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Karolyn. Reviewed on 11.07.18
Saw 35$ no deposit on this casino so i registered on their site> used the bonus code and claimed the bonus and got it within less than a minute. I liked their service and that initial process which as very fast and i was a member with free 35$ within no time.
I started playing video slots and my first game was golden man and i like their visuals a lot. And the soundtrack behind is very intense and makes it a good experience. Since it was a 20 line video slot so i was on 0.10 and my bet was 2$ per spin. Was looking for the iron man symbol because it gives free spins. And the first spin i hit the wild on line and got 1$ so bet 2 and got 1 only. i did not like the variance of this game because most
if the time my spins were bringing 0 money and whenever i hit wild or the gun it gave me less than i had invested in that spin.

So i left the game with a balance of 26$. Then went to American Roulette as this game is the one that can get you good money even casino hold em but this site did not have hold em . I found it very weird that for most of the table games they were downloading updates hen i chose to play that game an this is my first such experience. I realized that i cannot play these games on free money then went back to slots.

This time i was playing love and money as they have a very catchy name so i chose to play this game. An again the update thingy. I liked their select line feature a lot. But i was only on coins as selecting lines would have been a bigger risk. Wins were like for 0.30$ and best case was once that was 2$ and not more than that. This is why i am not a big rival player because the variance is too much and the payout is not enough.Was hitting the heart one most of the time or the weird faced feature which was not paying enough. Then went to bowled over which is i-slots and it is the specialty of rival. This was a very nice game and i managed to up my balance to 45$ from this game only. I am still going strong and hoping to meet the wager and taking some big risks. Recently spoke to emily about some welcome gift the casino has promised waiting for it.
Golden cherry casino was having a no deposit bonus which i came to know about through a page on Facebook and there is absolutely no way that i can say no to a free money bonus because it is the best time killer and i created an account on this casino and claimed the no deposit bonus. i download the app of their casino because the instant play feature always runs very slow and on some casinos the instant play does not even offer all the games which you can actually play on the downloaded version. their download takes some good time.

I got to the action with the global cup soccer game and it is a classic slot and i love playing them . No real features here and was only getting the 1ball and no such feature with the big wins and i like that the wins of every feature are mentioned on the side of the
games. These slots are very fast but a lot of spins go empty and this
can be disastrous with real money . I played this one, Eggstravaganza and big cash win and came out with profit only from big cash win. I play very less time on video slots on casinos from the rival company.

Played only one video slot which was the wild carnival game. And only small combinations like q and 9 , j and 10. and these combinations do not play enough and certainly not enough to get me to the wager. I lost all the money till i got to the table games and i always have lost every free money bonus i have gotten and i do not understand the deal with it. I would give this casino a 6 and would love some improvement in the return to the players. And please do something about the long waiting during the loadings and even when downloading the app of this casino.
Williams. Reviewed on 23.09.18
I wanted to use some free chip promotion and I came across Golden Cherry Casino promotion here at AskGamblers. Intro and the website looks very attractive and elegant with this red color all over. I claimed my bonus via live support which was friendly and professional. I wanted to play video slots so my bonus was added and I was ready to go.

This Casino is powered by Rival software and I never played here before. This was a no deposit promotion for new sign ups, 20 dollars,wagering requirements 50 x bonus,with max.cah out of 100 dollars. As I said that I like video slots my bonus included all video slots and specialty games. My first pick was Ocean Treasure that I have played before and doubled my deposit at that time, but as I was playing on a high 0.75 bet and I had just two small wins I wanted to change the game,even though this is a really nice game. Ok, let me see what is going on on Cleopatras Coins,one of my favorite slots.With 13 dollars left on my balance, min bet of 0.75 will do me just fine to have some fun for a while,as I am not intending to look for low total bet. Few spins and zero wins. Ok, not a big deal I will try Love & Money 5 reels,15 paylines slots which gave me only 0.30 dollars. Actually I played this slot earlier.

Now,after I tried a few different slots, I am wondering how come non of them gave me some wins, at least something so I can enjoy for a little bit longer, not even thinking of meeting the wagering requirement. I can see that this is one of the younger casinos and according to complaints here, not too many solved, it is telling me that this is a problematic casino. I can’t tell if I will ever deposit here, I wish to see some solved complaints.

Let me finish this review by saying that this Casino looks so good and they have great customer support but I’ not sure if it is a safe casino to play in.
Getting my winnings at Golden Cherry has been awful! There responses are programmed and since they don't have to speak directly to you they just drag it out. I've been waiting almost a month for my first 500.00. They stop responding to your emails and when they do its a canned response. I am beyond frustrated with them. I just want my money and no one on that site will respond to me.
Freida. Reviewed on 27.09.18
I saw their promotion of 20$ no deposit bonus and decided to take advantage of it because I was interested int their software, which is Rival, and I wasn't sure if it was trustful enough to make a deposit so knowing that I didn't have anything to lose, I signed up.

I signed up and contacted the live chat. I was very pleased that they were available without any waiting. I asked them to credit my bonus because it wasn't added to my account and decided to just ask again about the wagering. What surprised me was that on AskGamblers I saw that the wagering was 35 x but when I talked to the live staff they said it's 50 x. Things like that make me suspicious of the casino because then I feel like they provide gamblers with the wrong information.

After getting my bonus I started to play Cosmic Quest Mission control. I placed 0.20$ bets per spin and within 20 spins I got an absolute 0 win. I didn't want to waste my time on dead spins so I switched to their new game- Wild Carnival. I liked the way it looked so I played it for some time. Even with its 50 paylines, my biggest win with 2.50$was under 3$ and it happened only 2 times and I didn't manage to get any free spins. Very frustrating for that big bets. After that I decided to stick with Astral Luck, which has 50 lines too.I played it with 0.50$ bets and eventually I lost all my balance.

I have to say that I'm almost sure I won't be making a deposit there. I didn't really like the games they have.Although I'm usually not the biggest fan of sci-fi kind of slots, this time I really missed that they didn't have any game that wasn't cartoony at all. I also didn't like that they provide misguided information (for the wagering, for example) and I also wasn't loving the design they have, for me it was a little distracting and even though I used instant play, download option button came up each time I clicked on something. If I was playing with real money, I would be disappointed and I felt it would be actually hard to get there the minimum amount for withdrawal, which is 100$. The only plus I found there was the customer support, they were very nice and helpful.
Joe. Reviewed on 03.10.18
About a half year ago I registered an account at the Golden Cherry Casino not knowing too much about the Rival powered casinos and used up their 250% deposit bonus when I cashed in just little as €43. The bonus money wasn’t withdrawable and I needed to wager x 25 the sum of the deposited and bonus amounts and all games was available to play. This latter criteria was important to me because I like playing Roulette some spins if I can do and it’s not always as an option (at least not on 1:3 wagering ratio) while claiming a bonus. These some spins was really just some spins because I didn’t like what I experienced at the Rival Roulette tables. A really ugly interface without the possibility to spin with no bet taken or fast spin.

I quickly left the table tried some i-slots games like Hole in Won and Sherwood Forest Fortunes and won some on Fantasy Fortune video slots but I had to realize that not much I like in this Rival casino (except their 3-reel slots, some of them are very good and enjoyable) so I wanted to cashout but recognized that this time I claimed a bonus. Tried to contact their support department via live chat but no one was the other side then wrote them an e-mail to ask about this situation. Tried more times to contact them in the next several days but never got an answer. Finally I bored with it and forfeited all my money was left from the original deposited amount.

Ever since I have played in a Rival casino almost every time if I had to contact for some reasons their customer service I’ve got a feeling like they’re use an automatic system without human intervention. It’s obvious that this is not true but I don’t understand why do they provide live chat and e-mail services if can’t contact them and they never answers.

I think the Rival casinos are the most similar to each other and with slight exaggeration we could say if you played ever in one Rival casino practically you played in all of them.
Adella. Reviewed on 05.10.18
WoW! I have only one word for Golden Cherry Casino. Excellent!.
Before writing this review I also read the other reviews about Golden Cherry Casino located on its page at AskGamblers and I can say that I completely disagree with them: my experience of playing in this casino was one particularly pleasant. I do not know how this casino is when it comes to withdrawals, but at the other chapters, it deserves only 10 marks.

Golden Cherry Casino offers a lot of bonuses for new players. Among them there is a 20 USD no deposit bonus offered through the special cupon from its AskGamblers site. I remember the day when I played for the first time in a casino RTG (Alladins Gold). Well, the day I stepped into this Rival casino I will remember as well. I am not saying that all Rival casinos are the same, but Golden Cherry is equal in quality to the best RTG casino. First, all games have excellent graphic quality. Second, as in an RTG casino, here from the multitude of slots games there are games having high volatility and very small volatility. Playing with only 20 USD from the start I lost four days playing this casino slots and I was very close to meet the wagering conditions.Slots are so appealing that first day I tried all of them playing for virtual money. And there are not few. In the end I chose the slot 'A day at the derby' in which I played all the bonus money.

Now regarding the online support, I used it twice, once to claim the bonus coupon and once to learn about the games that counts toward wagering. Each time, the online support answered me immediately, I was asked which language I want to speak (French or English) and it was very courteous. So a 10 also goes to support. I repeat I do not know how this casino is when it comes to withdrawals but for the other chapters is indeed excellent.

I think it's worth spending some time playing here at this casino, even if only for the bonuses offered.
Edwin. Reviewed on 06.10.18
I played at golden cherry casino once, it is just another rival casino which have no deposit bonus for new players. But i just look at complaints, and oh god, there is 27 complaints and only 7 was resolved, and i think this casino is good example why people have some fear with rival software, because casinos like this do some bad things to players, and this is damage for all rival casinos, i find it is strange that rival like software operator does not do anything to help improve it is own reputation and get more player trust.

Like i said i played at golden cherry casino only once, and i am think i should be more than happy with this because if i win, probably we all can see my complaint here with others, so sometimes i think losing no deposit bonus can did good job to player, and he will not need to make deposit and try to withdraw no deposit winnings. With 30$ no deposit from golden cherry casino i tried my favorite rival slots, and even was have 150$ at my peak balance by good winning streak on scary rich slot, but after continue playing i come to dead streak of a lot dead spins and of course i was not able to win anything with this no deposit bonus, but like i said, it is not so bad, since this casino is most likely nothing than a scam. I glad that i did not made real money deposit in this casino, because at a time when i start playing i did not know about AskGamblers and about so many complaints, but now i know and of course will recommend any potential players to stay away from this casino.

I rate Golden cherry casino with 3 stars, because 27 complaints can not rise from nowhere, right? Stay away from this casino, in case you did not want to submit complaint.
Sharda. Reviewed on 07.10.18 support manager this is my username vahe80. Today is already my 15 day till I have been waiting for verification and when I tried to login my account yourstaff blocked my account with my deposited money in.

Listen to me, I insist your manager Adam W. whom I talked on Saturday who promised me that on Monday everything will be done and again lied as your staff do it. I insist my deposited money back to my Neteller account my 55 euro. Put your 45euro to your casino. Call meimmediately, say to your manager.
Janyce Jacko. Reviewed on 07.10.18
My advice to all casino players never play this casino room if you don't want to be nervous, its a BS casino room I have ever played before, I won 45 euro and made deposit of 55 euro to be eligible to make a withdraw of 100 euro as their conditions request it and its already 15 day they haven't yet verified my account that I am able to make my withdraw. They work lazy and lie.

My advice to all casino players never take their BS bonuses and even not try to play there.

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