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David Nierman. Reviewed on 11.07.18

I had a doubt whether or not I should register and play on Grand Parker Casino ( brought to us by Real Time Gaming) because of the majority of unsolved issues and complaints that were on the members website.

I have to say, this is the type of casino I would not recommend you play on, because offers more than 600 different casinos for you to play in, and to play in this casino would be a waste of time, and I'll explain why, shortly.

Registration process was easy, as with any other casino, and my chat with the Live Support was not that boring and long-lasting as I found on other casinos, but I did find the live chat a bit avoiding since they took a while to answer to some of my trust issues I had with this site.

Since I got a no deposit bonus upon registration, I said to myself "why not"and gave this casino a try. As usual, I tend to try out as many options as I can while using my no deposit bonuses, so I didn't manage to win any money using minimal bets.

However, since most issues on this casino are usualy them not paying us our winnings, I'd suggest you think it through before depositing large sums of money on this casino.

Since it was Real Time gaming , I had a feeling something somewhere would go wrong, because I've had trouble with Real Time casinos in the past. The site does not offer mobile play, but offers downloadable version off the casino, as well as instant play so it's not that bad.

However, I have heard issues from other players, that their withdrawing time is usually higher then the time specified on the website, and the time specified on the website is long enough as it is. 2-5 business days for our money to get in our e-wallet? Are you serious?

If I had to rate this casino 1/10, based upon my experience, this would be a hands down 1/10 casino. Will not make any further deposits here!

The first time i did find out of this casino which has RTG platform games in 1 forum,so they were giving for the new members 25 $ free just for joining theirs casino as a welcome offer. I like RTG casino so as a free chip was offered why not give it a try.

First i did check this casino ,here at Askgamblers site,and when i saw all this complaints i knew that this will end today,so just to try out the free chip but no deposits for me. Its really interesting how half people complained about this casino ,but there are people who are satisfied with this casino,but when it comes to me ,whenever i see many complaints solved or nor solved,specially if they are not solved from inactivity from the selected casino i never deposit there.

So I did sign up got the 25 $ free and start playing in this casino. I always start playing my favorites games which are Count Spectacular, Hillibilies and Big Shot. So the first game i played was Big Shot ,played for I while didnt get the free spins feature so i lost half of the bonus ,then i switched the game and played Count Spectacular .

I was playing for a while ,lets say 15 minutes ,did get the free spins feature but they didnt gave me some big winnings so i can carry on. From that playing I lost my all balance ,but to tell you the truth whenever i see casino with many complaints I dont even bother that much ,will I wager it or not.

I did contacted the support they were nice and pleasant and will give them 7/10 ,about cashouts from them I dont know ,but you can decide by your self from seeing all this complaints here are they trust worth it. I dont know should i recommend this casino or not,didnt have any problems with them ,but again you see the all picture here so decide by your self.
Ben Nourse. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Grand Parker is one that disfavors my taste in style and rules. I personally think it needs a lot more work in attracting new customers. They try to do so with emails containing a $50 no deposit bonus using the code sent via email. I know I have registered in one casino but after a few days the other members within the Milore group come swooping in to bombard me with the no deposit bonus. I already know I am not eligible for that bonus because I claimed it on another casino Onbling. One fact that separates my usual deposits on casinos from the rest....I did the complete opposite.

To tell you the truth there are some good reasons I did not want to make a deposit. One: reading their terms very carefully the withdrawal is a minimum $100..., Two: support completely ignored my questions with answers that were irrelevant to my questions (I was asking them about wagering and game restrictions for the bonuses), like we're from two different countries and they let me wait for a few solid minutes, they would even say "I'll be right with you" after the first 2-3 minutes so that meant more waiting. Three: their "10 days to approve player withdrawals", come on!? That's both completing the Faxback form and waiting up to ten days. I have seen other RTG casinos approve withdrawals at a faster pace than that!

A few reasons I would take bonuses are that bonuses may be cashable, have really low wagering requirements, have limitless amounts on a cashout for both a no deposit or a match and most importantly to increase my balance for longer play times. But if a casino would turn any bonus into a "No wagering bonus" on their match bonuses then I would willingly accept as long as there aren't any "strings attached" or rules that were not finely printed in the terms. I had to read through Grand Parkers terms just to find my own answers to my questions. Now that is outrageous! Support should of been their to fill that gap, to save me time! It also says here that match bonuses are 30x which I find to be reasonable BUT they state deposit plus bonuses. That seems too much for me because in my opinion deposit + bonus are only applied to 20x wagering bonuses or slightly higher such as 25x. What's next 50x with deposit + bonus? Trust me all, it is worth looking at the fine print and digging up some dirt for some truth before commiting. It will keep you from making mistakes. The high withdrawal minimum, the lack of information from live chat, the terms, these are what lead me from taking out my plastic and possibly making a big mistake.

Support: 3/10
Terms and Conditions: 2/10
Payouts: N/A
Deposits: 5/10
Withdrawals: N/A
Georgiana. Reviewed on 02.10.18
Good day to all members. Grand parker casino is in the same group with another rtg casino onbling i think, and both of them have a lot of complaints here, and this is not very good sign. Also in the network a lot of people have complaints against them, and of course i will never do my deposit in such casino to play, but they offering 25$ no deposit bonus, and ifyou get lucky to cashout you will need to made deposit of 20$. Max withdrawal from 25$ no deposit coupon is 125$ ( usually in all rtg casinos the same rules, x 5 of no deposit welcome offer it is the max that you can withdraw if you get lucky).

So, deposit 20$ to withdraw 125$ to this casino not so bad, so i decide to try win, because i read in the internet most complaints are because they pay very slow, but they pay at least, and i just download software, register my account and redeem coupon. No any problems with this things. I start playing with 0.25$ bets on achiles slots, after couple of features i made my starting balance up to 50$, after it i open alladin wishes and there in freespins i get nice 5 of a kind combination with 0.50$ bets, also they retriggered twice, so with nice 20$ balance i switch to next slot that i want to try, it was slot with bees (sorry, i forgot the name). I play it around 30 minutes, but left with 180$, and i still should to wager 400$.

I decide to try finish my wagering on count spectucal slot, and thats was done without problems, and i even had 350$ on my balance, but as i told max withdrawal is 125$. I ask live chat what i need to cashout. So, for cashout i did : verification deposit 20$ ; sent them their verification form, my id, two utility bills. Thats all took 10 days( verification 10 days, omg). I wait my cashout two weeks more. So total cashout took 24 days, but i was glad to get my money. Not recommend this casino to play with real funds of course, too long for cashout.

Thats all, thank you for reading my review about grand parker casino, now i will give them some marks:
Support: C(live chat ok, but with emails they so long)
Bonuses: B
Withdrawals: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFiiiiiire, that so long, i just want to bring casino to fire.
Games selection: B
Chantal. Reviewed on 04.10.18
Garnd Parker, nothing to say but the worse things about them for what they provided me with. Okay before I speak ill of them the only one reason I had that meant well was just the free chip valued at $15 just to try them out from a "different affiliate". I am not going to say exactly what the affiliate is because I almost got caught by say...the dark judge, master of shadows lol. Anyways, it was my first mistake and it all worked out in the end :) . Best not to mess with him, trust me on that! The $15 free chip was short and entirely not worth chasing over like catching some wild ducks with oily greasy hands. This however was JUST the good try them for a drive.

The bad news enveloped the wagering requirements, the support group whom I will no longer start up chat and ever again and finally the maximum I can take home which I never got the chance too had only 5 times the bonus so $75 only after the 40 times playthrough. The two games I played on for sadly a small amount of funds are on Achilles for $0.40 bets until I dropped to $6 and Sunken treasure for the same bet. It's a bummer that none of these slots gave me a feature. I tell you the atmosphere of Grand Parker is not very pleasing for the average player because one fact remains is Grand Parker IS NOT GRAND AT ALL! Where did they grab this website from? From Pamper or AC casino? A true insult to the gambling players including myself for having to walk on an RTG casino that holds no value on their provisions. To make the negativity thicker support was slow, awful and quite unpleasant! And with this being said this has no place for a "Grand" RTG casino!

Terrible WR, awful cashout limitations, very slow support even a huge turtle can beat it at a race, I would even bet $50 on it,no free spins or bonuses on my free chip which would of made my visit a bit nice and long and finally my thoughts are to not deposit after seeing a false casino that speaks "Grand" of itself that doesn't have any of those qualities. 2 out of 10 for Grand Parker!
Winnie. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Grand Parker was i first casino i ever registered for and i cant say that i made a mistake.I got their email offering me 25 dollars no deposit bonus and i took it,registration is pretty easy basic infos and in the minutes i was playing their slots, after few spins on the clepatras gold i got those free spins and won over 300 dollars on that feature,i managed to do playthrough on that same slot and had 300 dollar withdrawable. Since bonus lets withdraw only bonus x4 i played some table games and like blackjack and war off course i lost all but 100 i wanted withdraw.

To withdraw you must deposit at least 21 dollars and i made that deposit with my neteller account and took bonus off 400%.I decided to change slots and i played astec treasure feature guarantee very soon i hit the free spins but have not win much, after that slot took all my money except 100 i left to withdraw,Next thing i didi sent my photo id bank statement and faxback to their support for approval.After few days they asked me for new bank statement in better resolution and i sent them,two days after my faxback was approved and i was ready to withdraw.

Now all my problems started,waited over 15 days off waiting and did not get no money no emails from grand parker. I decided to write email to their finance department asking why i did not get my money,their answer was that they were doing security checks on all accounts and i had to wait.I was so angry with their finance department for their slow and always same answers.Waited for two months and finally get my money on neteller and i was so relieved about that.Overall this is not a bad casino but their finance department is very poor in support to player.Games are good and ou can win but you must wait a long time to get your money i was withdrawing only hundred dollars i think for thousand you would have to wait even more so if you are not in hurry this casino is definitely for you.
Jorge Jerez. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Not so long ago the Grand Parker Casino had a no deposit bonus offered via e-mail and I thought I give it a try. The registration and bonus claim was as easy as it should be everywhere and soon I could start to play with the 25-line slot called Mice Dice. After some acquaintancing spins I had some luck with free spins while 3 substitute Dice symbols turned up giving some boost to my balance and much more free spins. A little bit laterI found out the wagering requirements were successfully completed. Oh, I almost forgot to mention this slot has a unique feature named Instant Trigger Chance. This feature guarantee insurance that free games will be triggered within a given number. At this game we get free spins at worst case scenario in every 100 spins. Every spin we take (it doesn’t matter if a single spin is a winner or not) a %-rated counter shows us if we play with this feature now how many percent chance we have to trigger the free spins instantly. It’s more complicated to explain it than understand it during the play. So the bonus restriction was done and I wanted to contact with their support team asking what’s the next step. After all questions were cleared I thought it makes sense to withdraw this little amount (the maximum withdrawable amount was $50 or maybe $100, I really can’t quite remember correctly) and not mixing with the possible future deposit and later wondering what deposit bonus I can claim or what kind of games are allowed to play. I think it is always a wise decision to withdraw any winnings from free cash (be it whatever little amount) and after all done and it arrived start with a clean sheet and make a deposit. So I sent them all the required documents but the payout was actually made much-much later than it’s expected.Summary, I wasn’t impressed by them. Maybe because of the not so great support or the long wating period at the withdraw but I think there’s much better RTG casinos out there who better serve out their clients.
Harriette. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Aloha to all of you especially for those players from askgamblers, I would like to share my experience here at grandparker casino it’s interesting casino because I had a amusing experienced here and it hadgood reputation based from there customers feedback and trusted partners. Okay when i saw this casino I am not so interested to play their games although the graphics are good and attractive but their web browser is not so attractive yiyks..

Back from December 2012, They offered me to play their no deposit bonus and i immediately accepted it to test whether I can make a medium winnings from their slots :) the no deposit bonus is worth 25$and you must wager it to 40 times the bonus in order to cashout I don’t mind their wagering requirements all I want is to test their slots or to practice before I can make a deposit, in truth I don’t want to deposit. I read about an article about grand parker interesting slot or video slot and I choose the video slot Derby Dollar this video slot is look like odd because when you differentiate it to other high tech casino it is like an 1960 slot lol. You must not judge the book by it’s cover that is true because I criticize first the Derby dollar video slot and I don’t expected that it is amusing to play :) I hit many different paying symbols and I am very happy that I played that video slot even I lost the credits I play with there amusing slots when I received my withdrawal this month I will deposit and play again there video slots they have many SLOT BONUSES very enormous. I rated this casino 6/10 over all excluding the cashout.

I will come back to this casino soon the because they are sending me a different offers, bonuses,weekly promotions and many more also you can become a VIP from their casino using their Exclusive VIP Club if you want more information about their VIP Club just ask their good representatives.
Jettie. Reviewed on 10.10.18
Grand Parker Casino is a member of the same group of casinos as Onbling Casino, Classy Coin Casino and Loco Panda Casino. The first thing I want to say is that I have a registered account in all of these casinos but I never had any intention to make a deposit here. There are really a number of reasons for that. For example here on askgamblers there are a lot of complaints when it comes to this casino, if you look at the pending time you'll see that it's 5-10 days, then the cash out time on some E-wallets 2-5 days, when it comes to other withdrawal methods it's even longer. They must be crazy if they think that someone will make a deposit here and wait for a minimum of 10 days for an eventual cash out. I really don't understand their behavior. It's like they don't have competition from the other hundreds of online casinos where the cash out time is a lot shorter.

One thing this group of casinos is famous for are the no deposit bonuses as free spin bonuses. I once even managed to move all the wagering requirements , but I didn't make the minimum deposit of 21 dollars ( you need that before you ask for your first withdrawal) and I didn't ask for withdrawal because I didn't have the patience to wait for so long for my money. I just kept playing and enjoyed some really great real time games to the last dollar. Real time software offers some really great slot games but in my opinion not so great as microgaming or playtech, but I really like their joker poker game. They offer 1 hand and all the way to 100 hands joker poker variants. I usually play 1 hand but I sometimes enjoy 100 hands joker poker. Overall I can't recommend this casino to anyone.

There are a lot more online casinos where your money is safer, but if you have an account here take some of their no deposit bonuses and have fun. I give them a weak 5/10.

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