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Tennille. Reviewed on 11.07.18
I came across Carnival Casino in January this year I think and it reminded me a lot of Casino King.I registered at the time and had a quick look at their promotions,I was impressed when I seen their welcome bonus allows you to make a minimum deposit of just £5 and you will still be eligible to receive the full 100% deposit match.That's really good for Playtech,I don't think there are many that accept a minimum of five pound and where you get the bonus offer too.However tempting it was just to put a fiver here to see how their slots played,this obviously meant that the likely hood is I'm just going to make another deposit so I may as well put it all on the first deposit to save up my bonuses for my next two deposits. The first three deposits you make here gives that nice 100% bonus.Again,quite impressive. The wagering on the first deposit is 30 time bonus and deposit but it decreases as you deposit more.

I just ended up depositing my usual amount of £20 and I was instantly credited with the bonus. I played using their download software but they do have flash too so you can pop in and out of these as you please. I didn't know what to play to be honest, I always stick to similar one especially the Marvel ones... I've had so much luck in the past when I first started playing them but now I don't seem to get much luck at all.I don't know if its become so commercialized that everyone is playing them so that's why we are winning less or whether its just all in my head lol. I decided not to play them here anyway,instead I broadened my taste and tried a few others.One I really liked here was 'Frankie Ditorri' slot.It's a 25 line slot with a minimum bet per line of 1p and it really is hit or miss whether or not you win.Normally I don't but on this occasion i was doing well.The bonus was coming in all the time and if you manage to reveal the cash amounts and multipliers without finding the collect signs then you will walk away from there with a decent profit.I was only playing the minimum bet and I was having bonuses in the range £30+ on a good bonus.I don't think much of the free spins,they don't come in much and when they do in my experience they don't pay out much.So I'd definitely recommend giving this slot a go if your deciding to play here.

Overall,I was very happy with the way the casino run,their slots and bonus promotions and with their support facility.They also now have a mobile casino that offer you another three deposit bonuses of 100%.I haven't played their mobile casino yet...I may do in the future though.
Eartha. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Most of the time I would have to make deposits excluding a bonus or bonuses because I find bonuses do get in the way of Miss payout. This of course was in 2008 where I was acquainted with a different affiliate website besides AskGamblers. All I found in Carnival casino was disappointment, confusion, and futility when time elapsed.

To start off the homepage of Carnival casino is just awful. It is way too simple to start off and how can you attract customers with no good background, no new games featured on the homepage and no complex details were used. If I look at 32RED or Eurogrand (scrolling down for both websites) I would dive into the casino without second thoughts. Now those are casinos that really make customers play and make deposits on their casinos!!!! They are also the casinos that make players come back! As for Carnival casino all I did was proceed with caution as I have been informed this was once a rogued casino claimed by other players.

If you search "Carnival casino Rogue" you will find a bunch of websites that show you how Carnival Casino is blacklisted. I already knew to this fact that Carnival casino should be avoided but rather than give my money to charity (this casino) I decided to play it safe first before risking my hard earn money. What I did was use a $10 no deposit give to me by the affiliate website to keep me safe and to reap rewards should Carnival casino be a legitimate casino rather than a roguish one.

When my $10 deposit is played out like cooking a well done Fillet Mignon I rushed to support where confusion and accusations broke out! When I asked support I wanted to proceed with a withdrawal he told me I "broke the rules of the bonus". What rules? All I did is follow the instructions of the affiliate which is to play only on slots! I never played on anything else! I recontacted support a second time only to find a different story. This time a lady says "you need to make a deposit in order to withdraw". Deposit? The terms on the affiliate do state after the wagering the casino will allow a one time withdrawal from Free Chips. I did not bother to make any future arrangements after this. These are one the casinos everyone should avoid. I must be clear about certain things. This however was like Club Gold all over again. I would continue to shower you with their "excuses" but I do know one good thing. Stay away from this casino!!!
Raymon. Reviewed on 02.10.18
Hello. players from askgamblers i would like to share my good experience here at Carnival Casino powered by Playtech software. When i found this great casino,I've really had good and amusing playing here and also this is the one of the casino that i played when i am starting to the world of casino and at that time since i am a beginner and a little bit lazy :3 i didn't read all of the terms and condition associated with the bonus so I suddenly requested a withdrawal before fulfilling the bonus wagering requirements.

The result of that withdrawal processed they cancelled my withdrawal and kept the bonus. I chatted their customer support and asked about my problem. The terms and condition is very important and i knew that it's my fault but it's really upset that i done that thing but i after happened i learned many lessons about how does the casinos work. Although i had a problem to their casino i assured that this is a great casino i experienced how does their customer service worked when it comes from different kinds of problems and i knew at that time that they did their best to help me.

When i saw this casino i thought this is might be just another normal, run by playtech software but it turns out to be more :) than to other powered playtech in so many ways. I downloaded Carnival casino and it worked fast and also their registration.

Then i deposited $50 to this casino to give it their best slots Yahoo!!! I appreciated their casino because it gives me a fast service and very pleasant transaction through their customer service that i it helped me to redeemed my bonus. I done depositing and i accepted their deposit bonus. It sounds good, but actually it is a deposit plus wagering of 30 times. I don't like their games that they offered because it powered by playtech software, so you can expect good card games decent table games and a few typical arcade games as well.

I remarked to this casino is fragmented because of their different service capabilities.

Software: 7/10
Support: 9/10
Bonuses: 8/10
Finance: 8/10 it takes 3 days when i cashout from that $50
Terms and condition 8/10
Security 8/10
Wiley. Reviewed on 04.10.18
Before playing at Carnival Casino, I already knew its existence when browsing the net. I also knew it has a bad reputation and was even blacklisted within the industry for its bad payouts processes. Nevertheless, I also heard that some people played at this casino and didn’t encounter any problems withdrawing their money, so I decided to give it a shot.

Initially, I was surprised by the website. I found it very bad looking, it gaves me the impression that it was designed by an amateur and not a professional. It is simply horrible! I expected far more from Carnival Casino than a shoddy work.

I first landed at the promotions page. Carnival Casino is offering a 100% match up bonus for up to $200 for your first deposit and an additional 50% bonus up to $577 on your second deposit. A usual and unspectacular bonus already saw with the major online casinos. However, their wagering requirements are only 20 times deposit plus play bonus. I decided to stay away from those bonuses though, as some of my favorite games like Roulette, Blackjack surrender, Blackjack multi-hand and video poker do not count towards the bonus wagering requirements.

After depositing $50, I was ready to head off to my favorite games to play a little bit. I started with the multi-hand Blackjack version. After a few hands, my bankroll severely reduced, so I decided to move on. My second stop was video poker, but I should not have done it as I most of the time decrease my bankroll there. Fortunately, I could finish on a good note as Roulette was available, allowing me to repair damage.

I apprehended the withdrawal process, as I heard Carnival Casino was blacklisted because of non-payment and banking trouble. To my great surprise, the cashin process was hassle-free and my winnings were back in my account 2 days later. Is Carnival Casino safe or was it a strategy to make me come-back another time? The answer will never be known for sure, because Carnival Casino didn’t show me anything special that makes it different from other online casinos that have a better reputation. Good luck!
Eli. Reviewed on 06.10.18
I decided to play here because they had a seductive welcome package offer, 777 euro welcome bonus. Of course this bonus is divided, so on your first deposit you can get a 100 percentages match bonus up to 200 euro and your next deposits you able to get the other promotion money.

The first deposit bonus had 20 times wagering requirements and no max cash out from it. They had some restricted game type from the bonus so if you want to play with that games you need to contact with the support.

After I checked everything I made my decision and downloaded the casino, I didn’t like the playtech instant play casinos because a few slot is missing from it and it is really slow. When I downloaded and installed it I had an error and I needed to reinstall the casino again but I had the same failure.

When I turn on my laptop and tried install for it I didn’t had any problem with the setup so maybe the fault was on my PC. I made my account then I went to the live chat to surely to get the percentage match bonus. She informed me it is automatically so I went to the cashier and made a deposit from 25 euro. I get my bonus instantly, so I had 50 euro with 1000 play through requirements.

I played on the penguin vacation, with 1 euro stakes. I like that slot because the wilds are multiplies and had a full reel wild. The free spins are valuable. When I lost 32 euro I get the free spins and after it I went up to 97 euro. I doubled the stakes and stayed with that. I played a lot with that slot even I get the free games two times my money runs out before I can wagered it. Maybe I will use the other match bonuses.
Erin. Reviewed on 06.10.18
I have mixed feelings about my time playing at Carnival Casino.One of the main reasons I joined was because they were one of the most highly rated casinos where, and they have a good record of dealing with complaints, but there are a number of quibbles that I had with the casino.First of all I chatted with their customer support about the bonus requirement (well recommended that you do so if you want to play at any casino).Very good response BUT the playthrough requirement was not 20 x as advertised but 40 x because it was bonus plus deposit.Oh, but you are from the UK?Then you have to play 25 x the bonus requirement plus deposit, so thats 50x? So why make the terms harder?I naturally did not take the chance because it was not a good offer.

Onto the website itself – its very simple but at least you can access the support and download the casino easily enough.As a playtech casino it has a flash and a download (I played the flash version) but that gave plenty of games.Loads of variety even with the card games with blackjack surrender and plenty more.There are some huge jackpots up on offer, and the slot games and progressive games giving them are graphically very advanced.

When it comes to playtech the whole package is smooth – this includes the card games, table games, slots and even the novelty games.This leads me to my second point – perhaps I was having a bad day, or just annoyed with the bonus terms, but I had one of the lousiest runs I have ever had with this casino – I could just not win a thing.All in all I would say that this casino is ok, not great – there are better places to play Playtech games.
Milo. Reviewed on 07.10.18
I do not know if you read my last reviews, but this month I have decided to try one casino each day. Well, today on my list of casinos I stumbled upon this casino: Carnival Casino. I never heard of it but thought it was worth a shot. Plus, it has a grade of 7.9 on, so I do not think it is that bad.

The casino’s games are powered by Playtech, which is one of the best software on the market. The casino’s website is a bit disappointing; it does not look anything professional. However, their website is very well structured and you can find any information very fast. Another thing i do not like about the website is that you receive some messages regarding depositing and stuff as soon as you enter it. On it is written that the casino can be played through Flash (so instantly) or by downloading the casino’s software. However, it can only be played by downloading the software.

They have two promotions which are pretty nice. The first one gives you a 100% match bonus of up to 200$ and the second one a 50% bonus of up to 577$. This, in my opinion, increases the number of customers that are coming back for the 2nd deposit.I deposited 20 euros and got my 20 euros bonus. I played some random slots, since I do not have any preferred ones. At one of them I really won a lot (something with Iron Man), and in the end I withdrew 50 euros, which is double of what i deposited, so it is ok.

My conclusion is that the casino is ok and worth a shot.
My ratings are as follows:
Software: 8/10 Playtech
Bonuses 8/10
Support: I do not know
Cashouts: I do not know

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