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Ernestine. Reviewed on 09.07.18
Codeta casino does accept players from United Kingdom, I am a UK resident and have registered and account, made a deposit and received a bonus so far I have had any problems. I spoke with customer services before making a deposit to confirm that I could use the casino as a UK players and they confirmed that it was all OK.
Good range of slots, nice website; easy to navigate around!
This is an experience that I want to share, I have deposited an amount using Trustly on Saturday 04th Feb 2017 which as per the message on screen shall get credit on next day as it was exceeding limit. This in itself was quite surprising for me as I have never experienced this problem any other casino before. But adding to the pain, today its 06th February and my money is still not deposited to the account. I have been trying to get an answer and now customer care stating it may take up to 3 business day to settle and reflect in your account. I was completely stunned with that response but adding to that customer representative like Tryst working with them were quite rude in chat when ask for explanation (my chat transcript can be checked for that).

In this world of live casino and gaming if it takes almost 3-5 days just to realise the credit how can you expect a customer to stay with you. I am still waiting for my money counting the days.
Roseanna. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Good selection of games and payment options.Lots of live games
No help with payment issues.2 whole days pending period and then no care when payment not rec'd.It is not good when a casino asks for private bank statements just to check whether payment has been sent successfully. Other casinos can check straight away if the payment was sent so when a casino will not do this unless you provide so called evidence you have not rec'd it then I find this not only insulting and a slur on my integrity but totally a waste of time as they will not just send another payment because you have shown it is not in your bank.I do not trust this casino and still have not rec'd my money totalling £1890.We all know errors occur but when a casino will not even look into the problem without their customer running around gathering 'evidence' that is totally useless to solving the issue this is not a good sign.

There are plenty of new casinos with first class support and much quicker withdrawals.
Yvette. Reviewed on 03.10.18
Good choice of games, quick response time from live support
Slow cash out. My cash out request has been in a pending state for 4 days. I have chased the withdrawal multiple times with their live support and their response is it should hopefully be processed soon. I feel that waiting for days for a withdrawal to be processed is unjustified and could also be perceived as a delay tactic. I will. It be reversing my withdrawal
Janyce Jacko. Reviewed on 05.10.18
I like this casino. Its serious and works flawless.
No irritating promo's and bonus traps.
Also Customer service is quick and friendly.
I could not set deposit limits.
Also when I ask on chat I didn't get a clear answer.
For now I give them the benefit of the doubt.
George. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Alot of games which is cool, but nothing super special.
The support is horrible, no chat, no tel available at all, at least no one is answering on phone. Then I wrote a message got an instant reply where I needed to replay again, more then two hours no answer.
Dolores. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Bad casino. Very unclear options, wierd terms and bad support. Don't deposit here if you care about your money.
Bad casino. Very unclear options, wierd terms and bad support. Don't deposit here if you care about your money.

Tameika. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Excellent live dealer blackjack. If only they'd move the cut-card back a bit. Great customer support. Next day cash-out. Even got a £1 minimum table, wow! Can't fault it. 10 out of 10.
Being a uk player, could not recieve welcome bonus.

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