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Cristy. Reviewed on 09.07.18
Blackjack Ballrom Microgaming software casino from Casino Rewardsgroup. I play in this placeusing free play promotions 500 free so few things how this work ? Simple play over 20 spins to testing games win over 100 stopfree play if win over 100 $in no luck then restart free play. And try again win over 100. Now deposit 20 andwe havebonus 100for 20 deposit. So I started play with 120$now looking terms, wager x 30 bonus in slot ok.

A little big but bonus was also bigok-butin terms is few traps-don't usegambling options - ok don't single spin more then 15%bonus amount ok but dont use autoplayoptions, this is big trap when player play with this bonus and must do a lot spins to make wager. So I play after make wager ( this was not easy but is possible ) I do cash outsreverse time was probably48 h don't remember nextdocuments standardcopydocuments idfax billings.And withdrawal received after few days.

They have good support but support don't tellyou all rules if player play with bonus then player must find all rules and read carefully all terms and conditions promotionswhose already used. Abutprogresswagering with bonus- this is show in casino after your check you moneyyou see real money and bonus when you starts you have 120 but whenyou click in 120 you see 100 bonus and 20 real cash. Whenyou play some time and check again this you see 90 or 80 bonusand some real cash and you can checkyour progressin this place. More play and Bonus will bego down

Casino rewardshave a lot casinos in group so you can always use your Casino Rewards pointsearned from deposit and from play more deposits- more play = more points . Points can be use in Casino Rewards lottery or can be reedem to bonus money. But ifyou will be to often reedem bonus points to cash then casino blocked it.

Same things about deposit promotions-if player will be use to often high deposit promotions ina lot others casinos from one Casino rewards group then soonCasino rewards blocked all deposit bonus- and player cant use any deposit bonus. This was in my case now I can't use deposit promotions only play with my money if I decided do deposit.

Not good for me but ok.

I like play in Microgamingsand I often in past play in a lotcasinos fromCasino rewards group but now when I can'tuse bonus I play in Microgamings but from other group no Casino Rewards.
Anyway I think Blackajack Ballrom is goodcasino.

They have
- very good deposit free play promotions 100 free after deposit 20
- good support
- shortverificiations notproblems to receivedwinnings ifplayer don't broke rules.

I don't like in this place
-Hidden trap aboutdeposit bonus terms - autoplay options, gambling options
-Casino policy blocked deposit bonus for player who to often do withdrawal playing with bonus
-After they blockedCasino rewards points is very hard unlocked this points again- I have over 200e in this points but I can't use it because is suspended for me and supportalways sayyou must do more depositto be able to unlocked this points. But how many deposit not answers- I do fewdeposit butafter ask again about this still answers is same domore and more deposits.
Brigette. Reviewed on 24.09.18
Blackjack Ballroom. How did they name this casino? Do they really have a ballroom for dancing or did they think up two words to make a neat combination. I really like this place especially with the new improvements they have on their website. Their old website was awful. No winners page, jackpots, it was all just basic materials slathered into one website. Now with everything basic turned into something more advanced I could finally play at a good looking casino.

When I went for Blackjack Ballroom it was typically a rainy day occupied with some lightning. I remembered because it was one day away from my brother's birthday. I was having a horrible day trying to make ends meet with personal stuff like bills. I had $50 so I was willing to risk $20 to see if lady luck would gather me something helpful. I took Blackjack Ballrooms $500 free play offer I got in the mail. A CD & letter were enclosed. It was much expected from Casino Rewards offering me welcome bonuses I haven't already used up before.

Once again the CD wasn't needed to make the download so I just went on their homepage. No matter how many times I played with Casino Rewards it is always interesting and easy to the last! A $20 deposit for $100 giving me $120! I opened Jacks or better 10 hands after the free play playing for $5 each. For around a total of 28 hands winning 6 hands and losing with the majority of hands played getting greedy on the double feature each time I was left with $10.14. I used my final try, placed my $10 bet and miraculously I won big! Now I wasn't entirely happy but it helped me very much to continue my journey to wager the bonus. There was part of a Royal Flush in preflop when I dealt the hand. Queen, King and a 10 of Clubs showed. I dealt the hand leaning in suspense of something huge and right there the Royal flush gave me hope! Exactly $800 updated my balance! The unhappy side is I was still stuck with wagering requirements so not much of a happy ending there. I proceeded slowly on a bunch of video slots with my $800.14 making larger bets possible while steadily making sure I don't make any mistakes.

Being greedy, staying on video slots to witness their shortcomings and not betting enough to make a difference are the mistakes I refrained! One slot I avoided was King Cashalot. Not a lot of feedback on this slot for max bet. It must be better at a different time. Who knows? Burning Desire, Mega Moolah, Gold Factory and Gladiator were on Fire! The type of fire (heat) from eating a whole chili pepper or hotter and you need to extinguish it with water. Gladiator was not bad with the 100 Free spins even though a multiplier wasn't present.

Anyways my $2 triggering bet made the biggest different when it came to results on this slot. I played my rounds in days and cleared my wagering in 5 days. The mistress of luck teased me at the beginning until she changed everything around. $608 was in my mail in just a week, after the weekend, on a Monday! I didn't need support because I knew my way around the Casino Rewards network. Every Microgaming casino on here are the same, except maybe the experiences and results. A great deal has been spent here! Lady Luck made a fool out of me and later made me special. Maybe you can too!
Marvella. Reviewed on 28.09.18
I was playing at Blackjack for a while now and I kind of got hooked on it again.
I played a lot of Blackjack in the past but recently Blackjack was very lucky for me on the last cash I had deposited in a casino.

This casino is Microgaming powered, so for instance, if you didn't come for Blackjack you can pick amongst 500 games in Microgaming. I like Thunderstruck.

It didn't take long to register, and I really liked their bonus. I did play once or twice before in a casino where you get a bonus if you meet the wagering requirements with the free play bonus, but I never managed to beat the wagering requirements and withdraw the money or use it to play with.
It didn't happen this time either, and I was really disappointed. I thought the Blackjack tactic was going fine, until I started upping the bets bits by bits.

When playing Blackjack you have to play attention to the bets you are using, and how fast you are placing yourself.
I got a bit carried away , but I did manage to win 90$, 120$ something like that.
Blackjack has a volotile nature, and it can be very bad if you aren't playing it smart.
It seems that my blackjack luck disappeared.

I didn't like the fact that it was download only. I am a flash player, and I played in quite a bit of casinos, and the thing is, Iike all of those casinos were download only, I'd have about 10 gigabytes of casinos on my pc.
Besides, flash play is instant, and wont repel people who look for a quick play for instance.
I didn't pay much attention to many of the games, because I was focused on Blackjack the entire time.
I guess since the name is with Blackjack as well, I'd have to play that. I did play thunderstruck for a while though, couldn't resist spinning a few times.

So that is the only negative thing. Iplayed Thunderstruck with 0.5 bets and I did manage to grab some free spins.
I had about 30 spins, and I also had 2x 15 spins that I got so that was edgy.
I didn't mage the wagering requirements though.
It's a nice casino, and it might be my go-to casino if I want to play blackjack. 7/10
Lucas. Reviewed on 03.10.18
Blackjack Ballroom casino is a member of the Casino Rewards group. It is using the Microgaming platform which is well known across the gambling community and is simply the best according to the most of the players, including me! I was attracted by the welcome offer of this casino which is an hour of free play with 500 credits. I looked for their bonus terms and conditions and I was rather surprised when I have read them. It is really rare to meat a casino with such well written and understandable terms and conditions. Most of the casinos write them in a such a way that the ordinary player cannot understand everything and we all know how important is to know everything about the bonuses we use, right? So, I used the free hour promotion which gives you the opportunity to win up to 100 credits and to transfer them into your real account in exchange of a single deposit for at least 20 credits. Or in other words this is a 500% match bonus for a deposit of 20. Nice! Very, very nice. Another good thing about this promo is that of youlose, there is a button called Losing?Try again and if you hit it the free play hour and credits start over again! SO I managed to win 100 credits after the third attempt and after 1 hour they were credited to my bonus account! I have enjoyed much there with my favorite Microgaming slots and eventually I even managed to clear all my bonus wagering requirements and cashed out 200$. Not a bad work for a couple of days, right? What I do not like about ut was the long pending period – 48 hours which is not very competitive, nut bearing in mind that this gaming platform is one of the safest it is worth waiting!So, to summarize I will use some simple rating scores:Support: 9/10Software: 10/10Security: 9/10Finance: 8/10Bonuses: 5/10Terms&Conditions: 7/10Overall: One of the best Microgaming based casinos! Well that is it from me now:). Thanks to for giving me the opportunity to share my story! And always remember: “You can not break the casino bank, but it is worth trying!
Amparo. Reviewed on 05.10.18
Bj ballroom is a part of the famous Casino Rewards group and I think this group has more than 20 casinos at least and recently I also got to know that they have around 10 million users or something. So I think it will be fair to say that this is probably the largest group of casinos in the world.

This is one of the few casino with the Micro gaming portal that offers a free play bonus of 500$ for a limited period of time. The thing which I did not like and it happens with all the casino s with the Micro gaming that most of them do not have a instant play mode so I obviously had to download the software of the casino which luckily did not take up a lot of time.

I did not get my free play bonus after registering so I had to go to the live chat and they were very helpful and just asked for my username and full name and credited the bonus into my account from their end.

I played a lot of slots here but most of the time I was on Thunderstruck II because this one is one of the finest slot games ever made. I managed to get some action here but not enough to keep me from going down and save me from the spins that were going to waste with no feature. After this one I played Tomb Raider slot and I played this game only a couple of times before so not really a frequent visitor. But enjoyed this one too.

In the end I went to table games and I tried my luck there and my balance was already around 390 something and I was running low on time because of the time taken in lading of the
games had played before. Played some Bj and roulette in the end but before I could lose all
the money my time was up and I was no longer eligible to play with the bonus.

But I really enjoyed playing on this casino and might make a real money deposit very soon.
Hortensia Prestridge. Reviewed on 06.10.18
I registered at this casino because that I got email that I have free play offer. Actually, I love free play bonuses, because it is not no deposit bonus, but you actually will receive something nice, and it will be huge deposit bonus with no max cash out. Ok, I use free play bonus, and got 500% bonus on deposit up to 100$. Of course this is a delicious offer, and best way to use it deposit 20$ and play with 120$ what I do.

Okay, I start with such nice balance, but a lot of wager, what game to choose? Of course I decide to play Break da bank again, and again they Break my bank, and with 70$ I left this slot. I really do not know why I can not win anything decent in this slot guys, I trying almost every deposit at Microgaming casinos, but always it sucked my money. Damn. Ok, after it I goes to Tomb raider slot, play it a bit, after it I go to ladies nite slot, I like it because it have only 9 lines and payouts if you hit something are really nice, especially in free spins. So after ladies nite I switch to Santa wild ride, than some another slots, and lost all finally.

After it I decided to made another 50$ deposit, do not take any bonus, and play blackjack. Okay, live support help me cancel bonus, and I have 50$ to play blackjack. I am start with 5$ per hand, but soon when my balance grows to 150$ i start betting 30$ per hand, like idiot, like always. I do not know why I am betting in blackjack so high, really. Anyway, I lost this 50$ another deposit in probably 20 min, and that was painful. But this happens and I can not do anything with it.

So, my marks for Blackjack Ballroom casino:
Software: 9/10
Support: 9/10 as a Casino Rewards support
Bonuses: 9/10
Cashouts: do no test
Total: 9/10 I like this casino, and as a part of Casino Rewards group you can trust it and play without any risk.
Ellen. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Blackjack Ballroom Casino - Microgaming, Quickfire software
I must confess that I have read some bad reviews about Casino Rewards group and I decided better not just don’t play there but not even enter my email anywhere just to be sure that I will not get spammed like many other people claimed they got :) (however, the truth is, that this decision was made right after I have already played on many of them, but I just have not noticed it or given it a … importance.)

And then, one day, I found an offer about 5 free rounds on Thunderstruck II at Blackjack Ballroom casino. That nicely sounded casino name, who would ever wondered about if it is not also member of Casino Rewards? My only luck was that I have changed my primary email soon after I signed up there :) Otherwise, it is absolutely clear and everyone, who has ever joined any casino of the CasiNo Reward group and has entered his real e-mail (read: “done that mistake and then definitely smashed his head against the wall), will certainly know my reasons not to enter your real e-mail. However, this knowledge could be received only by own experience – so far have I learned this.

Okay, but now lets get back to BlackJack Ballroom - I have registered at the casino and right after that, I claimed the 5 spins, without any required negative thing like that I must contact the live chat or any reason because the spins not credited – no, this was good, the spins were already on my account. How many times do you 3 scatters within 5 free rounds everywhere? 1 of 100? Of 1000? I received it and it surprised me quite a lot. Even more, that after I deposited there and have withdrawn 400$, I realized that it is a part of casino rewards.The verification process took few more that I usually experience, but overall process also with the withdrawal took less than a week and that is still acceptable duration for me.
Shon. Reviewed on 10.10.18
Blackjack Ballroom Casino is a part of Casino Rewards group, powered by Microgaming casino software.
They have a free play offer for one hour with 500 free. You should bet 20 times before the time runs out, and must win over the initial 500.
You can receive maximum 100 like a bonus money. If done earlier, you can quit the game and get your winnings without having to wait for an hour.

So I decided to take a shot with this casino. I downloaded the software and made a registration. First thing that you can see at the casino lobby is the free game option.
Just press the button start free play and the time start to run. For twenty minutes maybe I have made more than 1000 bucks, and I press quit early button to collect my winnings. (which is can't be more than 100).

Back in the casino lobby and made my deposit of 20$ which is the minimum to get the 100$ bonus. I wait more than a half hour to receive the bonus, and start playing with 120$
First I try Thunderstruck 2 video slot. This is 243 slot game with wilds and free spins, generally very good winnings opportunities.

Start with 0.90 per spin and I hit three scatters (free spins) few times for a 30-40 minutes. I won from this game about 150$-160$ for a little bit more then hour.
So I changed a few games for a few hours and I already had in the account 650$. But I still have to do the wagering requirements.
And for that reason Iraised the bets to 3$ per spin. I have do the wagering, but I lost almost half of my money.
Decided to try to withdraw my winnings which is300$. And after three days the money was in my Neteller account.
So far I am happy with this casino, I have made several deposits there and I havetwo withdrawals.
Probably I will keep playingthere.

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