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Jana. Reviewed on 11.07.18

Euro max casino room kept sending me spam mails for weeks and then I decided to join this room because of the no deposit bonus and the ultimate match up bonus which they have to offer. And another reason was that the software which is supporting this casino room is Playtech and it is also one of the best softwares in the world.

The sites outlook is very good so it is very hard o stop yourself from joining this casino room. And on top of that they have a massive 700% match up bonus on the first deposit you make with them and then a 200% match up on the second deposit. I think the promotional offers and welcome packages cannot get any better than this. But I think a no deposit bonus of 5 euros is nothing because there is not much you can do with 5 euros so it is better to play with the free money and get an idea and decide whether or not you want to join this casino room and then play wit real money.

Their best slot according to me was Blade and I just loved it and I wish I had hit the jackpot it would have been so amazing. Their poker games were also very good but they did not have all the variants of poker so I did not play for long. Hot gems and wild gambler were also very nice and cool slots.

They have a good support team and I only had to go to them once that too when I was asked to submit my documents in order to process the withdrawal. The cash outs are done asap and not a lot of questions are asked. I would really recommend this casino room because of some really nice games and breath taking welcome packages.
I just don't know how I could have missed out Euro Max Play Casino before, until I was introduced to it early in the year 2013 by one of its sister casino. When I looked at their website, their promotions, and especially their terms and conditions, I had no hesitation at all about signing up. Winner's group of casinos is another bunch of casinos thatI have always enjoyed playing at and Euro Max Play Casino is no exception. The only other casino in the group that I have not been able to reactivate till today is the father casino himself, Winner! But that's another story! ;) Strangely enough as things turned out to be, for me that is, I have no problems playing at any of the sister casinos...only at their father' William Hill, Winner and Winward. Notice another strange coincidence? These father casinos all start with the letter 'W'! Perhaps this is why it clashes with my 'W'...'Afi4Wins'! Thankfully, I am doing okay with their daughters!!! Haha.

A $5 no-deposit bonus is really peanuts isn't it? A few spins is all it takes for it to turn into a duck's egg. Then, if you want to play some more, just make a $5 deposit and you'll get a lovely $35 bonus. Now this is a super 700% deposit bonus...and only at Playtech/GamesOS casinos can you get better offers than this! ;) But that too is another story. ;)

So, what's so wonderful about Euro Max Play Casino anyway? For one thing, their super low wagering requirements! Perhaps many players are not so bothered about this small fact, but it is one good trait of any casino for making wins come a lot easier! For example, 50% deposit bonuses - other casinos would impose 20 to 25 times wagering requirement...but only 10 times at Euro Max Play Casino! 100% deposit bonuses - 20 to 50 times at other casinos, only 15 times at Euro Max Play Casino! But there is one small drawback though...the bonuses do not come as often! Wish they would! :D

This is one of my top 10 favourite Playtech casinos, needless to say why! I have already made some wins here, but still not in sufficient regularity as to break even, or even break the casino's bank, hehehe. As with most other Playtech casinos, no complaints from me on Euro Max so far, but wishing for lots more bonuses to come. Withdrawals are efficiently handled, start to finish in 4 days. Have not used much of their live support assistance so far (no need for assistance), but support via emails have always been quick and responsive. But why is the ranking here at so low? Beats me! I do not know why, but it makes no difference to me anyway. This is one casino I will carry on playing at, without worrying about facing problems! :)

Janee. Reviewed on 23.09.18
I signed up to EuroMax Play not long before Christmas, well I actually signed up before that but I only made my first deposit just before Christmas, the main reason for this was because of the fact that their minimum deposit in order to claim the 200% or was it 400%oh I can't remember now but anyway the fact was they wanted a massive £35 minimum to be eligible for it. That was way out of my range at the time, and way out of my range now lol...but they did offer me a 100% bonus of a minimum of £25. The Live Help guy I was speaking too was actually really friendly and upbeat, he cracked a few jokes and that, but little things like that really matter to me, knowing you have a good rapport with customer support I think is so important because if you ever do have a problem you need to know you can communicate on the same level. This gave me loads of encouragement to deposit here, but like I said I didn't at the time but I did deposit in December.

I only accepted the lower of the bonuses simply because I couldn't afford the £35 one and I was credited 100% as promised so had a nice 50 quid to start with.

Oh I forgot to mention the main reason why I came here in the first place is because they are the sister to site to Winner Casino. I didn't know at first whether or not I'd be entitled to the bonus but you are, so don't worry if you have deposited at Winner previously.

The only downfall I was instantly met with was they only have a download casino no flash unfortunately. Well that's not a downfall but it is when the software won't run on Linux!

I've done really well at Winner Casino so I suppose I was expecting the same standards here in regards to game play but unfortunately it just didn't cut it for me. I played a lot of the older games to be honest, the new ones at the time I just thought we're rubbish like Jazz Club...rubbish. I played a lot of Desert Treasure 2 and Halloween Fortune. Both are minimum bets per line of 0.01p and with 20/25 lines. The good thing about these kind of low betting slots is you win quite regular, it might not be a huge amount but its consistent and that's important when your wagering. Don't get me wrong I say it didn't live up to my expectations but I had some decent wins like on Desert Treasure 2, I had the top paying symbol on the first line and 2 random wilds next to it, which expand to fill the whole reel, and it was during free spins and I had something like forty I was pleased with that. It's the most I have ever won on a single spin on that slot actually.

But as you must have guessed I didn't make a withdrawal here, I've no idea how much I wagered I didn't check. I thought I would have received a few offers from them for some free money but I haven't really, apart from a free tenner about a month later. I haven't made a second deposit, but I know if I wanted too I would get offered a bonus...maybe I should try again I might get some luck...but I doubt it lol.

If you enjoy Playtech slots and you are from the UK then this is a good place to deposit purely for the fact that customer support seem very knowledgable and you will know communication will never be an issue. Just because I didn't win don't mean you won't as its so random. So if you do decide to play, write a review I'm interested to know what other people have done here.

One more thing, I know I mentioned Winner casino earlier, well you can choose to play on their mobile casino but when you press the link it just takes you to Winner Mobile Casino, so obviously you would use your winner log in then, no actual EuroMax PLay mobile yet.
Ariel. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Here is another great casino, with nice no deposit welcome offer of 5 euros free. EuroMax Play Casino is part of the Winner Group of casinos which by my opinion are safe to play. Well I was attract by their welcome offer of 5 euros free, but mostly for their 700% deposit match offer, which you need to deposit only 5 euros to get that big fat bonus, plus another 35 euros on your account, so they have similar or the same offer that Fly casino has.

I opened their website and didn't like the fact that you have to download the software, because I prefer to play in instant player, but still those 5 euros free needed to be played and for their great bonus of 70% match its worth of downloading their casino. I opened my account in a minute and opening the casino I sawthat those 5 free were already in my account.Ok 5 euros chip is really small sum to be played but still its worth of trying it. And as I guessed I spend those 5 on Captain Treasure video slot and I choose to play that slot, because of the minimum bet of 0.9 euros, so those 5 euros will last me a bit longer and because once I wagered no deposit bonus in one other casino with this game, so thinking I could try one more time.

Well no matter how much I tried that free chip didn't last so long because I spend it in no time.The next was to deposit and play that great welcome bonus of 700% match. But first I contacted the live support and must give them 10/10 because they are always there to help and the fact they are professional and friendly.The chat told me to deposit and that bonus will be there automatically and when i made the deposit got the automatic message that I received the bonus, so I was ready to play and wager it for X 50.

Well I had long way to play the bonus but with a little luck nothing is impossible. As a first slot game I choose to play was White King slot, I really enjoy playing that game, specially when the wilds will appear on more then three pay lines. I spend my bonus really fast, the game was so empty, the wilds didn't appear at all, like they vanished. So I ended with zero on my account. I only deposited here once but at least I try this casino, it would be super nice if I wagered the bonus, but that didn't happened.
I think the Euro Max Play is nice casino and safe to play, so at least you can do is try their no deposit welcome bonus.
Good Luck!
Stacie. Reviewed on 03.10.18
Euro Max Play casino can be discovered in one of my emails. This was a month ago! The email was enclosed with two bonuses! One for $5 to try them out and a 700% bonus for just $5!

I went on my way to sign up to Euro Max Play the minute I saw this offer. Once download became finished I had gotten $5 and rules about them were in the lobby. The free chip had 3 days before it expired so I quickly accepted the message to be credited and used it on Jackpot Gladiator for $0.25 a bet, had a $3 win from the 8 free spins and gotten nothing from my extra scatters. 2 landed mostly and not a minimum of 3 symbols to get the payout. When I had $8 I threw $2 bets on Blackjack enjoying the piano music in the background while the voice of the lady dealer dealt my many hands. About $8 was won from it losing and winning and finally Plenty O Riches became the killer of balances taking my $0.40 bets away.

I entered this game and it gave me Plenty O Fortune why is that? The name for the game in the lobby is Plenty O Riches isn't it? My balance turned to $0 and once a small deposit got into my account I had $40 total. Wagering is sickening to 50 times for both my deposit and bonus. Once more my balance fell about half collected on Plenty O Fortune for $0.40 and $1 bets without any of it's 3 bonuses and was completed by Blackjack for $4 a bet when I had $12 left.

The live chat they have is unacceptable. After trying to reach them came a long 15 minutes before an operator got my attention, yeah while I was spinning the reels! I needed them 15 minutes ago all of a sudden they started assisting me at the wrong time. I asked if 700% is the $35 bonus for a deposit of $5 and if it can go much higher than that, 10 minutes later the operator returned saying "Wagering for that will be 50 times". I checked the terms to validate his response and he left out that it's 50 times my deposit and bonus!

Good bonuses carrying the worst requirements, unimpressive turtle-like support so folks you will experience delays in minutes if you were to talk to them so I recommend checking the terms on your own and lastly a casino that impressed me with it's music once I stepped in. The games &winnings were close to fair and for that I will end Euro Max Play with a 5.3 out of 10 even if I did not become a winner on Euro Max Play!
Zandra. Reviewed on 05.10.18
Wow!! is the first thing I could think of when I found EuroMaxPlay! It is the site I have been looking for for quite some time! I live in an area where the closest casino is way too far away, plus I really liked the idea of playing from the privacy of my own home. I had tried many other sites that just left me frustrated, confused, and even exposed! At least two of the websites I tried and downloaded loaded my computer up with spyware! It took me days to get it fixed. I was a bit weary of online casino sites after that. However, I still wanted to play! I did some research and found the reviews to be overwhelmingly positive for EuroMaxPlay! When I visited their site the first thing I noticed was the safe and secure download, that was a huge relief. Then my eye caught the promotion I would get for just signing up! €40 free, €5 no deposit required sign up bonus, and then, if that wasn't enough I would get €35 for my first deposit of €5! I was sold at that point, I just had to try this site. So I took the plunge and I did it. I have not regret it since!

I am so obsessed with this site. I find myself gravitating to it at night when the kids are in bed. Their customer support is second to none! They are there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week no matter what you could possibly need them for and in whatever way you want to contact them! I can call, email, fax, or even live chat with them! And again, that is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Out of all of the websites I tried, not one of them could match this. Another pleasant surprise is that they are not just a typical blackjack and poker website. While they offer those games they have over 300 other games. That was not a typo, 300!! I thought I would join to play poker but I am seriously in love with Winners Club. It is by far my favourite on the website! Then I know if I ever get tired of that I have so many other options to choose from!

I love this casino site and I am so glad I found it. Download it and join now, you will not regret it!

Ora. Reviewed on 06.10.18
I don't usually do the review thing. I am not great at writing things and I usually have no idea what to say in these things. With that being said, I couldn't pass up a chance to review this casino service, EuroMaxPlay.

I have been a table player for more than 20 years. I am retired now and I don't get out of the house much anymore. I really did not think I would ever get the satisfaction I get from playing table games again. As my name implies, I am a blackjack junky. Upon a recommendation from one of my old playing buddies I checked out this website. I am not great with the whole internet thing so at first I just laughed at him. I honestly thought I would never play games online. Then one night I got that itch. For those of you that play, you know what I am talking about. I caved and thought I would at least look at the website. When I saw they not only offered blackjack but all different types of blackjack, some I had never even heard of, I knew I had to get in on this.

Downloading and setup was simple. Since I am not comfortable with most of this online stuff I called their customer support number. I felt a little dumb because I was sure they would think I was some annoying old bat. I spoke with Jennifer on the phone and she was an absolute dream. She made me feel quite the opposite and walked me through any step I wanted until I was comfortably depositing money and playing the games I wanted. She even suggested that I check out their video poker. I had never played such a thing but she was so nice and helpful, I thought I would take her word for it. I now play that more than my blackjack!

EuroMaxPlay has been perfect for me and gracious toward me. They got me playing again when I wasn't sure I would ever be able to. Their promotions are out of this world too, a real casino would never offer you the deals they do! And they are always there to help me and keep me busy with plenty of games I love like poker, craps, and roulette.

I will be playing this for years to come.
Soila. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Online Gambling for me seems to be a new adventure on Sunday. I was always curious about the casinos as I have never seen them practically. As I reading and Publishing Tweets on Micro Blogging Platform, I saw that one of my followers tweeted "Awesome Experience, never think that #Onlinecasinos are so much fun #EuroMaxPlay". My eyes stuck to that and my curious mind echo’s Vipul "Why not you give it a try.” And that's started the journey of an awesome Sunday.

Jumped directly to Euro Max Play Website and I was attracted just by the Quality Designing of the complete Site. They have a wide variety of options ranging from Live Casinos to Playing Games including the classic Jackpot’s and Roulette.
But the two modules which I liked the most is their Customer Support and Referral Program. My friend just got paid and won $50 for free as I became a registered member their. And the same thing is duplicated by me too. Who doesn't want FREE 50$?? And analysing their top quality Customer Support, which I had never found anywhere on the Internet. Leave a message and here comes the reply.

But, this doesn't end here. Just for a sign up they will reward you with 5 euros. Isn't it amazing! As I'm a gaming nerd started with a new game “Wings of gold" promoted on their site. I was amazed with the Quality of the game. And I bet you will never find anywhere. As my Trust towards this site increases exponentially I added another 5$ in my account. Leaped into the site deeper I found some cool gambling modules. There is a wide variety of Slots, cards, and roulette games. Although I may have not earned enough amount from it, but the quality time I spend on this online casino is unforgettable. And after that, I regularly visited to play with my gambling tactics.

The only downfall is that you become so addicted with this that you almost forget everything about the world. But if it lies in your Interests and you are earning from it then who the hell cares about World.

I have shared my experience and recommend you that you must give it a try since, the only word I have for Euro Max Play is "awesome".
Penney Pafford. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Are you a player? What is your passion, Poker, table games? Are you like me, tired of all the flash some sites hit you with all the time? Security issues, who are you playing against; the list goes on and on.Let’s face it times are tough, everyone is watching the cash. So when it's time to let loose and have a little fun the last thing we want is to play somewhere we don't feel comfortable with.

I play on numerous sites, but since starting here I think I've found a new home. Customer support is right on the ball, fast and very courteous. The deposit bonus structure is awesome and the game-play fast and reliable. On-line gaming has had such a bad rep. for so many reasons, and if you are like me, I am always concerned about where and with whom I play. There have been so many sites being shut-down and slammed in the press, leaving many players out of touch with their funds.

Their deposit structure is great and the bonuses are simply awesome! I love checking my e-mail and finding $$$ surprises waiting for me to claim. Whatever your reason for choosing on-line gaming, I think we all have a common goal, to have fun. Face it we are all killing a little, sometimes a lot of time, and we want rewards for our actions. This site has so much to offer it truly is a one-stop shop for your gaming needs. Feed your passions here and play in confidence that when you have questions the support-staff are right here, 24/7 to quickly solve any issue that may arise.

Our casino time should not involve worrying about other players using BOTs or other methods to turn the odds in their favor. As a computer tech and avid Poker player I call very few on-line casinos home.I was very pleased when a friend suggested that I play here, “try it out,” she said and I am still here and look forward to seeing you on the tables!

Good luck and I hope you enjoy this casino as much as I do and as they say, “May your cards always be live and your pots monsters!”


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