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Elsa. Reviewed on 11.07.18
Keeping up with the theme of the night, casinos that screw you over I figured that Cirrus (and since Cirrus UK isn’t available to review, I will combine two in one). It’s hard to find someone that has seen the world as it really is, that doesn’t wish they could be a kid again, where the world was “innocent”, when you wanted to grow up to be a fireman, policeman or woman, an actor or actress or whatever it was you wanted to be when you grew up. It’s funny how when we are young we want to grow up, but to be honest I am 24 and for the last 4-5 years I wish I was a little again. I wish I never had to deal with drugs, addiction, death, work, commuting, bills, life… and the list can go on and on.I am sure just like me, a lot of you read or watch the news, at least time to time, and all it is negativity, negativity pumped into our minds. Whether it may be an act of terrorism, or a natural disaster, or something down right evil like when two men robbed a Doctors house, *#*$% and killed his wife and daughters (I believe), and he was the only one who made it out alive. There are a lot of bad things in this world, but the irony is…. That you are more likely to fall victim to one of these “rogue” con artist casinos, then you would by a terrorist or a natural disaster, or two sick pieces of Sh*t who storm your house and do what they did to that poor doctors family.

Cirrus Casino is just like Slots of Vegas, and Cool Cat, except they have Cirrus, and a Cirrus UK casino. Now if you are lazy or stupid is a better way of putting it, and don’t do your research before you deposit your money, the fact that this casino has a UK and an implied US version would make a potential victim think that it is legitimate. Cirrus and Cirrus UK have the same cons and “bait” they use to find a way to prevent a player from withdrawing their money. If that doesn’t work, if someone manages to win money without using any bonus, a common practice these companies use is delaying you, and giving excuses such as your bank rejected it, or we sent it to the 3rd party processor and they will delay and delay until you just give up, and are well past the allotted time most credit cards allow you to charge back.

The moral of the story is yes there are bad things out there, but sometimes it’s the last thing you expect that makes you a victim of something evil out there. I used one chip on both Cirrus and Cirrus UK, and lost it all quick and have never played since.

Stay away from these casinos, but if you are dead set on playing one of the Cirrus Casinos, I would go with cirrus UK Casino. But please try and avoid both at all costs.
Demetrice Desimone. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Cirrus Casno is a powered it is a download only casino and also this is a part of virtual group, you will instantly know the style of website and the layout. Their website is not so attractive to players but their casino does and their casino is quite good. The casino is a Real Time Gaming casino platform so I knew that I was getting a wide range of quality games. The best game that i love there Hairway to heaven and lochness loot is which has a minimal house edge and you can really grind your way to victory when you play. I ended up winning on the video lslots and seeing what else there was. I always tend to quit once I have my nose ahead otherwise you end up on a losing streak of frustration..... Hayyyyzzz!!!

The poker area was a no go for me and i don't like it, although I have no complaints on the games themselves. The roulette table is nice as well and its always nice to get a few spins in. There are tons of progressive games to play, and the game mega moolah gives over $5 million if you get lucky. Its an African themed game that is quite fun to play. You get a lot of scatter symbols when you play for your spins. I did not get to win the jackpot but I thought I would give a try – good fun anyway and you get lots of gameplay for what that's worth. I do like this casino so when i played their no deposit i tried to played the 20 no deposit bonus times 15 the equation 20 x 15 = $300 i need to wager that requirements and i did it with the help of the video slot Hairway to heaven, i bet $1.20 per spin maximum of 50 lines then i managed to made winnings and wagering the remaining balance from that 20 no deposit is $45 and the maximum you can withdraw is $100 i don't want to play that remaining and decided to cashout.

The customer service people are nice and helpful. I did have some trouble getting out my money but within a couple of questions it was all sorted out and the deposit and winnings were back in my account. I would rate this casino as a 7/10. It would be nice to have a flash version, and better bonuses, but you cannot go far wrong setting up shop here.
Jaquelyn Ricketts. Reviewed on 02.10.18
CIrrus belongs to a partnership called "Virtual Group". My experience with Cirrus casino has been buried for as long as I can remember. It happened about 4 - 6 years ago when I craved for some Real Time Gaming video slots. I was searching the web for a new casino involving Real Time Gaming software because at that moment other casinos such as Microgaming and Playtech were not introduced to me yet. It was a whole different experience for me not knowing if there are other casinos better than Real Time Gaming. As I was used to RTG casinos I kept searching for the right one!

Not knowing if scams exist or casinos are legal I proceeded to Cirrus Casino by a blind eye and closed ears meaning I did not have any knowledge of Cirrus casino nor did I hear about them through affiliate websites. While downloading Cirrus casino I had a curious and an unsure feeling. When the download completed I made an account and just before considering to deposit I went on to use there no deposit bonus. About a few years ago the no deposit used to be $50 instead of their current offer of $25. During my bonus I hit a couple of good wins and some losses. My stack (bankroll) was under a "status quo" effect staying at about $67 until bam....all my funds got flushed rapidly down the drain when I continued to play Real Series slots and Blackjack.

I could of had a successful withdrawal but I got greedy with my funds. It would of been $90 worth of winnings and the maximum for withdrawal is 5x the bonus so $250. I wanted to keep going because to me $90 was a small amount and everything kept going my way until my way turned for the worse. I would still play on this casino, I do not find anything wrong about it through my experience.

Support: 8.5/10
Terms and Conditions: 9/10
Deposits: 8/10
Withdrawals: Unknown (Did not make a withdrawal)
Payouts: 7.5/10
Nanci. Reviewed on 04.10.18
Today is 10/18/2011. I have been waiting to get paid by Cirrus Casino since 2/2/2011. That's over 8 months. They keep telling me that the payment was sent to the third party processor. Then they tell me that they sent it again. Then they tell me that something was wrong with my name (but it wasn't, because I received the first part of my withdrawal just fine).

Next, they wanted my bank info so they could wire the money to my bank, instead of sending me a check. The last thing I heard, back on 10/6/2011 was that they sent the payment again and are waiting for the third party processor to process the payment.

I play at a lot of online casinos, and have never had to wait this long to be paid, and I've cashed out many times.

Personally, I will never play at Cirrus again.
Dana. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Hello Diane, unfortunately you are not the lonely case. There are many players experiencing the same issues, but good news are, that at the end, they are paying. If you look at the top of this page, in the complaints section, you will noticed that all are resolved.I can imagine how it's frustrating, waiting your money for over 8 months, but it helps when I tell you that you will likely get your funds, you should just be patient, forget about it and wait.

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