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Danica. Reviewed on 08.07.18
Pros: Boyle Casino is the section in charge of casino games at, one of the largest independent Irish bookmakers. Additionally, this casino is licensed and regulated by Gambling Commission for consumers in UK.

Boyle Casino uses Playtech as platform software and has versions for PC, mobile and tablet, and its design is attractive enough. Within its portfolio we can find sports betting, financial betting, virtual horse racing, casino games like slots, arcade and table games, live dealer games, poker and bingo. Slots lovers can choose from a wide range of games from recognized software providers as Playtech and NetEnt, two of my favorites.

A couple of months ago I signed up at this casino attracted mainly by good reviews and reasonable ranges in betting limits in the section of live dealer games, additionally Playtech dealers look so pretty for me. Just until this week I decided to make my first deposit in Boyle, and that was because my favorite Playtech casino changed betting limits about something unfavorable levels for my game style, so I started to try some of their games, and as usual, I stopped on live section that I like so much. I was setting my bets and at the end of the day I can say I had a bit of luck and could get some bucks as profits. After that I proceeded to make my withdrawal and found a message in my inbox where the casino required some documents to confirm my identity, immediately I sent the documents and in less than four hours my documents had already been approved and four hours later my money had been deposited in my e-wallet.

All my transactions with this casino have been highly smooth, fast and transparent, and something that has made me really pleased was the cordial language used by Boyle Casino always in all communications, mainly via email, since I had no problems during my stay on it, except perhaps for some technical difficulties presented to me trying to play the web casino version on Firefox, for which I simply used another of my favorite browsers.

Besides all this, Boyle has a very interesting loyalty program where every Monday they credit your account with certain amount of money according to your total staked during the week, these values are determined on specific levels you can easily check on "Casino Ace" section, and in my opinion is one of the best loyalty programs I know.

Great casino and from today I’ll consider it one of my favorite Playtech casinos.
Cons: Owned by the Boyle sports book and this is a very big company and even the site says that it is one of the largest casinos in the world. They are taking games from the Playtech software which is also one of the largest game providers in the business and give a very huge variety of games. You will not see a lot of casinos who are taking games from the Playtech and giving a free money bonus as well because Playtech does not need such promotions to promote itself.Its name is enough.

I created an account on this casino and got their no deposit bonus of 10 and got straight to the action. And I lost the bonus in like 10 minutes because 10 is like nothing if you want to play on a casino and then I made a deposit of 50 here and played with my deposit only. With big software's I always love to play with my money only because they offer a good return to the players.

Started with the table games because I think PT has the best table games among all the other software's. I played Live Bj and roulette for some while and was able to make 30$ from these 2 games but mostly from roulette because the variance was good not low but not crazy variance too. I am a table game player only but love to get lucky on
slots too some times.

I played Amazon Wild and Captain America slot and here was not getting a lot of action so closed the slot games and continued with table games only. I took out 170 from this casino and then did not try again because I did not try their slots and had enough with the table games. I think they should be more generous with the no deposit bonus and I
would give this casino 8 and loved their support staff which is very fast.
Chantal. Reviewed on 23.09.18
Pros: They have a very famous sports book and that is how I came to know about this casino site. Previously I used to play on sports books a lot like on Betfair and Boyle but now I have shifted completely to casinos. I usually do not pay with Playtech powered casinos but I had to join this casino because I had a very good time with their sports book.

I got a 100% match bonus from them and I started with the games. Let me just clarify you something that their casino is not even close to their sports book because I have won a lot of money from them by betting on sports but their casino games did not fascinate me too much or may be it was because I came with a lot of expectation and the standard was already set. I think the games were not that good and it is a little hard to win money because the return is not as good as mentioned at least in my case it was not.

I tried to get in touch with their support staff in order to know he reason behind such slow processing of games and too much loading and they did not have any answer and I had to stop the thread because I was not getting any help from them but I gotta say this that they tried their best and you cannot question their efforts. I played a lot of slots like Baywatch and Beach Life but was not getting any where with them. Desert Treasure was a really nice game and it was the only game that paid me well.

I did not love it as much as I had expected. I would rate them 6 out of 10. And still having too much fun in the sports book.
This is my very first review ever, so I hope you will like it. I have been online gambling for 3 years, it is my hobby and a bit of adrenaline and spare money is also good. I have played in dozens casinos but wanted to start with one of my faves - Boyle casino is one of them.

I registered there about 1 year ago, when I was searching for a new gambling place. I don't remember if I did have a bonus but I usually play without bonus so I don't have to deal with wagering terms. Last time I visited Boyle was about a month ago, I played with my already existing account money. What I really like about this casino is that it's provided by Playtech cause Playtech games have never disappointed me and the design of the games there and the casino page itself is really nice.

I am always really lucky at roulette and always get great winnings, I put high bets, so when I win - I win big. My biggest winning at Boyle casino was 60 Eur and it was at roulette. I have withdraw from them once, because I am a passionate gambler and I like to make my money to make money but that time when I did withdraw, the process was really fast and I got my money within 3 days. I do like to play with their live dealers, the girls are always great looking and that makes me stay longer and play longer, I guess it's a win-win to the casino and to me. I visit the casino once in a while when there are new games or some kind of special offers and they have my favorite slots game-Ironman in which I've won 50 euros with one spin.

I have talked to their live support team and they are always very nice and patient and they never make me wait for long. I've seen that there are people who have worse experience than me but Boyle casino brings me positive emotions, because the time I spend there is always with more winnings than damages. I'll definitely stay tuned for their news and will keep visiting them in a while.
Ellen. Reviewed on 27.09.18
I started off playing at 'Boyles' a long time ago now, but back then I was more into Bingo than casinos and that's how I started off here. It wasn't until recently that I returned to 'Boyles' to have a bash at their slots. I remember from my bingo days that I really enjoyed playing here and made a withdrawal or two and I remember they were really quick at paying me. I wasn't sure whether or not I would be able to claim another welcome bonus as I had originally claimed the welcome bonus on Bingo. I went onto their Live Help to have a chat with one of their representatives. Fortunately for me they were willing to offer me a first deposit bonus at the casino of 100% and I was also entitled to a second and third bonus! Happy days.

'Boyles Casino' is powered by either love them or you hate them. I personally really like the selection of slots Playtech has to offer and it's a nice change from Microgaming and NetEnt. All of their slots are available for you to play instantly which is how I started off playing then about an hour later realised that they do actually have a download version too. It's worth while downloading the software here if you can because there is a massive difference in the range of slots you can play on the download. Your spoilt for choice with slots ranging from 9 lines to 50 lines. I deposited £20 whilst playing on the flash and the bonus wasn't instantly credited to me so I thought "oh here we go they are not going to give me the welcome bonus", but I loaded up a game and I was prompted to accept the welcome bonus which was in turn credited to my balance immediately. It came with a very reasonable wagering requirement of 20 times the bonus and deposit. So all I had to play through was £800. Sometimes I do struggle to meet the wagering in Playtech casinos, but the good thing is you can kept your eye on what your playing through.

If you are looking for a slot that is good for your wagering I always give 'Easter Surprise' a go. It's a 20 line slot with a minimum bet per line of 0.01p, I only ever play it at 20p a spin, and whilst it's not a massive money earner, you tend to keep your balance hovering around the same amount (on a good day of course) whilst working through that wagering. The bonus games comes in all the time although you don't win much from them £2 max maybe but the free spins are good with a times three multiplier. If you manage to get four scatters you get a tenner before your free spins even start. I've always had lots of luck with this slot and definitely recommend having a go.

I wasn't successful in making a withdrawal on this occasion but I have since revisited 'Boyles Casino' a few times, and I have claimed all my welcome bonuses and on my third deposit I made a withdrawal of £80 which I received no problem at all.

If you decide to make a deposit here, then you know your money is in safe hands. They are a very trustworthy casino and I personally haven't had any problems with them at all.

I had a quick gander at the 'games' section the other day and couldn't believe it when I seen they had 'NetEnt' slots!! I thought they were only Playtech. They haven't got all of the NetEnt slots but they got quite a few of the good ones. There is no welcome bonus to claim here unfortunately although they do offer a 50% reload bonus between certain days. I haven't played in this section of Boyles yet but I am definitely considering throwing maybe a tenner onto it and giving them a go.
Sheree. Reviewed on 03.10.18
Boyle Casino if being defined as a real person is one that can speak many different languages, came from a rich family and has a successful business running very well as the days move in time. This same example can take hold of this casino where players meet games, from video slots to Skill games, bingo, sports betting, live dealers and where I originally played from the beginning, Poker. Poker is actually the source of how I came into seeing Boyle Casino. So here in this review I will leave out Poker and explain what I did in the casino. Boyle casino held an online lottery, cool!

By scanning the casino before me I thought of this and made enough effort for myself to dive into a deep end pool of Playtech games. The water wasn't freezing cold but warm that it blended with my temperature and I asked myself already inside the pool thinking," which game should I grab first?". A game I've never seen before is Iron Man III, the second Iron Man won frequently well so I figured this might do the same.

The problem for me during this casino is my deposit wasn't matched with the 200% bonus. It was only offered for countries not including mine for that matter. I would deposit a full $100 to get $150 bonus knowing this casino already convinced me through poker. My existing deposit of $70 roamed around freelancing whatever I chose and so I headed to Iron Man III first. In this 3rd edition the scatters don't appear as often as the 2nd addition. It's much adamant while payouts aren't serious to keep me from playing in a continuous cycle. From nothing to about winning $1.20 for my $0.50 bets. The second highest win I've seen is $3 and one of the highest is $11.20 win in the normal game....only rarely. The graphics aren't striking as the 2nd edition. I stuck around wondering if one of the three features will make up for the slack. The hall of armor free spins sounds amazing. It took a devastating 60 spins to get the hall of armor feature only to win $1.50 for triggering it and $1.50 inside my free spins with the choice of armor, Iron Man mark 42 with freezing wilds. The number inside the wild has a number before it stops being held, most of the time the Mark 42 will reset it to 3. The biggest issue, only one freezing wild on an unnecessary position on the reels (Reels 4 & 5). Imfao $30 down and only $3 won!

I had $46.66 left so I closed the game in shame as I shook my head for 2 seconds, played the lottery then I played Daredevil, Frankie Dettori's Magic 7, Desert treasure II then Gladiator and finally Live Dealer for Blackjack. I tell you folks the tried and true are highly recommended than the new and unexplored. They give more back what some of the new games can't. I gladly worshipped my new balance of $201.87 and finally I swiped my "work card" onto the card reader to end my hard days work on this casino. I cashed out $171.86 and left $30 to chance on Texas Holdem. It's excellent that they handled my funds a little over a day, processing my details/docs an hour after I sent them in via email...approved! In the future I will stick with Iron Man II and maybe I will give Iron Man III another chance if luck stops teasing me. "Luck, your breath is really bad when your unlucky so stay the hell away, a breath mint might help that!".

An overall deserving 10 no matter what unlucky moment I experienced, short or long. The surprise approval plus short waiting times gets the treasure chest on this!
Margot. Reviewed on 05.10.18
It's been over 2 months since I have not entered into an online casino so before writing this review I have decided that the first casino where I enter and play after all this time it is going to a good one. This said, my choice was a Playtech casino, namely Boyle Casino, also because through its advertising all over the internet it had an offer of 5 USD no deposit bonus.

As I said, as far as I'm concerned Playtech casinos are good in all aspects (not exquisite in one aspect and bad in other ways). Game graphics is good enough (though not the greatest), the number of games is very high (though not outstanding), the online support responds well every time and withdrawing money is easy (though I met a Playtech casino - ClubGold that was an exception).

The chapter where Boyle Casino is excellent is the Video Slots. Many of them are new and attractive and with the 5 USD bonus I played some hundreds of good spins (with a bet of 0.01 USD per line) before finishing the bonus money. As usual in a Playtech casino the first slot where I tried my luck is GreatBlue. It is said to be the luckiest but here I did not had great winnings. Also I did not lose very much. (After about 100 spins I had about 3 USD in the account). I then played the GreatHulk where I knew I will lose (game is one having one of the most attractive themes), despite very large gains, they are extremely rare. After about 20-30 spins I got to 1 USD in my account. At this moment I decided to go to XMen, slot with very frequent and large gains, which brought my account back to the floating line (after about 200-300 spins here I had 10-15 USD). All money I earned I lost to Desert Treasure in about 100 played spins. I did not won anything (nor I wanted) but I had the opportunity to spend about 2 good hours in front of video slots.

The other games I tried on virtual money. In Table Games, I searched with no success my favorite 3 Cards poker which here is not present.I played about 10-15 minutes at the roulette and BlackJack tables. Even if the games are attractive, playing Black Jack it happened to me 2 times that software stop responding (i.e. in a position where I had to lose the bet simply remained on the table and the game never went on) fact that never happened to me before in a casino. In contrast to what I said before, the Arcade Games and Asian Games are few and not very pleasant to the player.

Although I have not had the opportunity to withdraw money, due to a short discussion I found that the online support is good, responds promptly and is courteous.
In a few words Boyle Casino is a Playtech casino worth to stop in if you want to spend a few pleasant hours trying one of the many Video Slots.
Patrica. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Everything I saw on Boyle casino is just fantastic on their webpage! Just when you step into the casino your immediately presented with a showcase of games, winners, their time zone and even cinematic promotions & a short introduction to one of their games (Frankie Dettoris Magic Seven). In my experience it is nothing but rewarding.

A few weeks ago I was able to claim a $10 no deposit bonus to taste the sugary examples of this casino. With a few attempts to get my bonus up by playing Blackjack I immediately won $5 on my first hand but lost $10 after a double up session of $5 starting with an 11 couples with a 5 & 6 combination. With all 11 counts on Blackjack it is hard to not go by doubling your chances especially if the card will turn out to be a 10 or face card. Of course I lost when I had 13 (2 came out from the next hit after selecting double) and with the Dealer smiling with a 19. As this was just only a no deposit session I was not fully into the idea because my balance was too short to light a match on a bomb or dynamite and make cave ins with (Make bigger wins possible). But just when I was in true despair over my balance I came to Gladiator where for the remainder of my $5 I spun for $1 for 5 spins and within those 5 spins I was lucky enough to hit the Helmet bonus on my 4th spin and right after that spin the Colosseum bonus came up on my last spin!!! This was truly a very lucky coincidence! Wow! I was able to grab $109 from both bonuses!! Yup those Extra scatters pay up like the person just struck oil from where their standing!

After proceeding to make a withdrawal after super long wagering (less than 7 hours) I began to scan and process my documents for the casino to verify all my details. Within 10 minutes from opening the live chat window they checked up on my emails and they approved my documents! How quick is that? Most of the time verification usually takes within 1 week sometimes a maximum of 2 weeks if there are any delays. As I walked out a winner I would obviously make a deposit here in the future!
Latesha. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Pros: Boyle Casino is a casino that I have played in couple of times and a casino that I have decided on to come back to it from time to time because it is a safe and trustworthy casino. In the past I have only made one withdraw from this casino that was processed without any problems. This casino is powered solely by Playtech software and it has a really good website and also a good amount of games to choose from. This casino offers a welcome bonus for your first deposit but back then I didn't bother to take it.

So this time I made a deposit of 30€ and I immediately started playing Incredible Hulk slot, which is one of those games that I love playing in a Playtech casino. So I started with 0.25€ bet per spin and it didn't take me long before I got some nice wins thanks to the free spins and couple of bonuses that I managed to trigger which in total boosted my balance up to 55€. So with that balance I decided to switch to a 0.50€ bet per spin and I just kept spinning, it started very well with a nice bonus win but after that the slot appeared really cold to me since in the next 45 minutes I hardly had any good wins i mostly lost money due to the empty spins. But i didn't wanna abandon this slot so at the point when I reached 20€ I lowered my bet to 0.25€ and just kept pushing spin. But unfortunately not long after that my balance dropped to zero.

Overall this is a really good casino , but I must say that their support is really slow with the response which can lead to a lot of frustration. Despite of that i would gladly recommend this casino. 8/10
Cons: - I personally found the partitioning of the site into different sections, but with only two wallets confusing at first.

- I was informed that I was blocked from all promotions for an unknown reason.

However, I had no trouble making use of the first deposit bonuses and withdrawing. This decision does make me hesitant to redeposit in future.
Janiece Janas. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Pros: Although initially focused on sports betting and horse racing, the company has for many existence grown into one of the most powerful Irish gambling. The equally successful practice continued and on the Internet, of course, much later than the establishment. Boylesports Alderney Ltd now owns more than 180 betting around the island, and can compete with some of the strongest companies in this field working on the territory of the UK. In particular, we will deal with only the casino, but sports betting and also their excellent poker room will leave to another section of this forum.

I opened an account here about a year and a half ago and so far I have only words of praise, but also, unfortunately, and significant financial crash. As with several software I decided on the one that gives me the most by Playtech, next to it there are also Evolution Gaming, Net Entertainment, Ash Gaming and OpenBet. At first I was forced Iron Man slot but after a couple of hours I entered the three-digit loss, after that I tried to NetEnt slot game Gonzo's Quest, but nothing better I did not go with her, so I'm at the end of the day remained short of € 580, which is one of the biggest daily loss in my gambling career.

After that I came back to the Playtech and regained some lost money, about € 180 but still I remained € 400 a loss, so as to the success that I had no luck, I lost a lot of money for my financial capabilities. I made a deposit via Neteller, which I verified for some 24 hours, so that is my € 600 deposit without any hassle on any account instantly upon the request for payment. Finally, I withdraw € 200, which I earned by playing the aforementioned, also the payment was over in less than 48 hours. I plan to disburse continue with them because they have a maximum correct and behind what is most important for the security of your money, and it is in their long and successful tradition.
Cons: Payouts could be faster but that's the only negative I have this classy casino.

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