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Lance. Reviewed on 11.07.18

50 Stars Casino is a casino I joined almost a year ago. But I didn't play here until I got an email offer of 200% match on my first deposit from the casino. It had a wager of 25 x deposit + bonus and it looked very tempting. I didn’t wait long and I deposited 30 euros and started playing with 90 euros total.

What surprised me the most about this casino was that on most of the video slot games the bet was set to 5 cents per line. It means that if you chose to play some game with 20 paylines and bet all 20 lines your total bet would be 1 euro per spin. First I thought it was a mistake and decided to contact their live chat support. Live chat was surprisingly fast for a Playtech casino.

Also their operator was kind and friendly but unfortunately it wasn't a mistake. The live chat operator explained to me that there are games where I can play at 1 cent per line. I had no choice because I already accepted the bonus and I couldn't refund the deposit. I mostly chose slots where the bet was set at 1 cent per line.

Unfortunately that wasn't the case with most slots. My starting 90 euros didn't last long and after some time I lost all of my money. Later on I discovered that 50 Stars is a member of the Global Media Entertainment group and the same minimum bet applied to the rest of the casinos from this group. Obviously this group of casinos is oriented to the high roller players.

So 50 Stars casino just isn't for me. I wondered here by accident once and I will probably never come back here again. I recommend this casino only if you are a high roller player.
One day while I was talking with a friend, he mentioned the 50Stars Casino and asked if I wanted to join them giving him a chance for a free €25 bonus. I wanted to pretend as if I were a good buddy and I’m not a person who against any good but before signing up using his invite I liked to test their live chat and collecting all the information about this and welcome bonus. They passed the test with good result as I was promptly connected and gathered the wished details.

I deposited jut €60 and could start with €120 as they doubled my bankroll with a 100% bonus. Played with some games including X-men, Panther Moon, Mummy but nothing great happened and my biggest win on a single spin was on Azteca when a 5 of a kind winning paid x500 per line bet and because I played with €0.1 per line this wasn’t a jaw-dropping return. Next day I touched those same slots than the day before and Azteca did it again. This time other virtues were paraded. Free spins, bonus rounds, good gamble games followed each other and though I couldn’t recall a single €100 or more winnings but a lot of were between €30-€90. After having played with it all afternoon my balance stood at €350 and I strongly felt all the bonus requirements were gone. Just for sure I asked about it via chat and got the expected answer and the shown number behind the € sign became free to use. I left €50 on my account for next days and cashed out the remained amount.

I suppose the little success I had here play a role in to think about 50 Stars Casino with good feelings. I guess it’s no coincidence that 50 Stars is on the AskGamblers’ recommended list and there was nothing I saw here that would question this casino belongs there.
Reanna. Reviewed on 24.09.18
50 Stars casino is a Playtech Software run and licensed by Gibraltar. In my opinion casino examples licensed by Gibraltar are some casinos like Party Casino & Bwin casino. 50 Stars may not have huge gaming varieties like the casinos I have mentioned (which would have been so sweet) but in all fairness 50 Stars has their own collection of Playtech games available to the open public. One of the things I like about this casino is their home website. At least there is something to catch your eye on like there moving Progressive Jackpot total, the new games changing every second and that computer showing preview of other games.

On my way here I excluded myself of any bonus to ensure I could guarantee myself a bountiful amount of wealth. The main advantages and disadvantages of having a bonus or not is with a bonus you could maximize your game play by doubling, tripling or even quadrupling you balance but be warned however as your doomed to wagering the entire bonus through a set amount (20 x, 30 x, 35 x, 50 x 99 x etc.) before money can be yours. On the other hand if you do not take any bonus you will be free from wagering requirements of any kind and you can play any games you want as this is your own money BUT you would not have a larger bankroll that's doubled, tripled or quadrupled your bonus! So basically with your own deposit your on your own. This was the thought I had when I came to 50 Stars. I could not decide at the time so I made luck decide by tossing a coin to land either Heads or Tails (Heads being with no bonus, tails with the bonus). I tossed a coin a what I got is "Heads"! With my result I initiated an amount of $25 as this is the minimum for their casino with no bonus.

All I did on my visit to 50 Stars was play some of their Progressive Marvel slots like the Incredible Hulk, Dare Devil and a few hands of Blackjack.In Daredevil the Free Spins feature is outrageously good! For a $1.20 bet within the 10 spins (down to $13.10 after wins and losses) I entered the free spins round where I was given 10 Free Spins plus random wilds. Inside I would see the reels spin as normal regardless if there is a win or not. After each completed spin before pays are coming out I saw a "Soundwave" (identical to Daredevils ability to see through sounds) drop down on the reels to turn any other symbols wild! It was extraordinary as this granted me a big boost of my winnings especially when on the 2nd last spin "BAM" another set of 10 Free Spins!! The great thing about the random wilds is if there are wilds already landed on the reels the Soundwave that comes down still grants up to 3 wilds regardless if existing wilds exist! This means I could walk out with 4 or 5 wilds in a winning combination should I be very lucky!!!

After my 20 Free Spins my bag was filled with $234 thanks to the retrigger, the random wilds occurring more than 2 times in a row and wilds completing both the King Pin and Electra (High paying symbols)!!! An awesome day as I was applauded by the crowd ( I won big and withdrew) while the curtains in front of me closed to an epic scene. A $25 turned into $234 just gave me peace of mind on my experience through 50 Stars!

Support: 8/10
Terms and Conditions: 8/10
Deposits: 9/10
Payouts: 10/10
Withdrawals: 9.5/10
Xenia. Reviewed on 28.09.18
50 Stars Casino, now that reminds me of United States of America for their red, white and blue flag accompanied with it's 50 stars. As some of you may or may not know 50 Stars is a Playtech software brand casino. In the beginning I became quite skeptical about this casino as I heard from many that this exact casino is rumored to be rogue. To plainly speak of my story about 50 Stars I will base it with reality as I've seen this fits the situation perfectly.

Okay I deposited just the minimum being skeptical for this Playtech casino I was driving with my car and two cars were ahead of me. There was a red stop light ahead and again with two cars ahead of me. In front closest to the red light was a man eating a cream filled donuts in his car. The lights turned green and he wasn't budging so the person in front of me honked the horn and when the driver eating the donuts heard this 3 times he got out of the car with a fresh new donuts and smeared it on the other driver's windshield. He drove away and the driver who's window got smeared followed him angrily. I didn't see what happened after that and luckily I wasn't him. He was a jerk and based on what I've seen on this casino with my minimum deposit included with the 100% bonus I got ended like a lucky person's lucky streak would after much victories over the odds! This can also be towards support that ended the conversation twice during my log in.

The one thing that wonderfully caught my interests fast were the 4 scatters I saw on Forest of Wonders for $0.75 a bet after completing 16 spins. I'm clapping for it's no scatter payouts while my thumbs up reversed to a thumbs down! Being sarcastic? Yes! The good news is on 4 scatters I saw 50 spins on my pick then later another 4 scattered rabbits showed up again inside the free spins, finally 3 more scatters to give me 5 extra spins on my pick totalling to 105 spins that sadly gave me $38.98 only! Whatever bets came later vanished in a puff of white smoke along with my entire rolls of money. Support can be a real b&&ch sometimes and can I ask all of you a question before I end this review? Why would that driver ruin a perfectly good donut just to be a jerk? A green light clearly tells a driver to proceed but this particular driver stood his ground!

Anyways, 50 Stars can expect to get only a 6.2 out of 10! Lol and for the record I wanted that donuts ;) !
Melia. Reviewed on 03.10.18
50 stars casino is powered by Playtech, and once again like in most cases I decide to made deposit in this casino because they offer me 100% bonus on my first deposit, while i have no any bonus offers from others.

First, I would like to say that I absolutely did not like their site when I first time open it, it looks cheap and do not beauty. Also there are pop-up 'chat' lobby where agent told I have special bonus for you, just download casino. Of course there are no any agent, and there are no any special bonus, it is just a trick. That's sick, and I do not like things like that, and in most cases I will never deposit in casino like this, but once again, I want to play with nice bonus. Anyway, I give this casino a go only with 20$ deposit , bonus was credited without any problems, and I start playing with 40$ on my balance.

First slot which I open was Rome and glory, this slot is in my 'I need to play, I need to play this, I very want to play this slots' list. This is due the same free spins type like in Thai paradise and captain treasure pro, so I start playing Rome and glory with min bet, and I should say that it was paying nice, I get couple of nice features, but then I decide to up my bet and after it I get nice suck of my money, and with 35$ left I decide left it and try to win something on Silent samurai slot, but there was also bad run, and I finish busted. Of course I never deposit in this casino anymore, as it is not my favorite Playtech casino or group, I even do not know in which group of casinos it belongs.

That's all, thank you for reading my review about 50 stars casino, now iIwill give them some marks:
Support: did not test
Withdrawals: did not test
Bonuses; B-
Games selection: B
Tamar. Reviewed on 05.10.18
This casino is very simple for me because they offer simple bonuses but worth to play with. The good thing about this casino is that they didn't send various of irritating spam emails to force their customer play their casino! When I get to this casino i explored first there casino I checked their background, the customer feedback and also if they're satisfied by some trustworthy agency when it comes to online gambling and they're certified fair gambling site and I am very happy and ready to register. After I register I deposited $50 and that $50 is enough for me because I enjoyed it very much! As a player the most important thing is to enjoy the playing and win some credit because when you win you can also enjoy that winnings right? So I started to seek their best slot powered by Playtech platform and I find those i played before like night out, lotto madness, x-men slot, iron man, gladiator and the others.

They offer bonuses up to $600 welcome bonus for the new to there casino and the rest are the great promotion like calendar bonus, cash back per month ( I only got two times of this promotion because I stopped playing their casino but still when i have some time i played again to their casino) So everything is fine I don't see any problem they must only added different kinds of great bonus or promotion to entertain and attract more players and also improve there website layout into attracting design. How about their withdrawal, my first withdrawal there is good i managed to make my money grow and when I withdraw it via my e-wallet because it's the fastest way to receive the money it only takes 24 hours when I got it! It's very slow process because that's my first withdrawal and they needed my documents that's why.

Anyway this casino is good at all I wish that they improve more to extremely satisfy many customer. I rated this casino B overall!
Burma Delp. Reviewed on 06.10.18
50 stars casino provide to players games from Playtech, and i remember this casino good because it is gives a lot of bonuses to players. When I join I was able to get 25$ no deposit bonus, I did not know about it, but when iIcreate account and login appear message saying that I was credited with no deposit bonus, and casino even wish me luck. Also welcome package is full of good bonuses, but unfortunately all bonuses is not cashable, but I can not complain about this, since most other Playtech casinos have the same bonuses, this is how they deal in bonus system, no problem. At least they not force us to take bonuses, I imagine what will be if in future you can not play with your real money only, if you deposit - you should take bonus, strange, right?

I played at this casino few times, but unfortunately looks like it is not my lucky casino at all, but probably another reason for my bad luck it is that i played very high variance games only, like Thai paradise, Rome and glory, Captain treasure pro, great blue. Of course I can not blame casino for losing my money, because I am of course sure that Playtech it is great and honest company, and can be trusted like Net entertainment or Microgaming, for example. But fact is the fact, even such sad fact, I was not able to test payout request at this casino, and moreover I can not remember that i clear at least half of the bonus, it was something like 'deposit-played 30 minute-lost'. But this is gambling and probably someone is very lucky in this casino, why not?

I did not test payouts and customer support service at casino 50 stars, therefore 6 stars it is their mark, and I really can not rate it higher.

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