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Annabel. Reviewed on 11.07.18
As a player from the good old United States of America, thanks to a retard from Texas ( George Bush actually both George Bushes, actually most of Texas as well could detach from my country and float away and not too many people would care lol), Politicians who only care about getting re-elected, and Casinos such as the Wynn, Harrahs. And I am sure many others we are very limited in the selection of casino software we get to play.

So when there’s a casinos software platform that I had never, or rarely had the pleasure of playing, suddenly has a casino which allows players from the US to play, I jump on that as soon as I can. This was the second time I had the chance to play Rival software, the first being Golden Cherry. The first game I ever played on Rival, was a game that resembled an old game show (I can’t remember the name off hand, but you had the option of choosing to keep a prize or pick behind door #1, that was the main theme of the show) the game was called reel of fortune, it was the first time I had found an online slot that resembled a slot I would play in a brick and mortar casino such as Monopoly, sex & the city, or my personal favorite Wheel of Fortune, which actually triggers a wheel above you and you can see it spin and win decent amounts. The other part of this specific game, well this casino as whole is there games offer multiple bonus rounds, by that I mean different types of bonuses, not just one bonus and free spins like just about every other software that I have played.

I remember they had the game where you would pick behind 3 doors, and you would keep picking until you picked the one with the donkey behind it.The best part was how much I made; I made over 3000 credits by guessing one of the two right curtains about 7-10 times in a row. They also had Plinko as a bonus, which is a game straight out of the Price is Right, and depending on how many rows you would get the plinko symbol on that’s how many plinko chips you would get (minimum of 3), you would then slide down your plinko chips, and they had easy money on the sides like 100-200 credits, but if you wanted the bigger money like 500+ plus credits you would have to risk it sliding into the 0 slot. Reels of fortune also offered free spins.

The other type of slots Rival casinos have that other software platforms don’t is the I-Slots.These slots are interesting because you’re playing a story line some are fun some are corny, but there are plenty to choose from so you can find one you like. The interesting thing about these I-slots is, it’s like a video game and a slot machine had a little too much to drink one night, and 9 months later an I-slot popped out lol. As you advance through the story, the slots change in certain ways, and add different bonuses, and it makes it so you want to finish out the story line. So for the avid slot players out their this is a casino I recommend to you, whether it’s a bonus with you being a “Robin Hood” themed player, robbing the rich as a bonus, or being a boxer, working your way up the ranks, playing plinko, and even being a hippy driving around picking up people in different countries to take to a concert, they are not just bonus rounds, but they are fun, and some of the highest paying I have seen.
I give this casino an overall rating of 9.3/10

Eric. Reviewed on 24.09.18
Crazy luck casino using games from Rival, and it is under rated software, probably because there is too many shady softwares with this slots.

I played at Crazy luck casino two times, first time I played in this casino with no deposit of 25$, I think many Rival casinos give no deposit bonus just for registering, since I was able to get a lot of such bonuses. I played with my 25$ really long time, having fun with many new for me games, and was able to finish wagering requirements for this bonus with 120$ on my account, but max withdrawal for this bonus was 100$, and also live chat customer support told me that i need to deposit 20$. This is typical thing when you win from no deposit bonus, so I go ahead and made 20$ deposit, after this I request payout of 120$ and start waiting. By the way I deposit and payout with Moneybookers, probably it is important. After 2 days passed I got email asking for my documents, and I sent it right away. Next day my documents were approved, and after 3 more days passed I get email from Skrill that I get paid, 6 days in total, not sure should I be happy with such payout time or not, but I see some other players have complaints that they did not get paid at all, so I am really should be happy that I get paid from no deposit bonus winnings.

Also I played once with my real money deposit, but unfortunately luck was not on my side and I was not able to try withdrawal one more time.

I rate crazy luck with 6 stars, because some players have bad experience, and I can not rate this casino higher. But my experience was not so bad, probably because I played long time ago.
Has anyone ever been paid from Crazyluck? I am waiting for a stupid max cashout of $303 plus my $25 deposit for a total of a whopping $328. I can not play until they pay.

So far chat support has come up with every delay tactic possible. I managed to get Shane on the phone by hiding my number when I called. I closed every loophole while I had him on the line including emailing my documents (a third time) which he opened while still on the phone with me. He stated accounting was not available giving no reason on a Thursday morning around 11am. Guess they take their two martini lunches early. He did promise me I would get paid in two days. Would that be Saturday or Monday?

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of are you crazy or is it bad luck wasting time at this sh_t hole casino with Shane.
Fae. Reviewed on 02.10.18
What if you win jackpot from an online casino. Crazy luck, lol i would like to share my experienced here at Crazy luck, Crazy luck is powered by revolutionary, award-winning software. There are games to suit everyone with the latest graphics to provide a fantastic player experience, also they considered security and usability to be number one priorities; this is first and foremost when providing you with the best casino games and a full range of services, and a user-friendly platform.

When i first register here i ask their representative and they are online 24/7 also they are very good when it comes from conversation unlike other casino representatives are had a schedule and they're not 24/7 so that is the other advantage of this casino. Okay back when i am deposited 50$ and i tried to find a wise deposit offer and i take their 100% welcome bonus up to 1000$ for 1st 4 deposit only :) the requirements is 13 x B+D a numerical equation of (13 x 50) + 50 =700$ and i had 100$ so it is very low to attain and you need patience and enough lucky charms to reach the goal :) lol.

I played their game called Fixer Upper a rival video slot and made a bet around 2.50$ max line 25 this video slot is really awesome because the graphics are very good and attractive to their customer or players then this is a i-slot meaning a new high-tech video slot that is designed for new generation casino lol i don't know what i am talking about :) and also when i played this slot i noticed that the jackpot on their slots are very enermous and i if you get that jackpot it is called crazy luck :)

I am currently spinning until i hit the symbols for bonus free spin worth of 49$ and its amazing because i didn't expected that i hit that unfortunately i lost that amount and my balance depleted total is 105.30$ and i decided to changed that slot and moved to another i play the slot called spy game and i bet 3.00$ max line of 15 for 2 coins 1.50 x 2 = 3.00$ then i spin and won 87.90$ because of the wild symbol and the symbol of girl spy and a wild symbol i don't noticed that i wagered the requirements and i play until my balance decreases to 123.28$ so i cash out only 98.2$ i am okay for that the withdrawal processed takes 3 days. I rated this casino 7/10 overall.

I don't know why does this casino had a negative feedback from their customer but when i play and withdraw my money here i paid 3 days.
Sherri. Reviewed on 04.10.18
Few days ago I stumbled on to a no deposit bonus which I could not resist. I was browsing internet and saw amazing no deposit bonus at Crazy luck casino of 262 dollars. I immediately thought in my self this is too good to be true and when i checked for bonus requirements it only had rollover of 700 dollars that is only 2, 7 x and maximum withdrawal amount was 262. Again too good to be true, but i could not resist and i decided to sign up with this casino and check it out.

Since it was Rival powered casino there was no bonus code stated for this bonus it should appear in cashier promotions and there you can claim it. I signed up and used instant play option because i was so unchaste to see is this bonus valid. When i opened cashier all i saw was a no deposit bonus often dollars with 100 x wagering requirement very disappointing for me .Now on the site where I accidentally came across this bonus it said if you do not see this promotion in your cashier you should ask support for help. So I did that just to see if this promotion even exist. Since i could not locate live chat support on their messed up website i decided to download software and see if live chat support even exist.

After i installed software i found the live chat but no one responded for ages. After waiting for a long time finally chat operator answered me but on every question i asked he took about ten minutes to respond.seriously this was the worst and slowest online support ever. Dude i talked to kept saying please wait please wait. Finlay he told me that this promotion is over and does not exist anymore.i was a bit disappointed i got thru all this fuss for nothing. To at least try their games i took no deposit bonus of ten dollar. I opened Clepatra's coins slot and to play my bonus and i lost it all on this slot. To be honest i was betting high bets so i can finish my business with this terrible casino.

Worst support ever and terrible bonuses were reasons i was glad to be out of this casino. My grade for Crazy Luck casino is 2/10 I don't recommend anyone to put your money here.
Mervin. Reviewed on 06.10.18
What can i say about the Crazy luck casino. I love Rivals platform and have for years. The ease of gameplay and the innovative style of slots keeps me a big fan , that is about Rival software not Crazy luck . no my review on crazy luck is almost all opposite.

The rival platform is there pulling strong for the casino yet I have noticed a few differences here and there but chalked it up to internet connection or computer error. I however have to call it as i see it and I can honestly say they are cheating and frauding players over at crazy luck. As i stated i love rival and the i-slots so I am no new comer with a certain slot titled reel crime art heist. And any fool can tell u the i-slot is a history mixed into a slot machine game that plays in with its bonuses , that's what makes the slot a i-slot, story and bonuses. Well i maxed bet on penny bet on this game and cleared the entire story all the way back to the beginning, yet did not get to play a single bonus round game, no choose the paintings, no nothing.

I got the 3 symbols of coarse or else you cant progress yet it would go into the bonus round, then black screen and send me right back to the reels like i chose and finished the bonus round. No money, no bonus, no way it's legit. I even escaped and ended up on the beach scene and didn't get extra credits. I am just a normal guy with no online casino authority, but the people who run this site should check my claim for me. I feel helpless but want to help others because this type of stuff is killing the enjoyment for us customers and the entire reputation of internet gambling. I have the play history if you are interested.
Shemika Surratt. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Crazy luck casino is part of the rival gaming portal. And had a free play promotional offer when i joined this casino . Rival is famous for its bonuses and that is why i play on almost all the casinos from this portal. I got registered on this casino and took the bonus from the cashier and the rival casinos do not give any problems when it comes to claiming the bonus. Got 200 as a no deposit bonus for the players joining for the first time.

I lost the no deposit bonus in the slots only and i had done 2 deposits on this casino as it is one of my favourite casinos from the rival group. And i won money only from the last deposit which was of 35 and i did not claim any signup bonus apart from the no deposit bonus which i got in the beginning. Most of the casino with free play from the rival have 200 free bets offer only. Did not last any long with the free play but the real money deposits were my real shots and there i played with patience and according to my bankroll and got lucky and won good money from the slots. And i realized that the pay on money was good on real money if compared when playing with the free bets because then i was constantly losing. Slots are their strongest point and video slots were good to but not as good as three reel slots. I would love to see some new games in the three reel slots section because honestly i am bored playing the same games again and again.

This is one of the finest casinos from the rival gaming group. Although i lost one deposit but recovered from the second one and really nice slots if you have patience and bank roll management is very important here because games take some time to pay you back.
Enda. Reviewed on 07.10.18
My experience with casinos that have Rival technologies are generally not very big. By the way because I generally makes almost all the casino account and I have played in most several times I thought to try and the Rival technology. Generaly his writings Crazyluck Cazino not as believable as the technoogy casino Playtech, the slots do not have buttons to stop spinning and certainly do not have the desired effect on a player dealing with multi slots. There is harder and disappointment despite the fact that several times offered welcome bonus for enticement of deposit. Games that do not count towards completing the wagering requirement: Classic Blackjack, Casino War, Other Blackjack, Sic Bo, Video Poker, American Roulette, Craps, Other Roulette, Baccarat, Poker Games, Parlor Games

If i write about bj usually saves production from the dealer that the player wins.they not give the advantage most times the player to get money. I've seen neither in payments seem to be very okay but she really wants the system to improve to conveniently costumers. I don't generally recommended the filing there. The comments on discussions that had several players I have reads and is very disappointed waiting even a month after peer on peer customer support to get their money and at the end except that did not receive their closed and the peers with the costumers. Maybe should eventually see the administration of the casino and cases of these unhappy players and overturning the system of;

To pay for their online gambling entertainment at Crazy Luck online casino, players can choose from multiple payment methods, including popular credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard, as well as Neteller, Moneybookers (Skrill), Click2Pay and UseMyBank. Players can also choose to deposit and cash out their winnings directly into their personal bank account.certainly not referring to not try your power there simply just be careful.
Bennie. Reviewed on 10.10.18
Crazy Luck casino is run by Rival software. I haven't played here in a very long time and have almost forgotten about this casino. I made an account here a few years ago in the time this casino was founded.

I decided to do that for several reasons. The first if I remember correctly was that the casino offered over 200 euros no deposit bonus for new players. That’s a really tempting bonus which I just couldn't resist. Than as a second reason I really liked the name of the casino. Crazy Luck casinoreally does sound good. Another reason were the Rival games.

At that time I mostly played in casinos that offered this software provider. I played here several times. Of course my first attempt was with a no deposit bonus. Some time after that I decided to make my first deposit here. It was a minimum 25 euros deposit and I took one of the bonuses from their offer. This one just like the trial with the no deposit bonus ended up with no success and after a while I lost all of my money here. But I kept playing here. After 5 - 6 attempts without success I finally managed to get a withdrawal here. After that withdrawal I stopped playing here.

Everyone knows that the withdrawal processes in Rival casinos last very long. But in that matter Crazy Luck is worse than all of the other Rival casinos. I can't remember how much exactly but it was well over 3 weeks before I got my money. During that time I contacted live chat support several times. I don’t know the situation at that time with the casino but their live chat was very bad.

Overall even though I got paid eventually this was one of the worst experiences ever. That is why Crazy Luck isn't a casino I recommend.

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