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Kristie. Reviewed on 11.07.18
I am a big Novomatic slots fan.
Futuriti Casino

Before I try out a casino I always search the internet for some useful info and comments from other players about the casino.
Now, with Futuriti this is quite difficult. Since the whole internet is ¨spammed¨ full about the promotions of Futuriti (especially about their €100 no deposit bonus) even at a bunch of non-gaming related websites. When I search for ¨Fast Payouts Futuriti¨ in google, for example, I got redirected to a body builder site or a forum where women talk about their depressive cats. Their advertisements are really everywhere!

It is quite difficult to find decent information from other users about this casino, even if you use the advanced search in google, you will not find directly what you want, but they have the good right to do that, and although the wager requirements of the free €100 are incredible high, it is a nice offer anyways and a free chance to try out their casino.

Now this review is just based on my experiences at Futuriti and keep in mind I just play slots!

Futuriti casino, when I discovered them I just had a strange feeling about them. I can not tell you exactly why, It´s because of different things, I guess.

Customer Support
For me one of the most important things. A good and fast customer support is very important. Futuriti has a live chat available, which is easy to find. Whatever you are playing, you will always see the Live-Chat available at the right bottom of your screen, sending out an automatic message from time to time saying you just have to click there if you need any kind of help.

That´s great! Always useful to have a staff member close to you to help you out with your questions! But although they state their Live Chat is available 24/7, unfortunately it happens sometimes they are not online. Not a big issue since you can always leave a message.

About the professionalism of their staff in the chat I have my doubts sometimes. Most of the time you will get your answer for basic questions, but just don´t expect a nice and detailed chat session. Sometimes the answers are just not helpful at all. Sometimes chat window gets closed without a reason ór you get an answer that just doesn´t make any sense. Not always, but in my case this was how it went most of the times.

It looks like the site is owned by Russians (although they are based in the Netherlands Antilles), so on the other side I can imagine it is a little bit difficult for their customer support to give you a proper answer, since it is very clear not everybody speaks decent English at Futuriti. I have got the most funny but also annoying answers to my questions.
I also experienced a few times they clearly just copied and pasted the phrase: ¨Please, hold on, it takes some time for me to find the answer for you¨, followed 5 minutes later with the next copied and pasted phrase: ¨I am sorry, but you should contact [email protected] for further assistence¨. *CHAT CLOSED*

I also have got answers like: ¨Did you read our T&C? Did you or didn´t you? Here they are! Did you read them? when I was talking about a complete other issue then he was referring to. Funny but a little bit rude.

But I also have good experiences with their customer support. A few weeks ago I had a problem with my deposit. For some reason my Clickandbuy deposit didn´t come through, although it was deducted from my account. When I contacted them about it, I was kind of sure this could take a very long time before I got some proper help, but I was really surprised they kept me updated very well by email. At the end the problem was solved and I got my deposit in my account and was helped in a very nice and friendly way.

My guess about their customer support:

They aim to give as much support as possible for their customers and I am quite convinced their philosophy is to keep their customers as happy as possible. I just think there are some grumpy, bad informed operators which sometimes have no idea where the customer is talking about. But you can count on it your problem will be solved. You just have to meet the right person. If that person is not available in the chat, he will be available for you through email support. I almost want to put his name here, but I think it´s not a good idea to post names in a casino review.


I have never seen a casino giving out so many bonuses like Futuriti does. On every deposit you get a bonus with a fair wager requirement. You can choose every single time if you accept or reject the bonus. You can follow your wagers needed to clear the bonus very easy. It is always displayed in the main screen of their casino.

Also, if you play there you automatically take part on their tournaments held. The first time I won €30. I didn´t even know about this tournament going on. I just logged in and found the money in my account to play with.

This month I won 2 prices in their last tournaments.

The first one was a 120% cashback bonus. This was pretty good with a total of almost €2.000. Downside of this bonus was, it was credited as bonus-money with a playthrough of 30 x. Good luck wagering €60.000 on slots! This money was gone within a few hours.You will really need to hit a lot of books and cowboys on Book of Ra on the maximum bet of €9.00 to have, at least, a little chance to complete the wager requirements, or if some bonuswhores can give me the right strategy, please post it her,e because I couldn´t really take this bonus serious at all.

The 2nd price I won was much better. In fact it was great! I won €300 which was directly available in my account. No wagering, no tricky other conditions. Just hard cash available to withdraw directly if wished!

Not bad at all I guess and it is really not hard to win in a tournament. Most of the players will get rewarded in some way if you just play there from time to time.


I played a lot of Novomatic slots in my life and I have to say I have the feeling their slots look extremely tight. Please, don´t take this directly as the truth. Slots are unpredictable and it can be I was just on a long bad run. I also won the biggest prices possible on their slots, so that´s the other site.

Two times I had a negative experience with their slots. Two times I hit the bonus rounds in Book of Ra and Lucky Ladys Charm, but for some reason the screen freezed and there was nothing else left to do then just close the screen and start the game up again. Bonus spins lost, and no change in my bankroll, so the results were not calculated at all. I tried their customer support (chat) but I gave up. I wasn´t in the mood to make a big story of this, and it seemed they could not do anything about it. This makes me suspicious, since it should be quite easy to find back the spins you made at their slots. Quite annoying and it gives you the feeling you miss a win you deserved to win.

Also, watch out and don´t touch your mouse wheel too much. In my case, when I press and scroll my mouse wheel to zoom in, you see the reels spinning at maximum bet of €9.00 and no way to stop them! Happened to me a few times. Very annoying if you deposited just €20 to let it spin on €0,45 cents while watching football on youtube!


Their customer support told me 2 different stories about how and when they process the withdraws. One said to me it will always be the very same day, especially if you cashout to an ewallet where you deposited with before. The other said they process their withdraws every 3 days.

Now, I tried to cash out several times. One time my withdraw to Clickandbuy was almost instant but all the rest of my were pending 1 or a few days. Stupid me, I reversed them of course to lose it all at the end. For me, delayed payouts are a BIG reason to play less in those casinos. I prefer stick around in casinos like Quasar Gaming, where you will have your cash the very same day.

It should be so so nice if all casinos process the withdraws the very same day! But unfortunately Futuriti doesn´t work this way. At least not in my experience.

Because of this I can not tell you if all withdraws go without any hassle. I really do hope so, because if they do and if their slots are trustworthy this casino is a great place to play, despite the doubts I have had about them in the past.

I am still not 100% comfortable with Futuriti, but my experiences with them are getting better and better. Only thing I will have to find out is about the withdraws coming through without a hassle or not.

Note: The maximum withdraw amount to Clickandbuy is €100 for whatever reason. This limit does not count for other withdraw methods as far as I know.

That´s it!

If anything changes I will definitely update it here or in the forums. I will try a few withdraws very soon and let´s see how it ends. Maybe other players can confirm their withdraws are okay!

I hope this is useful information for people who like to start playing at Futuriti casino!

Clarinda. Reviewed on 23.09.18
Futuriti casino is owned by Russian people, and of course they had a lot of marketing campaigns on our website and they was almost everywhere, also they had 100$ no deposit bonus for new players, but in time when I found this casino in terms I read that if player get this bonus, he will not be eligible for first deposit bonus. As Futuriti casino has games from Microgaming and Novomatic, I think better not touch no deposit, and play with my own deposit. By the way Microgaming and Novomatic games separated, and you can't play with deposit bonus on both, only on one software.

I decide to play Novomatic games, as their game selection is really great, and with deposit 50$ I get 100% welcome bonus from casino. This is same 100$ which they offer as no deposit, but at least spending my 50$ I will have less wagering requirements, and will not have any max cashout rules. I start from Polar fox game, because I played this game few times on land based casino, and I like this game. But after featuer I switch to Book of ra deluxe, I am always playing deluxe games. My bet size was 0.8$ and I played only this game, at one point I had 10$ left, but 3 books appear and safe. I finish wagering requirements with 130$ on my balance, and decide to check out did this casino pay well or no.

Verification took 1 day, and another one to process my withdrawal, so two days. I made two more deposits in this casino, but did not win anything and can't comment further about their service.

Futuriti casino looks a bit shady for me, to be honest. I have 95% feeling that their games not from greentube, and just copies. But I had positive experience, and therefore rate this casino with 7 stars.
Recently I was wasting my time surfing the net, when this commercial appeared on my screen. It said something about big deposit bonus and I thought-why not? I've read in the AskGamblers forum both- good and bad - reviews abou tthe Futuriti casino, so I'm gonna tell a little about my experience.
The first thing I noticed was the design of their page. I think that it looks clear and not too aggressive, too much "in your face", which I find is a good thing (there are many casinos with so dull design that your eyes start hurting when you look at them). But that isn't that important.

I guess I find it a little bit weird that when you're registering your account, they request your mobile phone number ( at first I was afraid they're gonna send me spam texts) but fortunately that didn't happen and it was only for security. But now about games.

I deposited 20 EUR and got bonus of 10EUR ( the commercial said "get 200%bonus" but when I registered my profile I could see the conditions for this bonus and you could get 200eur bonus if only you deposit the same amount), okay, so at the beginning of the gambling I got 30EUR. My all time favorite game is BJ, so I started with it. First time I bet on 2 EUR, saw that the dealer was probably gonna be busted and doubled my bet. I won. I like to think that BJ likes me.The next few bets were also lucky to me and gave me winnings. After few winnings I started to lose and decided to quit the game ( I guess you just have to know when to stop, especially when you're starting to lose, don't you think?) But this time I didn't spend much time at the roulette table either. I just put the 1 eur bet on the hot numbers and the black color & waited for it to appear, eventually it did. I guess I just wasn't lucky that day- on roulette table I lost about 15eur so I decided to concentrate on the slot games.

I tried the Jurassic Jackpot,Roman Riches, Cosmic Cat, Avalon and.The Dark Knight Rises. I liked the last on the most not only because I enjoyed its dark and mystic design but I also won about 10EUR, while in the other ones I only lost.

Overall, I think that "Futuriti" is an average casino, nothing special about it. The thing I didn't like was their customer service- they had problems with accepting game results &I had to write them few times to confirm my winnings. I can't say anything about the withdrawal, because the minimum amount is 20 Eur and at that moment I had less than that. I went there after a while withdraw the money and it took them about 3 weeks.

To sum up- I had a feeling this casino will do everything to make the players lose. After this, I'm sure I'm not gonna go back there .
Sherrell. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Casino Futuriti is a casino that I came across because it was offering a $100 no deposit bonus. Strangely enough, it's not listed at the top of AskGamblers as a bonus, but it is definitely worth signing up for. It does require a 72 x wager requirement, so you have to exhaust yourself if you want to play through it all. The most you can pull out even if you happen to win a jackpot is $50 and you have to deposit to withdraw that deposit, but still, it makes playing at the casino a lot more fun.

First thing about the casino – obviously English is not the first language of the casino makers or the website designers or the customer support. That is not a bad thing, but it does mean that this casino is based – as I read in Russia, but regulated in Curacao where a lot of other casinos are based. Some people have said the games are kind of crappy, and if you are used to slots that have loads of animations then you would be right. These slots are bright, colourful and smooth, but the symbols are stay the same and they are very much classic slots and not video slots. I had a quick go of the Book of Ra, and played through. They let you bet up to 9 lines at a time, I quickly moved into their no zero roulette. I thought – hang on, whats the catch here with no zero, you could just take all their money! But, unfortunately they charge you a 2.50 commission per bet, which works out better for you if you have a lot of money. If you start betting with $1000 on the advanced table then I can see that it is a good idea, but if you are only starting out with a tiny amount it is best to play the traditional version. So for all you high rollers – this is the place to be.

There is also a roulette advisor, and a wheel of fortune, so there really is a lot more variety then you would find elsewhere. For me, who is a veteran of the MG and Playtech games, this is a breath of fresh air. You also have the opportunity to turn off the roulette animations so all the games can turn into instant win games – beware because you can throw away a lot of money here !I did, but fortunately it was only bonus credit and not my real money. But when the roulette hits red, red, red all the time, its too easy to keep pressing spin, spin spin!
Emmie. Reviewed on 03.10.18
Futurity is an online casino based in Russia from what I can see and this is really new to the market. Unbelievable great Slots from Novoline and others.

I registered an account on Futuriti Casino moments after I was shown a banner with a 1 Euro no deposit Bonus . I had taken advantage of the 1 Euro and not the Euro No-Deposit Bonus, which was displayed there as I had played the 1 Euro promotion.

So I started my game play at the Novo Slot called Book of Rah and I have witnessed that this was the older Version of Book of Rah which I liked very much. I started placing my bets at only 9 cents, 1 coin per 9 lines and spun the reels.
After three spins I got into the Free spins Feature where I was able to extend my free spins 4 times altogether. So I had the sum of 50 free spins total. That was so amazing! My money rose to 34 Euros from just an initial 1 Euro bet. This had made my experience very enjoyable. I had played Treasure tomb and Isle of fortune too but I didn't have much luck on these slots so my decision was clear and I played only Novo slots. I specifically stayed on Book of Ra for my whole game play.

So the Futuriti casino is offering a 1 or 100 No deposit bonus but u can choose between that one time offer and for verifying my account I was granted another no deposit bonus to top up my balance.

I spent most of my time their and made a Cash out just once. It took 1-6 hours for my
withdrawal to reach my Skrill account. To me this amount of time was sufficient but could be a little bit faster given the time necessary to process it. The verification procedure was entirely fast and it happened instantly on my withdrawal! I have to say there is nothing wrong about this fun filled casino. But just one reason made me really angry! Not all slots are permitted among all countries so take good care when you want to play a clothesline of casinos because if they don't work out for you don't say I warned you about it.

My final decision is that Futurity is a really good quality Casino to play on because most of the games are really unique in their own special way! I would probably recommend this casino to others that might be interested!
Harrison Hanline. Reviewed on 05.10.18
Futuriti Casino are offering all new players a fantastic no deposit offer at the moment. Well I say at the moment I actually registered here a few months ago now and the offer was the same then. If you register here you will get 100 Euros free. In order to receive it though you do have to confirm your mobile number, they send you a validation code which you then have to put in, upon doing this the 100 Euros is credited to you automatically. It does come with a hefty wagering requirement of 75 times which is 7500 Euros, but that is to be expected when you are getting 100 free to start off with. To be honest I reckon they probably have a very small percentage of people managing to meet these play through requirements and requesting withdrawals which is why they can afford to give it out. But never the less, its 100 free and you cant grumble at that can you. It definitely gives you the opportunity to try out the games on their casino if nothing else, and after all isn’t that why you are given no deposit bonuses in the first place.

Futuriti uses the Global Gaming Solutions software, I have never heard of it and normally am very weary of places like this that I don’t know, but I loved it here! There is a good selection of slots to chose from and when you haven’t played them before it doesn’t matter if they only have a few slots because they are all new and exciting...bit like Christmas! Lol just kidding. I enjoyed all of their slots, there a few that are a waster of time but overall they all give you a good go for your money. You can also choose to play them in demo mode which is always good when you have never played them before. I only found this out however a few days ago when I logged into my account with zero balance and tried loading 'Fairy Tale', I was then told I could play it as a demo! I didn’t realise this at the time of actually playing when I had money and just went straight in and gambled my money lol! Dope.Never managed to make a cash out here so I cant comment on that process but I think this is a great casino and I would definitely recommend it.
Roselia. Reviewed on 06.10.18
I was looking for a long time good online casino that offers video slot games from land base casinos. I played them at Stargames but they are a disgrace to this software and I was so happy to find another casino online with my favorite games like Book of Ra, Lucky lady charms and Sizzling hot.

What made this discovery even greater is the fact they offered amazing bonus of 100 euros no deposit needed. At least I thought it was amazing first a saw it. I registered easy and entered my full details plus verified my phone then they gave me bonus of 100 euros. Before I started playing my bonus I decided to chat a bit with their support to found out more about this offer. Live help was not top class but they answered all my questions and that was all i was interested from them for the time being.

Bonus of 100 euros had a 75 x turnover but most important thing for me was to see if I can winsome cash with bonus money before I put my own money into fire. The outcome was disaster. First I started with Book of Ra. Set my bet to 1.80 euros and started spinning. I was only loosing not even close to getting anything. With only 0.18 credits left I managed to hit three books, the expanding symbol was beetle. It was a good symbol for that feature but I bet was only 0,18 and I could not expect much from it. From first eight spins I won 3 euros and then I re triggered free spins. All twenty spins with beetle expanding wild payed 12 euros not bad for such a small bet. I decided to switch to a Lucky Lady charms next. This slot also looked awesome just like in land casinos but unfortunately it also started to pay out better when my balance drooped under euro but then it was too late and I lost all my bonus money.

With this bonus I learned all I needed to know.This casino is not worth depositing in. Mainly because of low payouts but there are few other things out of order here like support is not very helpful and verification of documents before you can deposit to casino. That is just weird. My grade for Futuriti casino is 5/10 average casino with awesome software.
Sherman. Reviewed on 07.10.18
My introduction to Futuriti occurred three months ago when I first came across a message board post about the casino’s €100 no deposit promotion. Upon visiting the site itself, I saw the offer prominently displayed with a link to the bonus terms and instructions on how to claim it. Even with a wagering requirement upwards of x70 and small maximum cashout amount, I felt there were worse ways to fill some idle time over a weekend and proceeded to register. Note that mobile phone verification is required here to not only open an account but also claim the signup freebie, which was credited as soon as I entered the unique bonus code I had received by SMS on the website.

Being restricted to slots play, I selected the game category and perused the options available in the instant play casino using a platform I had never seen before. The games were likewise unfamiliar and, quite frankly, unappealing at first glance as they mostly featured basic graphics and bland titles. Further down the page, my attention was finally caught by a familiar name: Fruit Mania. Having played the Playtech progressive a few times, I was curious to see what this version looked like so decided to start my Futuriti playing experience here. Upon opening it, I discovered some key differences e.g. it has twenty paylines and a free spins feature.

Still, there is no doubt in my mind that the design of this slot was directly inspired by its more famous namesake, but resulting in a less visually attractive and more cheesy-looking final product (e.g, facial features on the fruits). Aside from the ugly game graphics, I also had difficulty making out the information at the bottom of the play window – like my balance and stake—unless I maximized it or zoomed in, even when in full screen mode. Despite these issues, I played Fruit Mania for a decent length of time and actually did OK, doubling my starting balance at one point, before moving on to a different game that I have completely forgotten now… perhaps because that is where I lost the remaining funds.
Dianna. Reviewed on 07.10.18
I registered here because I saw they give 100 euro to try their slots without any risk.
I never played casino like before, they use Novoline game interface.

So I decided to register and play, I downloaded the software but it seems a little bit poor but I gave a shot to that casino anyway. The registration process was easy but be careful with your phone number because you get a verification code via sms than you able to play with the no deposit bonus.

When I registered I made a mistake, I misspelled my phone number so I needed to contact with the support. I went to the live support and asked her to change my cell phone number because I entered my last digit incorrect. She was helpful but I need to enter all my details to her and my correct number and after an hour I get my verification code via by sms.
So after that I claimed my 100 euro bonus and started to play with the Sizzling Hot Fruits.

This is a five line slot with 0,05 bet per line minimum bet, also had scatter but don’t get free spins only multiplies the bet what you use.
I started to play with one euro per line and waited the big hit. The wagering requirements from the no deposit bonus was extremely high so I played like the mad : ).
When I reached the 70 euro I hit some valuable fruit and reached the 200 euro so I decide I try the famous Book of Ra. I raised the limit to 2.70 euro per spin. I don’t know peoples why like this slot because my money was went down in minutes without any winning lines. After one hour of playing this casino was take my no deposit bonus. I don’t think I deposit here because its seems a little bit un trustfully.

This is my opinion, I never deposited and withdraw from them so I can’t tell so much from them but I think if you win big you will have difficulties.
Thank you!

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