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Luanna Ferrera. Reviewed on 11.07.18

I registered there in the beginning of April because I saw an amazing promotion -400% deposit bonus with wager requirements 20x deposit+ bonus. I was like - sure, where do I need to sign up? (I think that gamblers know that offers like this don't come too often). And of course I was happy to see that it is Playtech casino, because I am a huge their fan.

I downloaded their casino app ( you cannot play it instant play, only download) and I signed up and made a deposit with my mastercard.

I deposit 20 euros and got 80 euro bonus and started to play with 100 euros, which is a lot for me at one casino. There were a few rules and I read them carefully and this bonus you could only use on slots, but not on progressive slots. I started with a classic slot called Rocky. I haven't been the biggest movie Rocky fan, but I actually enjoyed this slot, because it was something simple but at the same time I hadn't seem this in other casinos. I mostly played slots with 20 paylines, another one of them was Captains Treasures. I don't know why but they both weren't lucky for me and I lost in all spins. So after that I played Desert treasures with 2€ bets and finally won and I won 25€. I really liked the slot, but after this all I decided to try Fantastic Four slot. I know that many gamblers really like this Marvel slot and I am one of them. I think I was a little bit too passionate and placed a little bit too high bets because after 40 spins I ended up with few cents in my account. Guess wasn't my lucky gambling day.

Overall this casino is descent and there isn't anything really special about it. And I'm thinking this casino isn't my lucky one, so I won't be depositing there again.

False promotions, clueless and lousy livechat.
Many years ago City Club Casino accepted players from my country, but I can see now that they no longer do. Nonetheless, being a former member, I guess it should be okay for me to present my review and express my opinions and experiences of playing my favourite games at City Club Casino.

To be very honest, the thing that attracted me to sign up at this casino years ago was not their $11 no-deposit bonus but their 400% deposit bonus. At that point in time, it was very hard indeed to find a Playtech casino offering such a big delicious sumptuous bonus. Most of the bonuses then were of the 100% kind, with only a handful that were offering out 200% deposit bonuses. Nevertheless, upon signing up, I clicked on live support and requested for the $11 no-deposit bonus. To my surprise, I was told that the casino did not offer any such bonus, whereas several casino blogs and forums did advertised their $11 promotion. Furthermore, I had signed up at City Club Casino via the link provided at one of the forum, of which I was a member at that time, but inspite of that, they denied the existence of any no-deposit bonuses. This was their 'Bluff Number 1!

Feeling a little disappointed, I then requested for their 400% deposit bonus, expecting another denial, but that offer was indeed true! So I made a deposit, grabbed the bonus and proceeded to play my usual favourite games. The slots were running quite well then, giving out feature games and free spins, but not really paying out. Even though I could not make any win on my first attempt at the casino, I was rather satisfied with the overall game play. Subsequent deposit bonus offers were attractive enough for me to take up over the weeks that followed but were still fruitless too in the end, and from then on, I stopped depositing. It was perhaps 1 or 2 months later that they sent me an email with a 200% deposit bonus offer. Hey, I'm a sucker for big bonuses, so I decided to break the ice and go for that offer. I clicked on live support for assistance, requested the 200% deposit bonus, but was told that the minimum deposit amount for that bonus was $50. I argued that it was not stated in the email offer, that a $20 deposit should be able to get it, but I was still denied till the end! 'Bluff Number 2'!

I should have just logged out and not make a deposit, but their 100% 'compensating' bonus offer blinded me for a while and I accepted it, inspite of being cheated out of a better offer! When my balance went to zero, I finally decided that City Club Casino shall not deceive me with any more of their bluffs, so I logged out and wrote an email to the casino requesting for an immediate account closure! Whilst the slots were not bad in their game play, the casino's management proved to be untrustworthy! Making false promotions of no-deposit bonuses at casino blogs and forums to entice new customers, and for sending out emails with misleading deposit bonus offers! Thankfully enough, I did not lose much money at City Club Casino and closing my account was probably the best decision I had made. Who knows what their 'Bluff Number 3' and so forth would have consisted of, but I certainly did not want to find out! ;)

Dannie. Reviewed on 24.09.18
This is one of the worst casinos I think I have probably ever played in. I like the Playtech software, and with all the new games they are releasing lately, like The Sopranos (which I highly recommend playing by the way) they just seem to be going from strength to strength. This casino offers a very attractive 400% welcome bonus, I contacted live help first as I only wanted to deposit £10 initially but they informed me the minimum was £20. Anyway I made my deposit by Moneybookers and the bonus was credited to me straight away. I started playing on the flash first and played 'Dolphin Cash' which is a 30 line slot with a minimum bet per line of 0.01p. The first 5 spins I won the bonus 3 times!!! I thought I was off to a really good start. There is a good selection of slots on their flash..more than some Playtech casinos on their flash anyway but I thought I would have a look at what was on their download. Tried logging in and it said wrong details...tried again only to learn my account had been locked????

I sent an email to customer support as I couldn't use their live help facility because I couldn't log in. This is such a stupid system that a lot of the Playtech casinos have...I set up a fun account hoping I could use live help there but it said they were offline. I waited about 2 hours to see if I had any sort of reply but nothing so I decided to give them a call. It was an international number and I got through straight away...and to the person who I had spoke to on live help which was good. He didn't tell me why my account had been locked but he unlocked it straight away. I haven't checked my phone bill yet but if it cost me a lot for that phone call I will be sending them the bill. in all fairness he dealt with it quite quickly though. From this point on things just got worse and worse.

My balance never rose from the original £100 I had in there...Dolphin Cash was the only game which I managed to exceed my starting balance and this as I already said was the first game I played. I played the majority of slots they have...well all the ones I normally play and I have never seen my balance decrease so quickly. It didn't matter what I played everything was rubbish. I never expect to win and only ever bet what I can afford to loose but the was nothing to excite me at this casino at all. On saying that I did enjoy playing 'The Sopranos' which I mentioned earlier. It's the first time I have been able to play it because luckily here you can lower your bet to minimum 0.01p per line making it just 25p a spin (a lot of the Playtech casinos only allow a min of £5 a spin!!) I had all 3 of the bonuses that it offers and also had the free spins once. I did enjoy playing this slot...and if you are planning on making a deposit....which by the way I highly DO NOT recommend you doing so...I would suggest giving this slot a good go.
Shannon. Reviewed on 02.10.18
To me playing on Playtech based games are my second best compared to Microgaming which is my number one favourite! I cannot say 100% that Playtech games are terrible but more like they entertain me for a moderately long period of time but not wow me at the same time as often as Microgaming does. Of course no matter what I still enjoy playing Playtech based games.

On City Club I registered an account, filled out my personal information and got assigned a new account number. From their Live chat opened up automatically to greet me, offer me bonuses and advise me of their terms attached to the offers. I went on to ask what their wagering requirements for the bonus structure and the kind but informative operator said, " You would need to wagering your deposit plus bonus by 20 times in order to cash out your funds when taking up the 400% match bonus! ". I was thinking about it and evidently depending on my deposit it would reflect my bonus. The bigger the bonus the more wagering requirements I would have to fulfill to cash out. What I did was deposit a reasonable $40 to gain a huge $160 from the monumental 400% bonus for a total of $200 to play with. I told the operator that my deposit is successful and he kindly added the $160 bonus. As always before leaving the operator would say the following, "Is there anything else I can help you with?" That is always the question that's very common to hear during live chat. I responded in a timely manner by saying, " No, there is nothing else I need help with! Thanks for your help Sean!" After that I closed chat so I could play with my deposit + bonus.

For me City Club casino would be one of those casinos where I struck a few hundreds ($405.58) in only 3 1/2 hours of gameplay from video slots and other fine games. The video slot that paid me the most is Pharaoh's Secret (an egyptian themed video slot) because the 3 pyramid scatters retriggered 3 times inside the free spins I have already won before ending my winning streak. The best part is when the wild pharaoh symbols on Reels 1, 3 and 4 appeared at the same time to expand, giving me a very expensive prize!!!

As cliche as this may sound what I do with every wonderful ending after wagering requirements become winnings I flushed my withdrawal into the waiting process so that I could receive my winnings straight away! It took within 3 weeks to receive my $405.58. And if you must know what bet I chose to trigger such a winning streak the bet I placed to win Free Spins is $1.50 per spin! One of the best and most generous casino I have ever played on!!
Sterling. Reviewed on 03.10.18
City Club Casino is the second casino built on the Playtech gaming platform after LesACasino that is worth all the praises. The diversity of games and bonuses offered by this casino deserves that visitors enter it and spend some time playing its games.

I found this online casino a week ago and I liked it because of the no deposit bonus it offered similar to the LesACasino, namely 11 USD. This bonus is offered to all players who register and it requires no special promotional code, the money being automatically credited at the first login. Regarding the games, the atmosphere here and the quality of the online support, the City Club Casino is almost entirely similar to LesACasino and if you read my review on this last casino you will probably make a more complete opinion. In short at all chapters this casino deserves high marks.

The online support is prompt and courteous, the quality of the games is good and the total number of games makes the choice of a particular game needed to satisfy a particular desire to be very easy. The bonus can be played only at slots (non progressive ones), but the wagering conditions (70 time the initial bonus) are a bit too high. However if you choose carefully the slot where you play it is possible in some cases to meet these conditions. I started at the Desert Treasure slot in which I played about $ 25, because I knew that in LesACasino is the game that offers the greatest earnings. You can try also the GreatBlue slot, which generally offer lower returns but where the bonus round is easier to activate.

I found in this casino an extended version of the first slot, i.e. Desert Treasure II where there are two types of the bonus round. At this slot I played almost all the bonus money until I reached a balance of 50 cents. Because I wanted to lose some additional time I switched playing to the Classic Slots,namely to the 3 Reel Classic (the slot with bar lines and cherries that almost everyone knows). Here with a bet of only 5 cents per spin I spent almost two hours until I managed to finish all the bonus money. I did not won but I spent a very pleasant time.

I have played for virtual money also some games from the other categories to make a general impression on the casino and I liked their diversity. The categories available are table and card games, arcade games, scratch cards, videopoker, progressive games, multiplayer games, asian games and new games, much more than in a regular casino.

In a word, as I said, an overall good casino worth to join.
Annamae. Reviewed on 05.10.18
Wow! A 400% welcome bonus on first deposit! What can go wrong with that? When this offer presented itself to me I enthusiastically turned my $20 deposit into $100.

City Club's 400% to say the least does not make up for the 500% found in another Playtech casino. I am not very sure exactly where I saw this but I think it came from Winner Casino via email. I believe I still have it. Again I don't remember if it was Winner Casino. Anyways, a small deposit of $20 is a decent deposit to get a big treat of $80 more on top. I just had to wager the bonus and my deposit only 20 times. That meant $2000 in some serious wagering.

I will tell you why I didn't get a chance to cashout on my balance. It is because I got carried away spending larger bets to chase my losses. I first went with small decent bets of $0.60 on Arctic Treasure. I grew tired after seeing only small returns on my bets so I raised them each time, not only just the coin bets but included were the coin sizes! Arctic treasures for $0.60 to start then I dared my balance to fall in $1 then $2 and finally $10 on coin size of $0.05, that's five times the trouble. When I reached less than $100 to $64 I went on Cherry love. It's hard to find Free spins on overwhelmingly high bets like $3 a spin and luckily one came by. I appreciated the stacked wild switching on the 3 middle Reels (2, 3 and 4) in order each spin during the feature but sometimes they turned up being pointless if there are no combinations appearing. For example Reel 4 had a stacked wild and the first 2 reels had two combinations, nothing on 3rd reel to make sense of it or if there is a stacked wild for the 3rd reel with different symbols on the first two reels, resulting in no winnings, puzzles didn't fit together. $56.88 went out of Cherry love and I continued to play for bigger and bolder bets. $3 later became $15 on $0.05 coin size. The thrill and rush threw me down to my favourite number in gambling.....$0, sarcastically speaking! The last remaining bets that were lower than $15 were wagered by the highest closest bets possible.

I surrendered my withdrawal opportunity as I didn't have enough wagers even on big bets like these. I could give City Club a 7 out of 10 even if this became my fault.
Cleotilde. Reviewed on 06.10.18
The CityCub casino is a Rogue casino in my opinion. If you are a member of this casino and if your account would be inactive for some long time like mine (after a half a year), you will get like me an email that you have to pay 5 bucks for the inactivity of your account. I don't find that this CityClub is a serious O'C and wouldn't pay in here in my opinion either.

Sales conditions for the CityClub casino coupon code that I used. I had watched out the terms and conditions of the deposit bonus which I used on my deposit to be allowed to playing non - and progressive slot machines for the fulfillment
of the sales conditions. But I was not allowed to play any table games, which has made me feel bad! I recommend the Slot machine Captain Treasure and Highway of King instead.

Before I can conclude a payment, I must had realized bonus wagering requirements of 20 x Bonus + Deposit. The bonus for the city center club casino coupon isn't a Sticky bonus (as in the case of most other Playtech casinos), what is not very positive... Some Jackpot Slots was not available to play cause of some problems from the Casino's side what is negative.

I admit, that there aren't all casino games on a qualitative high level, however, City
Club de facto offers over 1000 games for your conversation and fun. However, you consist of the normal areas of the casino games like table game, Deck of cards, Progressive games, video poker, and bonus games also from arcade games and Asian games. In my opinion particularly the arcade games are a funny addition for the usual casino games. These games are very easy to learn, have a high fun grade and think everybody like this.

I find the worthy result that this casino is not the best where I played on my gambling
life, I haven't paid in there only once and after a lot of loosing it is bad to think
again i just could win here, I simply have lost all without pulling any win and I face
out of shape.
Melonie. Reviewed on 07.10.18
When I saw the Iron man 3 slot is available on the Playtech software I wanted to try it. I didn’t had a much money on my e-wallets to spend so I thought I try the video slot with some no deposit bonuses so I went to browse the gambling sites to found some Playtech no deposit bonuses.

I found the City Club casino, they gives 11 euro with 91 times wagering requirements about 1000 euro play through. To cash out from this bonus the players are need to make a minimum deposit from 20 euro and need to go through the verification process too. I registered my account and when I’m logged in I get the 11 euro welcome bonus. I needed to accept it to get it.

After it when I claimed I went to the slots and started to download the iron man 3. The downloading was a long process but finally I was able to start it. I played on the minimal stakes on 25 cent because my starting bankroll not was the highest. I surprised when I started the game I expected a much better design and bonus games. I was on 3 euro when I get the re spin feature. On the re spin I get some scatter and collected 22 euro from that single spin but the next time when I get it I only collected 1.20 cent from it. After a lot spins I get the bonus game too. If you hit the 3 bonus symbols you are able to choose from 3 type of free spins. I chooses the 12 free spins with some wild functions but it was disappointing and I collected a few coins from it. After a 20 minutes game play I lost the bonus but I reach my goal and I was able to try the new iron man slot. But honestly I think the Iron man 1 is much better than the other brothers.
Lavern. Reviewed on 10.10.18
I tend to like the Playtech type of games. They always have nice chunky graphics and their slot games are always satisfying to play on. There are loads of reasons to join City Club casino -and this is loads of decent casino games. The thing that attracted me in addition was that city club have been around ages. And they have been competitive against all the other big bookmaker type casinos swanning in.

I signed up when I had some money spare to give them a go and decided to spend a bit of time playing on their platform. City Club have put a lot of effort into making their casino stand out. It is easy to use, quick to run, and attractive looking, the download file takes less than a minute to download on your broadband so you can be signed up in no time as well. If you use an electronic payment system like moneybookers you can be up and running as fast as you can log on.

When you are in the casino it is tempting to give the games all a go. They have decent slot games, amazing video slots with massive lines if you so choose. None of the games are boring. There are no games where you sit and pump money into a losing machine, you always get something out of it, and that is a mark of a fun casino. The table games are also solid - they could do with a bit more colour but they are fair and you always feel as if you can win them.I did not give the novelty games a try although I understand that a lot of people play them.

Overall I would rate this casino as an 8/10.

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