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Antonette. Reviewed on 11.07.18
I've been looking at it for some time and always thought-later,so recently that later came and I decided to sign up and use their no deposit bonus. They have many free chips, free plays, I thought I have to try it, so I downloaded their software and signed up.

Golden Lady is provided by Rival software and usually you can enter in your profile cashier section and claim their bonuses because there isn't a place you can enter promo code but what surprised me was that when I went to that section, there was written "new promotions coming soon" and there was 0 promos. Rival almost always has 1 no deposit offer, but there were none- no deposit promos, no ND promos so I contacted their live chat.

I had to wait a few minutes until I got connected to a chat person. I told my situation and to be honest, support was so uninterested and slow, it got my mood down. After waiting for answer for a long time, finally support responded that I can now claim it, they added this promotion for me to claim manually.

With that I went to a game called Vintage Vegas. It looked really fresh, the design was cool. It has
50 paylines and I placed 0.30eur bets per spin, but it didn't seem worth it, so I risked and increased them to 1eur per spin. Well..that didn't pay off, my balance was gone in less than 5 minutes.The only win I got was 0.30cents. Such a pity. But I've experienced this that many of Rival slots are very expensive. If you want to play with 10 coins on all lines, with 0.01 coin size, the minimum bet is 5eur and even when I've did that in the past, it hasn't paid off and many spins have been empty, so I don't do that anymore with my own balance (those rare times I actually make a deposit in Rival)

Even though my time there wasn't long, it wasn't delighting. The support was slow and uninterested, my chat session went through 2 different operators and I spent about 30 minutes until I got my answer. So I won't be playing there.
Tommye. Reviewed on 26.09.18
I have been playing in Rival casinos for a very long time. I have had my share of experience during the years with them both good and bad. Unfortunately I have to admit that the number of the bad exceeds the number of the good. Bad or no live chat support, fraudulent bonuses, refusal to pay my winnings, blocked accounts and etc. I just can’t understand what the big problem is. They have a good software, great slot games, they probably had the biggest number of players in history. I like the old Rival slots and their I-slots are even better. I just can’t understand how they managed to lose all those players by simply refusing to pay.

Luckily there are still a handful of Rival casinos that are honest and can offer a player a sense of safety about his money. One of those casinos is Golden lady. I can t remember when I joined this casino exactly but I had a few deposits here and one withdrawal. I was lucky enough to have a withdrawal on my very first deposit and the other deposits that followed were smaller than the wining I had.

Anyway I can vouch for these guys that you will always get paid here. I got my winnings a few days after my documents were verified. Live chat support is always available and whats most important professional. In most casinos I played in the operator just wants to get rid of you. Especially if you have questions about withdrawals. Here it’s always a pleasure to talk to these guys. They will take the time to explain everything you need to know. They also have a large number of bonuses ranging from 100% match to 500% match. I think the wager on the first deposit was 25 x bonus + deposit. It would be great if it was 25 x bonus only but still a good offer anyway. In some rival casinos a 100% match bonus goes up to 80 x wager.

Overall this is a safe casino and if you like Rival games I definitely recommend them. You are guaranteed to have a good time here.
Nothing, loosing.
Dorethea Danzy. Reviewed on 02.10.18
Golden Lady is one of the latest casinos I joined. I have to admit that I liked the looks of the website very much. The lady animation is very sexy and that golden dress is very beautiful. I was happy to see that they offer a 15 dollars free sign up bonus for new players. I was more than happy to take it and have some fun playing here.

I read some of the reviews here and I have to say that I am generally happy with what people have to say about this casino. Fast payouts, reliable support. The only thing that bothers me is the one and only complaint here which is unresolved. It’s Ok if it was for some small sum, but considering the amount and the fact that there is nothing stated in the terms and conditions of the casino bonus I am a little worried. It seems to me that this is another Rival casino that doesn't like big winners. Hiding behind terms and conditions which aren't stated anywhere after a big win from some player is bad casino policy in my opinion.

Anyway I took the 15 dollars no deposit and started playing Cleopatra's Coins on a minimum bet. 15 dollars is not much but on Cleopatra's coins it’s 100 spins minimum without winning anything. Whenever I play in some Rival casino with a small balance I always start with this game because of the low paylines. I was hoping for some bigger win in the free spins bonus round.

I played here for about 45 minutes until I lost all of my balance. I got the free spins bonus twice but only 10 free spins and the payout was very small 1,5 dollars top I think. I looked around their bonus offer and saw that they have some nice promotions from 100% up to 500% match bonus. I don’t think I will make a deposit here and play. If I win big I don’t want to face some non existing terms and conditions to dispute my win.
Nothing, only when I lose that's it but everyone dislikes that.
Raymon. Reviewed on 04.10.18
Golden lady casino is a part of the Rival gaming casino and I saw this on a site where almost all the casinos of Rival were listed and their bonuses were mentioned and since this one had a no deposit bonus at that time so I decided to register at this casino. Got 15$ as a free sign up bonus from the casino .

As soon as I was registered i opened the three reel slots and started with the big cash win. I was on one coin per spin and was getting the any bar thing which was constantly paying me 2 or 4$ depending on the bet and coin value. Then after like 15 minutes and I hit the bar on all three reels which got me 60$. And my balance was now near 70$ so I left this game because I play on strategy hit and run. As soon as I hit something good I claim it and run to another slot.

After this I played milk the cash cow. This game was a little tight for me and it has never been so slow for me in the past times. I was not getting anything and was getting only 1 bar on 1 reel or 2 reel at times which was not paying me well and eating my balance instead. So I left this game as I saw no point of wasting money here.

Then I opened the most interesting three reel slots from Rival gaming which is the Costume party. The features on this game look a little confusing in the beginning but I am used to it. And to hit something big on this slot has been the hardest for me as I have only once got the shielded guy thing an apart from that have always lost money or got slow features which did no pay me well enough. I had gone up to 85$ on this casino before losing the money and it happens every time and I have no faith in the word wager now.
September. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Golden Lady Casin is part of the Rival group. Don't know why, but I really don' trust this casinos, so maybe that's why I am not that big fan of this games. Reading reviews here and on 1 forum also, I read, nice things about this guys. Being Rival Casino and cashing out in 2 - 3 days ,that's a really big step from them,knowing that they are Rival.

I am not saying that they don't pay, but we all know they are paying, with a big delay. So, why should I deposit if I get my money in months, I will forget till then. But as I said reading nice things and they are giving 15 $ free chip, but the wagering is super high. I don't think that someone would wager that bonus, because it s small one and you have to play several hours ,but ok, if you are lucky, who knows.

Golden Lady Casino has instant player and download version, but in Rival Casinos, I prefer to download theirs software. When I downloaded the software I really like this new casino. You know how are this casinos, you have to claim theirs promo or free chip, from the cashier. At that moment they were having bigger promo of 55$, which was attempting, but you needed to finished that playing in 20 minutes and also wager the bonus, and the wagering of the bonus was really symbolic, because was X 10, but to be honest to finish in 30 minutes, I don't think I would try.

So that's why I kept to my regular promo to give it a try. With this 15 $ free chip I played Secret Garden slot. I was playing with the minimum bet, but still those 15 free I spend it in less then 5 minutes. Hmm no Rival for me, well so far I am not having so much interest in them, but maybe some day I will. Nice Casino, good bonuses and nice promo for new players!
Mabel. Reviewed on 07.10.18
They are powered by Rival gaming and I don’t like too much them software but I mostly wanted to try the new casinos because sometimes they have incredible bonuses. I tried many other Rival casinos but in the most cases I didn’t make any profit from them, so when I saw a new rival casino offer a no deposit bonus I didn’t hesitated much, I checked it.

They give 55 euro to the new customers to play with any slots but it also has a time restriction. If the 30 minutes runs out and you didn’t wager your bonus you will lose it all. First time I thought it is a multi stage bonus.

I went to their home page but I didn’t found the exact information from my no deposit bonus. I was bored so I decided to download it and I registered my account. After I logged in I saw they have more kind of no deposit bonuses so I choose the 15 euro free, because I thought maybe I can complete this bonus sooner than the another. I began to play with the rock on video slot with 1 euro bets because I like this game and I wanted to wager any as I can. When I almost lost my money I get the Elvis bonus feature. This is the bonus where you have to pick those colored buttons like in the guitar hero.

After I played it without a mistake I collected 47 euro. I kept playing here but the bonus feature was hided from me and slowly I lost my bonus amount. I tried to claim the other no deposit bonus but I can’t so I left this casino but maybe I will deposit here if I found a good match bonus.
No complaints at all.
Regena Simson. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Golden lady is the latest casino I joined in that is run by Rival software. All Rival casinos offer some no deposit bonus for new players you can try. In Golden Lady it was 15 euros with a wager of 70 x bonus if I remember correctly.

Anyway that is about 1000 euros to wager. The first impression is that it is very hard to complete this wager. That is why I had no high hopes that I would meet the wager. But to my surprise I got 5 scatter symbols on the very beginning on Cleopatra's Coins and 100 free spins followed.What a start. The total win from these 100 free spins was 46 euros. I have to admit that my expectations were a bit higher but the bet was set to only 0.15 euros per spin. I kept playing here for some time more and after a while I moved on to Diamonds Downunder slot. It’s a same 15 payline slot like Cleopatra's Coins. Here I had a few more big wins. After this game I tried a few more slots like Heavyweight Gold, Flaying Colors, Goldenman, Future Fortunes and a few more. Free spins, bonuses on every single game.

My balance was constantly rising. I played like in some trance and after 2 - 3 hours meet the wager. At the moment I met the wager requirements my balance was more than 300 euros. Unfortunately the max cashout for this bonus was only 60 euros. I kept playing for some time more enjoying the great Rival slots. I really hope that because of the low cashout the withdrawal process will be quick. So far I had some withdrawals from a few Rival casinos and I know that the cashout process takes a long time. Especially with withdrawals. That doesn't even matter because my first experience with this casino was fantastic.
Demetra. Reviewed on 10.10.18
I think that Golden Lady has a faster withdrawal process than any other Rival Casino and if you ask me Golden Lady is very good online casino.

I was paid after a only 20 - 30 hours.
Golden Lady is a safe casino you can trust and I recommend it to everyone.
i strongly advice you to choose one of the respectable rival casinos. There aren't many and this is not one of them. If you still want to take your chances, check the terms of the promotions. F x you may find bonuses valid 24h only, which is easy enough to overlook cause you would naturally never expect it. I've been around for a while but couldn't believe my eyes. You should also keep a record of your wagering. Do not trust information given by chat rep about your wagering, in my case it was a considerable difference from actual wagering They can also give you vague information like "about 10% left.

If you're lucky enough to win and try to withdraw you might find there are no withdrawal options. At all. The soliciting day after day over the phone is extremely annoying. It's also a confirmation of what kind of business you're dealing with. Suggesting that a player could write positive reviews in exchange for special treatment, well there's a name for that.

You have a lot of options if you want to trash someone or something. This is only what I know from my own experience. Most of us players end up being losers in the end anyway. Let's do it at places that know what good casino practice is.

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