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Ariel. Reviewed on 09.07.18
How can I reject such a wonderful casino suffused with huge Jackpots, a wide variety of fun filled games and loyalty points that appeared to be different on each casino (ie. Bwin: Market Points, Party Casino: Party points, Gamebookers: GB Points) In my opinion Gamebookers casino is one of those really great casinos you can't live without! It would be saying Gamebookers is the "Water to your glass cup", "the sauce to your spaghetti" or even "the glaze and filling to your doughnut". Without these features everything would be either useless or tasteless. But in this case this casino is full of flavors!

What I started out to do is deposit $75 while taking no match bonuses so that I was not weighed down entirely of wagering requirements. There are times when they are a pain in the Ace of hearts/spades. For my $75 I decided to feed Mega Fortune Wheel, Going Nuts and Melon Madness. I was really discontented when I found out that Gamebookers did not have a download version. To me this was unexpected because both Party Casino and Bwin casino both have download versions! I'd expect Gamebookers to have them too considering the fact that they all belong within the same affiliates. In about a 30 minute time frame I played Mega Fortune Wheel, a 9 Paylines Gameshow themed video slot that seems to agree with me most of the time, placing $0.90 bets along the way. When I tried to play for $2.25 the wins become more collected than payed out. The bigger the bets I made the more difficult to make winning combinations happen. I tried to negotiate a truce but they turned me down (Tried 3 spins for $2.25 and they did not pay me anything)! So I lost a few dollars but managed to keep a steady flow of wins when operating smoothly on $0.90 bets. What I really like about Mega Fortune Wheel is the bonus round. I was awarded with 3 spins and a tune (a come on down tune..kind of) that greeted me when this animated host Megan shows up. My first spin was worth 10 or $9, second spin...7 for $6.30 and the third which was not expected (occasionally rare by the way) was 50 for $45. This gave me $60.30 from this feature alone!! I was now at $121.35 or $46.35 worth of winnings over my $75! There is one little thing they needed to fix. On my last spin Megan says," Hi, I'm Megan Goodbye". They should really change that and say, "Thanks for playing the Mega Wheel! Goodbye!" or "Congratulations! Enjoy your winnings!" before the red curtains close. I then changed to Going Nuts which I did not like in terms of winnings (All the animal symbols are made of paper and the squirrel dancing while the reels are spinning is just freaky). This 30 Paylines video slot gave me less than my bets and on occasions my initial bet. The problem is the symbols are all duplicated in all reels or the 3rd Reel gets blocked by stacked symbols not needed to make a win. Although I did find the Wild acorn to be useful, giving out random wilds on the Reels (everytime this happens a squirrel would drop down to hug that acorn). But in terms of triggering the Going Nuts feature I did not bother to chase it as my balance was being syphoned slowly by losses. My now $121.35 turned into $108.35 for $1.50 a spin.

Finally my journey ended well with Melon Madness. Melon Madness reminded me of Fruit Party on Party casino in the past where music and fruits had personality already depicted. The fruits in Melon Madness look like ordinary fruits but if under a winning combination they start moving and dancing (lol Pear shakes his Ace and suited music playing to his dance). This was just like Going Nuts in terms of resulted wins but after certain amount of spins for $1.50 (about 30 spins, wins and losses) I not only won $15.60 but I also triggered the Free spins feature! So basically I had to choose a scattered bell to give out Free spins and what I chose gave me 12 Free Spins at 5x while the rest were showing 9 Free Spins at 3x and 15 Free Spins at 6x (D**n). What came out for my 12 Free Spins was totally cool in terms of paying out. I can't believe getting 2 wilds would give me $50 worth of wins on one spin! That was out of the blue and I was not expecting a big win to come out like that! This gave me $66.75!! An excellent play after 4 hours of petting the mouse (clicking buttons) and changing games I climbed to $190.70! I wanted to see in this session if I could win one of those precious Jackpots but today was not my day! Ohh well...there is always next time!!

Regarding any big problems (scamming or roguish for example) I have encountered I did not see any red flags or red cards being handed out while playing on Gamebookers. Only those mentioned above were the only problems for me. They seriously should add more games to this website if no download version is present (What! No Golden Oasis!?!? Why would you do this to me?). An 8 out of 10 for Gamebookers casino!
Dorethea Danzy. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Gamebookers was once one of the leading bookies in the European market and I think it wasn’t a good decision to become a property of the Bwin family this year and loose their independency and some qualities of their services. I liked them much more before.

I became a member of them some years ago when I won a €25 prize in a sport quiz and the trivia organizers gave this amount as a Gamebookers bonus. Like every sports betting offices they use a common account for all their services (sports betting, poker, casino, forex) and the players can cash in from this main balance to the desired section after depositing to the main balance.

They offer wide range of deposit methods and some only geographically available ways (like Abaqoos e-wallet which can be used only in Hungary and the majority of the gamblers here haven’t use it yet or don’t even know about it.) Of course all of the deposit possibilities are free but it can’t be told about the withdrawals. If we like to use our Visa Card or Entropay, Bank transfer modes to cash out there always will be a small amount of fee. From the time of joining Bwin they use a third party cashier service provider named Pay-Pro and before the first withdrawal we have to send our documents directly to them and Pay-Pro will let us know when they’re finishing with the verification of our account and if it’s done we can easily deposit and withdraw without any problems in the future.

From June of 2012 they use Partygaming software. They have a decent number of slot games but in my opinion that they are not near overall great quality as we used to at other casinos and I agree that their pay rates are not really good. Truly, there’s not much slots I like there (maybe the Pharaoh’s Treasure is the exception. It is a 20-line slot with great symbols and good free spins which I liked and played withthe most). I played here mainly with small amounts that left from bettings and I don’t intend to move in with greater amount of cash because I really don’t enjoy my gaming time here and hadn’t a great gaming impression.

Nevertheless, Gamebookers have a great pedigree and the players always know their moneys are in safe place
Peggy Messing. Reviewed on 02.10.18
I did not have an account at Gamebookers and when I found out it is part of the Bwin Party group I immediately took action by entering my details and visiting the cashier's page. But I have a job for you cashier "Right Here"! It's in my wallet and I need you to process my Visa card so I can proceed to make some winnings. Hahaha you thought I was actually talking about something else lol. T

here are pros and cons when dealing with Gamebookers. For the pros there are games already available in the Lobby so I don't have to wait for a download. Instant play exactly.

In light of Cons, there is no downloads for the casino, the bonus requirements are high to 60 times before withdrawing and in my opinion it is not all that amazing when I compare it to Bwin. On Bwin I could see Black and Yellow go together very well but here in Gamebookers grey and orange?

I would agree a name like Gamebookers would be appreciated seeing is how it is named closely to the E-Wallet Moneybookers. I was nauseated by the bonus requirements so I deposited without the code they have provided.

The games I should have avoided were tournadough, Full Moon Fever and Going Nuts. It is the return from my bets overall not to mention the crappy free spins on Tournadough. 3 Free Spins for 3 barns were a disgrace! I felt upset to see that Ride of the Valkyries wasn't there. The Raffle draw from total spins is surely missed. And how can they not have Super Star on this casino!? I know in my previous review I said these slots weren't meant for big bets but their deficiency in games needed to be made up for so I spent $0.60 bets on Melon Madness and $0.45 bets on Mega Fortune. With Melon Madness I can't say it pays well or not enough because the results I got from it are different every time, in wins and in losses. $5 for 5 grapes is very decent and with bell scatters I got my bet back instead of twice the size. In the end I gotten to $111.23 for my work.

Overall Gamebookers is an 8 out of 10! Bonus requirements are needed to be burned to the ground if I am to take them. It is that bad!
Lorretta. Reviewed on 04.10.18
Though I had rarely – if ever – come across the Gamebookers name until shortly before registering there in early 2008, discovering it was run by the same group behind the popular Party brand eased any worries I may have had about joining an unknown site. Its primary focus appeared to be sportsbetting but I had learned of a 50% up to €50 casino welcome bonus that, while not as good as most opening deposit offers elsewhere, I thought was worth a shot. As I browsed through the relevant online pages and completed the signup process I noted the clear association with Party, where I had been a member for years and whose logo even appeared here.

Nevertheless, I also saw that Gamebookers was far from a carbon copy and the casino especially was considerably different. To start with, it only offered instant play games directly in the browser rather than on a download client. Being very familiar with Party Casino by then, it was apparent that the selection here came from a different provider: I strongly suspect it was NetEnt software in hindsight, though I didn't have a whole lot of experience with it in those days and ended up spending little time on this site. In fact, I only tried out one game here as far as I remember, namely blackjack.

The actual playing experience is rather hazy now, to be honest, but I know it ended well from my standpoint. Email receipts from that specific time period indicate I withdrew approximately $70 more to my ewallet than I initially deposited, so I was left with my original funds plus most of the bonus after completing the playthrough. Apparently I had to go through an account validation process (something I had completely forgotten about before reviewing my saved correspondence) by Pay-Pro, the payment processor used by Party-related sites, upon my first cashout from Gamebookers but received it after a day.
Jamika. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Now these guys know how to pick a name for a casino. At first look I thought they have something in common with moneybookers e wallet but as it turns out the only thing which brings these two together is option to make a deposit at Gamebookers using Moneybookers. This is instant play casino and sports betting and other gambling stuff that comes in package and I must admit that their site is very well designed.

I made up my mind to sign up with them and possibly earn some money on video slots that I like to play from my browser. When you first sign up with gamebookers casino you will be offered bonus up to 50 euros on your deposit. This bonus is not really that good and it traps you in casino for a while so I skipped this offer and deposited 20 euros with above mentioned moneybookers e wallet. They have small minimum deposit limit of just 7 euros so you can try their casino without big eventual loss. When my money showed on my balance I opened King Kong slot and started turning reals. This is a 25 lines very popular slot for which most of you heard so all that I will tell you is that it pays well at Gamebookers casino. I won several bonus rounds and earned more than 100 euros in an hour playing on it. Wins just kept coming and I was really amazed how good things worked out for me here.

Off course next thing I did is request a withdrawal. When it comes to casino rating most important things for me are withdrawal times and payout on various games. My withdrawal went super fast. I was not even asked for documents and my money arrived on skrill the next day. One of the fastest withdrawals I ever received so my grade for Gamebookers casino is 10/10
Gaye. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Gamebookers is one of the casinos that is run by bwinparty which is one of the more reputable firms.The layout and organisation of the site is another one of the combined super sites offering tonnes of different games. This casino is very much one for Playtech lovers since it actually offers much of the same games as you would get in places like William Hill.

The games on offer include games like the Marvel games. These games are great fun if you want to be able to play 50 lines at a time. Many of the games are slots – over 100 in fact, with a few table games and card games to keep the variation. There is even a live casino although it is a bit on the disappointing side – only 2 games. However, if you don't expect too much this is a pretty good casino.

I did not take the deposit bonus – it is a massive 60 x the deposit plus the bonus which would take a lot of playing to be able to withdraw. I had a go of going nuts which is one of their progressive games that was quite cute to play – they do offer a lot of progressive games along with some new slot games like tornadough and man utd. I didn't manage to win anything on the progressive and played a few rounds of roulette.In the end I got my money back after a bit of a hair raising risk. You get a choice out of the pro roulette tables and the standard roulette tables.If you play at the pro you can stake a lot more money.

Overall I would have to say that this casino is nothing special – but worth your time if you want to access all their other services.I would rate it as a solid 7/10 – disappointing bonuses, but reasonable games.
Halley. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Gamebookers is renown widely because of its betting area. It’s one of the top 5 in its business so they cannot allow themselves to be pulled down because of their casino and that’s exactly what they are doing.

Their services are extremely professionals and in the same time they are very fast to react to your needs. Their live support is in a lot of languages and the people that are working there are well instructed so that you feel much respected.

A common problem to the casinos that are more renowned for their betting area such as gamebookers is that they don’t offer very good bonuses perhaps only the first deposit bonus. However the people on the live chat are very polite and they can offer you different bonuses after you get your first deposit bonus. Unfortunately they have offered me only 20% bonus extra which in my opinion is quite poor but you have to be satisfied with what they offer you.

As I stated before they work very fast with all the documents that they might request and also the withdrawals are very fast. Their game offer is very good however most of the games are very enjoyable but they actually don’t pay that good. This means that you will enjoy the games but in my opinion those games are not paying as good as other casinos.

Overall it’s a very safe casino, were you will feel respected and also you will enjoy your time spent. If you don’t have an account it’s a good time to start playing as now you have a bonus for 4 deposits. As long as you respect all of their terms and conditions there is no worry that they won’t pay you no matter the amount you will win this I can guarantee.
Shawnee. Reviewed on 10.10.18
I would like to share my experienced here at Gamebookers Casino. While I have known about this casino for a long time, and decided to signing up at Gamebookers. I considered overlooking the first point, their casino website was unappealing as it suggested to me that other promotions, including deposit bonuses, is undesirable.

Okay, after I successfully claimed the deposit offer bonus via a link in the signup email and registered my credit card to accessed my account as required, it was the start to play the $30 deposited. I choose their video slot called start on "Amazing Spider Man" playing $0.90 per spin but then found my balance is not enough due to insufficient combinations and bonuses. The first free spins I got were unlucky, the second is best: and so on and so forth and I managed to won $45 after that free spins. Their are many happening that I experienced and all of this is fine and I don't saw any hassle about their deposit, game, withdrawal and also their promotions all you need to do when you are lost at the center of the jungle is chat their representative and they will help you out at the jungle lol :) everything works perfectly nice Gamebookers Casino.

Their first 4 deposit bonus is100% only up to 200$, which is pretty rare, usually casinos have cooler promotions, even though it is rare bonus I had a good experienced about their bonus I am satisfied....

My remarked to Gamebookers casino is fragmented because of their different work capabilities.

Software: 9/10
Bonuses: 8/10
Support: 8/10 fast representative but overall it's great.
Finance: 9/10 fast withdrawal usually I take my payment 1-2 days
Terms and Condition: 8/10

Over all I recommended this casino to other players but always take all the risks when playing at casino even it is a good casino........

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