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Shaunte. Reviewed on 09.07.18
Pros: Grandwild casino using games from Playtech (instant play only) and gameOS. When I visit this site and decide to join casino, I notice that casino giving out 50$ no deposit bonus. Of course I was happy to get this bonus and have so much amount of money to enjoy games from Playtech, but when I read the terms i notice that only gameOS eligible. Pfff, that's not honest! Also I notice that casino have too many 200-300% bonuses, and of course I decide to check all terms, and yeah, Playtech games not eligible for playing with bonus. This is probably most ever bonus system I ever see in my life, this is so ridiculous to not allow play with bonuses on most popular games from Playtech, and force players to play this stupid gameOS games.

But I am still decide to take bonus, and open China Mega Wild, since seems that it is only one good slot from this software. I decide to play it fast, and start playing with 5$ bets, but the strange thing is that I just start winning and winning, and soon I had 300$ on my balance, so I upped more my bet and continue playing. I think I clear about half of wagering requirements, but unfortunately I get busted after about few hours of playing, this is was so ridiculous, I start from 50$ balance, but at peak I had around 1k$, but then I start play with 100$ bets, since there is no any max bet rule. But this rules for bonuses I am probably never forget, most annoying bonuses I ever see, congrats GrandWild casino.

I cannot rate this casino more than 4 stars. I did not test customer support and withdrawal processing, but for me is enough of their bonuses which is simply bad. Better not play in this casino.
Cons: GrandWild casino is another one in the long list of casinos I made an account in and forgot about them. I was going through my mail box the other day and came across an offer of 10 free spins with no deposit in this casino so decided to take a look. In the mail there were pictures of Captain America, Thor, Iron man so I thought this was a Playtech casino but was disappointed to see that it was another one of those mixed GamesOS and Playtech casinos.

Off course the bonus didn’t apply to any Playtech games and the free spins were for the Choo-Choo slot game. I came this far so decided to take the bonus and try my luck. Than it was clear to me why I have forgotten about this casino. During the free spins I got another set of 5 free spins and a bonus round. That’s very good for any free spins bonus but the total win from the free spins was a disappointing 7,4 euros. Wagering demands for the bonus were off course a very high 99x bonus.

I like their website a lot. It’s well organized and easy to navigate. You can do everything there and there is almost no need for live chat support. I really think that they should move on to Playtech software only. GamesOs just isn’t my game. I tried a few slots with the little money I won from the free spins. On Space Robbers I played for a while got the bonus on the third spin and off course was disappointed as the win was only 0.10 euros. That’s not even a bonus in my book. I also tried Aztek Slot and again was disappointed by the small wins. Off course I lost the free spins money very fast and moved on to another casino.

I can’t say anything about deposit or withdrawal because I never had any and never will. Overall I would rate this casino 7 out of 10 only because of the GamesOS software.
Luanna Ferrera. Reviewed on 25.09.18
GrandWild Casino run two very good but very different software's which are GamesOS and Playtech! I am a fan, not a huge one, but nevertheless a fan of both of these software's. Unfortunately I believe since Playtech went into partnership with a lot of casinos like this one that run the GamesOS software I think they have gone downhill slightly, which is a shame. The good thing about GrandWild casino is they offer regular no deposit bonuses, so if you are unsure whether to deposit here I think you could happily play here on a regular basis just with their no deposit offers! The downfall of these no deposit offers are they can only be played and wagered on their GamesOS slots. I do believe this is the case for all their bonuses. I have no idea why they haven't yet included Playtech slots in their bonuses..maybe this is something to come in the future. So if your looking to play their many Playtech slots I'm afraid you will have to make a real money deposit!

However!! Yes there is a good however! There are a few of their GamesOS slots that I really like! And I think there are plenty for you to play and not get bored... Archipalego is one of my favorites along with China Wilds, that's only naming two bug they have a great selection to choose from! Its hard when you can't the Playtech ones and at times quite annoying but I do think they make up for this with the variety of GamesOS slots. The type of no deposit offers you get here range in anything up to £100 sometimes! Even those these may come with a hefty wagering of 99 times sometimes it means you get to play these slots at a much higher bet than you may be able to play if you were playing with your own money! These two slots in particular I would play at £2.50/£2 a spin. If your going to have any chance of smashing the wagering I really think placing these high bets are the only way! Be sure to read the terms and conditions of the no deposit bonus first which can be easily found in their casino lobby. They also show all of the slots that count 100% and others that may only count half or even 25%. You can also check your wagering at any time, again in the casino lobby! In the same place in fact!

I haven't made a real money deposit here yet because I'm just into a few other software's at the moment, but every now and again I do fancy a change and I'll definitely be considering GrandWild. I'm also hoping for the future they will see sense and include Playtech in the no deposit offers? We can only but hope!
Leslie. Reviewed on 02.10.18
GrandWild Casino would be categorized under CTXM software some time back, as AdamEve Casino was. CTXM then became GamesOnSoft, or just GamesOS as frequently referred to. When GrandWild took on Playtech software, albeit not a full-scaled one, it now operates using two platforms, with Playtech games forming a bigger portion of the total games available.

With the inclusion of favourite Marvel and Branded slots, GrandWild Casino can now boasts of having the ever-popular Playtech Jackpots, especially the handful of Marvel Jackpot slots. These jackpot games are a very big attraction for gamers as the Jackpots can be randomly won even on minimal bets of $0.20 per spin. No maximum wagers are required at all. On top of that, there are 4 Jackpots available to be won, starting with the lowest 'Power' Jackpot up to the highest 'Ultimate Power' Jackpot which usually packs $1 million and more. Who wants to be a millionaire? Who wants to win 1 million dollars or more with only $0.20 bets? I do! I do!...and I am still trying at it! :D But...there's always a GrandWild Casino, only deposits without bonuses are allowed to play any of the Playtech (initialised with PT) games, which, to me, is something of a drawback for GrandWild. Hence, I always go for those Marvel Jackpots at Playtech casinos, where bonuses are allowed to be used, unlike at any of GamesOS/Playtech casinos.

Obviously, there are reasons for this exclusion. GamesOS casinos are well known for their exciting and exuberant bonuses! With a minimal deposit of just $5, a player can start playing with hundreds in the bankroll! There was a time when a $10 deposit would start you off with a $2010 bankroll! At another time, it was $5000! If that doesn't grab your interest...I don't know what will! Hehehe. Currently, GrandWild Casino is offering a $200 bonus for a mere $5 deposit, or a 400 free spins alternative. Choose what you fancy! ;) For me, it has always been the money alternative. I'd rather take a fixed amount bonus than rely on what free spins would give out. A right choice or not, I wouldn't know, but that's just my preference.

Inspite of all the exciting happenings going on at GrandWild Casino, I have yet to make a win here! Those huge bonuses are so hard to ignore...but when you take them on, they are so hard to make a win with! If only they carry no wagering requirements...oh, how wonderful...but then again...GrandWild Casino would surely go down first before a player does! Hahahaha.

Rebbeca. Reviewed on 04.10.18
I took AskGamblers’ offer of a €25 no-deposit bonus to GrandWild Casino’s services and though I didn’t know anything about them before I thought it was a good opportunity to change it. They offer Playtech and GamesOS products to play gambling games and for Playtech platform they give us a chance for a downloadable version, too. I could go through easily the registration process and claimed the bonus. I wanted to play promptly but I remembered some casinos have restriction what providers games are allowed to play with such type of bonus so I liked to get some clarifications about it, but I looked in vain for the live chat possibility. Then I had to realize they’re only reachable by chat in business hours. I’m sure the casinos carry the most of their traffic at weekend so it’s not a good or rational decision to not offer an instant help for that period. I left a message with my question and less than a day later they answered it and I was right, this offer was only valid for GamesOS games.

It wasn’t too hard losing all of my money in half an hour anyway I didn’t anticipated too much success when I first saw the laughable x99 wagering requirements attached to this bonus. Further exploring their site it was really conspicuous how limited the numbers of the available Playtech games. Not just there’s only approximately half of the game palette comparing to other Playtech casinos but I didn’t see here any sign of their famous progressive jackpots games. The real shock got me when I accidentally landed on their TOS section and read the following: ”…The maximum winning in GrandWild Casino can not exceed the amount of the deposit multiplied by 20!!!...”…oh…what? Are you kidding me? I can’t imagine how pissed off I’d be if I win a jackpot here and they’d say, ha-ha, you can grab only this much and show to my deposited amount and this rule. I remember after that I said to myself Ok. That’s enough of GrandWild Casino.

What can I say in this final chapter? I met here some most ridiculous casino policy that I couldn’t have imagined. I don’t know who their target audiences are but no live chat in weekends, no Marvel jackpots and this x20 withdrawal limit of the deposited amount are definitely not making them a favourite destination among most of the casino players.
Dolores. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Grand Wild is a casino totally resembling AdamEve Casino at almost all chapters. I say this because AdamEve Casino in my opinion should be known by about anyone who considers himself an online gambler, from its numerous promotions and offers send by email and spread towards all the four corners of the world. Built like AdamEve on the Instant Play platform, this casino shows exactly the same presentation of the lobby and of most games.

Moreover, even the bonuses are almost identical to those of AdamEve, meaning by this that they are quite often offered, they are extremely generous (generally over 50 EUR per bonus), and that the wagering requirements are also extremely high (in general 80x-100x ). Although all the games can only be played directly from the browser, their quality is good towards very good and this fact recommends this casino to all players looking to experience new playing sensations. The problem with this casino is yet another: as I said the playthrough is extremely high. For example, for a welcome bonus of 50 Eur the playthrough is 4950 euros, and only Slots and Scratch Cards count 100 %. If, for example it happens you want to play a card game (such as „BlackJack“ ) it will count only 5 % in wagering, which means a playthrough of nearly 100,000 euros, and that's only to withdraw an amount equivalent to the value of the given bonus (50 euros in this case). With a bet of maximum 20 Eur (half of the entire bonus) you need to play no less than 5,000 hands. If we consider one can play 10 hands per minute (i.e. about 400 hands per hour) this requires about 12 hours of playing continuously,to meet the conditions to withdraw, which is almost impossible. However, the wagering can be met at slots, which counts as I said 100 %. Their overall appearance is very attractive and the wins are very large (about one in two spins is a won). On a bet of 2.5 Eur/spin, one needs to play 2,000 spins and this can be done in 4-5 hours. Personally I played at „Archipeleago“ about 400 spins in about 1.5 hours. Unfortunately in the end I lost. Apart from this slot I played also about 10 hands at Blackjack and bought 2-3 Scratch Cards.

As I said the overall appearance is good towards very good and make the player gamble. I guess if the wagering requirements would not have been so difficult, thenumber of players at this casino would be impressively high .
Leona Liao. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Pros: GrandWild Casino uses Playtech, GamesOS/CTXM, there is much to be said but I won't write like 600 words only because I have experienced some technical issues after playing for the first time.

I keep receiving promotions from GrandWild, today I saw something super nice, deposit 10, play with 110. First thing I did was to see what are the other players saying through reviews and when I saw that most of the bonuses can't be used on our favorite games I got into doubt and wanted to make it clear with live support. Oh, live support, I sad hi and wanted to double check if I am good to go with one account, and a promotion question. I wasn't eligible for the promotion as I signed up through AG but oh well, not a big deal at all. I claimed a 50 euros ND, wager 99x bonus.

Yes, really high but what happened is that I played 4 and a half hours straight to the point where I got a headache. My first choice was Cleopatra’s Treasure and as I kept getting bonus games which were giving nothing but small wins, I switched to Aztecs Slots. God, I kept winning, winning and winning, I hit 80 euros straight through one spin on a 9 dollars bet, but through all of the time of my play, I was getting disconnected, session ended, unknown error in the middle of a spin and what was bothering me the most was that I couldn’t see how much I wagered. Live chat is available until 3 p.m.and I got tired really. I really wanted to meet such a high wager and I kept receiving random symbols and kept winning, but not being able to see how much did I wager got me sick. I was happy to set up my bet on 9 dollars and with a balance over 100 euros to lose it. I had no wish to stay or either to wait until tomorrow. I am an inpatient person and I have to deal with that, but I wish I was able to see the playthrough notification.

Maybe, but just maybe I will deposit here. I asked the live chat operator is it true as I heard that most of the bonuses can't be claimed on famous games and didn’t get an answer. Wondering why. Never mind.
Trudie. Reviewed on 07.10.18
At GrandWild Casino - I’ve heard about them on one forum, so heard good things about Grandwild, and how they were giving free chip as a sign up offer. But honestly don’t know what people were impressed by this casino. I visited the casino well my first impression was not good, don’t know why but I didn’t like the casino.
I did registered, well the only thing from the beginning what I liked about them was that you don’t have to download the casino, so won’t take your time on doing that.
At first didn’t now how to redeem the free spins but they have a lobby which you have to enter, and even sometimes when you enter the page it doesn’t load, so that’s another minus for them. So finally I put the code got the free spins and was on way to play here.

What I don’t understand about these casinos, why giving those much free chips???
Well maybe because is mission impossible there is no way you can wager that x100 playthrow the bonus, and I can tell you about free spins they are very generous so they will give you good some of bonus money but it’s really hard or like I said impossible to wager it.So I did played the free spins won 57$, wow that’s a lot I had to wager. I started my wagering but there was no end to it. I was spinning and spinning and I think that I was standing at the same sum. So after a while I gave up of that wagering.

I didn’t see anywhere not even 1 complaint about them so I guess they are solid casino, but honestly I don’t like their games so maybe that’s why I gave up of my free bonus.

Well go ahead try your luck if you are more patient then I am so maybe you will achieve something.
Clemmie. Reviewed on 10.10.18
GrandWild is a very crazy sounding casino offered by CTXM. I was thinking "sure why not" give GrandWild a chance and decided to first use my fork and spoon towards the $25 no deposit which has a ridiculous amount of wagering requirements. 99x!?!?!? That equalled to $2475 in bets which I already knew is way off any chart I could possibly have imagined. I would think of this however as a warm up to get me started and take into account this......"I think this is impossible, that they offered me" a bonus worth 1500% just for a small price of a $7 - $9 deposit. I finished off my $25 no deposit as expected within minutes that nothing can be gained from bonuses like these and decided to make a deposit for $9. GrandWild suggested that I deposit from $7 - $9 surely it's a no-brainer to deposit $9 just to get the maximum $135! The wagering is 60x so they were a bit considerate about the 1500%, still pretty high as it's bonus + deposit x 60x. So it would give me a large $8460. The problem excluding the wagering requirements come from the selection of games.

Since they recently added Playtech that was of no option to my bonus + deposit. It was off limits! So instead I went on the slot Archipelago to bet $6.25 then $12.50! I needed to temporarily become a highroller for a moment so that I can try eliminating this "Tower of Doom" of a bonus. The good news is this slot provided a nice $150 win for my $6.25 bet during a bonus for 4 scatters after I completed with the Electric World! A bit of free spins from time to time but as slots can become inconsistent with providing winnings especially with my next bets of $12.50, I was unable to make the WR and ended up losing only a small deposit that I made! My answer to come back is still under a mystery but will surely settle after some time.

Support: 7 out of 10
Terms and Conditions: 3 out of 10
Payouts: 5 out of 10
Withdrawals: N/A

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