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Amanda. Reviewed on 11.07.18
I was looking for some casino with no deposit bonus and saw that Bella Vegas casino gives 10 free spins on their Santa Surprise slot. They're provided by Betonsoft platform and there's this interesting thing they have- if you're a member in their affiliates (you've registered with the same email) you can use that account to other their casinos too. I have an account in their affiliates, so I just entered my email, chose a password and activated my account.

I went to cashier and entered the code I got, but I got a message that I wasn't eligible for this bonus. So I started a conversation with live chat to get the reason for it. I was connected to a really nice chat guy called Nick and he checked my account and manually added those 10 spins. That's so supportive.

The game was a classic slot, 1 line, 4 coins per line and the free games were played with 1 coin with 1€ size. From those 10 spins only 1 time I got win and it was 2€. With that I went to Lucky Scratch scratch cards. Unfortunately the minimum bet was 1€ so I could only play it for 2 times and both were giving me 0 wins.
Few days later I decided to make a 20€ deposit there and I played mostly video poker, but I didn't have really much luck with it and eventually lost my balance.

Although I haven't cashout from Bella Vegas, I can say only good things about this casino. The variety of games could be bigger, but the support and look of casino was really nice, the flash play worked good too. I also really like the fact that you the cashier is so understandable- if you have a code, you can claim it and see how much you've wagered. I give them 7/10.
This is a Bet on soft casino with acceptable online reputation. I never liked their casino because the video slots are 100 percentage the same like on the other Bet on soft casinos but they didn't have good promotions like the first Bet on soft casinos.

I decided to register here because they gave 25 free spins to their new customers on a special forum with 100 euro maximum cash out. I downloaded the software from the special link so I was able to get the no deposit bonus. After it I went to the cashier and claimed my coupon code.

I started to play on the Peek physique on the minimum bet because I wanted to play as many as I can from the no deposit bonus. When I played down the half of my no deposit bonus money I got the free games but at the end I collected only 20 euro from it and I decided to play on another video slot.

I started The tomahawak video slot because it has 243 lines what makes the game more payable. I started with the minimum bet again. On my third spins I hit the three tomahawk on the first three reel and get the free games. This time I get 47 euro plus profit so I doubled the stake and kept playing here. I spin down many rounds but I didn't get the free spin feature again but I got the totem bonus game. I built a totem with the chosen parts and got 24 euro from it. I didn't changed the video slot again, I stayed on The tomahawk until as I can but it eat my no deposit bonus. I think they are worth a try because it is free.
Kizzie. Reviewed on 24.09.18
Bella Vegas is part of the Grand Prive’ network and uses Betonsoft software. Betonsoft software is probably my personal favorite, probably because if I’m playing a game in penny increments even though it still maybe 1.50 a spin its cooler to see that you won 10,000 credits, than you won $100 but that’s just me. Believe it or not my personal favorites are the 9 line slots, like of age of Spartans, Reels of Rock, and my personal favorite Roll up Roll up, I always seem to do good on that game, in fact it was at Bella Vegas during that game was when I won my first gold medal on any machine, if hit silver on many but never gold, I wonder what it takes to hit diamond, if anyone has a screenshot I’d love to see it.

Anyways back to my experience at Bella Vegas, I know just about all Betonsoft Casinos have affiliates for a sign up bonus that includes free money or spins. I had found plenty to choose from for Casino Grand Bay, some for Roadhouse Reels, even a tiny one for Lake Palace, but never one for Bella Vegas. I would search on Google, “Exclusive Betonsoft no deposit or free spins” or “exclusive Grand prive sign up bonus, but most of what I’d find was for depositors, or already expired. One day I typed something simple into Google either “Exclusive Betonsoft” or “Exclusive Grand Prive”, and wouldn’t you know on one of the top four-five on the list had a code for 30 free spins on Bucksy Malone and a match bonus.

I downloaded it through the link and, I went to go use the bonus and it said used already maximum times, I was confused, I had never played Bella Vegas so it made no sense. I contacted support (which when it comes to Grand Prive/Big Dollar is always a gamble. I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with one of the friendliest support chat staff on their network Jasmine, and the unfortunate timing of getting Mark Allashole I mean Allastair (I will explain in a future review). This time I was lucky to get Jasmine, she credited me the free spins, I made about $12 off of them and had a good hour, hour and a half out of it.I still never don’t understand why Grand Prive has five separate casinos. It’s not like their Harrah’s and own the Ceasers Palace and other properties all over the country, maybe it’s because each one is a different color, and that attracts people to play at all 5 casinos, or as I like to do, test all of them, feel which one I had the best luck and stick with it. Gamblers and their superstition’s lol.

Now for my Rating.
I give Bella Vegas a 9/10, I actually got manually credited a bonus, even though I was supposed to get it anyways. I had a fun time playing because I had the rite support on hand, if someone else was on duty it may have been a totally different story. Anyways that No Deposit Bonus is expired, but Ask Gamblers offers a couple nice Match offers.

Jenette. Reviewed on 02.10.18
Bella Vegas sounded so attractive I had to give it a try. They are a very attractive site, with a luxurious ambiance fit for the beautiful city of Las Vegas.I've played at other Grand Prive sites before, and never really got what was going on, but I found my way here at Bella Vegas and had a little successful free spin fun.It has taken me awhile to get used to the slots here, and I'm sure there's much more I'll figure out if I ever get to make a deposit. I've won a few awards on some games but don't know what good they are or if they are useful for something somewhere...

My favorite game is Age of Spartans but darn it, that game can be so cruel as well. Sometimes I just enjoy playing it for the sound effects ("Spar- taaaaaaaa!")but I always love it when the free spins come up and even more so when I get them a second time. The first dozen or so times I played, it actually paid pretty well, but since then, even when I get the free spins, the payout sucks, I mean, like $1.60 from 9 spins.come on! So depending on how much money I have left I'll go to a different game- either a really low wager one and play like 3 cents at a time, or I go all out on one of the 50 line slots and try to get a lucky streak going on. Well, it's been fun but not too lucky yet for me.

Lately there have been rumors that the casinos in this group and with these games are no longer going to allow US players,but so far I haven't found that to be true. Maybe new players? I don't know. Maybe they just won't be as generous to US players as they are to the rest of the eligible world.

BetOnSoft games are pretty good, and I think they have won out over the RTG slots at this point in time, at least for me. I'm tired of RTG in general, anyway as too many of them have not paid out when I've won, and often groups have a lot of lagging issues, and just in general they seem to be not as good as they used to. So for me, it's Bucksy Malone, Alpha Squad, small soldiers, and several other fun games from BetOnSoft. I've even started playing blackjack here, which is something I rarely do.
Sherise. Reviewed on 04.10.18
First, I heard about Bella Vegas casino from one of my friends and as a person who knows me very well and knows my preferences relating to casino world, said he thinks probably it would suit me well.

At first sight there’s not much special here, it’s just an usual BetOnSoft developed and designed platform, though I find very useful their little animated, step-by-step tips which really give a great helping hand to the rookies to get familiar with this software. Of course it can be turned off if somebody doesn’t need it. The base services like payment methods, support are very decent, though a little bit faster response time for e-mails would be nice but it’s not really a concern. They offer great cash tournaments (personally I like Atlantis Gold’s or Treasure Island’s better although these both are not owned and operated by GrandPrive). There’s one important thing about tournaments, they only accept US Dollar currency. So if we want to participate these tournaments here, we can only do this if at the sign up procedure we register our player account in $. I don’t know why this currency restriction or why they don’t organize competitions in other curencies too. The amazing and unique thing that can be possible and allowed byBetOnSoft software, that we have the generous opportunity to easily and free transfer our money to or back another casino in the same casino group. I consider it a real player-friendly gesture.

I always liked BetOnSoft software and other benefits it gives and lately I just like them more and more. Their games are high quality, characteristically well designed and created. My favourite slot here is Lucky Leprechauns I called it ’the Irish game’. I like its atmosphere, its leprechaun, four leaf clover and horseshoe symbols with the enchanting Irish folk background music. I had a lot of funny time to spend with it.

In these times when players sometimes are just bored with the well-known environments and the growing desire in them to look elsewhere and find some other groups prominent representatives, that easily can be Bella Vegas Casino. My friend was right this time, Bella Vegas is definitely worth a try.
Sook. Reviewed on 05.10.18
Bella Vegas, another Bet on Soft Casino which I am registered player of maybe all Bet On soft casinos. So Bella Vegas, I always take no deposit offer so they were giving 25 free chip to try their games, I was waiting for some promotion from them and when I saw it I signed up.

My friends are playing here so 2 of them are constant depositors, deposit often and withdraw often from them so they have no problems with them so I said I will give it a try. So with those 25 dollars I did start playing my favorite slots Age of Spartans, funny this slot likes me a lot or not, well or I would lose my money very fast or from the beginning it would give me big winnings. So I did play for 0 minutes my balance raised till 125 dollars but I was far from wagering those bonus, but anyhow I enjoyed playing those Spartans. It gave me many dead spins and then I changed the slot start playing Perfect date slot, also interesting game for me. There I hit the couple feature right away so I got free spins and my balance raised again to 220 dollars, but again when I checked at the cashier I was on half the way for wagering that bonus, and again change the slot and played Age of Spartans but now I raised the bet to 0.10 per line so my balance went down to 19 dollars and there were plenty dead spins, so I finished this bonus without wagering, so didn't make anything.

The next thing was to deposit, I only once deposited there. From time to time they send me free spins, well I cant cashout because I did one deposit only but I will play those free spins for loyalty points so from them you can get 10 dollar and up bonus, depends how many loyalty points you have.

I never cashout from them neither, had no bad experience with Bella Vegas, so for me they are solid casino. About their chat I can say that they are always nice and friendly, always there to help.
Art. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Bella Vegas Casino is like kind of sort of New York casino. What I mean is that design is extravagant and very attractive to play. The Bella Vegas Casino is powered by BetOnSoft platform and this casino offers exclusive bonus for the AskGambles' new players! It can help you more when you play their casino, all you need to do is visit their website via the AskGamblers' site then after that register then deposit!

The games that I played there are what I'm comfortable to play like Break da Bank, Cash Flow, Bucking Broncos and the other casino games like the table games and scratch game. They also have special bonuses like the calendar promotion from the other casino and it's ridiculous when you are the lucky player that spotted! Honestly I'm hoping for that promotion and I save my credits too long and play it every Friday. When I finished downloading the Bella Vegas and got the bonus I quickly played some sort of slot. If you bother playing and want some thrill then they also have tournament four each day per week! You will have a high chance to get some money when you join and everyday their progressive jackpot is progressing and growing.

Although they have loyalty points for the loyal player reward i'm not still get any of the benefits of this loyalty reward because I didn't always wager to be rewarded. Their withdrawal time is normal not fast as the other top casino but they paid and today I made about four withdrawals from them and no doubt that they are legitimately good casino.

The withdrawal process in 1 - 2 days, I can't predict the exact but they're constantly paying their members. This casino is also certified by gambleware from UK that's why I am confident that they are a nice casino powered by BetOnSoft and that this casino deserve to get B+ from me!
Sau. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Bella Vegas casino using games from Betonsoft, and this casino is in group Grandprive, I tried all their casinos and can say that it is good and interesting group, at least it was such in past, but now probably things are not so good, because as I see there is few unresolved complaints here, and of course it is not very good sign for any online casino.

I joined this casino and was able to get 30 no deposit freespins at some bandit slot, like at few others casinos in this group. Good thing that if I remember this good, freespins were not at minimum bet, and I won something like 20$ from this freespins, or probably I was just was very lucky with that freespins. With my 20$ I tried couple of games, playing each till freespins, but it was not my day and I was not able to earn some money for free. By the way Betonsoft slots is much more better than Betsoft, and here games are not so low variance, and win something big if possible here.

I have also made deposit in this casino, it was 20$ with 200% bonus which casino send me on my email, so I remember my favorite slot here with Spartans and shields, and 20$ not so big money for have some fun and entertainment. After two hours of playing exclusively this slot I was able to clear my deposit bonus and request withdrawal. Casino asked for my documents to verify my account, and it took for them 3 days, which is long I believe. In total I get paid on my Moneybookers account after 5 days of waiting , and I can not say that it is fast, but it is acceptable, much more important thing that they at least pay.

I rate this casino with 6 stars, since withdrawal takes 5 days and this is not very good.
Adah. Reviewed on 10.10.18
So, I registered with them because I saw on Russian poker forum that they give 25 free spins on Bucksy Malone slot. I registered, typed bonus code in field, and download Bucksy Malone. So, I really had not 25, I had 50 free spins on this slot! Nice one.
This slot had 40 pay lines, and here are funny features:

1)Every spin(not every really, but 98% of spins) guy with gun shoot in random symbol and makes it wild.

2)If you hit 3 special guys, you should choose 3 barrels and receive some money (one time with bet 0.8 i choose a barrel with 40 $ ( wow ).

3)Free spins 3 scatter gives you 10 free spins with x 2 multiplier.

So, I played my freespins and on balance was ~24 dollars. After it I just searched some slots, and saw that they had Tomahawk slot ( it has 243 paylines). So I played this slot about hour or two, and after it I stayed only with 10 $, but I cleared 50% of WR. And I just said to myself 'This is Sparta' and joined Age of Spartans :) I even hit there 15 free spins with x 3 multiplier, but anyway in final I lost my money :(

So, in total Bella Vegas casino is same as Grandbay casino (both in Grandprive casinos group) so I can say that they had very nice slots ( I also recommend you to play Road trip with 243 paylines ), also I want to say that support in this casino is very nice, they had live chat.

Also can say that one guy who clear his Wagering req. cashout his money in 7 days without deposit. That's not bad too. So if you look at Betonsoft, you can try this casino, I like it very much.

Have a nice day!

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