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Antonetta Wager. Reviewed on 11.07.18
Recently I am trying to find some no deposit bonuses from Playtech casinos, so that way I came across this Golden Galaxy casino which they were offering 40 euros free chip just to join them. Firstly I wanted to look at their web site, see what was the Terms of the bonus and what else they have to offer, but since there was only download version I had to download the casino.

At the beginning I didn't like the fact that they have no instant player, but free chip was included and of course I wanted to take advantage of it. When I tried to find something about them I didn't liked what a saw, well such a new casino and right away with complaints. I now that they are resolved but I still didn't like that.

So ok there must be something what I liked about them, yes the no deposit bonus as a promised was on my account already, the minute I opened the account and logged in there it was, in my account balance. The other thing I liked was the wagering of the no deposit bonus, which I got and it was X 40 the bonus. Ok this wagering is not that small, but given as a free bonus I think its pretty fair to us players.

From Playtech I have few favorites games but I have never played this slot and I think its maybe from the newest one The White King slot. I have played this game 2 times in their casino, given me few free spins and then what I got from those 10 spins I was surprised. I was playing this game maybe for an hour but I was far, from wagering the bonus.

I switched the game to play Fortune Hill slot, which that's the number 1 slot favorite of mine from Playtech casinos, but even that small guy didn't win me anything. I had really nice time, trying their games, enjoying while i played that free money. I have never deposited here so far and maybe the reason is the complaints issue, maybe they are resolved, but I don't like that fact.

Good Luck!
Bennie. Reviewed on 26.09.18
I saw that this casino is powered by Playtech and because I like these slots, I decided to create my account here and to try my luck! They are offering a no deposit bonus of 50$ and I thought that this would be a great opportunity to test their games without making a deposit but I had no luck! This bonus has country restrictions and unfortunately my country was on that list. I took a look at the welcome offer, 100% up to 500$, I saw that the wagering requirements are very good, only 20 x deposit + bonus and I checked the list of restricted countries but my country wasn’t there o I was able to take advantage of this bonus. I went to the cashier, I made a 20$ deposit because this is the minimum amount, I received other 20$ bonus and I had to wager 800$ to be able to withdraw! In my opinion, the best slots from this provider are Gladiator and The Mummy and I am saying this because I played them many times and I managed to win some decent money.

I decided to play Gladiator because of the interesting features that this slot has and not because of the jackpot!

I triggered the helmets bonus that gave me a win of 6$, but this amount is something usual when you are playing with the minimum bet! When the free spins feature triggered, I was happy because I knew that I have some chances to win big! I chose 10 free spins with 2 x multiplier and also the extra wild symbol that gave me a nice win of 36$! When the wagering requirements were completed, my account balance was showing 62$, a good amount in my opinion and I requested a withdrawal!

The games are good, I like Playtech games and I will give an 8!

The payout rate was good too, I think that deserves another 8!

Bout the welcome bonus I have nothing bad to say and I will give a 9!
I was disappointed because I couldn’t take the no deposit bonus!
Shyla. Reviewed on 02.10.18
Golden Galaxy casino is provided by one of my favorite gaming platforms- Playtech, so when I saw that they were giving 25€ free chip with 40 x wagering, I knew I had to try it.

The only way how to play in Golden Galaxy is by downloading their casino version. The sign up was fast and when I logged into my profile, my no deposit was already there, waiting for me to accept it. I started to play the Sopranos. I like this game, it has 25 paylines and many cool bonuses, free spins features etc. I placed 0.25€ bets per spin and after playing it for some time my balance went up and down, so I increased my bet to 0.50€ per spin and after playing it for about 40 minutes my balance hit 10€ so I switched to The Six Million Dollar Man, which is a nice 50 payline slot. I placed minimum bets-0.50€ per spin and the second spin gave me 0.92€ win. I liked the look of this slot, it was something I haven't seen before. I continued to play it for some time and finally got 3 scatter symbols, which gave me 15 free games and 1.50 win! My free spins gave me 14.90 win, not bad at all. After a while of playing it, I started to lose and I lost about 15€ so with my 10€ I went to Archer slot. I placed 0.50€ and few times won less than 2€, but nothing more, so eventually I lost all of my balance there.

Overall, I was really pleased with my experience at Golden Galaxy casino. I liked the variety of games, they have all of my favorite Playtech jackpots from Marvel! I didn't have a chance to make a withdrawal from them, but I'm sure I will deposit there again and play my Marvel games and table games. The only thing I could say was that the games downloaded a bit slowly. But once you've downloaded the game, you won't have to do it in this casino anymore, you can just press play. Recommend!
Luanna Ferrera. Reviewed on 05.10.18
Golden Galaxy is a Playtech casino and has a no deposit bonus of 25$. I do not really play on casinos which only are download one but this time I did because I liked the casino because the wager was 40 times only and Playtech games are fun. What I did not like is that the download was very long and this is the reason I go with instant
play casinos.

What I really loved about this casino was that the no deposit bonus was credited into my account without having to do anything. They have the best download portal and every thing is just so fast and I like it. What I did not like is that we have to download every single game we want to play. And I chose to play Silent samurai as the minimum bet was low here so I tried this game and put it on download. And it took a couple of minutes to downloaded. And on the fist spin only I hit the Japanese coin feature which paid me 4.50$. And then after a couple of spins and hit that J kind of thing in all the 5 reels and it got me 10$ for that spin. Then hit a combination of 4 10's and it paid me 2.50 but after that a lot of spins were giving 0 so I was back to 25$ and left this game .

Then I played Panther moon and on the first spin only I hit scatter and that to 2 of them. And I think scatter is the best slot game feature and it got me 3$. After that I hit the scatter again after a very long time and till them my balance was very low because every spin was taking away 1.50 from my balance so scatter did not help a lot. So I had left this game and played black jack for a while but with so less money in account I could not do much and some hard luck hands totaled my experience here.
Enda. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Golden galaxy casino is Playtech one casino, and I tried it yesterday, when notice that it is possible to get no deposit bonus with AskGamblers link. So why not, if I did not have money for depositing, there is good chance to get some playtime, and probably get money for deposit, if I win.

I just download software, registered, login to my account, and to my surprise there was not pop up message that I get no deposit bonus. I click on live chat button, and after few minutes of waiting appears their support guy, I describe my problem, and within a minute he apologized for error, and credit me my 25$ no deposit bonus.

First game I download was captain treasure pro, and for some reason I waiting for downloading of slot about 10 minutes. I did not know who is guilty in this, is this casino problem or mine problem, but my internet connection was fine, so probably casino guilty. But wait 10 minutes for downloading game it is not good at all. I start playing Captain treasure pro, and after two features had 120$ on my account, and I even started thinking that i will clear this bonus and make withdrawal, even imagine how I creating thread when say thank you to AskGamblers. Next game was Great blue, and again around 10 minutes of waiting, this is terrible of course. But more terrible that at 1$ spins great blue eat all my money without feature, and I really was sad, no free money for me. But at least some playtime which is always great, playing with no deposit bonus much more better than playing in fun mode.

I can't say is Golden Galaxy casino good or not, but you can try their no deposit bonus, and if luck on your side, tell us how withdrawal goes. I rate this casino with 7 stars, but I have no almost any experience with this casino.
Arnulfo. Reviewed on 07.10.18
This is one nice Playtech casino. I am not the biggest fan of Playtech casinos but this casino and casino Plex are something special. For this casino I heard here and I saw that no deposit promotion. I lost it fast but I continue to play here with my money. I make deposit and go to their action games. Games which attracted me are Final Score and Derby day. Derby day is great simulation of horse racing. The best thing is that you can find all information about horses, how they run when is rain, how they run when is sunny, are they scared of people who are near finish line so I was acting like a maniac. I was betting on virtual horse and I was reading all about them until I learned all about each horse, my brother couldn't believe haha :D But all that study wasn't help me to win some money and I lost it all :D

But beside that they also offer a lot of other games, like video slots, table games, video poker and they are also nice, well designed and they have something for everybody.
This is nice casino, but they offer only download version ?! I can't believe, because few years ago it was ok, a lot of casinos had only download version, but today I just don't understand why they don't have option for instant playing. I hate to download casinos on my computer because I don't have enough space and just imagine what will happen if I download every casino which I play...And I must that I had a problem with my first and only withdraw on this casino. It wasn't something big, but they delay my payment as far as they could. First they didn't accept my document than I was waiting for my money it was about20 days from my request and than I receive my money on skrill.
Marinda Spahr. Reviewed on 07.10.18
I read the review of this Golden galaxy casino by Yapro and want to know what's wrong with this casino that it disappoints him. So I give a chance to it. Initially my download was failed due to server busy. I tried it again and the download was again failed. Now I got it why people have negative impact about this casino. And I contacted live chat support facility. They told me that my problem will be resolved in next 24 hours and they told me that they will add extra 20$ to my free bonus for the trouble which I have faced. This thing somewhat I liked. Later on my downloading was done.

I got 25$ as free bonus and 20$ free for the inconvenience which I had faced while downloading. Their live chat facility is appreciable. They helped me within few seconds and quickly understand my problem and resolved it.

I played 8 ball slot game and it is a classic one for those who like pool games as I like pool games so I also like this 8 ball slot game. But unfortunately I lost my bonus amount in it. I didn’t reach the winning symbol combination and I lost. Then I tried roulette with the remaining bonus amount and again I lost. Then I decided not to spend any personal amount in any of the game in this. May be this casino was unlucky for me that’s why I was losing all the games.

The one thing which I didn’t like at all is that this casino does not have instant play option. I like those casinos which have as before downloading I want to try them.

All I want to say is this casino needs a lot of improvement in their facilities moreover the initial ones.
I would like to give 5 out of 10.

Lilian. Reviewed on 10.10.18
Golden Galaxy is one of the latest casinos that use Playtech software. Even though I like the name of this casino very much I already am a member of many casinos that use this software and I had no intention of making an account here.
But I found a promotion on some affiliate site that Golden Galaxy offers a 40 no deposit bonus for new players. The wager for this bonus was 40 x bonus. I couldn't resist that so I downloaded their software and made an account here. Today it is very hard to find a casino with such a generous offer for new players.

Back in the days I was entering the gambling world offers like this were very common. That was only 4 years ago and many casinos back then had some really generous bonuses to attract new players. I speak about those days with a big sense of nostalgia. Right after I logged on to this casino 40 euros were added to my balance. Before I accepted the bonus I read the terms and conditions about the bonus. They were standard terms for a no deposit bonus. But I was disappointed when I saw that Marvel slots weren't allowed. But Playtech offers a big choice of other slot games. One of the games I like most is called Gladiator, but I couldn't find that fantastic game in the Golden Galaxy offer. Incredibly this casino doesn't offer a huge number of slot games to play. I was really disappointed with this fact. Instead of Gladiator I started with some other slot game. I spent a total of half an hour here before I lost all of my money.

Overall: I probably wont be coming back here again because Golden Galaxy doesn't offer anything extra compared to other Playtech casino I regularly play in. maybe I will if they offer some interesting bonus.

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