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Eli. Reviewed on 08.07.18

Dafabet is my one of the favorite casino games of all times and there are a lot of reasons to it. one of them is that it is Asian. The casino is licensed from Philippines and I am loving to see that Asian based casinos are also gaining so much popularity and exposure.

They support all the three interfaces which is the download, mobile and instant and that is really nice of them and now the user scan chose any of them according to their convenience. I came to know about this casino from a friend of mine who saw its advert on Facebook and told me about it.

There are also a lot of limitations like they do not process withdrawals on weekends. Their wagering requirements differ according to the games.
The games take a lot of time on this casino room which is not good at all and I think they should work on them and I even told this to support team because I care about this casino and I have a special connection with this casino room and I always keep giving them feed backs and recommendations.

They have Marvel slots like Captain America and I loved those slots because such slots are very fun to play and every loves to play on a theme which they can relate to. If they work on the speed of the games then they can be very good and increase their worth in this industry.

Their support service is very good and specially the chat box which is very much like any social networking site and I was very glad about that because I go to support teams every now and then.

I am still playing with this casino room and they have improved a little and I think if you give them time you will get the return.
In my opinion it is a good casino,with a nice website and a lot of slot games!
I saw that they also have a good poker room but I didn’t tried so far! I created my account after I logged into my Skrill account and I saw there that they have a nice promotion, 50 free spins, no deposit required! I clicked on the promo link and completed the registration form,in the field “coupon code” I entered the promo code but it said that it is invalid and I contacted them via live chat to find out why it isn’t working! They told me that I have to enter the bonus code lower cases and it worked!

But instead to receive the 50 free spins I received 10 euro bonus but I think that it is the same thing! They have a lot of slots and I didn’t knew what to play and the Gladiator was the slot that I chose because I saw there was a nice jackpot of 230.000 euro! I have set the lowest bet and I started to spin! From the 10 euro bonus I triggered the free spins feature only 2 times, first time I won about 6 euro and the last time only 0.92 euro! Also I didn’t triggered the 3 helmets bonus and after 30 minutes of playing my account balance reached 0!
I saw that they have a lot of payment methods and I am thinking to make a deposit and try my luck again on the Gladiator slot because they don’t have a good welcome bonus!

My experience with this casino was a good one and I want to rate the casino, I will give an 8 for the games, 9 for the payment methods, only 8 for the bonus because they don’t have a good welcome bonus just the no deposit bonus and also 9 for the support team available via live chat and also via e-mail!
Armanda. Reviewed on 24.09.18
I expected Dafabet to be another dodgy Playtech based casino more on a part with Jackpot247 than Corals or Paddy Power, but I was wrong. This is a reputable casino through and through, I know some people feel a little nervous about casinos based in Asia but Playtech themselves are headquartered in the Philippines and unless you are asked to send your documents over there as part of KYC (something which I've heard of happening at some less trustworthy Playtech casinos, usually as a stalling tactic ahead of any large withdrawals) then I think it is silly to worry about playing or depositing with Dafabet.

Whether this is your type of casino though will largely depend on your opinion of Playtech's games. There's definitely some hugely entertaining titles including the all time classic "Great Blue" and the ever popular Marvel series of progressive jackpot slots, but the average RTP of these titles is certainly lower than comparable slots from NetEnt and Microgaming. I have a suspicion that it is this few percentage points that allowed Playtech to offer irresistable deals to all of the large UK bookmakers, a market that it now holds a monopoly over. Of course you can still win playing Playtech games, and there are usually many big paying combinations on the paytables ensuring that some players will hit huge. You might not notice the difference over a couple of hundred spins but over the long term there is no doubt that your deposits will pay for less spins than they would playing a Microgaming slot.

The website looks very old school to me now and probably hasn't been updated in several years, but it is functional. I had no problem finding the games I wanted to play and there is a 24/7 live chat facility although like so many Playtech casinos the quality of this can go from one extreme to the other from day to day - some days the live chat will be hassling you the moment you have logged in "to see if you need any help", or to offer you a bonus if you deposit... other days you can request a chat and nobody responds for a long time!

I really only signed up with Dafabet because I found a small no deposit bonus to play at their site quite a while back. I played mainly Blackjack at the time and decided to try and tackle the 50x wagering requirement playing that game despite it only having a 10% contribution percentage! I know, what was I thinking! Since then I have found plenty of Playtech based casinos with faster payouts and better support so I no longer play with Dafabet, but overall they are definitely one of the better Playtech casinos and importantly they do not have any restrictions on paying out progressive jackpots - if you win a million you won't have to wait a decade to receive all of the money unlike the supposedly reputable Jackpot247 and SuperCasino that appear on TV screens here in the UK.
I don't like the fact that I can only use an e wallet to make a deposit, would rather use my visa debit, maybe this will change.
Adolph. Reviewed on 02.10.18
I remember when I registered at Dafabet (for sports betting purposes) it was so new for me and it took time to get used to it and figure out all the little details. Speaking of an Asian gambling site, choosing of the right regional option not just mean to change the language but the display of the whole interface. I played here mainly for Asian handicap and over/under goals type of bets but once I made my decision to take a look of other segment in Dafabet world.

I realized they use Playtech motor for their casino and offer instant and downloadable versions, too. Examining these two modes, I suggest to everyone to take the time and install the software because the instant version has incomparable poor selection of games. So I wanted to transfer from my sports balance to the casino account when I perceived that I can't complete this kind of transaction. I asked it via chat and they said I had to request it first at the support and their competent department should have finalized the transfer or alternatively I could deposit directly to the casino. To be honest I don't quite understand why they make it so complicated and why can't we fund the other services' balances with a simple and fast method from the main balance as usual elsewhere we do. It just doesn't make any sense.

Whatever, their installed casino is an ordinary well structured, designed, top-quality Playtech clubhouse. I like at Dafabet they always make available the brand new games and sometimes do it much sooner then the market leader rivals. (for example, as far as I know we still can't play with one of the new Marvel jackpot slot games – Captain America - ... at Bet365)

There are two things, in my opinion, Dafabet is very good at. Chat service is always connectable, fast response and the professional operators kindly answered my questions all the time, though not every one of them was easy. The other thing is the lightning-fast withdrawal. In most cases it took only half a day but once I got paid in 4 hours via Skrill. OK, this is most applied for the bookie withdrawals but I didn't see it working much differently in the casino.

Dafabet is a very decent place with good services, great support and enjoyable atmosphere. I only wish the credit moving between balances could be solved.
Gertude. Reviewed on 04.10.18
Dafabet is consisting of Sportbook, online casinos and poker section. This online casino launches the Playtech software and they offer a full selection of Playtech games. On their website writes Dafabet Asia online casino which means that they are mainly oriented to Asian players. This can be seen also by the fact that for Currency you can choose a large number of Asian currencies. Let's say, here you can have an account in the Chinese Yuan, the Indian rupee or the Singapore dollar etc.

Here at AG I did not find that this casino has offered no welcome bonus. I decided to join the casino and to check it. First I tried to check with their live chat support. But even after 10 minutes of waiting, no one was on the other side on the live chat; I gave up on that intention. I found that Dafabet has bad live chat support.

On their website I found the bonus offers for sports betting and a casino bonus offer. Indeed it is a very interesting offer for which I will write something more now. On their casino promotion page is a sign that represents the Yin and Yang, and below this sign is a bonus offer which is called Chi. The point is that, the random 388 new players who will make a deposit of at least $ 20 will be rewarded with a bonus of 100% with wagering requirements of 10 x deposit + bonus. This is something like a welcome offer and is valid only for new players who will make a deposit from 19 June to 16 July (today as I write this review is 7 July). This means that you have to be lucky to be selected and get your bonus. Interestingly, something like this so far I have not seen in any other online casino.

Simply Dafabet Casino is not for me. Probably I will never play here. Because of this, for this casino I give only 6 out of a possible 10 stars.
Almost no reload bonuses for me, and no any others offers.
Mabel. Reviewed on 05.10.18
The most famous Asian developed casino in the world and we all are proud of Dafabet casino and the way it has been holding themselves and trying to make a name for themselves in this super competitive industry.

Let me tell you something guys the return to players on this casino site is just magnificent because they are not a very big name and that I know and I am playing with them for a very long time now and trust me when I say this that this is one of the best casinos I have played on in a very long time.

I remember when I was joining this casino site their were not a lot of players and I always use to talk to the support about some promotional offers so that they could bring in more players and it would be fun in card games. I have a very personal connection with this casino and I always wish them well. A very long time ago I had gotten one email from them saying 15$ no deposit with very less wagering and I was very happy about it and then I decided to join them. I used to play poker all the time and had even complained the team about very stupid site design and they were very sport and told me they would not be able to do anything about it now.

I list the money and could not amount to much here but honestly I enjoyed a lot and if it comes to it I will join this casino any time I want to because I love them and will always support them no matter what. But just to help you guys asses I think this is not really one of the best and slots are not that fruitful and you can find a lot better casinos in the list. I would rate them 9 out of 10 and I am hoping that they have improved a lot now.
Fay. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Dafabet casino is now Dafa888 casino, i noticed this today, when after about of year of silence this casino send me email in which told that I get 15$ no deposit, with 10 x wagering requirements, which should be wagered only on hot gems slot. Also nice thing about this no deposit offer that there is no any max. cashout rule, so today I get some portion of gambling, which is great.

Also before this I am of course made one deposit with my Webmoney account, that was long time ago, around a year, and I just would like to try new casino. I can't remember which games I played with my first deposit, but I am sure that I did not win anything. But today as I write I get no deposit bonus, so download casino again, spend around 15 minutes to guess my username and password, and finally login and get bonus. Something was wrong with Hot gems game, because every spin take for me around 20 seconds, and also game freezes few time, and I just start playing at 1.5$ bets, get feature once, which paid 30$, and somehow I clear my bonus and top-up message appear that bonus cleared. I decide that 30$ not big win, and tried to play blackjack, but games was not available, same thing was with roulette, and I just open Thai paradise. I noticed strange thing that minimum bet at this casino in this game is 0.45$, which is high, as usually at all other casinos minimum is just 0.15. I get feature on third spin, with a home scattered, two times I get two homes, and once 3 homes. This boost my balance to 50$, but I like fool continue playing and lost all money.

I did not know is this casino good or know, but I can say that per their terms they have no weekend withdrawal, from other side they stating that withdrawals almost instant during working time, and this is great.

8 stars for this casino, why not.
Janee. Reviewed on 07.10.18
I chose DafaBet casino absolutely at random and after reading a few good words about it on AskGamblers I visited the site and I liked that it offered not only casino but also poker and sports betting. Plus, I had a $ 10 bonus no deposit to try.

So I installed the casino and I signed up. Registration was easy but after enrollement I found that I was immediately redirected to the deposits page where there is no possibility to enter the $ 10 bonus code as described at the AskGamblers site. I decided to call immediately the support (here I must say that the online support is absolutely great, it responds quickly and is very courteous) and when I mentioned the bonus code I have learned that I need to wait a day until my casino account is checked and the bonus is credited manually. So a minus here. I had to wait for one day but the waiting time was worth it. I received the 10 USD the next day and I was glad.

The casino does not offer too many games (about ten of them in each category like slots, table games, etc) but they are enough for a player who wants to try his luck here mainly because some of the games are live. Because I did not had much money to play I decided to try a betting technique for roulette that I developed and simulated during the summer vacation by throwing the dice. And imagine my surprise when after over 100 roulette spins I found myself wining.Of course the technique required to stop at least for one day after a certain win. But I continued to play and of course like with any other roulette technique in the end I lost everything.

The overall impression left by this casino is a good one. It has nice games, good online support, maybe a bigger bonus offered immediately would be better. Thanks DafaBet for the pleasant experience offered.
Rolande. Reviewed on 10.10.18
Dafabet casino uses Playtech software. In my opinion Playtech offers the best slot games compared to other software providers. I have already said so much about Playtech in my previous reviews and I will say no more in this one.

This is one of the latest Playtech casinos I joined.

I joined here from an affiliate site looking for some new experience some new Playtech casino. I have to admit that I was looking for a Playtech casino with some no deposit offer and no previous account.

When I couldn't find such a casino Dafabet’s new players bonus caught my attention. Before I tell you about this bonus I would like to mention a few more thing about this casino.The wager demands were only 10x bonus up to MYR 500. MYR stands for valute from Malezia but I had an account here in euros. So I decided to contact their live chat support and ask them what was the max. amount for this bonus in euros. Their live chat support wasn't fast. I waited for about 10 minutes until one of their operators checked in.

He explained that they have 2 welcome bonuses for new players with 100% match on your first deposit.The first was for slot games up to 400 euros. The second was for all casino games up to 8 euros. I love Playtech slots but only had 50 euros for deposit so I decided to take their all games bonus. So I started with 100 euros balance. I decided to take a risk and start with a bigger bet per spin. From today's perspective I can say that it was a bad decision. After half an hour of play I lost all of my money. Overall Dafabet left a good impression on me except for their live chat support where I waited for 10 minutes for an operator to show up.

I recommend this casino and give it 8 out of 10.

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