was looking for a Playtech casino, Macedonia isn't on the restricted countries list ( Like Romania,Poland, Russia and Belarus) so it was ideal for me. When I looked at the wager Jesus an astonishing 200x bonus wager. Way Way too much. But gambling is an addiction so I went on and took the bonus.At first glance I liked the website. Well organized, no animation a pretty simple website.I made an account and registered. After my email confirmation I was ready for my 10 free spins. The game opened in instant play the spins started to roll and I even had some descent wins.

From the 10 free spins I got a total of 16 euros.Not a bad start for a free spins bonus.I wanted to change the game and I looked around the site for the download icon as I rarely play in instant play mode. To my surprise this casino only comes in instant play and mobile version. Ok never mind. I found Avalon II and started playing. After a few spins I got disconnected with an error code 211 and a message to contact customer support.It was a bit difficult to do this as they weren't online. Ok I went back to the game and after another few spins disconnected again. This cat and mouse game continued for the next 10 minutes. Finally live chat was up and running. I contacted them stated my problem and all the help I got was please try again later. Big help.I tried again after half an hour but the problem was still there. Right now I have about 20 euros left on my account and still waiting for their technical support to clear the problem. If everything is ok I will make a deposit because this is the first time I got the grail bonus on Avalon II so fast. Overall a 7 out of 10.
Glinda. Reviewed on 02.10.18
I sign up in this casino maybe 1 month ago when i saw 1 banner with 10 free spins on the Immortal Romance video slot just if you joined theirs casino and if you deposit they will give you 100% match bonus on top of your deposit.

I must say i joined here because of the free spins ,so before i joined the casino i first talk to the chat ,to my ensure am I eligible for the free spins when i sign up,the chat as very nice and professional so i did get the positive answer.

I did played this 10 free spins and played for a while ,because from them i got 5.20 euros and when i continue to play I played with the minimum bet of 0.30 euros per bet.I was having good time played for a while ,but i was far form the wagering the bonus.I can sat i really like the casino and maybe i will deposit here but i am just waiting to hear a bit much more about them ,so I can be sure where I deposit my money.

So i didnt made a deposit there but since then I get really nice offers from them and they are offering as a new player first deposit of 200% match,well that is great bonus I think but till i dont hear like I said anything solid about them I just dont know should I deposit here.The only hing we players are interested is great bonuses which they have and cashout time frame.

I didnt manage to find anything god or bad about them ,well maybe because they are new casino. I will wait a bit more maybe i will find some personal review from some player till then I will wait. So like I sais the chat support is great so i will give them 9/10 about cashouts dont know but if I decide to deposit there I will let you know.
Shawanda. Reviewed on 04.10.18
Hippozino Casino is a part of the micro gaming portal and licensed by Malta and they have the fastest instant play mode. They have a very beautiful casino site. I made a deposit of 20 and got 100 free spins on terminator 2 slot and i like these kind of bonuses because in 100 free spins their are a lot of chances of winning good money.

I just started with the free spins and i just put it on auto play and in about 8-10 minutes the 100 spins were over and i won around 28 from those 100 free spins it was good because i had put 20 to claim this bonus and got 28 so i guess the bonus offer was fair enough. After that i had 48 so i got started with another games and was very excited. i started with the game legend of olympus and now was betting the minimum and it was about real money now. This one was not that good and i left the game after losing around 5$.

Then opened the superman slot and it was shocking that i saw the superman slot for the first time ever and i had never seen this one on any casino before. or may be i just play my selected games. I started this one and was betting 0.30 per spin. And just once i got the superman logo wild thing and this one was a very nice feature and paid me around 1.80$. I played a lot of slots but kept leaving the ones which did not pay in around 8-10 spins.

Avalon II was my favourite game from this casino. tried some table games in the end and not a big fan of card and table games from the micro gaming portal. So just left the casino when my balance was 70$ and tried other options. This was a very average casino and i would give it 7 out of 20, fast processing though and no technical break downs.
Ariel. Reviewed on 06.10.18
I joined this casino some time ago and don't quite remember all the details. I have to admit that I totally forgot about it until I got an email the other day about some deposit bonus. Until then I forgot that I even have an account here. I came across this casino on some affiliate site. They had a no deposit bonus for 10 free spins on the slot game Gold Factory. 10 free spins isn't much but my Neteller balance didn't allow anything else so I was more than happy to accept the offer. I followed the link and made an account here.

I liked the website. It reminded me of Conquer casino because the log in page and the slots selection were the same. I don't know if they are sister casinos. Anyway the free spins were waiting for me and after they were over I had a descent 8 euros on my balance. I went on and started to play Hitman on a minimum bet. After about half an hour of play I had about 17 euro on my balance and decided to change the game. I tired another game which I played on a few occasions, Jason and the Golden Fleece and had some descent wins here and ended with a balance of about 30 euros. At this point I decided to contact live chat to ask about the T&C of the bonus.

I was disappointed to find out that the wager was 200 x the wins from the free spins. This is way too much in my opinion. I have seen this wager only in Rival casinos so far for no deposit promotions. I decided to take a risk and gamble it all on Thunderstruck II on a 0.60 bet. The gamble didn't pay off and I lost all of my balance very soon. I don't know if I will come back here again or not, but I had fun playing anyway.
Wen. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Hippozino is microgaming software casino, which i found here, on askgamblers, not so long time ago. I had 20$ on my card, and decide to deposit it in skrill, and test out this casino, also they had 200% welcome bonus, and this is perfectly suits to me with my low deposit.

For microgaming software 60$ balance is great for me, and in 95% of times i will open immortal romance or thunderstruck II to play at 0.60 bets. I decide to start from thunderstruck II, because as my personal experience this slot is a bit less variance than immortal romance, and usually i can get more playtime on TS II than on IR. I starting playing, and on my third spin i get 5 thors with a wild, this is really great combination, but i won around 40$ only, because on this game is really hard to get big win, and it is not possible to get picture and wild on reel, while on IR it is possible, therefore achieve big win during base game it is almost impossible, if only 5 wilds will come. I played around 40 minutes on TS II, but get only 3 free spins rounds, slot decide to give me wins on base game, but does not give free spins rounds. After 40 minutes i of course tired of TS, and with 50$ balance start betting 0.90 per spin, because it was bad streak, and i thought that feature should come quickly. But as gambling is random, such thoughts can't be used of course, and i just busted out.

I can't share any really decent experience with hippozino casino, but at least i can confirm that their games works, bonuses works, and everything looks fine. I rate it with 6 stars. Also i speak with their live chat, and there is also everything fine. This casino looks good, and when i will have some more money which i can spend on casinos, i will try this casino again.
Pei. Reviewed on 07.10.18
First of all I want to say that I didn’t trusted so much in this casino because of the name that it has!But I completely changed my opinion after I created my account and tried their casino games!

After I created my account,I made a deposit of 20 euro via Skrill to be able to receive the 100% bonus up to 200 euro!So I received another 20 euro bonus,with 50 times wagering requirements,almost acceptable!

I was very happy with their games because they have games from a very good provider,Microgaming and the first thing that came in my mind was to play the Immortal Romance slot with the deposit and the bonus but I decided to play The Finer Reels of Life slot because it is almost the same game,with 243 ways to win and free spins feature and a feature that it is triggered randomly!

I played this slot with a bet of only 0.30 euro,this is the bet that I am playing very often but I want to say that I managed to catch some nice wins!I was surprised because the Celebration Feature triggered before the free spins feature and gave me a win of 27 euro!

I had a lot of fun at this casino and after about 3 hours of intense play I managed to complete the wagering requirements and I requested an withdrawal of 40 euro! I want to rate this casino,for the games I will give a 9,I like their Microgaming games! The payment methods are very wide and very known so it deserves 9 for this!

Regarding the support,they have both e-mail support and live chat!I didn’t tried it but I think they are very professional and I will give another 9 for this feature! Overall it is a good casino and I recommend it if you want to have fun!
Ngoc. Reviewed on 10.10.18
A few months ago I saw Hippozinopromoted their casino with some free rounds to the new players. I didn’t know much about them but after I searched a bit I found some information. They seems trustable so I didn’t have any reason to not register. I signed up from the promoted site and everything works well. I registered in the instant play version and after I signed up and confirmed my email address I can start my 10 free rounds on the immortal romance. I was surprised because I get the free spins on 0.5 cent line bets so I get those free rounds on 1.5 euro stakes.

From my free games I collected 32 euro because I get the wild desire feature. When I finished the spins I changed the video slot to the thunderstruck II with 90 cent bets. Honestly I didn’t know how much was the wagering but I had a feeling it is very high. I played a lot on the thunderstruck and I went up to 210 euro. I raised the bet again to 1.8 euro and a few spins later I get the bonus feature. I ended the play when I had 100 euro and went to the live support to ask about my wagering requirements. He informed me I had to wager at least 500 euro more. I was disappointed but I didn’t give up. I went back to the Alaskan fishing with a huge bet. It was a disaster I lost my hundred euro without a good winning.

I didn’t able to complete the wagering so I left the casino. I thought I will deposit but when I saw some player are tricked with those bonuses I changed my mind but maybe if I have a lot spendable money I will try with a minimum deposit.

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