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King. Reviewed on 11.07.18
I'm not sure what to say about Classy Coin. Some say they have had bad experiences with a lot of things while others say they were fine. I am here to tell you my experience which was not a blessed beginning. I must advise there are a lot of good casinos out there! Some of them live up to their reputations while others offer the same great services and offers but with gold and.....mousetraps!

What I'm here to tell you is Classy Coin isn't really "Classy" at all. When I claimed the relevant code in the cashier under the "redeem coupon" tab it says I already redeemed the code. How could I have redeemed a code if I just registered a new account? I came by live chat regarding the no deposit bonus to resolve a problem with the code in which I never used...ever. All of a sudden there is a problem! After 20 minutes of leaving the chat open the message kept repeating itself saying an operator will be able to assist you. I have been seeing that message 7 times in a row and still no response after an additional 20 minutes. Then after a total of 55 minutes a chat operator suddenly helps me. He apologies for the wait and he credited the bonus manually after delays and misunderstandings. I was finally able to play out the no deposit bonus and let me tell you it was not worth it! After about 4 hours of wagering the bonus and collecting an end total of $60 I was ready to make a sweet withdrawal. It turns out there was nothing sweet about cashing out as I have even more problems to deal with. Live chat is pretty much slacking at the moment so I decided to email support about my withdrawal. But guess what I receive after 4 emails and 2 weeks of waiting for their response. Absolutely nothing! The "gold part" about Classy Coin is they use No deposit bonus to get people to try out the casino.

The "mousetrap" part is if you take the cheese standing on a mechanism the trap will snap on you (make any deposits and bonuses your screwed!) but rather the "mouse trap" that is Classy Coin deal damage, instead it empties and keeps your money! I just can't believe I ended up making a deposit. I had the urge to win money using my minimum deposit but when it came to withdrawing it no one will answer my emails. Classy Coin is non-responsive with massive delays! If anything this casino is just bait to lure out innocent victims and rob them of their hard earned money. An exact example is basically a rat that's about to take the cheese sitting on a mousetrap. People make mistakes and I was one of those victims that took that cheese on top of the mouse trap. I'm sure some of you had similar stories. I will never go back to Classy Coin! A terrible 1 out of 10 for Classy Coin! Alright yeah!!!
Marinda Spahr. Reviewed on 25.09.18
I have been playing with Classy Coin since the start of 2013.I sent in my paperwork and required documents right away, in case someday I would get a win.I did get to cash out on Sept 26th!I decided to see how the withdrawal process worked with them, and I had no issues whatsoever!Here is a play by play of the withdrawal:

I deposited $40 (USD) and claimed the 190% bonus code, which gave me an extra $57 to play with.The bonus was to be wagered 30X plus deposit, which is clearly stated.I did follow the requirements.I requested my withdrawal for $500.Now, you do get that "$57" taken out of your withdrawal, even though there was a separate "Bonus" section after you complete the requirements.I believe you can play with that $57, but you still get $57 removed from the $500.I didn't win on the $57 after my withdrawal, so I can't report on that.However, I did request the $500 withdrawal after midnight, central time, on Sept 26th.

The withdrawal timeframe clearly states 5-10 business days.Because I had my documents and already had my account set up for a wire transfer, I had no issues whatsoever.On Friday, Oct 4th, (the day after my withdrawal was processed), I emailed [email protected]. I received a reply within the 24 hour time frame.I would honestly say around 16 hours.Because the email I received once my withdrawal was processed stated it could be sent to my bank account or a check, I wanted to know which.I was hoping for the bank account wire transfer.I got a reply back stating it was sent to my bank.

This is all indeed factual.They released the funds early Thursday morning.The money was deposited into my account this morning, Monday, Oct 7th.My bank did take a $20 fee for processing the wire transfer, but that has nothing to do with Classy Coin.

I am one player that can vogue this casino is legit and they did pay as stated.I would also like to add that I have an account manager that is rapid on answering my questions or doing follow-up on my questions.One example is if I needed a "swift" code for a wire transfer.She got on it immediately, contacted finance, and I had a response within 24 hours.She left me know as soon as she found out.

Because of this, I will continue to play with Classy Coin.I was really looking to write a good, then bad review for payouts after seeing others' comments.However, I can honestly state they followed through and their customer service has been great!I'm confident when I get to withdraw again I will have the same experience.

Thank You for reading my review!
-Bob C.
Brain. Reviewed on 02.10.18
It seems Milore Ltd. occasionally likes to send their players some gifts. This time it came from Classy Coin casino in a form of a $35 no-deposit bonus with x40 rollover terms. I thought the chosen game Mystic Dragon was going to fit well to my then mood and maybe bring some luck. It has very good graphics for a RTG game. Its non-letter characters are really great for a fantasy themed slot and overall it's a well-made game. I missed a little the "Feature guarantee" function with its gambling option that some other RTG games have like on of my favourites Mice Dice, but nothing can be perfect. Only $10 left from the bonus while I was playing with $0.50 total bet and I said 'OK, raise your bet to $1 and spin 10 times'. Someone had to hear this as my 3rd spin was uncommon for me when all 5 scatter Vulcan symbol showed up giving 100! free spins. I got real excited and hoped for a nice income. Though the winnings from these free spins weren't exactly what I expected but it gave me a very good chance to complete the wagering requirements. This eventually occurred and my balance was around $85-90.

Then I realized that this group of casinos has a high limit of minimum withdrawal and I had to keep playing until I reach $100. (I never liked this high cash out directive. A player has a little luck after completing some hard criteria and when he/she thinks it's over then there's one more.) Some more spins and success and I stepped over a hundred bucks and finally I could be satisfied with the result. I tried to get some confirmation about the fulfillment of bonus condition but several contact attempts via chat were unsuccessful so I wrote them an inquiring e-mail. Some days went with no reply and I noticed my balance was zeroed without any reason or explanation. I tried some more occasions to contact them but no avail. Since then they're just sending their deposit bonus offers but after such behaviour who will trust in them.
It was a big disappointment for me especially after having some good experience with other casino from this owner group. I never imagined such difference can be between 2 members of the same casino family.

I think I can safely say I'm done with them and I don't recommend them at all.
Dusty. Reviewed on 04.10.18
To tell you all what happened to me on my visit to Classy Coin casino it is but slicing a fruit, a pear to put into an example then seeing the inside before eating it or discarding it due to it's rotting flesh. Rather than reaping it's nutrients I threw out the fruit because it is rotten! This is a good example of my visit on Classy Coin!

Ironically I was saved by making a deposit thanks to the super awesome AskGamblers for providing me with the $25 no deposit code before I had a chance to. To be honest with you all playing on Classy Coin isn't exactly the best place to do so because other casinos would give you a much better thought of what it means to "Win" and "Payoff"! By "rotten" what I mean is I wasn't getting anything fantastic on my 2 coin to 3 coin bets playing on my favourites as well as others like Sunken Treasure and Paydirt! There was nothing I could have done that would make my bets trigger the best features and I had nothing to show for it during my $25 no deposit! I expected at least one feature, big or small, to land on my many simultaneous 2-3 coin bets on these slots and nothing showed!!! If Classy Coin gives us this as a joke than clearly the casino has some bad tastes!

To think no bonus or free spins would land on a no deposit chip imagine what it would be like if I made my own deposit. I would like to thank AskGamblers for giving me a chance to see Classy Coin and giving me an idea of how this will effect my deposit! So far you have given me a rope to climb up on before I made the best common mistake in history...turning my deposit into $0! No bonus rounds on my free chip which had nothing classy to show me for it and the only plus side I have to say about them is the good RTG software that doesn't belong in a casino as horrible as Classy Coin! I give Trashy Coin a 2 out of 10! Stay away people, it's for your own good!
Kirstie. Reviewed on 06.10.18
This is another rtg casino i played back in the days when i was in love with rtg platform.When you start signing up with lot off rtg casinos you will get tons and tons of email offers from similar casinos inviting you to play with them.I thing i got invitation from classy coin casino after playing at loco panda casino but i am not quite sure because it was a long time ago.

I remember i played twenty five dollar free chip back in those days and was not successful,and few days ago i got email from this almost forgotten casino with new offer.I t was offer for twenty free spins onMermaid Queen Slot.I took advantage of this bonus bet was 0,20 per spin i i won six dollars with my free spins.They had to be wagered forty times in order to withdraw and the maximum you could withdraw was twenty dollars which is actually funny because classy coin has a minimum cash out of hundred dollars and how are you suppose to withdraw twenty if the minimum for withdrawal is hundred dollars.I guess if you manage to win twenty you must deposit eighty in order to be able to withdraw which is ridiculous.I tried to do something with my six dollars but it was too small amount to play slots and table games did not count towards wagering requirements.I played few spins on Aladdins wishes but soon went to zero.That was the end off my classy coin casino adventure for the second time without deposit or withdraw.

My impressions about this casino are divided,i like that they started to offer free spins like in microgaming casinos i just hope that they pay like them as well.on the other side payout minimum is too big because you have to earn hundred in order to withdraw which is not easy thing to grade for classy coin casino is 5/10 i think that they are improving but still have a lot negative stuff.
Thersa Thornburg. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Hello players from askgambler i would like to share my experienced here at classy coins, classy coin Casino runs on the Real Time Gaming (RTG) software platform, a worldwide leader in online gaming and software, first of all i don't deposit any money here but i claimed and play their no deposit bonus. I don't deposit here because of their customers negative feedback and from now they offer me or they send me bonuses via email and i am not interested about their bonuses because of their customer negative feed backs that's why im doubting.

When i claimed their no deposit bonus $25 that intended for their casino drive test because i don't loses any money :) The wagering requirement for this is 40 times 25 a total of 1000 wagering requirements i played their varieties of video slot because when you wager to video slots the percent of wagering is 100% that's why you must wager to video slot. I played their video slots named fruit frenzy and golden retriever the result of playing this slots are unfavorable and undesirable because i didn't won medium amount i hoping for $10+ for wagering amount i'll bet $0.50 per spin 0.02 per line maximum of 25 lines so if i converted it to spins 25 divided by .50 = 50 spins and if i divided the 50 by 2 for the 2 slots the quotient would be 25 per video slots but i from that 50 spins i just won$1.50 or something like that ...... I didn't question their fair gaming i considered that as a natural life playing casino but i don't want to play their video slot again and i didn't experienced their withdrawal system but they have 24/7 good representative that is their advantaged. I rated this casino depending on their satisfactions.

6/10 Graphics Video slots
7/10 Varieties of games
8/10 Fair Gaming ( I will play again if they had a good feedbacks from their players not only in askgambler but in other casino forum :) )
Not applicable Withdrawal system
Kia. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Classy coin they should be called Classy crooks. If you play there,and win Do no deposit the check if they send you one. It's no good the bank will reverse the funds . This ends up costing you more with overdraft fees. Stay away,stay away this is the worst casino, and I've played in many rogue casinos at least they just give the run around , they don't send you a bad check.

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