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Adela. Reviewed on 11.07.18
I'm here to write about City Tower, a Playtech powered casino belonging to the likes of City Club and Crown Europe. City Tower is just a normal casino that doesn't make the experience any thrilling. There's no music or moving objects in the background, nothing to get the mood started for players like me. The feeling I get is just looking at an art piece of a vase with a flower in it. Nothing thrilling about that. Would be great to see an art piece of dogs playing poker or a meteor shower in action or something much more amazing for example.

Now the problem with City Tower is there is no way to contact them on their website, only through an email. There is live support when I downloaded the casino. Now I don't know if they can be 24 hours but every time I log into the casino lobby they are their. I maybe running into hours where they do operate. Once inside the casino lobby an operator greeted me a welcome with asking if I know about the welcome bonuses. I don't know about them so I asked her if she could enlighten me about it. She gives me information that both the 100% and the 150% on second deposit can be claimed at a maximum $300 and wagering is 20 times both my deposit and bonus. She also checks if my account is in order, confirms that it is...then I asked her two other questions whether the bonuses can be automatic and if they can be taken out. She tells me with sincerity that bonuses are automatic but if I want to remove the bonus I would have to ask chat to complete that request. That's what I'm looking for in chat operators, straightforward to the point, quick and more helpful than expected!

As I wasn't up for a challenging moment on wagers I filled my account with $43, for the minimum is $20 on City Tower. The chat operator was still with me so I asked that the bonus be removed from my account. She did it still with her warm personality and immediately removed the bonus. I haven't given the slot game Blade that much of a try so I opened it to see the video slot downloading for 2 minutes until it completed. Just so you know in my opinion ladies and gentlemen that Playtech games are the slowest in downloading, Microgaming games on the other hand can be much faster! I am placing $0.80 a spin here and plenty of random results come my way, less to nothing and more to equal my bets. I see $3.60 a lot when I get the split icon. The split icon on the last reel frequently shows up to allow my landing combinations a boost! This meant 5 symbols can turn into 6 symbols, yes ladies and gentlemen 6 winning symbols are POSSIBLE! Sometimes landing them without winning symbols can be wasteful. It can be annoying for that effort on a spin!

Triggering the free spins after around 21 spins got me a bonus win of $4.80 for my $0.80 triggering bet plus 15 free spins that started me with an initial 5 times my winnings! Only 4 free spins got me 5 times the rest dropped lower to 4 and 3 multipliers then finally two. The last spin got me $3.60 with a split on 3 of a kind and in conclusion on the free spins I got $40.32! When returning to the main game gold coins started spewing out of nowhere because of this win. I extended my play on this slot for 2 hours more to get a total of $169.10 then I headed to Pharaoh's Secret, made $1.20 bets with the extra bet activated then I spun it for just a little over a hour....okay an hour and ten minutes lol. I lost $15 worth but gotten something larger based on main game winnings. The most I have won on a spin is $18 for 2 expanding wilds on Reels 2 & 3! There were unfortunately no free spins gained from my bets :( . I cashed out for the sum of $182.15! How is it that Blade made me lucky and Pharaoh's Secrets weren't parting with it's free spins?

This was a duel for both good luck and bad luck fighting each other giving me this result and we all know that "good" always rules victory over a fight! I'd give my experience on City Tower a 7.6 out of 10!
Fae. Reviewed on 24.09.18
I guess I will be the first person to make a review for City tower casino. During my time there what I first started doing is read up on their terms and conditions because I wanted to get to know what I was up against in in terms of bonuses and withdrawals. While reading them I discovered that the 100% match bonus up to $300 on your first deposit is subject to 20 times your deposit + bonus! So since I made a $100 deposit and received $100 bonus my wagering would total to $200 ($100 deposit + $100 bonus) x 20x = $4000! It maybe over by $1000 compared to 30x wagering but it can be done! As I kept reading the terms they also proclaim the withdrawal to be 20x your own deposit. Since my deposit is a total of $100 I am able to withdraw up to $2000. I will not say this is a big problem but it just discourages me from withdrawing a bigger amount than $2000. So if I had won $4000 I would only be able to take back $2000 after hours of pulling slots and playing my cards right! With this being said I was not discouraged not did it stop me from playing some good quality Playtech Slots.

As i was looking through the list of video slots I played on a video slot called "Mr Cashback". It's one of those video slots that compensate for alot of things! For one thing this 15 Paylines cash themed video slot pays 50x your line bets whenever a payline doesn't result in a win. To that idea there are 15 chances to receive 50x your line bet. This feature compensates some or any losses I might of incurred during gameplay. The only bad part is if the circle indicator around each payline is blinking (to indicate that payline will pay out very soon) and a win on that specific payline occurs it will reset the circle meter giving me no return on my 50 spins.

As I was still under Mr Cashback's enticing features I came across the Free spins feature in a matter of 30 spins. As I watched my free spins play out I noticed Wild gold coins were randomly placed on the reels in any position after each spin (sometimes nothing) to award me a number in which the coins will stay frozen for the duration of the free spins. "Wow! I didn't know the wilds could do that!" I said to myself in an enthusiastic voice. While the freezing wilds did it's rounds it created paylines of rich wild wins giving me Win's from $25 to about $75 . It kept going on and on until the feature ended. It's too bad special features like these can't be triggered over again. I took $160 from the free spins as well as additional cashbacks I encountered later on. As Luck was with me I continued until my wagering was cut short by 3/4 or 75%. All I needed to do now is continue on with 25% on the wagering so that i can reap the rewards of my work.

Once I became tired of playing on Mr Cashback mainly because it stopped giving me ridiculous wilds I changed my game to King Kong and then Blackjack for $50 a bet. I later withdrew my $590! The best feeling in life is if you get lucky no matter what you decide to do or act upon!

My ratings for this casino are:
Support: 9/10
Terms and Conditions: 8/10
Deposits: 10/10
Payouts: 10/10
Withdrawals: 8/10

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