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Georgiana. Reviewed on 11.07.18
BOVADA BLACKJACK - Completely Fraudulent

As a frequent gamer, better, and tournament player I often chuckle (to myself of course) at how quick gamblers are to claim fraud when they loose their money, regardless of game. Somehow people forget that all gambling, no matter what the game, is always slightly in favor of the house. And what's worse is that by reacting emotionally and/or irrationally to larger losses, gamblers frequently get themselves into deeper and deeper holes, only to claim "fraud" with more and more anger. However after hearing an unusual amount of complaints regarding Bovada's online Blackjack gaming (from individuals that at least I respect as sensical gamblers) I decided to investigate it myself. I've read all the posts about lack of 3rd party random-draw certifications, etc etc and while many of the complaints might be valid, none truly implicate fraud. I decided to ignore hype and emotions and objectively look at it myself. If you're not math inclined, here is a general truth: you can rarely prove a game is fraudulent , but rather show certain outcomes are so close to impossible that honest dealings are next to impossible. My example is this - technically if you flip a "fair" coin 100 times and it comes out heads every single time- this "may actually be possible", however the more likely scenario by billions of factors over is that the coin is the same on both sides. That being said:

I bought $600 in casino chips (between my and 2 friend's bovada accounts, $200 per account) and planned on playing by-the-book blackjack with the same small bets: I played $1 a hand in my account, $3 a hand in "paul's" account, and $5 a hand in "greg's account. I planned on playing for 20 minute intervals in each account, never changing prior mentioned bet amounts, for 10 separate stints of 20min in each account. My findings were shocking:

By recording every single hand played across each account ($5 account only made it to the 6th stint of 20min before running out of money) and comparing "my cards" and "dealer's cards" to what statistics would normally predict over the course of all play - you quickly see not only how rigged the game it, but how badly rigged it is. Between ALL stints, the chances of the cards coming out that actually came out if the deck was normal ranged between (1 in 3) to (1 in 11), always in favor of the dealer. That may not seem very telling, but again, for anyone not statistically inclined: the chances of all my recorded events occurring in a row as they did (IF the decks are normal and truly random) are 1 in 16,000,000 (yes, 1 in sixteen million). My method may not be perfect and there isn't a perfect way to measure: however by analyzing the findings in 4 different methods still never yielded a result that was less than 1 in 7,650,000.

Make what you will of it, it doesn't bother me either way. But in reality, even if you don't like the concept of odds and think they're misleading (sometimes true!), the fact that 26 out of 26 stints all came up highly irregular in favor of the dealer should say enough. Remember, statistically you're not supposed to make money in the long run, but by gauging just how egregious true outcomes unfold- you can tell a lot.

Halley. Reviewed on 24.09.18
I can personally attest to the fact that Bovada's blackjack is not rigged: I turned $36.75, money Bovada gave me, into $2,330.00 in nearly 5 hours; the hands were just as difficult to play against the computer dealer as I found in any other casino online or off-line.

The dealer would go on 10 hand winning streaks, repeatedly. If one spends enough time playing blackjack, in their experience they will find that there will be times when they are in a real casino, playing with real cards, with a real dealer, on a real table and have 10+ losing streaks from time to time. That is normal, folks.

That's why so many people resort to card-counting to recoup their losses and to spite the casino and it's seemingly unconquerable "house edge", then be kindly asked to leave the casino never to return again, too. But, one doesn't have to count cards to play through the bad losing sessions to turn a profit. There are "tells" that a person can use once one plays hundreds and thousands of hours at the game. I'll give you one hint: If the dealer gets a blackjack and in the very next hand he's able to count up to 21, what does that "tell" you? It tells you, you better get your bets down to the minimum stake allowed at the table. Also, if you're a person that just keeps playing hand after hand after hand after hand with the same $10 bet, I don't care what you know about the game, you're going to lose everything in only the course of about, conservatively, 20 minutes.

In addition if you're one that uses, what is called "positive progression", a betting strategy which one gradually increases one's bet through each win/loss situation one enters, one will lose everything in the course of about, conservatively, 10 minutes;it's a mathematical certainty. In summation, one must know all the "tells" and be most savvy with one's betting strategies to turn any kind of profit worth noting, otherwise one is nothing more than a whiny amateur that wouldn't know what to do with $10,000 in winnings were one smacked in the face with it.

So, once one gets their bets back down to the table minimum, when can one return to a higher chip value? Ah...good question. That information is in the "tell" of the cards, information provided to let you know that you can indeed raise your bet. But I'm not here to educate, one will have to learn on their own, as I did.

So what separates the amateurs from the blackjack professionals, folks? I'll leave you with this to think about: A gambler/amateur will take $3,000 and turn it into $30 in one day and be filing for welfare before dinner; a blackjack professional will take $30 and turn it into $3,000, @%*$#?* the girl that was sitting next to him at the table, after a 500 dinner, for dessert.;)
Phuong. Reviewed on 02.10.18
Easy credit card and bitcoin deposits
Incredibly fast Bitcoin withdrawal
Bovada customer services picks up after 2 or 3 rings everytime
Usually 2 or 3 Casino deposit bonuses a week
A lot of sports to bet on
NIce easy to use website

I'm writing this review because there are a lot of bad reviews on here about this site. I've been with Bovada for about 2.5 years.Since they've added Bitcoin withdraw it takes about 24hours to send my money from my Bovada to my Bitcoin wallet and about 1 day from my wallet to my bank account.It really changed my betting life... no more waiting for 8 days of pending and 3 weeks for a check only to blow your money during the 8 day pending period.

I actually turned a 20 dollar blackjack chip into about $250 and cashed out... I've NEVER come close to cashing out on a free chip in the 5 plus years I've been gambling online and Ive used A LOT of free chips from other sites. Seems like after that cashout though the blackjack has been awfully greedy... I suggest after you win a couple hands to just leave.
Other than when you sign up, there are NO sportsbook bonuses.I primarily bet sports so this was kind of an issue for me.
There is no Live Chat which I find strange for such a good site.

I'm under the impression that EVERY online sportsbook can mark accounts to win or to lose since its unregulated and they can literally do what they wish.There only trying to keep up with other corrupt online casinos so they pay and give bonuses and stuff but I will always believe that online casinos mark accounts to win or to lose. Why the hell wouldnt they!!! Thats just the Casino side of online casinos which I do play from time to time, but nowhere near as often as I sportsbet.

Bovada's online casino seems like they have a big enough customer base to where they dont have to be shady as f**k and mark accounts for loss like other sites *cough* PRISM CASINO and CLUB PLAYER CASINO *cough* and all of their cheating sister sites.

Remember... there are people out there that can hack into foreign government computers... there are people that run unregulated online casinos who only have to be as good as their unregulated competition... They all will cheat steal for profit because the only repercussion is a loss of a customer. Which they will get back because gamblers are addicts. I've been around the online casino gambling scene awhile... and it seems like Bovada cheats the least.. There at the top of the online casino industry as far as I know.
Kelly. Reviewed on 04.10.18
They do payout if you actually hit something. I have cashed out occasionally. Usually when it happens I am not using a deposit bonus as they are ridiculously difficult to reach the play through. Jackpots are high, but you only see the RTG platform hitting the jackpots. All the games on the BetSoft side only hit the lowest denominations.
The games are supposed to be random, but I have tracked in a spreadsheet and 9 out of 10 sessions with Aztec Treasures or Caesar's Empire and the features do not hit until almost exactly 100 spins.

When you look at their BetSoft games you will see only the lowest denominations have hit jackpots in well over a year, yet these same jackpots are hit 3-4 times a week at their site. How that can be described as random is beyond me.

Do not play the card games. You may get lucky 1 out of 20 sessions, but for the most part you are going to see the dealer get ridiculous hands in very long streaks. In their hold em game I tracked 50 straight hands where the dealer had a better hand than mine. That is nearly statistically impossible if you deal out 50 hands with a deck of cards. You get hands like pocket aces and they flop full houses routinely. The idea being you are definitely going to raise with pocket aces.

Not a plug here but I do far better at Drake and I see features hitting on first spins, second spins routinely whereas with Bovada it is like they are setup to look at the balance and not trigger a feature even for a low payout until they draw your balance way down. I played Good Girl Bad Girl for $500 and when I hit about $150 feature hit. I played with $1600 and the feature again did not hit until I was at $150. This occurred on multiple occasions. All of this designed to keep you from exceeding the play through on the deposit bonus.By the way if you play lower denominations you will see the exact opposite. The features will hit much more routinely. The moment you go to the $5 mark or higher the features become scarce and the payouts on the features are much lower.
Nakia. Reviewed on 05.10.18
I recently got a good raise at work so I decided to do some fun gambling at Bovada. I started to realize how easy it is to make money at low stakes then as soon as it hits high stakes.. odds don't exist anymore, everything just goes the way of the house. Roulette is where I tested my theory.

I started with $200 and built it up to $1000 and as soon as I started making large bets, I would get red 6 times in a row, or double zeros way too consistently. As I started to see what was happening I documented everything and invested $700 to figure all this out eventually I realized that during stakes where bets are $25 or less the odds seem fairly normal.

Once you are betting $100 or more.. everything goes the way of the house by a whopping 88% fail rate. This means once you start betting high amounts you immediately lose money. Note I also tested this among time, if you are betting more than 25 min straight, the odds go in favor of the house. I won't bore you with details but know that I have a masters in mathematics and used some of my knowledge to map out statistics which show that Bovada essentially will let you "win" while you bet fast during a short period of time, then suddenly the odds change to be roughly 88% in their favor until you lose all your money. Once you purchase more chips and enter a new table, your odds seem to reset, but I can't be sure by how much. Not sure what else resets the odds, but basically I quit playing Bovada because from the information i gathered, it has to be a calculated scam to make money of unsuspecting gamblers.

Don't be another statistic. Do not play at Bovada. After seeing the shocking results of my testing, I completely support the government banning all online gambling, because if it's all like this, then it is a complete scam.
Sarita. Reviewed on 06.10.18
I played poker in the Bovada casino for about a year, and was happy with the assortment of games, software, speed, etc. Customer service is easily accessible by phone, but...
Even if a software glitch takes your money, they won't give it back.I'm a low stakes player, and played thousand of $1 games, and a few $5 games. Suddenly my cash balance dropped by almost $100 and records showed I played in a $66 and $25 game--these error games occurred within seconds of each other. I never signed up for stakes that high. When I called customer service they said their records showed those games were played from my computer. I conceded it's possible I played those games, as I was playing multiple $1 games at the time--I played the games that popped on my screen, assuming they were tournaments I signed up for. I am 100% confident I did not accidentally sign up for these games. I sort tournaments by the buy-in amount and to accidentally click on a $66 game, I would have had to accidentally scroll down several screens even to see them listed, and not noticed the buy-in amount in the title when I clicked to join.

Bovada acknowledged my extremely consistent months-long history of micro- stakes play, and that I had never played a game for more than $10, but refused to acknowledge it might be a systems glitch and refused to refund my disputed buy-ins. After escalating to a supervisor, they offered me a ticket to a $22 tournament for my "inconvenience" but told me there was nothing else they could do. Since I have no recourse should they one day claim I played a $200 game, I requested a full cash out. I also asked that they make a note so if the glitch they say doesn't exist is uncovered, they would contact me and refund my money. They absolutely refused to to contact me even if they do discover a software glitch was responsible for the charges.
Annmarie. Reviewed on 07.10.18
I used to play poker here a few years ago but never won enough to withdraw.

Stopped playing poker for a while after that. Recently I've discovered how fun and addictive online casinos are. So I've taken to playing slots, blackjack, roulette etc. Bovada every once in a while would send me an email with a free chip to play with. Never turned it into anything. That is until yesterday.

Managed to take a 10$ free chip up to 700+ USD$. Which to a lot of you may not seem like a lot, but that's a great deal of money to me. So I immediately came here to see what the reviews said about withdrawing. And I was shattered. A 1. 88, I thought... sh**. I'll never see a penny of that money, that I used a free chip to obtain.

Well much to my surprise I just received a fat deposit into my BTC wallet from Bovada, THE NEXT DAY.

So all of you complaining about not getting paid, I dunno what you're on about, cause they were on the ball. I sent them an email asking about timing window, they stated, 48 hour review period, possibly more. Then once approved 15 mins for your BTC to be released. They shattered the timing for both. And I'm over the moon.

So anyone thinking Bovada is shit, give them a shot, maybe now that they're doing BTC withdrawals, it's different. Hell, I'm gonna throw a little bit back in just cause I'm so happy they honored the payment.

Sorry for the long winded review, but I feel they deserved credit seeing all the poor reviews here.
Nothing! They honored payment from a 10$ bonus chip after wager reqs were met.

If I had to complain about anything, it's the idiots that chat in the poker games. Wish you could mute them.
Queenie. Reviewed on 10.10.18
Bovada casino using games from Real Time Gaming and Betsoft, and accepts players from United States. I think it is clearly visible that casino oriented on players from USA because for European players both Betsoft and Real Time Gaming are not so interesting softwares, and we can enjoy Microgaming and Net Entertainment.

I played at Bovada casino only one time, because I generally do not very often play in Real Time Gaming casinos at all. I was able to get 100% bonus offer from this casino, so I make 30$ deposit from my card, and had 60$ to play. Also I was happy to see that I was charged only 30$, because I read some stories when casino sometimes charge a bit more from card, I mean Real Time Gaming casinos, but here everything is ok, I was charged only 30$ that I wanted to deposit, and not single penny more.

I started playing my favorite games, and first one was T-rex, I played with 0.5 bets, and like many times this happens before I got just down and down, and stopped when I had 25$, played around 300 spins, but still was not able to trigger freespins feature, not a best experience of course. In such case I decided to play Alladin wishes, this games saves me lot of time, and I always like it, reminds me when I was child and watched cartoon about Alladin, by any chance you remember song from it, starting 'Arabian night'... :) Anyway, Alladdin wishes was ok, I trigger 4-5 features, but when my balance appear on 40$ mark I open T-rex again, and lost my 40$ with 0.5$ bets without getting feature, stupid dino :(

I did not test payouts and customer service at Bovada, and of course I can not rate casino high in such case, so I give it 6 stars. But looks good, I did not notice anything bad.

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