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Zenaida. Reviewed on 11.07.18
If you read my other reviews about Top Game Casinos you would realize I’m not their biggest fan, but there are people out there who no matter what they read or no matter what their told they still go ahead and fall for scams or at least gray area companies. Of all of the Top Game Casino’s I’ve played at I believe Rialto is the one I have had the best experience with, one of Rialtos sister Casinos is Diceland. Diceland and Rialto are very similar in the fact the fact that they randomly credit you $5 here or there, and they both use Top Game Software, but that’s where the similarities end. If Rialto and Diceland were brother and sister Diceland would be the Red headed step child (No offense to anyone who’s red headed and is a stepbrother or sister lol).

Lesson of the day Ladies and Gentleman is read the fine print. On top of that, unlike their step sister, they bombard you with emails every day, some that make completely no sense. For example ill use two I remember off hand 1. Its Pig day so were having a huge a bonus, wait a minute? Pig day? I guess if you’re a regular there then you believe that’s a real holiday. The next one was CHI day, the Greek symbol, I don’t remember schools being closed on Pig or CHI day, the mail still came, stock market was open, I had work, and the Banks worked normal hours, so once again their genius marketing department came through and wowed me with their promos. (ROLLING MY EYES).

On top of that the software looks like a cartoon, I’m not sure if I’m about to play some nerdy LARPING or whatever the hell it’s called game, or a casino.It’s the totally opposite look of not just Rialto but all top game casinos for that matter.

So my consensus is that Diceland gets a 3/10, it’s the ugly duckling of the Top Game community. In fact the only way they probably get customers to deposit is by people googling online dice games, and that happens to pop up, they get lucky and get an unsuspecting person to spend $50 there, and even if he wins, it’s a roll of the dice whether or not he will even get paid.


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