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Bernie. Reviewed on 08.07.18
ExclusiveBet Casino, a really new casino that provided me with 10 pounds ($13 in Canadian Dollars) no deposit thanks to AskGamblers for their generosity.

As a new player, before I can use the no deposit bonus I had to fill in that simple registration form and contact live help to enable this free $13. Just before 5:00 EST or 4:53pm I continued to wait for a live operator to issue me the bonus. With a lot of patience in mind I kept seeing a message saying "All operators are currently assisting others.....". This appeared twelve times before an actual operator would assist me. Maybe I was in an hour where they weren't really available or maybe they really are helping others or maybe the volume of assistance is much higher than usual. When it became 5:10pm EST I finally got the assistance I needed. I did not ask as to why they were taking too not only because I utilized my time doing something else (Facebook, hotmail) during the wait.

When the $13 became my own I can finally spent it on games I know and trust. Microgaming and NetEnt. Surely I mixed my balance towards these well known brands to come across a variety of wins. I started with Jack Hammer 2 (can't get enough of those sticky wins) for the smallest bet of $0.50 because $13 is way to small to bet big with then Elements for a Level 3 bet of $0.60 where I saw 2 Earth Storm features, then Twisted Circus (those ticket scatters were a pain in the **s for giving me only two every time) swinging for $0.60 a spin where I gained entry into the bonus round.
My balance grew to $56.09 after about an hour and a half playing on these three. When my eyes were starting to dry up I went for a 30 minute break with eye drops to aid me with my focus on my computer. Once I came back a brief meteor shower broke loose to try to strike me where ever I went (in other words my balance was slowing being drained). This only lasted about 10 minutes but with $56.09 it now went down to $34.22 but not everything entirely went sour. With the aftermath of the meteor shower I recovered playing Demolition squad for $0.80 (Level 2) and came up a little over $15 for $52.32.
Unfortunately no Free Spins came out during my play on Demolition squad. I then tried my luck out playing the newest additions Great Czar (new to me) and Piggy Fortunes. This video slot bestowed me with it's Imperial Crown bonus in a few spins on $0.60 bets. There were eight different options for Free Spins to choose from. 30 at 1 x, 15 at 2 x, 10 at 3 x, 6 at 5 x, 5 at 6 x, 3 at 10 x, 2 at 15 x or 1 at 30 x. I was feeling moderately lucky but not extremely lucky enough to choose 1 Free Spin at 30 x (wow the leap of faith, too ridiculous for me) so I decided to take up the 3 Free Spins at 10 x. In conclusion on the Free Spins I got $16 + $3 from the 3 scatters earlier. $68.32 was now my total. After this feature I went on to Piggy Fortunes. Piggy Fortunes had the style similar to Octopays but without the Way wins ability (no paylines, left to right wins). For 20 minutes on a $1 bet I was liking the style of this 25 paylines video slot.

The tune for when a win shows up, how Microgaming made the classic kid's story come alive as a video slot for adults and how the feature became well under way. The feature is like the Xmen feature on the Playtech casino where unlimited spins come into play until Magneto shows up in the 3rd Reel turning unlimited spins to 8 Spins in Villain mode but in this case Free Spins keep going until the Bad wolf blows all the houses down. Every house he blows down lowers my chances of ending the feature, however the wins become multiplied after as compensation. What I found to not make sense does the Bad wolf blow down a house of bricks in this video slot? In the story he can only blow down the first two houses but here I guess anything goes lol. A nice $45.60 blew towards me after the destruction of the 3 houses. But seriously though a wolf blowing away a brick house!? Okay maybe with a wrecking ball, a bulldozer, a drill or something bigger than his breath would do. Sorry, I just find that hard to believe even if it's just make belief. With $106.92 I decided to make it rest until the moment is right for me to withdraw at least $200 or more. But just in case...I went on to process a deposit just to make sure if support wanted one prior to making a withdrawal. It will take away any obstacles standing in my way (if this becomes one). Now as with a second future deposit I may come back after this withdrawal but it is my opinion to not continue because to me once a win or a big win pays out, making a deposit would just make wins bounce back to them.

Who knows, maybe they will not let me win anymore than my first win. This is solely my personal opinion. An excellent yet a new casino that brought me into a good mood! For now it is an 7 out of 10! But if my withdrawal is successful in less time than expected 7 becomes a 9.5 regardless in the delay with support!
Marietta. Reviewed on 23.09.18
ExclusiveBet Casino is a brand new casino as far as I am aware. I had never heard of it before yesterday when I seen it here onAsk Gamblers. I am always keen to take a look at new casinos, I was over the moon when I saw what slots they had!! They have a few different softwares to choose from including Microgaming, Bet soft and Play 'N' Go and NetEnt. Now, the Play 'N' Go games aren't that popular at the moment, it's hard to find a casino worth depositing at with this software but I reckon this is the casino of the future.I reckon they will storm ahead In a year or two. There are hundreds of good slots to choose from, I can guarantee you there will be a slot here to suit every type of gamer.

I had a look at their promotions page and they offer all new customers at their casino a 100% deposit match. Happy days, the only slight negative is the wagering is a little on the high side at forty times the bonus and deposit. I went ahead and registered and was definitely going to deposit here, however, on completion of my registration a message came up saying my account had to be reviewed and approved by the casino manager before I could use it? How weird, I've never seen that before, and also a bit disappointing as I wanted to play here straight away. I didn't get any kind of email from them, and about 4 hours later I sent an email to them asking when it would be active but still no reply. By chance I thought I would try and reset my password and see if it accepted my login details I registered, it did and it sent me an email with a link to reset my password. I clicked it, changed my password on the site and abra cadabra I was logged in, looks like my account had already been activated. It was only then I realised they had Live Help lol.

I checked with them to make sure I was eligible for the promotion before depositing and they told me I was but I would have to claim the bonus from Live Help as they had an error on the site with the bonus code. They stayed in the chat session for me while I made my deposit by Moneybookers and then they credited the bonus straight to my account.

I didn't know where to start there were so many to chose from but whatever I was doing I was doing it wrong because in no time at all my balance had gone down to £15 from my starting bankroll of £40. I logged out for an hour or two and when I went back to play the rest of my money this is when the magic began. My luck just got better and better and better. I think my most profitable spin was on the slot 'Riches of ra'. It is a 15 line slot with a minimum bet per line of 0.01p. Because I was doing so well I was playing at 5p a line so 75p a spin and I landed the free spins, which is stacked wilds on the 1st and last reel. I couldn't believe it...the win I had for the matching symbols on reels 2,3&4 just kept going up and up and up and I won £250!!! And the free spins hadn't even started yet. In total I won £369, now that's what I call a free spin round. From here on I was staking like a £1 a spin wherever I played and my balance stayed around the £360 mark. Before I knew it I had met my wagering and was free to make a withdrawal.

I have just made the withdrawal for £350 to my Moneybookers. I expect I will have to send verification documents but no email from them yet. I will update you as soon as I have my winnings.

This is a great casino definitely one of the best newest casinos I have played in a long time!
Try it out.
Gertude. Reviewed on 27.09.18
There is just this one reason why I came to this new casino called ExclusiveBet. For me it is brand new because I never heard of such a casino as this and the only affiliate that introduced me to it is none other than the incredible AskGamblers :) !

For a minute there on this casino I thought I would have to deal with the currency difference again, thankfully this didn't bother me because I managed to make use of my own CAD currency. It is the Euros that they showed that gave me some deluding information. On ExclusiveBet I just made a $70 deposit and I didn't need to contact support to clear away the bonus because it was independent! Should I want the bonus I would need to place the code while I deposit!

Now using my armadillo sized balance I had to skip some of my favourite games just to put more focus on this new slot called EggOmatic. It's a robotic theme that gives me bird symbols instead of the common alphanumeric symbols the kind that got me bored after many hours seeing these symbols over again! I started spinning for $0.40 as I don't know what to anticipate. On my few spins I got winnings already! Getting 5 of kind Pink hens, the one with a blue heart on it's chest got me $14 on my $0.40 bet! Wow! In my fourth spin! I am beginning to like this slot!
Some dislikes about this is the eggs coming out from the machine aren't as proactive or aggressive but they passively spit out random eggs on the conveyor infrequently for me to take a chance on collecting them. I get five chances to collect the eggs on top. Per each spin I made the egg(s) move to the left and if a wild rooster lands below the egg I keep that specific egg. Now the eggs can be random in my amounts, free spins, a wild egg that scatters a bunch of many wilds in every direction when hit and this mystery rainbow coloured egg that awards anything. Things I didn't need to see were big prizes like 30 Free Spins, 50 Free spins and the largest prize I saw was 7500 coins ($75) when I changed my bet to $0.60 that just walked to the left during my free spins. Seeing it move slowly to the left after 5 spins gave me huge regret! In the free spins the busted looking machine that creates the eggs suddenly becomes aggressive making plenty of eggs to fill the conveyor on the top. I got 20 free spins after 27 spins in the normal game. Each spin had the chance to give me a prize so long as there are wilds to crack them open with.

I completed my 20 Free spins for $49.62 and I got $103.42 total. Just placing some more bets there is a big prize that I collected in the main game that isn't as large as the big prize that went away, it is for 2500 coins! Lucky for me the wild landed underneath that prize and $25 became mine! More winnings filled my balance as soon as I persisted for 50 more spins on $0.60 bets and within those, two more free spins for 10 and 12 got me up to $184.66 on my balance. I later spent time on my favourite slots when my bets weren't going anywhere and cashed out $233.31 to my Moneybookers!

The experience is rewarding, fast and more than convenient! The deposit minimums Exclusive Bet has must be as low as the deposit minimums on Stan James for $5 in my currency to make this the greatest casino there is! This nice looking casino deserves an 8.9 out of 10!
Kennith. Reviewed on 03.10.18
I was browsing my email when I came across an email from ExclusiveBet, I had to check it out, this casino sounds Exclusive!
The message contained a free £10 no deposit bonus, I'm a no nonsense gambler and always read the Ts and Cs before attempting to play one of these bonuses.

Anyway after a brief read I noted the most important detail, £100 max cashout, this didn't worry me too much as it's free money after all, I was shocked and disappointed after an hour of play and surpassing wagering requirements my balance was £485, no point in cashing out straight away and forfeiting my remaining balance.
I kept wagering and built up some FPP points which could later be cashed in for money.

Eventually my balance hit £100 and i cashed out, I had to send in documents which weren't the clearest but still accepted, then I had to print out a document, sign it by hand, scan it and send it back to them in order for them to process my cashout, 4-5 days later and the money arrived in my bank account without having to deposit any money.
Once the casino payed me I decided to take advantage of their first deposit bonus which is a 100% deposit bonus up to £150.
I deposited £25 and instantly received the bonus boosting my balance to £50.
This site has a great range of Netent and Microgaming slots, I picked a random game (Evolution - NetEnt) and started spinning away, I won't get into too much detail but I lost my deposit and bonus, I then decided to cash in my FPP Points for £7 and managed to claw my winnings back up to £200 after playing Olympus and hitting numerous bonus games and free spins features.
Another cashout and this casino made it's way into my profitable section so I was happy with the outcome.

On a few occasions I had to contact support to check on my withdrawal, they were always quick and helpful, something I was pleased with, can't complain in this section.

As for the rest of the site, you can access live casino and sports betting.
Their is a 100% match bonus on sports betting up to a maximum of £75.
The graphics are very genuine and the menu's couldn't be easier to follow.
Remember to enter the correct bonus codes if claiming any first deposit or monthly top-up bonuses.

I would also like to mention that once you verify your identity you can make Buddy Transfers, something very rare to online casino's, I would have liked to tried this feature but none of buddies gamble online, only on foot as some people prefer cash in hand.
This casino can also be accessed by mobile if you prefer to play on the go.

Overall I would rate this casino 8.9/10
Pretty much what you would expect from a top online casino, not a very well-known casino which can leave a few question marks before depositing your money but be assured they are very safe and secure.
Slow withdrawal processes are a downfall, their promotions aren't that great either.
Shon. Reviewed on 05.10.18
ExclusiveBet is a very nice instant play casino. They do not offer downloadable software, but their web interface is simple and easy, though not very catchy. I stumbled up exclusive bet on AskGamblers and took up their $10 no deposit bonus. Exclusive bet has over 400 slot games from different platforms such as Microgaming, Betsoft, Netent, Paly'N'Go. They have have a long line up on jackpot games, although I missed one of my favorites such as the Dark Knight from Microgaming, none the less that's by far the biggest line-up I have seen from a casino offering a range of different platforms.

Coming to the deposit and withdrawal procedures at exclusive bet, when I first browsed their available withdrawal modes, I was quite stumped, since they had bank transfer as the only option. On a quick chat with the live help, I was informed that once a deposit has been made through one of their deposit modes, the same will be available for withdrawals. The deposit was as smooth as it always is, and the withdrawal was quite easy as well. After I requested for a withdrawal, I got a message from the cashier requesting verification documents and voila! In a few days I had the money. The support team were kind enough to inform me about the deposit bonus I forgot to claim and they obliged after my consent.

Their live support was quite good, with not much waiting times, although I got contrasting information from the agents at times regarding bonuses and withdrawals. Exclusive bet also offers betting services as it name states although I did not try that feature, but none the less it nice to have more options on your lucky day ;)

ExclusiveBet is one of the casinos where I made a withdrawal from my no deposit bonus. The games that brought me luck were Gonzo's Quest, hitting their free fall feature & avalanche multipliers, and Jackhammer 2 with their sticky wilds. One of the features that I found pretty useful was the "play for fun" feature which allows you to try out the game on free currency before playing with real money. This feature is available on most downloadable casinos, but not very common on instant play casinos.

I would give Exclusive bet a 9 /10, primarily for its many games from varied platforms, prompt live chat features, deposit/withdrawal methods.
Winfred. Reviewed on 06.10.18
I choose ExclusiveBet Casino from the AskGamblers list since it has a good rank, really great amount of providers which means a great abundance of slots to choose from. The providers for this casino are following: Microgaming , NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Betsoft, Blue Gem Gaming and Play'n GO. Also as far as I can see it has really large amount of deposit methods as well as withdraw methods which is always nice, since you can't know what everyone prefers. So I loaded the website which was really nice, loved the design and the simplicity of it. After that I made my sign up which didn't take too long, made the confirmation and after that I went to check out the promotions that they were offering.

They had quite a few of bonus offers like Hand shake bonus, weekend bonus , reload bonus and so on.The most appealing to me was the Hand Shake Bonus where they offer 100% cash back and up to 150$ on your first deposit. I was on the fence whether to take it or not, but in the end I decided not to take it. I just made my deposit and went to the slot section. I decided to play the Invisible man which is a newer game from NetEnt. I started off with a bet of 0.80$, but the slot was very cold to me and I was losing my balance pretty quickly so I decided to put it at a minimum bet of 0.20$ since I was almost at 0 and I wanted to play more. But unfortunately even that didn't help since I lost all my balance and I didn't even manage to trigger the free spins.

Anyways I loved that they have the instant play and mobile play available that is always a plus, also I did want to ask their live support something but apparently in the at the moment I was playing they were busy since it kept redirecting me to send them and email and I am not a big fan of that. Overall it was a really great experience in this casino I really liked it and i think I will be coming back soon to give it another try.

Definitely a recommend from me and 8/10.
Eli. Reviewed on 07.10.18
ExclusiveBet tried to find me with a casino related bonus but after visiting their web site I liked more their sports betting Welcome bonus and decided to claim it. The registration and deposit were completed in minutes and I sent my papers over without asking me to do it in hope for a faster possible withdraw.

Looking for the bonus term, I found their TOS very clear, detailed and easy to understand, which is always a good first step on the road of reliability. Their min. transaction limits for both directions is €10 what is also welcomed. The rollover terms were not easy to accomplish but it's all about strategy, money and involving other sites. Finally, I've done it and requested half my balance to withdraw and less than 24h they sent the money back to the e-wallet account that were used to deposit. I can say I checked this service of ExclusiveBet and they performed well. I transferred the other half of money to Casino. I like the trend that more and more company think the web based version of casino can be more popular and attractive among players if they offer not just one or two but more developers games giving different design, style variants that serve better their customers needs. ExclusiveBet is exactly such a host with 5 supplier.

I ran some rounds around the slots I know and love but I thought 'new place-new games' and forwarded my attention to Sheriff's Midnight Rush game. I lost on the straight more than €17 until the first winning spin and I played with €0.90. Moved on to Lucky Farmer which also wasn't generous with me but at least it's a real funny game. Then Play'n Go's Dragon Ship where I liked the viking theme and characters and finished at Microgaming's Immortal Romance, just to play with a serious slot, too. They have a really wide range of selectable games (almost 600). The web site worked very well, no slow loading time or annoying game breaking.

I was pleasantly surprised with what ExclusiveBet put on the table. Great site, great services, great atmosphere. On the negative side, two things I noticed: not so good betting odds, no live chat support.
Miriam Meiners. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Going through AskGamblers forum and list of casinos I saw Exclusivebet casino. I joined them because I just had to! They have Netent, Microgaming, Evolution gaming and few other softwares I'm not crazy about. They had a 100% Welcome bonus, but instead of that I decided to play without bonus.

The sign up was very fast and after I activated my email, I was ready to make a deposit. I made a 30€ deposit via Skrill. I was very surprised by how many banking methods they have. After that I chose to play Creature slot. I hadn't played it for some time so it was a nice comeback. I placed 0.20€ bets and played more than 70 spins until I got 10 free spins feature. Unfortunately it paid me only 15 x bet win. I was loosing a lot in the main game so I was happy to once hit a "big win" of 8€. I had my balance up for 5 euros and I decided to switch the game.

I went to play Lost Island because I missed it a little. I placed 0.20€ bets and right after first 2 spins I got 3 scatters that led me to 10 free spins round. They paid my 9€, which of course isn't a lot but it is a nice start. Then I started autoplay of 250 spins to see how it goes. Really many wilds came and even though I didn't get any other bonus round or a big win, I got very regular 10 x and 20 x bet wins and after the autoplay my balance was up for 25€.

At last I went to play Blood Suckers. I played with 0.50€ bets per spin and got only empty, dead and completely small winning spins. I spent about 40 minutes with this game, hoping that something would change, but instead I lost all money on it.

I like this casino and I think they are decent and trustable ones. I really enjoyed their games and the fact that no problems appeared, games loaded quickly, I was happy with everything and I give them an 8/10.

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