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Willena. Reviewed on 07.07.18
This is the only casino I have ever really had a problem with, a major problem. It was still early daysfor me when I was playing at this casino, I was still new to them. Prior to depositing here I had a lovely win fall on another Playtech casino on the marvel slots so this is what prompted me to go here.

I received a no deposit bonus at the time of registration of £33, to be fair I played through this quite quickly little win here or there but I was happy to make a £20 deposit and received a 400% match so I had a whopping £100 to play with. Before I deposited I contacted live help to see what the wagering requirements were on a £20 deposit. I was told I had to wager £1500 before I could make a withdrawal. To be fair at the time live help were very helpful and I thought had answered my questions adequately.

I went straight onto the marvel slots, played them all but stuck to Fantastic four. I must have been playing it for about an hour, not really that long at all, my balance going up and down but I managed to keep it around £130 when to my total surprise I had the bonus feature and it said ‘Jackpot Feature’. Now I knew what this meant as I said at the start I had a win fall previously (on a marvel progressive) and it was the same way I won I had the progressive feature on Pink Panther. This time I was greeted with a screen and I just had to find 3 matching jackpots to win it. Now you only have 20 seconds to pick and if you don’t pick in 20 seconds it picks for you so there is no time to think at all. I had uncovered 2 of the major jackpot and 2 of the minor jackpot my heart was racing, the major jackpot was around 300 grand at the time the minor was £544, anyway I picked the minor. Happy Days £544 was mine. I couldn’t believe it was so chuffed and I had about £130 anyway so I was well over £600.

When I went to the cashier to see if I could withdraw it was showing the winnings as bonus money so I hadn’t met my wagering. I went to live help and asked them how much I had wagered and how much I had left to go before I could withdraw. I was then told the total amount I had to wager was £3000 as opposed to the original £1500 I was told prior to depositing. I wasn’t happy I told them I was told different to this and had I known I had to wager £3000 I wouldn’t have deposited. The guy checked the account and could see that I was wrongly informed but still couldn’t changed the fact that the wagering amount was £3000 and there was no way he could change this. I didn’t like it but knew I had enough in my balance to be able to wager another £1500 and still make a healthy profit.

I stayed up all night, I was so careful about how and where I spent my money. I had to use a lot of my money and got it down to £280, I was sure I had wagered the 3 grand so contacted live help in the morning to be told ‘Yes, congratulations you have wagered the required £3,000. HOWEVER, as you have been playing our progressive slots this has increased your wagering to 85 times so the told amount needed to wager before withdrawal was £8000, so I had another £5000 to go!!!!!!!”

I must say I was fuming. I was told it is in the terms and conditions. Now I have to hold my hands up and say I did not read the terms and conditions, I didn’t think it was necessary as I had so much info from live help before I deposited I assumed I was given all the information I needed. Its there in black and white I could not argue this, my argument was that the 2nd time I spoke to live help after I played the progressives and after I had won the money I was still told then that my wagering was only £3000, had I had known it was £8000 then, with over £600 in my bank I could have made bigger bets to possible win more but it was only after my balance had crept down low I was told.

I blew the money in the end didn’t even want to play at the casino. A manager looked into for me after I made a complaint and came back and patronized me buy offering me another 400% match on my next deposit due to the trouble I had and that’s it.

To anyone who is considering playing at this casino I would strongly advise against it, when a problem arose live help soon changed from the nice people they were at first and even though they agreed I was wrongly informed were not willing to compensate me in any way.

If you do deposit here please read all the terms and conditions very carefully. This one has definitely been a learning curve for me and I now read all t&c’s prior to making a deposit!
Sau. Reviewed on 23.09.18
First off when spotting this casino i was attracted by the big bonuses they offer, i sort of impulsively signed up. After signing up, i decided to check out some reviews and complaints offered here @ AskGamblers, after reading a few reviews I decided not to deposit.

After being bombed in my email for a few weeks I decided to accept a no wagering bonus offered in my email for 200% on my deposit. This Bonus had some rather strict rules. At the bottom of the email it stated this "The SUNDAY50 bonus comes with absolutely no wagering requirements and is valid on all games except all Branded, Table and Progressive games, and can be used once." Even tho that limited my game play, I was willing to give it a try, I contacted support to request a little more info about the bonus offered. At first i requested info on any other bonuses they were offering that would allow me to play progressive, branded or table games. The support agent went on to tell me that they had a 100% match bonus that would allow me to play all the games offered in their casino, he then added that any wagers made on progressive or branded slots will raise the wager req to 65 x. I don't like sticky bonuses as it is let alone ones with such high wagering. So i said forget that i will accept the 200% no wagering.

Because it was my first deposit, customer support has to manually add the bonus. So I a made deposit of 40$, the agent immediately messaged me saying that he had added the bonus, all i had to do was accept. Seconds after accepting the bonus he sends me another message saying that max cash out is 400. I replied well that was slightly misleading but nothing i can do now. So now my expectations aren't so high and I'm not all that happy to be playing with this casino however have 120$ in my balance that I am unable to withdraw. Anyhow, I head over to their video slots section to find out that they only offer about 7 video slots that are not "branded" or "progressive".

I randomly pick a slot, i cant recall the name. Nothing really happened to remember except for the fact that after 25 mins betting 0.50 a spins I had lost 50$ with no win over 1$. I decided to try out their great blue slot as I've good things about this slot. After 10 mins i had lost another 20$ with no wins over 1$, most were under 0.50. At this time I was feeling very discouraged and started to browse hoping to find something that might change my opinion of this casino. I ended up in the arcade section of the casino, now remember what i wrote up there "The SUNDAY50 bonus comes with absolutely no wagering requirements and is valid on all games except ALL Branded, Table and Progressive games, and can be used once". Nothing there states that I can not play arcade, scratch cards or sports games. So i message customer support once again, it happens to be the same agent i was speaking with earlier. I go on to ask him if playing arcade or scratch cards will break the any of the terms and conditions attached to this specific bonus. He replies, This bonus is specific to slots, I then point out that in the email I received it states "all games except ALL Branded, Table and Progressive games" He replies with "ok then you can play scratch cards". Not satisfied as i was already mislead into accepting the bonus. I respond by saying that is not what your terms say, after pausing for a few minutes, he returns and says ok go ahead and play any games that the email does not exclude. Hm does that not sound a little odd to anyone ? Certainly not professional and was he lying or was he just not properly informed or educated about they're promotions. Either or I will not be returning to this casino.

I wouldn't recommend this casino no anyone, they're are many other reputable Playtech casinos where problems such as this wont occur. Who likes to feel completely robbed which is unfortunately the way i felt after my experience at club cold.

So, to summarize I will use some simple rating scores:

Support: 1/10
Software: 6/10
Security: 3/10
Finance: 0/10
Bonuses: 0/10
Terms&Conditions: 0/10
Iliana. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Hi! :) My next review, a casino not in the top 50 list - Club Gold Casino.

I started playing online about twelve or so years ago and Club Gold Casino was amongst the first few casinos that I had signed up with. Not having played at any online casino before (my experiences then were all gained from land based mini-casinos and arcades), I decided to stick with Club Gold Casino to familiarize myself with Playtech software. Way back then, free chips were given out on regular weekly basis. Not the fivers and tenners that you get now - they were the twenties kind! Woooweee! Ahhh...those were the days. So, whenever I got this free chip, I would play with my real money account, otherwise, I would be practicing day in day out in the fun mode. Nobody said it would be easy to familiarize oneself with any 1 software, and I knew that, hence my determination to really major at Playtech software. After several years of practicing, yes, years, I finally moved on to the next step - playing with real money. Yes, you can say I graduated from Club Gold University, majoring in Playtech, hahahaha.

The road to success was never an easy one! Deposits after deposits got burnt. Misses after misses. When I finally made my first win, it was only a small one, but a big step for...not mankind...but mekind, hehehe. Confidence grew as I kept on going, really thankful for those regular twenties that keep coming in week after week. They certainly saved me a big bundle to say the very least! Now, after all these years of hard work and determination, my account has finally moved from red to black, and has remained in black since late 2012! If you need to know, Club Gold Casino is my best achievement so far! And I am so proud of it. :)

As Club Gold Casino moved on with the times, several changes became necessary and were soon implemented. One of them - those regular weekly free twenties have dwindled down to tenners, then down again to fivers, as what we are getting now. I guess it must have been real hard on Club Gold to maintain those free $20s as the number of members keep piling up. But the biggest item that I am missing out on now, as compared to before, was the discontinuation of WAGER-FREE DEPOSIT BONUSES. How many of you know of this, or can even remember these offerings? Not a lot I guess. It didn't last very long, but this was the SINGLE item that gave me wins after wins, that made my account go from red to black!!! It was like heaven sent! The offer went like this - deposit $20, get $40 ($60 too), no wagering required! Was that CRAZY or what???!!! If you had missed out on these one-of-a-kind promotions, you certainly have missed out on a super great money-making opportunity! Club Gold quickly came to realise this downside and discontinued the promotions. Needless to say, I was heartbroken!!! That chance of making quick easy money was all gone, disappeared, vamooshed, never to come back.

At this point in time, Club Gold Casino was my number 1 top favorite casino - for very obvious reasons! Other current promotions are still very good and sumptuous, like their GOLDEN5 promo, whereby you deposit $20 and get $40, but you can only play on the 5 games listed for that particular month. Different 5 games each month. I take up this promo whenever my favorite slot games come into the Golden 5 list. They certainly are fun!

Finally, I must comment here that Club Gold Casino NOW deserves a high ranking in any listing. Why? Their live chat hosts are very friendly and helpful, customer support is second to none, but most of all, gone are the days of delayed payments - the financial team at Club Gold has now improved by leaps and bounds! I have got my payments sped up from 30 days of old times, to 14 days, to 7 days, to 4 days, and my most recent payment - in 1 day!!! The only other casino that I get this kind of speed from is Omni Casino, and Omni is currently my number 1 top favorite, as you probably have already known. ;)
Willena. Reviewed on 03.10.18
The beginning of my experience at Club Gold derived from the Free Chips I got for $20 plus many deposits after for $20 and $50 amounts thanks to the attractive 300%-400% bonuses they offered. I had pure entertainment from this $20 bonus winning on normal video slots. They exclude games that did no contributions like Marvel Jackpot slots. Every so often Club Gold would run a promotion called the Thursday Gold Rush.

What this is a promotion for every player to take the opportunity to collect a free chip of $5 every Thursday. I always wait until after 8:00 EST on a Wednesday to get a head start on the free chips they offered on Thursday. The code always ends up on a Thursday via email and to get it much earlier I would open up the chat window when they are available and say the password, "I Love Club Gold!" after 8:00. Once they acknowledged my 4 words open sesame! They will reply with "We love you too" along with the code and instructions on how to redeem the free chips. If the time to claim them is too early they would tell me I have to wait until Thursday or in a few minutes depending on the hour I claimed them. I took the code under the bonus section of the cashier and entered the code. A pop up message comes out saying only slots, and other games are the only categories that provide the playthrough. I think it was Slots, Keno and Scratch cards. It's been a long time since I played here. Most often I lose the chips. The wagering is too heavy to take down. If after about a month, a few months or a year that I haven't made a deposit they will prohibit me from taking part on the Gold Rush! Haha it is Roger's Bingo once again.

I play bingo once in a while if you are wondering and I will write a review about it when the opportunity comes knocking in the future. The same thing happened here in Club Gold. There are other promotions they offer on occasions. I see on a monthly basis they have this quiz of the month asking a question about anything from who won the races in 2002 or who was the first astronaut. It is a pop quiz of one random question to get $10 free chips.

I used to think Club Gold is cool with all the offers they have, now I refused to ever come here again! Whenever I had the chance to withdraw there were problems! Problems with support telling me I cheated on the bonuses I used, I need to make a deposit to cashout with the method of choice, my cashout will be process in the next day but never came. Over and over again I would here these excuses. It bothers me that a rich looking casino would have very cheap manners and cashouts that paid in thin air particles.

All in favor that Club Gold is the worst Playtech casino alive please say Aye! 0 out of 10 goes on Club Gold!
Berniece. Reviewed on 05.10.18
I play few times In this casino - so wanna write something about this place.

Club Gold Casino offered Playtech software. They have a lot good deposit promotions.
Welcome promotions is 20 free-( Not For Poland players .. to bad.) - Welcome Deposit promotions -400^% with wagering x 30 but they have a lot strange rules in Terms and conditions. In this place players playing with bonus can play only in some part of slots, No progressive slots and no Branded slots. If you use this part video slots for playing with bonus then your wagering Increase or winnings will be void.

In Club Gold is a lot great No wagering Deposit promotions -Thursday 300% no wagering bonus -Friday 200% Monday 200% -all no wagering requirements bonus + 100% cashback for weekend deposits lose - credited in Monday.

I do deposit 50€ on Thursday and received 200€ to Play without wagering. Have Lucky session and finished with over 600 in my balance. No wagering requirements, that means after very good hit( in bet 1€ I hit over 500€ ) I made withdrawal .

How look withdrawal procedure in Club Gold casino? 3 Days pending period - when player can reserve withdrawal. ( If player reserve withdrawal then can received 400% bonus x amount withdrawal with high wagering x 85 or 90. I don't remember (Withdrawal amount+ 400% bonus amount - ) Yes this is good actions for crazy players.

And in terms and conditions write they cashouts in 4 working days.This is not true

They have very long cashout time. I personally made few withdrawal from this casino and usually I wait 10 - 14 days to receive money in my e-wallet. This is long time for me. I know also a lot player waiting to long for money in this place

Ok summary good things in Club Gold

+ Excellent massive bonuses without wagering on Wednesday, Thursday - Monday and few more other good bonuses.

+ Good Live support

+ A lot free bonuses for new players forevery week5€ free for active depositors.

Bad things in Club Gold

A lot trap in terms and conditions for players playing with bonuses then players need read carefully all rules if you decided play with bonuses.

-Player cant play in progressive slots and also branded slots - Their all slots have in lobby added some special category- so this is import and to oppen slots for correct group- and don't broke their bonus rules.

-To long withdrawal time - Cashaouts time is definitely to long

- and I forget abaout bad rules with 5 free every week bonuses - player must finish wagering in 24h or bonus amount will be deleted from player account

Club Gold isgood casino for patient players and for players who very carefully read bonus terms and conditions. It is very easy to broke some part of their often strange bonus terms.

But Club gold offers a lot no deposit actions and good massive promotions without wagering requirements.

Club Gold Casino - 7/10
Benita. Reviewed on 06.10.18
I did not expected to write a favorable review of the Club Gold Casino from the first games I have tried to play here but now after almost a week of gambling I am fully aware that they do not deserve a good review. In a single word this casino is not worth your attention. This is because of several reasons. But first things first.

About a month ago I chose this casino because it offered a no deposit bonus type of 20 USD. I downloaded it, I registered and introduced the coupon code but I did not receive any money. So I uninstalled it and forgot about it until a week ago when I received an email from them stating that I have received 5 Euro to play at slots. I reinstalled it, and I decided to play the luckiest of their slots, Great Blue. I clicked on maxbet (2.5 Euro bet, half of my bonus) and even from the first spin I won 20 Euro. I decided to play the 25 Euro I had on total bets of 25 cents. I called the online support (which it is true answers a little hard, but finally it answers) and found that the wagering requirement for my bonus was 75 times. Somewhat too many times. However, knowing that the slot is lucky I continued to play. After about 5 days I managed to play a total of 375 Euro, remaining in my account a little bit more than 40 Euro. I called the online support again to verify that I have complied with the bonus wagering requirements and big surprise, I received the answer that I had to play another 87 Euro to go, that is about 17 times, what it was all fake. After one hour since the discussion with support they revoked all the winnings from my account and and said that the bonus I had expired. These cheaters do not deserve any consideration.

The entire casino is one of carpet baggers. A big scam.
Even though at the game chapter it resembles Europa Casino (and because of this is somewhat attractive) when it comes to the consideration for the player they deserve a zero mark. In addition, although it is mentioned in the FAQ that the money withdraw can be made through all the usual methods found in any casino, the only real option to withdraw money won from a bonus, is on card, the other methods being available only after making a deposit. And if I do not have a card enabled for internet transactions what do I do?

Overall, as I said, even if the casino is attractive for its games I do not recommend
to lose your money earned so hard here because the respect for the player is zero.
Clint. Reviewed on 07.10.18
The reason why I signed up was their great welcome bonus-33€ with no deposit required. I saw their bright commercial on page and as I'm eager to try many casinos, I couldn't find a reason why not to sign up. I haven't read any bad kind of reviews about Club Gold casino so I was happy to play there without depositing anything, besides, it's provided by Playtech, which I really like to play in and is my fave in the casino business.

Registering process was really fast and very soon I was ready to play there. The variety of games is incredible, so I think there's everything for everyone, like live games, keno, table games. I never play scratch cards, but this time I did. I played Foamy Fortunes scratch cards, where you have to get 3 equal values before clicking on 3 ducks. I tried it only once but it was really cool and reminded me much of my childhood when it was the only game kids could buy and play.

Ok, but back to games, I switched to slots. I played Sterling SIlver 3D slots. I liked the design of them but the 3D effect made my eyes hurt a little, even though I was wearing 3D glasses. But after5 lost spins I went to Avalon II slots, which actually gave me a good win of 35€. I had played this slot in other casinos too but at least this time the slot wasn't lagging and technical service was at its best. After the games I had about 45€ in my account so I decided to play blackjack. I played with 2€ bets just for fun, because I knew that with this bonus I will not win much. Their graphics are great, the casino design and colours are good in my opinion. I lost about half of my bonus at bj and then went back to slots. I stayed at Supernova slot till my balance turned into a 0. I really like futuristic/galactic slots and this was one of them.

I suggest and recommend this casino, because they have great games, they often offer good bonuses and they are interested in their clients- 2 weeks ago I got a call from them asking if I have seen their improvements, if I like them and if I have anything to ask I could contact them. It is nice to feel that the service cares about your needs. I will deposit and play there in a very nearly future.
Elsa. Reviewed on 07.10.18
The best words to describe my honest opinion about Club Gold casino are fun, unrewarding and a waste of time! These words made up my outcome as I was playing in Club Gold. The reason I say these words is because I deposited, made a withdrawal, got rejected and told me to try another withdrawal method like Moneybookers because for some reason there was an ``error`` of some kind. I will tell you more about this later on but first I will tell you my visit to Club Gold.

On my way to finish registering I claimed their 300% bonus with a $25 deposit. I wagered most of my bonuses and cash balance on Gladiator which indeed took out a medium slice of wagering requirements to a little over half! Most of the time Gladiator pours wins and yes this video slot delivers every time! I still have a screenshot of winning a 5 combination Caesar with 3 wild helmets that also triggered the bonus feature! With that being said I gave a rest on Gladiator and I then went on to Captains Treasure Pro where my wagering fell to 25%! I have come up with only one free spins feature while on Captains Treasure Pro and I even won a little over $50. Once all my wagering requirements shattered into a thousand pieces I exhaled and went to the withdrawal screen, followed all supports instructions and waited.

After the waiting process they sent me an email stating they cannot process the withdrawal as a Cheque but rather process it through Moneybookers. They advised me to make a deposit using Moneybookers first before I can withdraw with them. Are they insane! That sounds like a trap to me because with every Playtech casino they processed my withdrawal by check or other payments without the hassle of depositing. As I could not load my Moneybookers at the time I wasted my withdrawal on their slots. I would rather assume that they are Rogue because to me ``it is better to be safe than sorry!``. This saying applies to my deposits and any other deposits made in the future.

Up until now they still bother me with the same offers via email! I honestly wonder if Club Gold really is Legit or Rogued. If anyone has made a withdrawal please let me know. For my rating towards Club Gold I would give it a 2 out of 10!

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