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Dane. Reviewed on 11.07.18
Pros: Chips Palace casino using games from Playtech and GameOs. This two software's is not great, I think this casinos can do really great change, they can add more games from Playtech, and totally remove this not interesting games from GameOs. I really think, and even other player reviews here saying same, who will like to play this games that have payout for 5 of a kind like 5x total bet and something like 20x total bet for best 5 of a kind? Whoo!?

Also this casino have biggest no deposit bonus in this network, it is 100$ bonus. And here is another joke, wagering ix 99x, it is already a lot. And listen what, max withdrawal amount allowed if you clear this bonus is 50$ only. Joke? Of course joke, why give so big NDB and have such low max withdrawal, made this bonus 10$ with the same 99x wagering and 50$ max withdrawal, and it will look much more better. Also casino did not allow to play Playtech games with bonuses at all... It is all just make me angry and making 3 review in short time about this group of casinos is really hard and painful, it is sick. I really think management of this casinos does not know what to do and how to entertain player and bring to them entertainment, to allow players want to play in this casino. Really, I think even I am as their manager will do my job much more better. I lost this 100$ no deposit bonus playing with 10$ bets, because there is no way that I will play with low bets and try to wager 9.900 on GameOs slots, which is boring as hell. No thanks, I better will play IR for fun money, than will play this useless games.

I rate this casino with 3 stars, for stupid bonus policy, and for absolutely ridicolous no deposit bonus.
Cons: This casino is from the Playtech and OS game providers. The first one Playtech I like playing their games, but the other one the OS games, don’t know about you, but I really don’t understand who is playing those games??!!

Honestly, I tried playing them few times and I am really disappointed at them. Any way to get back to the casino. I sign up few months ago and off course the free chip was involved, when I saw it’s Playtech I couldn’t resist, but when I read theirs term of the free chip, I was disappointed. Every promo or free chip they gave you will be on that OS games, so like I mentioned it I don’t like those games. I took the free chip and I tried to play but after few minutes I gave up. I mean really who will play this games and the wagering is so high X 99 times?

The games from that OS provider, can’t believe how small winnings they give you. So it is just me or that games are really no good, or maybe I don’t have luck at them, although I was playing them few times. About Chip Palace casino, when I did the small research about them, I was surprised, because they are no complaints about them, well that’s a solid casino I guess. So Chips Palace Casino and few others like you, please the free chips you are giving it could me smaller, but you should try to change your promotions and instead of free chip on OS games, give people to play same real games.

Like Playtech, so that way you might have more customers to your casino. Maybe there are people who like that games, but believe me there are more people who doesn’t like that kind of slots. Well I finished my complaining hope someone from casino will read this and they will change something.

Griselda. Reviewed on 24.09.18
Pros: Use the WELCOME100 code and get 100$ no deposit bonus as per their deal with AskGamblers. 100$ no deposit is a very big offer and 99% of the time I play on no deposit bonus offering casinos. I registered on this site and it a was very fast and then after that I was on the main page and could not see my no deposit money in my account. Refreshed the balance a lot of times but no change. Then sent an email to the support regarding the matter. They say they have 24 hour live chat assistance but I am still looking for it. Lobby took ages to load and was still in search of the live chat options. They have really nice lobby and the sounding is just like the players and I do not know if it was genuine or not but it looked like the players were speaking.

Then I realized that I had to switch to real play mode to get the bonus in my account and got it soon but I would love it if they had sent to me automatically.

Their lobby is room is just amazing and I went to card games and started playing black jack classic. Every where on this casino the loading was taking a lot of time and I was not very happy with this. The first hand I played was of 1$ only because I was playing after a very long time. My total was 18 and I as going to show now. Dealer had 17 in total so I won. Then I increased my bet to 5$ per hand. Next hand got busted as I exceeded 21. After playing for like half an hour I was only left with 60$ as I was losing big bet hands.

Then I went to Aztec slots which is a very nice and famous Playtech game but it was not in the bonus terms and condition so could not play it. Since the wagering was 99 times I had no other option than betting high. I went to 9 line Olympic slots. I was betting .5 per spin so my bet per spin was 4.5 as it is a line slot. First spin only paid me I hit trophies on single line... And my balance was 80$ now. Hit a wild scatter. Played this game for a long time and my balance was just over 80$. This way I was never going to make it to the wager so I went back to black jack. Even bet 25$ per hand and lost all in some time. Still have like 10 or 12$ left.

I would soon do a deposit here because I liked the games. Specially Gangsters Loot, Olympic slots and black jack. I would request them to do something about the games that are included in the wagering as nice good games are excluded.

Was having a problem in slots then spoke to Tomas Berg and he helped and I was happy with his service. Because I realized very late that no Playtech games are included in meeting the wager and only OS games and scratch cards. I good games are not included then the bonus is not worth it. I only have 15$ I guess so I think I am just gonna have to deposit now as the bonus was of no use.
Janean. Reviewed on 02.10.18
Pros: Playtech has the fastest games and its casinos have the fastest instant play too. There are not a lot of casinos from the PT (Playtech) which have fancy bonuses but I found this one here so I thought of trying it out here. I made an account on their casino and opened the lobby. Used the Code WELCOME100 top get 100$ free in the no deposit bonus of this casino. They have a lot of other promotions too which you can check on their promotions section of the site. It is nice to see that such casinos do not really bother a lot while giving away these bonuses. I have never seen such a big collection of games on instant play on any casino before because mostly they put up selected games on this mode but since this one does not have a downloaded version of the casino so they put up all here.

The best games were Sultan Gold, Fortune Hill and Golden India. Loved the bonus thing on the Golden India game. But the best were card and table games from here. Bj and roulette were very very nice and in fact I have never had so much fun playing roulette ever before. I made a lot of profit from the games here but it just was not enough to make the requirements complete so I started compulsive betting and it was not effecting me as I knew it was just free money. I think i have had more money and profits from my real money experiences on PT casino before.

But this casino is very nice and fast and no loading problem which is very common in instant play. This casino is 8 for me but I am yet to see what it would do to me if a come back with real money so really cannot judge with the no deposit bonus because players ought to lost that. We know it. Really nice casino and definitely on my list to put money in.
Cons: Today I wanted to play in the ChipsPalace Casino, make a deposit and took the bonus. But immediately there were problems. Wu Long slot on the site does not load. I downloaded the casino client. But no one slot casino client does not load. Naturally I did not want to play at this casino and contact support. They refused to remove the bonus, but told me to make a withdrawal request. However forbidden to create a withdrawal request if there is an active bonus. The issue is not resolved. In this casino, I will not come back ever.
Geralyn. Reviewed on 03.10.18
Pros: Their is absolutely no doubt that they have the best no deposit welcome bonus I have ever come across in any casino site by far. They give us 100 as free play and I could not believe this so I had to join this casino no matter what because no gambler can leave an offer like this. Now I go a little slow on slots because earlier I have wasted a lot of money on them trying to make it big or hit the jackpot which usually never happens.

I loved the theme of this site and the color because I like dark themed sites and I think it looks very decent and elegant.

What I did not like is that the wagering is the mind blowing 99 times and I was literally in a shock when I came to know about this because this is simply impossible for a medium level player like me. I was very late in claiming the bonus luckily I did not take more than a week to do so else I would not have been able to claim it because the bonus has to be claimed within 7 days. I could have only done this in black jack because I was having a good time playing that game lately. So I started playing aggressive from the beginning only because I do not think a lot when it is free money. On the first hand I got 7, 9 and Q and the dealer had 8 and 10 and I lost this one because of my mistake because I pressed the hit unknowingly and got busted and after some hands I was getting good and was winning but then I had the biggest bust of my life where I had bet almost a major part of my bank roll and I got K, 2 and 6 and the dealer had Q and J. I guess I was unlucky and lost the no deposit bonus and did no risk my own money on this casino.
Sibyl. Reviewed on 05.10.18
Chips Palace casino is one of the casinos that uses Games OS and Playtech software. What drew my attention to this casino is off course their no deposit welcome bonus of 100 euros. Like I guessed when I looked at their bonus terms and conditions, wagering requirements for this bonus were 99x bonus. Not only that only Games OS slot games were allowed just like in the other casinos that use Games OS and Playtech software.

At Chips Palace casino you can play instant play and also you can download software. I decided to download their software and their casino only offers Games OS while in instant play you can play only Playtech Games. Personally I don’t like Games Os games, they offer a wide variety of slot games but their design and graphic can’t be compared to Playtech games.

After I installed the software and entered the bonus code I got 100 euros bonus, all that with a total wager of 9900. That’s almost impossible to meet if I play with a small bet. Because of all that I choose a game called Run Chicken Run with 30 paylines and decided of a bet of 15 euros per spin. The first spin I won 6 euros, not bad, the second spin I won over 200 euros and that’s a lot better. After about 30 minutes of play I lost all of my money. Ok I didn't even think that I could meet such big wagering requirements of 9900 euros.

Overall chips Palace is a very interesting casino but I like more pure blooded Playtech casinos and I probably will never play here for real money. Because of all that I give this casino a weak 6 out of 10.
Have a great day and Good Luck !

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