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Raymon. Reviewed on 11.07.18
Goldbet Casino is terrific! It is a casino with a bunch of softwares one of which turned out to be favourable to me. I have probably mentioned this a lot in my previous reviews about my favourite games but to speak of it would sound like a boring repetition but I will talk about it.

GoldBet casino runs with NetEnt, Betsoft, Evolution Gaming and other softwares. It interested me to find that all the games are within their website or lobby so that would mean no downloading for us "ready to hit big" players. Before making my account stand tall (registering an account) I not only looked around for the types of games they had but also talked to GoldBet's live chat facility where my waiting and questions were all answered in a quick and timely manner. The great thing about this brilliant casino is my country is eligible to register and take their bonuses. It's a shame that some NetEnt casinos do not allow one or the other or even both to happen (Register, take bonuses). As with GoldBet all is a breeze except this small problem! The only thing that posed as a problem is at the start of going into this casino the language was in Italian but it was fixed immediately thanks to the language switcher on the top right and my browser Google Chrome (For translating as backup).

And this just in, I made a $50 deposit with no bonus. I only asked support if bonuses are available because welcome bonuses are common, some have them and some don't but most of them do. Okay, first of I wanted to play Hall of Gods. In Hall of Gods I had many struggles trying to hit the bonus on an $0.80 bet because every time I landed 2 scattered hammers with no 3rd scatter in sight on (Reels 3 and 4 had them Reel 5 is a grinch). The same goes with the scattered Crows. There is this one spin where I actually got 3 scattered crows. The brilliant part about triggering the 10 Free Spins at 3x multiplier from the 3 crows is I actually landed 3 scattered hammers in that first spin. Inside I kept break shields within the 15 until I got either a prize or a Jackpot (I was hoping for one). Instead of a Jackpot I had two 480 amounts, two 4000 coin amounts, two 2000 coin amounts and on the second last shield I broke I collected 4000 coins ($40) after breaking the last 4000 coin amount. Luckily I did not get the final 480 or the 2000 coins because it needed one more to award that or 3 identical amounts total to win that prize. With $45.90 won and with 5 last Free Spins another great win happened. I landed 5 axes on Line 2 with Freya on the centre 1st Reel and Odin at the bottom 1st reel with 2 Expanding Wilds on Reels 2 and 3 for $45.36. 3 spins after that nothing showed up and in the final spin I won a small $2.33. All that for $93.59! That was awesome! Normally I would not expect two features to come by together in one trigger. How kind of them to include a bonus trigger inside Free Spins! My balance now at $132.59 I changed to Starburst with an addition win of $22.34 getting 2 Wild respins with Sevens and Bar combinations but then a little later I lost $5 worth. They should really include a bonus inside Starburst seriously. I know the Starburst expanding wilds are cool and all but it needs something to accompany it besides just normal wins and respins. If they somehow combined Elements Freefalls (Or Storm features) and Starburst's Expanding Wild respins with their features to make it work I think we would have an incredible addition to the NetEnt software for Video slots.

As I did not feel like going towards Live casino to play Blackjack I continued forward to win more money on other video slots. Wow! Bloodsuckers really became generous when I triggered the bonus for $1 bet just for picking out coffins. The amounts I got were 1800 coins, 320 coins, 320 coins, 480 coins, 1800 coins and finally no vampire in the coffin (it ended my feature). All this for 4720 coins ($47.20) on a $1 bet. I figured after going through these video slots I wanted to "quit while I was ahead" because I may have all these funds ($197.13) but when their is no control over them all will become lost. Curiosity might kill my resolve so I played it safely.

A very nice casino to play on! Worth going through again! But please make the Hall of Gods Bonus trigger be less of a pain in the Ace (or A**) for my next visit! That would really be appreciated!

Support: 9/10
Terms and Conditions: N/A
Payouts: 9.5/10
Deposits: 8/10
Withdrawals: 9/10
Lita. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Looks like Icymod works for Goldbet after reading the comment above or at least has been paid for to write the comment!! I play on a lot of casino sites, but this is by far the worst site I have ever played on. I usually don't complain as all sites have their good and bad, but the most important is how they treat you as a player and how support treats you when you contact them.

I signed up on the site as I saw their FD bonus was attractive. Played a couple of hours and got lucky and won a good chunk. I requested for a cashout which was declined and was asked to provide documents for account verification. I send in my documents, however was contacted again requesting me to forward the documents. I sent in my documents again and contacted support who confirmed that they have received my documents. After a day I receive a mail from another person from the same department asking me to submit my documents for verification. I contact support as I was told my account would be verified within 48 hours and I could then cashout my funds. The agent (LuigiP) I talked to was not helpful at all and was trying to be a smart ass. I have talked to support agents on many sites as you tend to face issues once in a while on all sites and from what I have experienced, I would say support on other sites has been very helpful and friendly unlike Goldbet support.

I play on a lot of sites and have cashed out big chunks from two other sites and account verification and cashout request have been processed within 24 hours (after documents have been submitted). However on Goldebt they say it takes 48 hours only for account verification but in reality they stall it for weeks if there is a cashout involved.

I started searching online for cashout issues with Goldbet and came across a few forums where players have been complaining how the site has been stalling their account verification, specially when it came to cashing out funds. Goldbet is known for stalling big cashouts hoping that the player goes back and loses the money in the meantime. I even read on a forum a player complaining that she got a verification call from Goldbet who told her that her voice did not match her identification she had provided. Her cashout was processed after she filed a complain and reported this issue in the forums.

I would not recommend playing on this website as you will have to go through a lot of hassle if you win and want to cashout your funds
Kristie. Reviewed on 02.10.18
I started to play at Goldbet because I saw a no deposit offer on AskGamblers' and I thought that it is a mega offer but I was very disappointed!

I created my account and I made my deposit via Skrill and received the bonus of 20 euro (the bonus was 200%+25 free spins on South Park)! I started to play Silent Run slot because I played on other casino and won lot of money from it!
After I finished the wagering requirements, my account balance was showing 47 euro, not much money but it is profit! From here begins my sad story!
I contacted the support team and asked them what documents I have to send in order to be able to withdraw! They told me to send a copy of my ID, front-back, to an e-mail address provided by them!

After I sent the e-mail, 2 days later I received an e-mail from their support team and they told me that my account has been disabled because I didn’t completed the KYC verification! This wasn’t true because I already sent them copy of my ID and I contacted them again via live chat to ask for an explanation!
They replied me with the same message that was already sent to me via e-mail! Also they didn’t agreed to give me the 25 free spins on South Park slot because they told me that the free spins are intended only for players that didn’t complete the wagering requirements and lose their deposit!
Also I submitted a complaint on AskGamblers' but they replied that they wont comment individual cases like mine!
I sent them again my documents, scanned and xerox copy but they replied with the same message, 6 times in a row the same copy-pasted message!

Also in their terms and conditions is written that they will refund the remaining balance but when I asked them for a refund they told me that wont refund anything!

I will rate this casino, I don’t know if I should call it casino ,I will give an 8 for the games, 5 for the bonus because I didn’t received the free spins and 3 for the support team which is good for nothing, especially live chat because when you contact them they will tell you to send an e-mail to I don’t know what address to resolve your issue!

Overall, a bad experience and a bad casino, I wont recommend this casino to nobody even if they will launch a mega-super promotion!
Margery. Reviewed on 04.10.18
I slightly dislike this casino honestly, the reason is based on my experience and here it is. When I visited Goldbet Casino via the AskGambles'r website and saw some of their promotion I decided to register first to their casino and instead play their fun version.

While playing their fun version I realized that my winnings are better than my loses and I didn't questioned it because I know that they're certified fair casino. So I after that and playing some of the slot games I deposited $40 to try their roulette and slots in real version like common draw roulette, Dead or alive slot, Thor slot, Secret of stones and black jack. My first bet of $2 to the roulette is awesome and I won $4 quickly after that I won again $4 and lost in the third and win and lost so on and so forth, I managed to make $16 for that roulette game and I quit and switched to the slot game. My fortune carried me to that slot game, The dead or alive slot, a 5 reel 3 row 9 bet line multiple coin video slot, with some exciting bonus feature!

My total credits at that time was $56 and I decided to bet 1% of my credit. The total of my per spin would be $.56 maximum of lines. At first I felt lucky because of the wilds that I stroke and paid me $9.4 for that spin until I spin again. I was shocked because of the free spin bonus that opened my fortune I got $31 from that spin! I changed my plan and I increased my bet to $1. My first 15 spin was unlucky so I lost around $5 but then I stroke the wild and the featured bonus! I was thinking at that time that the pay out was so huge then the result of the bonus was $57.90.

Although I won from their slots unfortunately I lost to their black jack game 38% of my credit and after I lost I contacted their support if I can withdraw my winnings and they said that I need to submit the required documents before I proceed and withdraw my funds. I bothered because of the slow verification process that took 2-3 days! The withdrawal took 24 hours and at last I saw the payout in my ewallet!

I rated this casino B+ overall.
Amelia. Reviewed on 06.10.18
First, I was connected with GoldBet gambling company because of their sports betting services. Unfortunately, they almost haven't any promotions which is quite unwonted nowadays (not just welcome bonus but any others), but they offer some unusual bet formula for football matches that sympathetic for me. Some weeks ago I had success with these bets and doubled my initial €65 deposit and one day later on a boring Monday night when nothing real good (or that would have interested me) sport events were held I transferred my money to casino to play a little but I have to say it was one of my worst gaming experiences for a long time.

At this time I practically only played with NetEnt's Dragon Island slot. This little 15-payline product became on of my favourite game lately. It has lovely graphics with well-created symbols and background pictures. I always play it in the activated 'Win both ways' mode so I could double my winning id 5 matching symbols form a line and the free spins can pay back more with it. Plus the Golden Wild icon is only appear in this concept and has a possibility to multiply (from x 2 up to x 8) the winning line.

My activity started here at €1.20 bet and less than 10 rounds, 3 scatter symbols brought 10 free games resulting a €23 award. That was the last time I saw this feature. More than an hour of play later, meanwhile my biggest win was only €4.90 on a single spin (I say it again the special element was turned on all the time, so I could have win not just counting the winning lines from left to right but rightmost to left, too) my balance stood at €11 and I felt I've seen enough this game. I went on to roulette where after my second spin, 9 numbers were hit in a row from the very same column. No comment.
Of course it had nothing to do with casino and it wasn't their fault at all but it left bad memories in me.

Not based on this gaming session but besides the uncommon betting possibilities I have found nothing special or outstanding here to force me to be an everyday player at GoldBet Casino. In my book, it's just another average place.
Desmond. Reviewed on 06.10.18
I discovered Goldbet casino about two months ago. I instantly liked it because of the amount of slots they have and the variety the have.I noticed there were a mixture of platforms available, my main one being NetEnt. I knew that I would play some of the others there too, I had a good look through what they have and on their terms and conditions and I couldn't see anything relating to a welcome bonus. All I could see was a promotion saying that if you wagered £1000, I'll say that again. A £1000 you get 25 free spins,yes ill say it again 25 free spins. Are they for real?Surely this promotion on its own doesn't encourage players to deposit so they can aim for the free spins! If they do then they are a bit cuckoo.

I discovered that there was no deposit match bonus here at the moment and I don't think players from the UK can get one anyway. I really enjoyed playing the slots on practice so I just deposited. I forgot to say as soon as I registered I had to send documents,until I sent them anthem were verified I couldn't deposit. I sent them immediately and they were verified the same day for me,so I was impressed by this.

Due to not having a bonus I thought I'd deposit a bit more than usual and deposited £40. Unfortunately their slots didn't play as good in real mode as demo mode and I found myself struggling to find a decent slot. My Balance soon managed to worm it's way down to zero! It's a shame they don't have bonuses. Surprises me because you don't find many online casinos these days that haven't got some kind of welcome bonus.

I'd keep your eye on this casino,I'm sure they are destined to introduce a welcome bonus,and when they do I'd tell you to give them a go, but whilst no bonus is available I wouldn't recommend it.
Daysi. Reviewed on 07.10.18
When I searched for a casino to play I found them, I had enough money to play so I wanted to try a casino without any kind of bonus. I saw they uses a large scale of slots, and the most important thing was they use Netent machines too. Also they have some other kind of games like: Sports, Casino, Live Betting, Monte Carlo Live, Live Casino, and Poker. So I decided I play here and try my luck, even I didn’t want to claim any kind of bonus I checked the conditions because maybe change my mind but I didn’t.

I registered my account then I went to the live support to ask them to remove all of the bonuses from my account because I didn’t want to get it. After the account details verification they was successfully removed it from my balance. I went to the banking page and made a deposit from 25 euro with Neteller.

Immediately I got it then I went to the video slots and picked the Dead or alive machine with 0.45 euro stakes and started to play. I get the free spins but the wild wasn’t comes and didn’t won from much. I collected 17 euro from it. I played down a little bit more then I reached the 22 euro I decided to leave it and try another slot. I started to play with the demolition squad with 0.4 euro bets.

I didn’t get the free spins or any valuable so I lost my money, I decided to make another deposit from 15 euro because I wanted to win. I went back to the dead or alive and played with the same bet. Sadly the story went like my previous gameplay. I didn’t played here again maybe if they had a good offer I change my mind.

Thank you!
Roseanne. Reviewed on 10.10.18
This casino provides to players games from Net Entertainment, Amaya, Betsoft and few others, which I am not interested at all. This casino is licensed on Malta, and I thought it will be safe place to play, but with my first withdrawal I had some headache.

Goldbet casino offers to new players 200 % bonus on first deposit, and of course I was happy to get this bonus, so 33 euros was debited from my Skrill account, and I had 99 euros to play with. I started playing different Net Entertainment slots, you know, like every player I have some favorites ones and usually play it.

My best hits was on Gonzo, Alien robots, Evolution. So after around 3 hours of low betting I had 400 euros on my account and I finish my wagering requirements. I request withdrawal, and it was Monday, so I just get documents request on next day, they asked my ID and utility bill which I sent immediately. After this was two days of silence, then I got email that I should send photos of my documents, not scans. Oh come on, everyone was happy with my scans, but you guys need photos. Ok, I made photos and sent them. Two days more of complete silence, and then I was offered to complete my verification by sending photo of myself holding my id. Oh really, I was absolutely ok with such things, but when it all was done fast, and like two days passed between each reply. So I made photo of myself with ID, and 3 days after money was released on my Skrill account. 7 days withdrawal for ewallet from Netent casino - this is awful.

I do not suggest you to play at Goldbet casino, they had a lot of complaints, and better choose another casino which will not kick your head.

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