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Ngoc. Reviewed on 07.07.18

Everest casino was established in 1997 and it is licensed by jurisdiction of Gibraltar. Itsa very old casino.

I had played here first time casino at that time I was just 18 or 19 year old and did not know anything about casino, slots, variety of games etc. I was total new player and new to this type of gaming system all I knew was how to play poker. One of my friendsalways used to play it and had so much fun while playing it and I always saw him and even he started earning good money so I decided to diversify my gambling talent from poker and learnt other games likeI played game here with 20 euros as my first deposit by master card of my parent. I had taken a risk to it. As for the first time I was very nervous to play it. It hasgot several bonuses. First one is 100% and 50 free spins. Next one is 100% as 10 free spins and the last one is 50% as 20 free spins.

They have so many free spins to offer that it is a paradise for me and I am always looking at this casino room for some new offers that they have running for the benefit of users I have left some money in this casinos account because every now and then I play with them and remember the old stupid days of me trying to understand what this whole thing is all about I want to thank the support team as well for helping me when I knew nothing about this. I gave it a overall rating of 10/10 and in terms of software 10/ 10.
Thanks, hope you have a nice day
My Everest story begun with their poker room. I stumbled upon Everest poker while searching for some free poker money and they offered ten euros for new costumers. That money lasted very shortly and decided to delete Everest software from my pc. Then I noticed they have Playtech powered casino which run separately from poker room and I thought why not give it a try.

My main occupation those days were live games gambling and with those pretty dealers picturesonEverest casino website I just could not resist. So after all the legal stuff I made my deposit in amount of fifty euros and went straight to live tables.To my disappointment the girls that were dealing that day were not so pretty like the ones on website pictures but that did not make me quit tables. I made my first bets on black jack table and they went in my favor. Then I raised my bet and it all went to hell. First ten euros bet I got worst possible hand of 15. Take a card and bust or stay and loose to dealer same stuff. I held to my fifteen hand dealer had twenty. Next hand I went double or nothing and made a twenty euros wager.
The hand was crap again i got five and eight and he first card in front of the girl was jack. I decided to try and take another card but it was a queen and it was a bust. I had only 30 euros left and decided to wager it all on the next hand. All other players skipped that hand so it was just a dealer versus me. I got eighteen mediocre hand in black jack but I stick to it and the dealer hadsix and seven and busted from third card drawn which was nine.

That was relief I had won and my deposit money was back plus some extra and it was time to get the hell out of there before I loose it all. I requested withdraw immediately and close the casino site.
Later that day I was asked for my documents which I sent the next day but verification process took a few days and I got my money in week from that. It was a nice thrilling experience here but I wont be coming back to Everest casino any time soon because they have a bit slow payouts.

My grade for this Playtech casino is 6/10
Burma Delp. Reviewed on 24.09.18
One of the currently most powerful platform in the world of cubes in my life has a special place when it comes to fun. I first played their poker who eventually getting better, so I am encouraged by the significant accomplishments on Everest Poker has decided to switch to the casino site and then take off their Playtech client for my desktop. I like the design of the site which reminds me a bit on another casino called Betclic, I do not know whether they are sister sites but definitely are similar.

After registration, I received a welcome bonus, no deposit required course. I used it to try some unknown game for me so I'm after 3-4 days was already experienced in the selection of slot machines with the highest percentage of winnings. In my case these are definitely the two Incredible Hulk and Fantastic Four, this is the first seems to me unrivaled by percentage paylines that I realized playing here, although the Fantastic Four does not lag behind too much.

Incredible Hulk is so often done respin in the game, that if I tell you, no you will not believe me, though I'm not sure but I know that in an hour my amount on account was increased by at least 3x. Two months ago encouraged to former gains, I made a deposit of € 100 and started to play the slot machine with the green character in the lead role. With deposits of € 2.5 per bet, greater third spin on the middle column appeared Hulk and enabled me 2 respin games. After the game my balance has increased by € 27 because I got four symbols of police cars in both spins.

Then move on to the Fantastic Four slot and there I go with the stake of € 2 so that after auto-play games of 25 spin finished with a profit of € 24 extra, it means I'm on these two games for half an hour a profit of over $ 50 € to me was enough so I got up and left. And today I'm playing here because me all suits of customer support through a variety of games, all this is spiced with the confidence that this casino has for me. I would not change a thing, because Everest Casino is one of the best Playtech casino that I have played.
I do not understand whyEverest Casino Top Casinos in Russia on Askgamblers.
At a major Russian forum casino for 2 years, no one has written about this casino.
And I was the first who wrote a review here from Russia.

My review is very simple. Internet providers in Russia blocks Everest Casino.
If I try to use IP over VPN then the casino will prescribe the country according to IP.
So I do not understand on what principle is built casino rating for Russia.
Because it is completely incorrect.
Opal. Reviewed on 02.10.18
Well I really like this website, AskGamblers. And as I just have returned from the summer holiday I decided to continue my old occupation, that is to play in almost all casinos that offer no deposit type bonuses. One on top of the other, a 50 USD win spending nothing is about a quarter of my state pension and it counts into my pocket.

So I took a look at the list provided by AskGamblers and I have chose the Everest casino. I liked it because the wagering requirements were average (40 times) and it offers two bonuses, one during weekends of 25 USD and another welcome bonus of 10 USD. So I registered with it, I introduced the 25 USD bonus code and immediately I got money in my account.

So for the the 25 USD bonus the wagering requirements were $ 1,000.I chose a slot, otherwise the first in the list (Lucky 7) I introduced a 5 USD chip, I got 20 coins and started to play. What I have noticed for the slot I played is that after about 2000 spins I was nor winning nor loosing. So I believed myself lucky and I thought I'll be able to withdraw the money and write a nice review about this casino. But I was very wrong. For three main reasons.

The first reason was that at a more close look at the description of the bonus I discovered that the 40 times wagering requirements were only for switching the money from the restricted balance to the bonus balance itselfand then there is another 40 times wagering requirement to be able to move the money to the real balance and withdraw. So a total of 80 times wagering which is quite a bit.

Second reason why I was wrong was that after reading the bonus terms and conditions I found that after meeting the game wagering requirements I need to make a minimum deposit of 20 USD to be able to withdraw. Thanks but no thanks, this is way too much for my pocket.

The third reason that I was wrong is that when I tried to contact the support I found that there is no online support at all and it is only offered by mail. Even this email support does not answer the questions.
So I played some of the games offered (I must admit that the graphics are appealing) and after I decided that I wasted enough time I left the casino and I completely uninstalled it.

Although it was possible that I have won something here (after countless efforts) I decided not to be back to play in this casino again.
Mirella. Reviewed on 04.10.18
When I saw the offer for £25 free at Everest Casino I thought I would have a look and see what it was all about. Everest casino is was a complete new casino for me, I hadn’t heard or seen it before and it kind of took me out of my comfort zone and away from the Micro-gaming and Playtech casino’s which I normally stick to and what a nice refreshing change it was I must say.

I signed up on a Friday using the code ‘ASK25’, I wasn’t sure because this code was only valid on weekends whether or not a Friday was a weekend day but luckily for me it was. The code worked fine and I was instantly credited with a free bonus of £25. Well it was actually $25. Now I normally never play in a casino that is not in my home countries currency which is Great British Pound, but as I said I was looking for a change and the casino accepts UK players and in the event of a withdrawal then winnings will be converted into local currency.

I was really looking forward to playing the slot ‘Batman’ which is a 50 line slot. I was very disappointed to say the least I didn’t win hardly a dime out of it, spent a good $15 on it and won hardly anything back. The slot ‘Caspers Mystery Manor’ also look very appealing. This one is a 40 line slot both with a minimum bet per line of 1p but this one let me down just as much. Guess it just wasn’t my lucky day. However, I found the best slot on there was called ‘Paradise Island’ and you can choose how many coins you want to play with per line I played ‘Paradise Island 1’ I loved it, my money lasted ages on it fair play. My eyes started going funny after a while as it is an unusual slot the reels don’t spin the symbols just change one after another.

Everest Casino has a really good selection of slots to choose from and even though I was let down with Batman and Casper I must say I thoroughly enjoyed playing at this casino.

Just so you know the $25 comes with a wagering requirement of 40 times.

I haven't made a deposit here yet but they can offer you a 100% match on your first deposit.
Robbin. Reviewed on 06.10.18
First time I've heard of the whole Everest operation was around 2009. Back then I used to play poker a lot and I came across a nice no deposit poker bankroll bonus of $50. I remember hitting their tables and losing my whole bankroll after a few days. I did manage to build it up to $100, but lost eventually mainly due poor bankroll management. Not sure what software they used back then, but I know they use Playtech now after checking their website few months ago.However, I didn't play there anymore since I played poker in 2009 even though Everest was a very well recognized name in the industry. Anyway fast forward to 2013 when I came across them again at the website. I saw that they offered a €5 no deposit bonus with 40x wagering requirements. Although €5 isn't much, it's always better than nothing. I liked the fact that there was no max cash out. So I've signed up….I wasn't sure if the poker was anywhere connected to the casino, nor did I remember my details from back then. I opened up a new account and found that the bonus code was not working. So I had to contact support and saw there was no live chat available in the middle of the night. I've sent them an e-mail and the next day when I woke up I saw an apology and the 5 euros were credited.I had to download the software in order to play their games which was quickly done. I don't think they have a flash version available. Their games are powered by Playtech, so that means plenty of games such as Thor, X-men, Iron Man II, Gladiator, The Sopranos etc. Also lots of progressive games to hit a nice jackpot.They also offer live casino games and a decent welcome bonus with 20x deposit + bonus wagering requirements. So where did this 5 euro no-deposit bonus take me?Not anywhere unfortunately! I played the smallest betsize on the X-Men slot but found myself losing most spins and after 15 minutes I've lost my complete balance. I might try them again in the future, since I was pleased with professional handling of my question through mail. Can't judge any other aspects yet like withdrawal time etc.Overall rating 6.5/10
Delois Domenech. Reviewed on 06.10.18
When I Sign up when it appeared or the first in Everest casino on its homepage that he sawdoes not accepted U.S.A players.When a language is available in the same language has been serving customers anytime and all the days ofweek.The following languages ​​are supported to play with a real or game account Everest Poker casino: Greek, English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch, Spanish, Polish, Hungarian, Japanese.

I made a deposit at the casino and direct my funds were converted into U.S. dollars as all games are played in the same currency for all players. Everest Casino is a good casino for starters. Their $ 100 bonus is a good way to start, and their game choices are great, and definitely a breath of fresh air if you are getting bored of playing the same games on the same few platforms these days.

Nonetheless, definitely a good place to play for their great and different service!
The graphics on the site are beautiful, with 3D graphics and smooth game play this makes an absolutely engaging gaming experience for any player.
Game selection Everest Casino is one of the industry's frontrunners. They have over 286 games on offer, out of which 173 are video poker machines and 62 slots. Their card games offer includes Baccarat, Single Deck Blackjack, Surrender Video Blackjack Double Deck Blackjack, Pai Gow Poker, Caribbean Stud, Roshambo and Red Dog, just to name a few.

There are 6 different types of roulette, craps, Sic-Bo and Wheel of Fortune in their table games section.
Keno and Scratch cards are also available, but beware: the house edge on these games is bigger than on most table and cards games.
They offer a 100% match on first deposits up to $ 100. What this means in casino terms is that for every dollar that you deposit, you receive a 1 dollar bonus chip, up to $ 100.
The bonus hits your account instantly, as soon as you've made the deposit. In order to cash your bonus out, you need to play through the amount of your fist deposit plus the money you get as bonus, 15 times.

Almost always I play in roulette or to Bj I won 150 usd and I deposit 50 and in the end I was 100 usd profit.
Phuong. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Everest casino is one that I like. Most video slots are unique here. It's been a long time since I have stepped into Everest but I will share my experience nonetheless.
The best one I tried would be a game called Jackhammer Jackpot. If I remember correctly it's a video slot that contains 25 pay lines, a construction bonus and free spins when you land 3 yellow trucks. The best thing about this video slot is every time you spin the reels you win even a small amount if there are no winning combinations onscreen. Of course if you match at least 3 or more identical symbols on the reels you will get a big win! Same applies if you hit more than 3 scatters at a time. I like the way Everest Casino made this video slot because it's construction theme goes well with it's wins. Just thinking about it makes me want to build a house out of money without the obvious consequences.

Not only does Everest Casino have slots and games but they also have a separate poker room. That's where I spend some of my time if little or no wins come out of video slots and games.
An interesting feature they have is you could transfer funds between accounts, from Everest Casino to Everest Poker. It is obvious however that if you any type of bonus they will not let you transfer any amount between accounts.
For me playing on this casino is like playing tug o war only one team is stronger than the other. In this case, me being lucky on this casino was much stronger than their wagering requirements. I would have to say I have conquered them with moderate effort!

Of course being paid $200 was a snap. All I had to do to receive my winnings is to send in my documents, wait for verification on their part and wait up to 8 weeks to get my cheque. Fortunately for me it took about 3-4 weeks. Great casino, will recommend them, awesome staff, small to moderate wins. If this is a casino for you then I suggest you go for it!

My ratings for this casino are:

Support: 8/10
Terms and Conditions: 8.5/10
Withdrawals: 9/10
Payouts: 7.5/10
Deposits: 10/10
Taneka. Reviewed on 10.10.18
Everest Casino has Playtech software. I didn't know that this casino was so many years on line, so they were established since 1997, so being that much on line and I guess they are worth of trying. Beside that I saw 2 complaints against them.
I was looking for some fee chip so I came across this casino, which they were offering 10 euros free chip, but that was for the Poker Casino. When I sign up and download the casino the free chip was already in my account so I thought I could play with that 10 euros slot games. But I couldn't just because they were offered for the Poker Casino. I left the casino and the 10 euros free chip was standing in my account till they expired.

I didn't use those 10 euro free chip, because I have no interest in playing poker, more then 3 years. After 2 months or so, after my registration I got email from this Casino, they were offering 10 free spins on Halloween Fortune slot, which I like to play, whenever I have chance to play at some Playtech Casinos. Ok, 10 free spins are not that much, but who knows if I get lucky I might do something. I opened the casino and I though i could use the free spins right away, but when I opened the game there was no free spins.

That happened because I didn't payed any attention, because in the email they send me, there was a code, which I had to use in the cashier section, well I was told that by their support. So I done that and played my 10 free spins and won only 1.25 euros. I spend those in the same game, so my playtime there was really quick. So far I like this casino and planning to deposit here, because I think they are worth of trying, just because they are so long on line and the fact that I started to like Playtech games. Even that I didn't made any deposit there, I got 2 more times free spins from them, but still didn't managed to wager the bonus and make something from it. So far I have read about them are all positive things so my next deposit will definitely be here, good luck!

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