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Lavinia. Reviewed on 11.07.18
I received a promotional email from an affiliate of Casibon Casino, with a nice 20 no-deposit free spins on NetEnt's game Wild Wild West for new registrants. That caught my interest, but seeing that the promotion was from an affiliate and not from the casino itself, I decided to check out some things first before deciding to sign up or not. First stop, Askgamblers casino review. Good rating given, but a few player's reviews mentioned about not getting those 20 free spins, even after contacting the casino's Live Chat. That sucks! Upon visiting the casino's website, there wasn't any such offer of 20 no-deposit free spins for new players. Another suck! This could well be another trick that casinos and affiliates would do to trick players into signing up!

Well, I then wrote in to Casibon's Support team, attaching that affiliate promotional offer, requesting the casino to confirm or deny the offer. Response from the casino came almost one whole day later, which was very slow, but the Support's reply was quite encouraging, although it did not directly say that the 20 no-deposit free spins was valid. All the reply said was for me to send to them my registration details for them to look into it. Well, like a fool, I took that as confirming the validity of the 20 free spins offer, so I then signed up at Casibon Casino, hoping to get those 20 free spins.

Registration was done, my profile was completed, but there wasn't any sign of that free spins, argh! I then tried loading up the game, to see if the free spins would be there waiting for me, but it wasn't. I wasted half an hour waiting for the damn blardy game to start up, only to find nothing there in the end! What is it with this blardy NetEnt game that takes 10 - 15 minutes to start up after completing loading up of the game? A real waste of time, and makes me hate NetEnt games even more!

Feeling really disappointed, I wrote back to the casino's Support team, providing my registration details, and attaching that earlier reply from them. Did they give me the 20 free spins? Like hhell they didn't! They replied back that I didn't sign up using the affiliate's link, the email of which I had sent to them in my first email, and which was no longer in my mailbox after deletion. I told them about their earlier reply requesting for my registration details, and like a fool, I thought that would solve the damn blardy issue. It didn't! Not only that, I didn't get those 20 free spins, and they didn't even bother to reply back my last email to them! What the argh! So much for support, if you ask me!
I really hate such misleading promotional offers! Why can't the casino have this 20 no-deposit free spins offer at their website, instead of depending on their affiliates to fool new players to sign up? Casibon Casino is one casino that got me infuriated over such a small useless free spins offer, not so much for the free spins itself, but in the way the casino do things! I am now waiting to see what will happen next. If nothing new should crop up, then I'll definitely close my account permanently!
Asha Ovalle. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Been playing here for some time, and like it so far. Two days ago I have placed a withdrawal for the amount of €560 and was glad to see it in my Skrill yesterday.
Initially I was off put by their starting deposit limit, but after a quick chat with the customer service and swift account verification I had no more doubts.
The support was very helpful and all the verification documents were processed within 10 minutes or so, which is always a plus, as I am used to waiting up to a full day to get a response.
The website runs smooth and is aesthetically pleasing (or maybe it's just me? :D), and their selection of games is nice and varied.
Weekly promotions are also a nice touch, as a player I can always count on a bonus or two, depending on what is up on the website that day.

I recommend this casino so far, and would like to see where the time takes it to.
The site design is not totally amazing but that's about it.
Jana. Reviewed on 02.10.18
I joined this casino due to rating on AG. I deposited half an hour ago and funds still pending. Live chat said it could take up to an hour before funds show in my balance. This is totally ridiculous, never known this at any casino. It also showed 2 deposits pending for same amount and I only made one. Live chat said it could have been an error when processing that it doubled up?????. I will have to check with my bank now. I wish I had never come across this place. I now have to wait for funds to credit, God knows how long that will take. Just thought you players out there would like to know that if you deposit here you may not be able to play for an hour or more which is what we all love to do???????
For these 3-4 days I did not notice any minuses at Casibon, so friendly Support Service is a big rarity today :) If they will appear any issues with the website I will surely leave a message here.
Agatha. Reviewed on 04.10.18
Found Casibon through the new Casino section on AG. It's just a top notch casino In my opinion. Excellent slot selection (I like the Netent + Microgaming + Yggdrasil Combo), amazing bonus terms and fast and easy cashouts.
Just had the worst online casino experience of my life with this bunch, deposited $50US received $50 bonus.. Played it to $0.. No worries. Check my bank account and see I have been charged twice so $100US with no sign of the other $50 contact support.. 2 hours later they credit my account with the extra $50 they had taken, told me withdraw it or play it. Went to withdraw and error appears - Cannot withdraw as still tied to the bonus. So if this was the case should I not of had $200US with (100% Bonus)? During all stages of this fiasco the account my balances showed funds of actual money and funds of bonus and what I was able to withdraw yet the process didn't work. Very disappointed with my experience here and will never return.
Erich. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Awesome Casino. A very big variety of Slots and Live Tables. Loading time is also good and a high payout percent (for me at least ;) ). I really enjoyed time at this Casino and with a very high probability I will play here also in the future. Who don't want to play there, where the slots give you Cash? :)
Echo. Reviewed on 06.10.18
So, yesterday I made my first 1000 TL withdrawal in this casino. I was very surprised to see my money on my Skrill account this morning, worked quickly !!!!
Can't sort games by providers. For me it's a little difficult to find the game.

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