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Wyatt. Reviewed on 11.07.18
Always Cool casino is run by Betsoft software. I joined this casino a long time ago about two or three years maybe. That is when I first had my encounter with Betsoft games. The Betsoft 3D slots really amazed me. The Betsoft games were maybe the only thing I liked about this casino. I would also add that the look of their webpage is simple and is just by my taste.

Now I have to say a few things about the things I don’t like about this casino. The first thing I will mention is their live chat support. They don’t have any live chat support. It is unthinkable to me that a casino doesn’t offer live chat help to its players.

They only have support via e-mail. That is unthinkable for today standards in the online gambling industry. The other thing I would like to mention is that this casino has the worst Terms & Conditions I have ever read in some online casino. Here you will see that the citizens of almost 80 countries are restricted from redeeming any bonuses of any kinds (including free chips). That is really incredible for me. This casino allows citizens from all countries to be members but doesn’t allow the citizens of half of the world to take any bonuses. If that rule was only for no deposit bonuses I could maybe understand but this way I just can't understand the business politics of Always Cool Casino. Like I said before the 3D games offered by Betsoft really grew to my heart and I often play here in fun mode.

Finally in one chance about 6 months ago I decided to make a deposit here from 25 dollars and try their games in real mode. With a little luck I had a withdrawal of 80 dollars if I remember correctly in the end. I was payed a few days after on my Neteller account and later on I tried two more deposits here but didn’t have success in withdrawal again.
I have to say I had to give this casino a shot for myself, as I've read through a large amount of negative, unresolved and undisputed issues.

I have to say I was really disappointed.

First I'd like to say that their bonuses are far from what I'd consider *normal* . The bonuses are too big, and you lose just as easily.
Secondly, their Support didn't seem interested in what I had to offer as a possible dedicated player.
Third, I did not manage to find any other play method, besides instant play (which, don't get me wrong, is the type of play I perserve, but the more choices we have, the better the fan base)

And I have to say I lost my money before I even had a chance to further investigate the site liability and I have to say I wasn't happy with what they had to offer.

When looking for an dedicated online casino, players (myself included) look for the following :

Easy registration (Yes )
Friendly, easy and accessible support (No )
Normal wager bonuses, as per other casinos (No)
Possible withdraws earned without depositing (No)
Overall usable site (Yes )
High user rating ( No )
Trustworthiness ( No )

In the space was my personal input on this casino, and as you can see, the word "No" comes to mind , rather than "Yes".

They have a nice game selection yes, but are ranked as one of the worst overall casinos that has to offer for their fans, and as somewhat a "harsh critic" I cannot suggest this site.

The rating is actually higher than I would give, the service was overall bad, I didn't have any immediate problems, but if you take a look on other reviews, you will find that the site is not what anyone would deem "trust worthy".

Overall grade 1/10, plain and simple. Will not make any deposits in the near future!
Shannon. Reviewed on 23.09.18
My experience at ac casino was at first very good! They offer great match bonuses to play their video slots, which is what I enjoy the most. they offer a 2222% match I believe and various free chips, every once in a while. however their free chips come with terms and conditions that after one cash out from a free chip, you must make that amount cashed out from free chip back in deposits. for example; 65 freechip cashed out, will leave you to have to make deposits ( in that freechip amount)in order to cash out on another free chip. so the next free chip you take and win to cash out, make sure you made that amount in deposit(s) prior to cashout! Also read their terms and conditions very carefully cause they got terms and conditions for each and every match bonus you take from them!

I was well aware of each match bonus i took and free chip I took, as well as I kept track of my deposits. so after a month or two no wins I made a 25$ deposit from one of many, as my usual play in gambling. I took up the 2222% match for regular slots and I made the playthrough knowing when you make the playthrough you must have at least 2 x the whole match bonus. Meaning I had to have at least doubled my match when completed playthrough which I did correctly. Also before I play my match bonus I have to make sure that my *real balance is lost first. Which is very strange but that's their rules. Ok so I played out and lost my real balance before I wagered out my match bonus, also making sure I more than doubled my match bonus, for a complete withdrawal fund.

I really hated that it takes them 7 business days to get back to you about withdraw then another 7 business days when after you respond to that ticket. Then maybe longer if they keep delaying it. Ok so I sent in withdraw ticket and sent in all my documents which they already had from before. I did this cause I did not want them to even try delaying my cashout since a 7 business days plus more for my all complete cash is in my hand, is along wait as it is. So after the 7 business days of waiting for my first reply from them I was hoping for a processed withdraw email, instead I got a need more documents email.

Ok so no problem I sent them what they asked for. Then I waited for I think 14 business days still no reply from them so I called them numerous times, they would say only way to know is submit a ticket to the accounting department. Which I'm well aware if you submit a new ticket its only going to take another 7 business days to get a reply. So people from this so far having the run around and wait for a month for a single withdraw why play here its not worth you time, money or effort.

I waited one more week and wrote a complaint on here at AskGamblers site in order to get paid from always cool casino. It took me total of 2 months to get paid from a 550$ cashout which I only received 348$ cause they also made up that banking fees costs were 25$ each return to my card, which is very expensive and which they did 8 times instead of once!

Warning - don't play here, they are the worst casino this one and its sister site Pamper casino, then after my withdrawal they locked my account and band me from playing there again lol see totally not worth your time money or effort!

Good luck folks!
Eleanore. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Just trying out Always cool casino with the $255 2 years ago and my initial reaction was common among all players. I was feeling they would give me the biggest of all "chances" with $255 worth of free chips and with a couple of experiences behind me I already knew bonuses and free chips had something hiding inside of them that is very familiar to all of us, wagering requirements.

The $255 free chip I had registered for had 80 times so in total wagering this became $20400! That my friends is trying to beat down a big animal like a bear or a tiger with twigs and very small rocks. Now if the wagers were cut in half or maybe much more than instead of twigs with small rocks I would have with me a folding chair for half the wagers or a tranquilizer/rifle for significantly lower playthrough. This might give me more insight on the casino if I luck out of it and it will save me the trouble for making future deposits. Now there are plenty of 3D slots when using my bonus here.

My first pick is Rook's Revenge. Every 3D slot was under a big coin size of 0.10 so I had to adjust it every time. I used 0.05 coin size with 100 coins/$1 per spin, that's $5 a go for my $255. This slot resembles to that of Gonzo's quest. Every win I collected the character starts doing dance moves and multipliers increase as I continue to win. Just like the slot Gonzo's quest symbols get destroyed for replacement of new symbols from the top. The free spins weren't a let down because I triggered them twice for the 3 golden masks with an interesting looking question mark wild left to right, both in normal spins and inside the feature. Multipliers are bigger inside free spins and I had only 10 free spins to start then another 10 after I had 3 free spins left. For 20 Free spins total I won $37.86 for all my spins on a 0.05 coin size, that's $189.30 within one feature! For their support system it is cluttered, a support centre for submitting tickets with live chat not being descriptive enough on my questions. I will admit Always casino is fun but much work is needed because they have awkward looking bonus percentages and winnings were tight in the middle of my wagers.

After 5 hours I lost every dollar I had. This casino can't be my hang out spot so I will not make deposits for an "okay" casino that doesn't express much winnings smoothly. It won me amounts nicely in the beginning but when it came to the middle everything fell to pieces. My rating for AC is a 4.5 out of 10!
Sheri. Reviewed on 03.10.18
Ridiculous, unattractive, yet somewhat enjoyable were words to describe my visit to Always Cool Casino. Always Cool casino falls in the same group as Pamper Casino.

The ridiculous part is they offer players with a $255 no deposit bonus just for signing up. The unattractive part is this huge bonus makes up for the sloppy video slots they provide because the symbols from video slots such as Mr Vegas, Under the sea or even the Curious Machine were stacked to lower my chances of winning in combinations. Sometimes however the symbols do fall in my favour to provide small to medium payouts. This was of course the "somewhat enjoyable" part of my experience.

A few things I disliked is when you try to make a withdrawal you have to submit a ticket in which case I never got a chance too. They never responded back to my request after large heapings of wagering! It really wasted my time when I kept waiting for days just to see if support would get back to me. Another thing I should warn everyone about is if you try to claim a type of no deposit bonus and you accidently refresh your browser the code you once tried to claim becomes invalid. I even tried to open live chat to resolve this issue and a man named Jeremy said, "There is nothing I could do sorry. Please be careful next time!". Weird bonuses, difficult wagering requirements, sloppy video slots, support that really helped me resolve a mistake I accidentally made and of course the kicker which makes this the worst out of everything!

On my way to Predictor, a guessing game of colours and numbers I put down $50 because I was feeling lucky. There was a card that had 36 in red and there were 4 colours, and up & down arrows. What this game really is is just a high and low predicting game. I chose to predict the number will be High blue for my $50 and when the cart moved along it was 40 Blue. I won $225 just for guessing this! The best part I accidentally closed this window because I had a few problems with my computer next thing I know when I got back my balance was not updated! What a terrible loss to not be credited with that $225 win!

Anyways what I am trying to say is I recommend you use your money and time on casinos that would not mislead you and reward you better than AC casino! If I were a teacher I would give a grade of D+ to this casino or a 2 out of 10!
Louie. Reviewed on 05.10.18
I think always cool has the biggest free sign up bonus which is 255$ and the wagering requirements is 80 times the amount you get from the casino as free money . As soon as i opened the casino a message came on my bottom left chat operator Jeremy said that i could set-up a bonus code for you and all that and i did not understand this so just ignored. I went to cashier and then to redeem coupon and from there i got my 255$ free chip. And i never thought that i would get such a big bonus so easily
without any questions asked. I opened this game casino war as i thought that is the same as casino battle which is a very interesting game and i have always loved this one. And then when it opened in a new window i saw the funniest thing ever and it said that the game does not exist. I was like then why do they not take it out of the

Then i open 21 burn black jack. And a pop up came i said lost connection with server. Then i see another icon saying casino war and i opened that this time. But it was a game from top game so could not play it. Now i open Mr Vegas slot which is from bet soft. And then this game also tells me that i do have any money in my account please visit the cashier. And their live chat option would not open and i have no clue about
what to do now and i can 255$ balance on the bet soft coloum in my account balance. Then i find a option saying click here to play RNG bonus money and at last i am at the right place and i had almost started panicking because i id want to miss such a big bonus. I open captain cash and bet the maximum as i have a lot of money and soon hit the bar thing which paid me 5$ and then hit a cross combination kind of thing with bar and it paid me 26$.

And then hit that torch kind of thing with bar on 2 lines and it got me 70$. Then i opened gladiator and it is a very nice and famous slot game every where. And hit the shield in the first spin only and it got me 5$. I was disappointed that i could not play and card or table games with this bonus. I was around 800 the last time i checked lets
hope that i meet the wager.
Raymon. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Recently I came across a very generous free chip offer - 255€ from Always Cool Casino. It has Betsoft software so I thought this would nice way to try this casino. I signed up and used flash play. Then I went to promotion section and when I tried to claim this chip, I saw that they have another promotion running - 10€free chip for Live games. Well I am a huge fan of live dealer games and mostly I am more successful in them than in slots, so I was very happy to claim it instead.

With my 10€ I went to live games. I played them for about 2 hours, my bets varied from 1€ - 5€ (on each seat), I played on 3 seats.I managed to get my balance up to 40€, but overall I spent 3 hours playing there and from the wagering of 800€ I managed to wager 770€ until got busted, it is so frustrating! But what is more frustrating..When the dealer had card change, I read their terms and conditions, just to waste my time, and then I saw the bonus section terms, and there was a huge list of countries, including mine, which cannot take any free chips and in case of winnings, the money will be confiscated. I spent 3 hours on a bonus I almost wagered for just nothing. Okay, I know I should have read the terms earlier, but what I don't understand is -why can I redeem a bonus and play it, wager it and why there is shown how much I've wagered, if I actually cannot have any free chip?

I am a fan of live games and I always seek for casinos with good quality live games. But in this casino the dealers English wasn't good, so I just turned the sound off the entire session, the betting time was really short, many times I couldn't even manage to place the bets, the video disappeared few times and what was really upsetting- many times I couldn't make a decision myself (I wanted to hit, but the only option that worked was "stand" and some other player wrote the same thing in the live chat). Disappointing experience, I definitely won't play there again.
Worst casino in terms of withdrawal! Request payout almost 3 weeks now. Submitted documents two weeks ago. Until now no response from them.
Beverly. Reviewed on 07.10.18
If you are a player at Pamper Casino then you will be playing in Always Cool Casino also.They are so similar ,but hope not in the payout aspect.
Look of this 26 complaints ,they are really in big number .

Well I am member here and did sign up at this casino long time go,but I have never deposited at theirs casino but I like playing here, but I only play when they are giving free chips. So maybe some day if I wager some nodeposit free chip and see how will the payout process go,maybe then I will decide to become a depositor or not.

I think that they are paying, but with a big delay, well not that I had experience here, but from Pamper Casino, it took me almost 2 months to get my money from wagering the free chip.
So what I like about this types of casinos, well they are offering free chips maybe 1 - 2 times in 1 month, but the beauty in this free chip is that till you not cashed out from the 1st free chip, you are allowed to use every next free chip till you cashed out from them, not like the others casino which they give you only 1 free chip to use and that's all, the next time you have to make a deposit.

This Casino is a Betsoft Casino which I have few favorites games like Mamma Mia, Mr.Vegas sometimes I play Keno and recently they add Angry Birds slot, which reminds me of the Netent slots but only cheaper version. They have live chat support but they are terrible, you will wait good 5 min. till someone answers you or they wont answer at all, live chat 3/10 .

Also when you have some problem with the documents or just want to ask something you need to email them and you will get response after 5 working days, well by me that is terrible costumer support.
I will not recommend this casino as a good one, because they are far from it, so maybe they can learn something from Netent casinos, although some of them don't have a live chat, they respond in email in 10 - 15 minutes, so that's I call good support.
Thersa Thornburg. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Wow I don’t think I have read so many negative reviews and complaints in a while. I stumbled across this casino on the ND bonus list here at AskGamblers. I have to say that I am not a big fan of Betsoft software. There is only one game that I really like and really ever play and that’s Slotfather. What made me play here were the few Top Game software games from Premium Play. So that’s a small plus for this casino.

This is mostly a Betsoft software casino so they use instant play off course. I prefer download mode but anything that works is acceptable. I saw that they offered a 255 free chip to try the games. I contacted live chat support and was first surprised by the ticket system which I didn't understand fully but there is a live chat icon and you can talk to an operator immediately. I read Zeljko777 review and I don’t know if he actually played here or only read something because many of the facts there are wrong. So this casino has live chat support which is, in my experience, pleasant and patient.

I had a hard time starting to play because after redeeming the coupon I didn't know you had to click on the “Play with RNG bonus balance” button. Live chat was really kind to explain the whole process so a big plus for them. He also mentioned big bonuses and really big wagers. The bonus is big and the wager is high but compared to a lot of 99x bonus or 70 x bonus wagers this is in the middle. Also the cashout for this bonus is ok. If you wager it 80 x you get to withdraw half.I played Slotfather here and the game had really good payouts. I managed to meet about 70 % of the wager before I lost all of my balance. If I didn't set a real high bet I may have had a grade about withdrawal here also. From the complaints I saw I guess that is a bit problematic.

Overall I would rate this casino 7 out of 10 because it has good games, live chat support and a solid ND bonus to try lots of games.

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