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Brenna Brayman. Reviewed on 11.07.18

One of the most interesting casinos out their and undoubtedly the most amazingly designed casino room i have ever seen in my life is the cinema casino room. They have all the factors that comprises of a cinematic experience and it makes the games worth wile and deserves our time. This is probably the only casino room where i joined this room only to know that what is it that they have to offer that will make this casino room cinematic and will do justice to the name that they have chosen.

They have over 300 games to offer to us and all of them are like a movie. They have also undertaken what most f the casinos out there doing now a days which is the one hour 100$ promotion under this you get 100$ from the casino room to play with and you can do with it whatever you want but in order to cash them you need to meet a specific wagering requirements. They have a lo of free rolls running all the time for the players but the chances of winning in those free rolls is one in a million and it also needs a lot of time investment and you are gonna have to play a lot of times in order to win once because you are never going to win in the very first attempt you make.

They are owned by Vegas partner lunge casinos which is also very famous and well known in this industry. They have the best software which is the micro gaming an it has offered us amazing games to play and earn money from. they have a very nice welcome bonus which was also one of the reasons why i joined this casino room because not a lot of casinos out there offer 250% on the first deposit we make.
This casino is a part of Vegas partner lounge, and also it is provides to players opportunity to try Microgaming games. Sounds a bit strange, because opportunity to play microgaming games provided a lot of casinos in this world, here at AskGamblers there about 200 reviews of such casinos. Not unique opportunity to give a chance to play Microgaming games should i say.

Anyway, I think Vegas partner lounge group is already a green signal, at least guaranteed that you will not get cheated. This is an old and reputalbe group, and most likely they will decide to cheat you. I play at cinema casino not so many times, and this was long time ago. This is not my favorite Vegas partner lounge brand, and the reasons is simple and funny, I did not like their name. Really, what the point, cinema casino? Who knows, probably someone think it is good name for casino, but for me it is a bit strange and stupid.

Anyway, I have two withdrawals or even 3 from cinema casino, and all of them were paid in around 3 days, without any problems or long verification. Support at this casino is always nice, plus this group usually run big freerolls, but honestly it is impossible to win in such freerolls without spending few hundreds of bucks, so i did not see any point of such freerolls.

Cinema casino is of course safe and good online casino, but not my type of casino, I did not play there any more. I prefer another casinos, which gives me better bonuses and faster cashouts. But this is good old school casino , and once again, it is safe, and this is the most important thing. Good luck if you decide to join this casino.
Roselia. Reviewed on 24.09.18
Cinema casino is a themed casino giving players the idea that a movie is featuring at their website. It includes the new games that equal to the movies being played if this were a real theater, bonuses and welcome offers for both existing and new players as a concession stand for when our hunger for gambling isn't just enough and a category of games to tell us what type of movies are currently featured. To tell you all the truth I was much disappointed by the way this casino is built and presented. All of Cinema's content are within this vertical rectangle. No wild backgrounds or pictures of real winners are given for us.

Now because I already took the welcome offer on another casino in the Vegas Partner Lounge group or VPL for short I had no other choice but to make a deposit of only $60 without food or drinks to enjoy the movie. It would be great if they gave me some free complementary popcorn...bonuses or free make my welcome much more pleasing but they had to hold that back just to be "fair" to other players about bonuses.

I tried this new game called Rhyming Reels - Jack & Jill,a childhood story slot that doesn't look like anything a kid would want it is more to the adult audience! As I watched my curiosity grow higher and higher as the mystery reels produced it's random results I got this $64 big win on a $0.80 bet getting 5 Jacks with stars on his head after my 16th spin! My cash rolled in a total of $111.20 but that is not the best part. The best part came later after 10 more spins of $0.80 to get 15 Free Spins at 4x. The music in the base game is more harmonious and peaceful and within the feature it stands greatly different! With just an $0.80 I got a well earned $72.13. Seeing my wins multiply by 4 and doubling wilds multiplying my winnings further gave me more than what I was able to chew! When my bankroll grew to $175.33 my persistence got me to lose $18 turning my once known $175.33 into $157.33. Just some advice that the 3 buckets on this slot can turn into a real b^^^h when I tried to chase it a second time. I scavenged more winnings off of Dr Watt's Up thanks to the laboratory bonus turning the experimental rat into a random result. The best result I got was a sexy lady in a mouse costume for $55 on a $1.50 bet! The bonus can be hard when landing on reels 1, 3 and 5 though. I never thought I'd say this but making my move on Cinema casino was far more profitable than I wanted it to be!

Gaining $211.33 was more than just watching a was watching a movie while lying on a comfortable reclining chair (choice of regular or massaging chair) inside the theater with the air conditioner, the volume and the HD graphics turned higher & faster than an employee can handle customers on two separate lines alone! To make this easy my visit was prosperous and lavishly exuberant....excellent in other words!

Cinema can get a 9 out of 10 only because the background on their site needs repairs & the welcome bonus wasn't available to me :( .
Naomi. Reviewed on 02.10.18
A few months ago I found them casino when I wanted to get some welcome bonus on a microgaming casino, they had a lot of promotion but when I saw they affiliate partner I knew I wasn’t able to use it because I already claimed them welcome bonus at one other Vegas partner lounge casino. I didn’t understand that fact why don’t give them bonuses like the casino rewards group. I can’t think behind them logic, they missed a few players because they strategy and policy is pointless.

So when I knew I can play with my own money only I decided to try my luck with a bigger deposit because if I didn’t get any bonus I didn’t need to wager anything. I went to them page and it seems acceptable and correct. I downloaded them casino and after installed and registered to them I went to the live operator and told my story and asked she to remove everything from my account because I already claimed they bonuses. She done with it so I went to the cashier and deposited 70 euro with my neteller e-wallet.

I made a strategy, I decided I play down my half money on the bars and stripes, so I loaded the slot and started to play with one euro stakes. Really soon I get the bonus game feature and picked 50 euro from it so that was luck. I reached 107 euro with a ten minutes so I decided to stay at that slot with the same bet maybe is made my luck. A few spins later I get four eagle with a wild and get another 45 euro from it so when I reached the 180 euro I decided to withdraw it. After two day I get my withdraw without verification so they wasn’t bad at all.
Thank you!
Kera. Reviewed on 03.10.18
Cinema casino has made my new journey into online gaming a good experience. They were helpful every step of the way with deposits and withdrawals I had no issues. It has renewed my confidence that some things are real and winning can happen!

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